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  1. Amormusic

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    I totally get it. My system, whilst in a different league to yours, makes me grin every day... However, I can quite happily sit in my garden, smashing out a BBQ for family and friends, with a couple of tinnies, and groove out to my Sony SRS-X55 Bluetooth thingemyjig (which is reserved for garden duties) -whilst this is nowhere near hifi, it has bass, sounds respectable for a tiny Bluetooth box and when you chuck on an awesome tune the feet start tapping... It’s all about the music. 😀
  2. Amormusic

    New album releases

    Collie Buddz - Hybrid Dropped today, not listened to whole album yet, however few songs were pre-released. ‘Love and Reggae’ was my summer anthem. This will be a reggae/dancehall super bouncy album. *have the day off work, so off home, neighbours out and gonna deafen myself in style 😀
  3. Amormusic

    New album releases

    Chase & Status - Return II Jungle this drops next Friday. I can’t wait. I went to the live set pre-album promotional tour of this a few months ago. Unbelievably good night. So much bass I could literally see my T-shirt vibrating on my chest. Should be awesome.
  4. Amormusic

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    In the vein of this thread... I regularly buy and try various stuff to amuse myself... An itch I’d love to scratch is an Alchemist Kraken. Never heard one and they are pretty rare now, but at some point I’ve gotta own one of these just to hear it - it looks amazing (I know it’s not what it looks like that matters 😀) , but I’d love to hear one someday. Anyone got or had one?
  5. Amormusic

    My top 5 equipment.

    Mine too by that advert. Very overpriced. I’ll put mine on the wam soon and on eBay too. Not for that stupid cash though. £300-£350 is about top end of what they should sell for and mine are pristine.
  6. Boom!! I am English. Fantastic retort sir. I went to a Eurocamp many years ago, with people from all over the world. My host family from Finland, were (well the young kids anyway) correcting my English. I understood it perfectly. *Anyway, back on thread.
  7. Amormusic

    My top 5 equipment.

    Don’t know how to multi box quote so added in italics
  8. Amormusic

    My top 5 equipment.

    No I just want to try everything, so very regularly buy/try/sell different kit. I buy sensibly 2nd hand, then never lose money when I get rid of it (in fact cumulatively I’ve probably made a fair bit). What I like I keep, until I get bored, I often have more than one of something. I’ve also gone through quite a few amps in past few years, but have had the Arcam now for a while too as “the keeper”. Next plan is to go up the food chain in the Arcam range, or do an about shift and pick up an Abrahamsen. Essentially, I’m just indecisive and want to own and try everything... as long as the music’s pumping and I’ve got a smile on my face I’m happy 😀😀
  9. Amormusic

    My top 5 equipment.

    @plasticpenguin I bought RS6’s 2.5 years ago and sold my DB1’s as part of house move. Wish I hadn’t sold my old kit, long story... Luckily I didn’t hear them side by side. But for me to keep speakers for over a year is impressive, let alone over 2. However, since we’ve moved I’ve tried quite a few speakers side by side against the RS6’s, most recently IPL S3TLM’s and preferred the MA’s and kept them. Will be swapping them out soon for PMC’s again, but floorstanders this time, and am currently on the scout for a decent and fair priced pair. I rate the RS6’s very highly, for what is now a very cheap speaker (250-350 value). Out of curiosity, so how would you score them on your scale?
  10. Amormusic

    Pet Hates !!

    I’ve nearly been unintentionally rude when I a made a post commenting on the ‘kind wammers’ on the forum and my phone had changed it to something else with a K in it! Lol. *he checks spelling before posts. 😀
  11. No. My A29 is also class G, however the little brother A19 I believe is not. So A29 upwards uses class G
  12. @Richdirector You should edit your post to remove your name/address and send via a PM. Unwise to put it online for anyone to see.
  13. Amormusic

    Spare mini jack to phono cable anyone?

    I’ve used these to wire up mums Denon. Cheap, effective and decent quality for the very low cost.
  14. I appreciate this is a niche question and not applicable to 90 odd percent of the users, however... as above have you tried them, did they work and is it worth punting £350 on? Cheers,
  15. Amormusic

    octopus energy

    Yes. They are excellent. I’ve beem with them for 2 years. Can ring and get a UK person in less than 1 min. Or email and get rapid reply. Happy to do referral - prob you and I both get some money off or something. I can call them to investigate this if you wish. PM me if so. Cheers, Pete