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  1. ian917

    What are your 6 favourite Album Covers?.

    1. The Blue Nile - Hats 2. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures 3. The Clash - London Calling 4. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon 5. Yazoo - Upstairs at Eric's 6. New Order - Blue Monday (I know it's not an album but it's the same size!!!).
  2. Pleasant enough to listen to but not really engaging. I find the vocals a bit weak. Just about reached a 3/5 grade.
  3. Initial impressions are that it sounds a bit like a sub-par Housemartins. It's not bad but not really doing it for me. I will give it another listen though.
  4. Your headphone amp is fine - The album has some funky balance choices.
  5. ian917


    All of the Linn discussions have moved to
  6. ian917


    Very surprised this hasn't been snapped up. I'll give it another week and then I'll break it down and sell off the parts as there are over £1k worth in this build.
  7. ian917

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    I have a pair of Class A DIY Pass Aleph 60s as my main amps but I now have a Class A/B summer amp as well.
  8. ian917

    A quick DAC. Maybe...

    The ones fitted in my DDDAC are Lundahl LL1694 which are described as 'Filament Current Choke' (https://www.don-audio.com/Lundahl-LL1694-Filament-Current-Choke). I'm not the builder; I can wire a plug but that's about it.
  9. ian917

    A quick DAC. Maybe...

    I own the DDDAC for sale in the advert. It may be a waste but it does provide a sizable improvement in sound quality. It is one of a number of improvements found and suggested by the sizable community of DDDAC builders on diyaudio (https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/265228-upgraded-single-board-pcm1794-nos-dddac.html).
  10. ian917

    Quick Visual Music Quiz.

    Thanks. I'd never have guessed correctly without the big clue. I don't even really like the song but the video was obviously memorable.
  11. ian917

    Quick Visual Music Quiz.

    I'm hoping 'addictive' is a big clue? There were 5 models backing Robert Palmer in his Addicted to Love video.
  12. I think you'll prefer his debut album, Let Love Rule.
  13. ian917

    FS: Bel Canto CD3t CD Transport

  14. ian917

    FS: Bel Canto CD3t CD Transport

    I need to clear some space, so priced to sell at £600 + postage.