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  1. ian917

    No Longer A Dali Owner

    Can someone move this thread to the ‘Not an owners club’ section or rename it to Graham Audio Owners.
  2. ian917

    FS: DiDiT 212SE DAC

    Added pictures of the item for sale.
  3. Mint condition CAD USB MK1 cable (1.1m length £540 RRP) - it's never been used. The metal case has some scratches. https://www.computeraudiodesign.com/cad-usb-cables/ £200 plus postage or collection from near Coventry. Payment via BT or cash on collection only.
  4. It would be helpful if @HiFiWigwam could confirm that the show is still going to happen as people are beginning to book time off work etc in preparation for it.
  5. Highly regarded DAC with balanced outputs, six inputs (AES/EBU, 2xSPDIF, USB, Optical and HDMI I2S) plus bluetooth, headphone socket, remote control and XLR to RCA adaptors. It will come packaged in it's original cork box inside another cardboard box. The DiDiT 212SE has garnered universally positive reviews even from the sceptics [http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/didit-high-end-212se-dacpreamplifier/]. Extensive control of volume (output and headphone) through menu setting allowing you to set startup volume plus min and max. Lovely, engaging non-digital sound. Built like a tank. Only selling as it is not being used and it's far too good for that! £1750 plus postage or collection from near Coventry. Payment via BT only.
  6. In my opinion, the Orbe is a lot better than the Gyro, so anything that moves it in that direction will be an improvement. I also find looking at a running Gyro platter a bit hypnotic.
  7. ian917

    FS: Okki Nokki record cleaner

  8. ian917

    FS: Okki Nokki record cleaner

    Black Okki Nokki MK2 record cleaner in great condition with spare brush. Used on less than 20 albums. Boxed and ready to go. No lid - these are a £60 extra! £225 including postage or collection from near Coventry. Payment via BT.
  9. AT OC/9iii MC cartridge with less than 25 hours use. Purchased OEM, so no box but it does have the plastic cover/guard. £225 including postage to mainland UK. Payment via BT only.
  10. ian917

    Helius Alexia TT

    Deco Audio sell them, so they must be good -> https://www.decoaudio.com/deco_audio_turntables04.html
  11. ian917

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

  12. ian917

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

    It’s a full Orbe with the built in acrylic base and lid. I bought it from a dealer a couple of years ago but I have no idea of it’s age. I will look for a serial number and ask Michell if they can tell me the year of manufacture.
  13. ian917

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

    Full Orbe turntable (no arm or cartridge) in very good condition with armboards for Rega and SME, lid and spare, brand new in packet, Michell belt. Easily the best turntable I've ever owned. Grab yourself a bargain - these are now nearly £4000 new. £1250 - No box, so collection only from near Coventry. Payment via BT only.
  14. ian917

    Record cleaners

    35 deg Celsius. 5 minutes for new discs and 12 to 15 minutes for older ones.