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  1. Danielquinn

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    A panasonic mobile?
  2. Danielquinn

    Power up/down sequencing recommendations sought

    This is not true. Stand by varies from product to product. But to say they draw no power is misleading.
  3. Danielquinn

    Record cleaners

    All i know is its the finest way to clean records i know. You can pontificate all you want (you seem to be a good a that) i will play my cleaned records in bliss. Often some people have no raison detre unless they are pontificating.
  4. Danielquinn

    Record cleaners

    Try removing the record with the ultrasonic working
  5. Danielquinn

    Record cleaners

    How do you have a wash. Dont see any reason it should be different for records
  6. What was your point. The point i made did not cover broken or faulty equipment... It seems some people just comment no matter how irrelevent. Somewhat sad
  7. Danielquinn

    Experience of hospital

    Thats just weasley words to justify your decsion. Pity private health wont help you in an emergency.
  8. Danielquinn

    Experience of hospital

    Bupa only works because it piggy backs of the nhs. In a society were govt provides training for nhs staff, working in the private sector shouldnt be allowed unless the organisation refunds your tuition
  9. Danielquinn

    2018/19 Football Season

    Football is the ultimate post modern game. Everyones got an opionion and there opinion is evidenced by what geos on the field. Nobody is ever wrong and nothing the say is contradicted. Phone in's exploit this.
  10. With all due respect . You would say that
  11. Tv and hifi are seperate . They should not be combined.
  12. What deos it say about a company who destroy such a resourse against its customers wishes .
  13. Danielquinn

    Record cleaners

    are you gentlemen taking the piss out of my spelling, ive had a stroke don't you know
  14. Danielquinn

    Record cleaners

    I also had a baby. He is now 5. Ive still got the baby shampoo