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  1. Mark Grant has options for his HDX1 interconnects upto 10m !! May be worth asking his opinion
  2. The rubber feet add about 15 mm to the legs. I have mine set either side of a shallow chimney, about 68 " between the closest corners. They're about 15" from the back wall, firing across the width of the room, I have even less choice of where I sit. They sound very good on the end of a lavardin is ref, they do a good job of disappearing for their size. I understand the proac have a great synergy with class a amps. The moonshine album (good album and new to me 👍) is very much in the mids, the proacs may well have it here, but as for sounding flat on the heco im not sure. I thought it quite a dry album, not particularly lush, she's a great voice, really close up sound, and I like those clean full textures of the guitars.
  3. Not sure if running the amp with no speakers is wise, even for a short time, unless you put a dummy load resistor on the terminals ?
  4. I think 105db speakers would be asking a lot from many amps. I've never had speakers above 94db and heard a bit of low level hum/noise here !.Tried a dc blocker, that didn't help. It's the late night, noodly music when I notice it most, oh not to get hung up on stuff. The sorbothane domes are inexpensive and can help with the mechanical side of vibrations. I don't expect el34 amps to be more prone to noise than other valve types. Maybe silent ss amps are easier to build ? What amps were popular with the klipsch systems of the past ?
  5. Hi MH, its a shame when what seems like a sure thing doesn't quite turn out so. I've a pair of these, just plonked down on the rubber feet, close to the wall also. No real issues. I can't imagine your diy feet would be so different in size to upset things. I've never heard a pair of 1sc, but may well be they do have the edge in the mids? I can't fault the heco at any frequency, they go lower than most I've had and the tweeter is well integrated. What particular music makes you realise you're missing the proac ? As for dsp. I have an rme adi dac.and I do use its eq section to good effect with one of my amps. Perhaps someone local has one you could borrow to give an idea what eq could do ?
  6. Hi Robbie Check out the "Sjostrom DCT03" It's higher capacity than the one above.
  7. Glad you're back on track Robbie. These silly mistakes are easily made, but thankfully you've found a solution 👍
  8. I think the point is that the eminence driver is housed in a sealed part of the cabinet (from there firing into a horn) ?
  9. I think I happen to live fairly close, thats all, so not a problem to knock on his door and ask 👍
  10. I'll pop round and see him if you like, find out what's going on ?
  11. Spinach indeed, I've found grasping a front leg and the opposite top corner (whilst wearing a soft jumper !) the best method. Not risked carrying them upstairs yet though. Maybe some small castors are in order, I do tend to shift stuff round , too often.
  12. Read that this design is from 1963, have you ever heard a pair, or are you building them based on reviews ? It's certainly a task for someone with plenty of patience !
  13. Some cabinets theses ! Does that 15" driver fire through the small rectangular slot shown in the very first photo ?
  14. Impressed by those sharp bevel cuts, what's your method for those ? Ps looks very much like Douglas fir ply ?
  15. A few biscuits along each joint would certainly help with the gluing up, assuming you have a decent jointer, 45degree fence etc.