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  1. Amormusic

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    I’ve no need to do that. I’m happy with what I’ve got. I’ve no need to fiddle with cables, when I can put on another tune instead... Of far more interest to me are speaker-offs I’ve being having with mates round over past couple of weeks where we get a few beers and several speakers and waste a Sunday in style 😀 The K20 is of far less value (monetarily) than the QED was and was purchased as the QED was too long. However, to my ears night and day - possibly as copper not silver and better matched to the MAs... expectation bias is surely reversed as it’s ‘lesser’ value if that’s the thought you were having. I can hear what I can hear. If the K20 had of been shite (I know it’s not had it on my old Linn/PMC setup) compared to the QED I’d have cut the QED in half and kept it.
  2. Amormusic

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    👍 hence my Amormusic name.
  3. Amormusic

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    It wasn’t actually. But my point is valid in that I could/can hear far better than my mum. Me getting lost and wasting cash down rabbit holes is part of the hobby I guess. However, my initial point still stands in that some changes are night and day clear to me. The QED>K20 was clear as day. Others have done bugger all and just been waste of time/cash, but then quickly get sold on.
  4. Amormusic

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    I’ve read the other thread and see you can’t hear differences in cables and are of opinion that they are all same. I personally would never measure something. If I make a change, I can either hear it or I can’t - and I’ve fell down some rabbit holes wasting cash in past. However, I can detect differences in some cables - most recently changing from QED Silver Anniversary speaker wire to Linn K20 (copper, so perhaps matched better to my MA’s). I don’t think my system is anything special, and not that revealing, however I can. I’m in my 30’s so I think at the younger end of the demographic on here? My mum, in her 60’s has far poorer hearing than me, noticeably to us both. ...could it be that ears degrade over the years and therefore it’s harder to hear changes? I don’t know if you are older/younger than me and don’t mean to sound offensive if I’ve poorly worded my thoughts. But it’s a genuine possibility.
  5. Wow! 30 pages and still going and now comments about feet licking... my brain cringes!! surely time to lock this thread down mods?!
  6. Amormusic

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    HipHop music makes cheese taste better. Lol. It’s in the news, so it must be true! Lol 😂
  7. Amormusic

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    The one year charity challenge 1) Entrants have from now until next year to incrementally build their system monetary value 2) Starting limit of £400. 3) Hifi items may be bought and sold between now and then, making a little profit each time - must be documented on a dedicated thread for charity challenge. Values not included, list provided at challenge day to say what we paid and sold items for. 4) Winner is person who has grown the value of system by the most money in the course of the year. 5) Systems must be sold after challenge and original spend kept. Excess improvement to be donated to next years chosen charity. - not open to dealers - must have complete system, mods to decide on containing what elements. Eveyone wins. We get to try some old-skool kit multiple times over whilst on our buying and selling quest. Charity makes a decent chunk at the end. It will be fun and the thread will keep it competitive.
  8. Clearly not... From the shadow on his face we can tell he is pointing S.West. If he was a true audiophile he’d know it’s all about being due north. Lol. Anyway, back to 5 & 6’s. Or cats.
  9. Good lord. I’ve just made myself a tin foil hat and made sure I was pointed exactly due north. 5,000,000% improvement. Where has this been my whole life?! Lol.
  10. The recent cat x threads have prompted me to to plug in some cat 6 in place of cat 5 I was using. Nothing different for/against that I’m noticing, however I don’t have a multiple thousand £/$ linn beast system + I’m using generic billy-no-name Ethernets. I have previously experienced cable (speaker) improvements by switching, and power conditioning too, but nothing different with the new Ethernet. Ah well, it was worth a try, cost me £0 as it was in my drawer anyway.
  11. Amormusic

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Couldn’t make it this year but I’d love to have come. I’ll deffo be up next year.
  12. Amormusic

    Looking for advice on bookshelf speakers that can be wall mounted

    PMC DB1. Small, have dedicated wall mounting kit and sound stunning. Probably top end or maybe slightly over budget though. Can pick up on the bay for £400 ish on a good day. I’ve had a set of +’s in the past and they are cracking.
  13. Nah, don’t like em. I can wear the sexy Lycra, or rock some shorts/jeans and chilling gear and cycle to work/pub etc wearing trainers or shiny work shoes. Never really got on with them.
  14. Here’s my baby, she’s a beast and gets ridden daily. With a monster engine in her (me - when I can be arsed). Cannondale SuperSix Evo full Carbon - a beaut. Couldnt resist 😀
  15. Amormusic

    Free Tidal

    Hi folks, Just in case it’s useful for anyone, just spotted this... 2 month free trial on tidal currently for £0 on Groupon. Or 6 months for £29.99. A chance for me to compare SQ against Spotify and see if I prefer it. Not sure if posted in right place. If not then mods please move.