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  1. I use my DiDit 212SE directly into a pair of DIY Pass Aleph 60 monoblocks via balanced cables.
  2. ian917

    Joe Henry (Coventry)

    I live just outside Coventry and have DIY Pass amplifiers but have never met him. Perhaps @mr.me or @Non-Smoking Man know as they have bought amps from him in the past?
  3. Can you edit the first post with the actual date?
  4. ian917

    Joe Henry (Coventry)

    He is user joeh283 on ebay.co.uk.
  5. Not me building them but I'm hoping (fingers' crossed) that I will have one or both of Onix OA21 Icon and Onix DNA50 amplifiers ready for the Show.
  6. I'm Ok for all of the dates except probably April 25th. I have nice top-loading transport I could bring.
  7. I'd be happy to bring a DAC or two if the date is suitable.
  8. I'd like to stop over on Sunday night please and join the curry club. Do I have a south-facing room? I don't want to look out in the morning at the frozen North.
  9. If you're a student you can under certain circumstances -> https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-37243332
  10. Our economy depends upon the 99% buying stuff they really, really want on credit. The rich are able to invest in stuff that continues to grow in value, everyone else buys stuff that depreciates really quickly.
  11. Willow Tree Audio are the UK Distributors for Denafrips and Kinki Studio.