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  1. Good lord, I've accidentally landed in the Linnie section (but I've got a Linn amp upstairs, so maybe I'm can be a honorary member)... Glanced that and thought you were all batty as hell 😂😂 Personally, I find when listening to my linn amp, as long as I'm facing due north with my my left ear facing the amp it sounds best. Lol. Of course I need to select the best electricity supplier first, or I'd be doing myself a disservice! Be safe and healthy peeps. Sorry for my Linn section digression.
  2. I've been out for a day trip and returned to the car and my door beeper wouldn't work, so the doors weren't opening. Stood there for about 5 mins gradually getting more frustrated. After a while I clocked I was trying to open someone else's car... Same brand/colour/model and I'd just returned to wrong spot and not actually where I'd parked. Oops. In answer to OPs question. No idea fella. But I'd wager that YouTube has a video which will walk you through it step by step. Worth a look...
  3. Yes. Agreed. Far too much job snobbery in the world. No one is any better/more valuable than anyone else because of what they do. An example: I work in a multi floor office, each floor with a different business. The lady who does the communal area cleaning I've seen be barged past, regularly ignored and people been rude to her. Why? Because she's a cleaner? Does that make anyone better than her? No. Of course not. As it happens she's a lovely lady and I speak to her every time I see her. Just like me and everyone else in the building she's grafting to put bread on the table. We just do different things. People need to be nicer to each other. It's nice to be nice.
  4. I'm enjoying this thread. It's great to have a lighthearted one in current times. The standout for me so far is the safe @brystonian story which I laughed out loud at. Keep em coming folks 😁👍
  5. For your amusement... I decided on my lunch break working from home I should have a go on my dumbells. I got them out, disassembled them to decide how heavy they should be... But being a goldfish, got distracted half way in and started messing about balancing the spindle bar thing on one hand... Promptly lost the balance and twatted myself in the eye with the metal bar, which weighs about 1kg!!! I now have a massive shiner and feel like a complete helmet!!! Oh well, at least I dont have to go out so no one will see me 😂😂😂
  6. Yes. I've very recently sold mine on ebay and currently own the bigger brother A39. It's a cracking amp. I mean seriously good for the cash. I've tried many against it over past couple of years and the A29 remained my "keeper". It only got replaced to go up the chain. Value-wise... I sold mine for £385 and typical value is there to £400. Someone on here picked up up for about £300 recently, which is suprisklingly and uncommonly cheap. Value of A39 is more like £600 on the bay. Is there a difference between A29 and A39.... oh yes! The A39 has a huge soundstage, more welly punch and is just a bigger and more immersive sound. However, if funds do not stretch, buy the A29. It is a seriously good amp. Mine is a biased opinion of course. But there you go. Happy shopping 👍 EDIT: FWIW, I've also tried it with lots of speakers, but the ones that have sat there the longest (and still sit there) are MA's. So yes it pairs beautifully.
  7. With a view that before they got cancelled and we got locked down, that it might happen... I cancelled my gym membership and bought a set of dumbells so if/when we got locked in I could try and not get too lazy and fat. I paid £22 delivered for them online and arrived next day, no more than 2 weeks ago... Bro said yesterday "for my bday can you get me some please?"... "sure, no worries". I looked last night and the same sets are selling for upwards of £300!!!! WTF!!!! One person has a single set, used, for £500!!! Clearly I'm not getting him this now. A colleague also said how his local convenience store relieved him of £4 for a single loaf of bread!!! He was nicer than me in that he bought it, I'd have been inclined to utter some choice words on my way out, for taking the p*ss. My post is twofold: I cant believe sellers can price some stuff so ridiculously. Then I even more can't believe that people are buying it.
  8. Who doesn't love a good Fanny pic 😂
  9. I think that maybe @insider9 has misread the thread as being Fanny pics, rather than Funny pics. Lol.
  10. I've just got off of a video call with my brother, sister and mum... Despite the lockdown we are in regular contact, probably more often than usual if I'm honest... We've just agreed a video virtual curry night to celebrate sis and mums bday in a couple of weeks. We each need to order a home delivery that includes booze (I've already drank my emergency lockdown booze stash! Oops!) and we are all going to order a home delivery curry takeaway from the same place, which we'll all have remotely, but together, well sort of. Odd, but it could work... I just need to now work out if our usual favourite curry place is open and delivering... Fingers crossed 😁
  11. Some of the best gigs I've ever seen are from relative unknown artists. As you say, people with just as much skill and with voices just as good as the big-timers, but who've just never got huge. Thanks for the list btw. I'll check some of these out 😁
  12. It's just occurred to me, but with everything going on around us this will absolutely kill dead all new and emerging talent bands and artists for the next year or more? There are some awesome bands and artists you (and I) have never heard of, that just wont have the cash, or will, to continue... It's a bloody tough gig... mostly making a loss for each show, early on - from some discussions with bands I've seen... It seems a tough nut to crack, plus mostly loss making until you get really known... I've seen some unbelievable skill on show over the past couple of years, artists, bands and vocalists yet to hit the mainstream appreciation, which is likely now all wasted with what's going on due to financials... Utter shame really. As well as all the other damage in so many ways, new music is likely to be hit hard too...
  13. Me too. The country needs it. I think each and every decision the Govt. makes in this circumstance is being made swiftly as everything is developing so fast... I hope Dyson do it well... From what I've seen in terms of their released and improvement of existing products, plus the discussions with my colleague who is ex-Dyson I think they certainly have the engineering skillset... Let's hope they do the UK proud...
  14. I'm on two camps on this... Lets not mess about, Dyson has created some great products and has vastly improved and re-engineered some existing designs. They also employ some bloody gifted engineers, I can vouch for this as I've previously worked with someone who was very senior in Dyson for quite some time... If they turn their attention to it and give it full whack, why not? edit: to add/clarify. I am not employed by and have nothing to do with Dyson.