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  1. Amormusic

    Bands In Town App

    Just spotted this reply so missed it. Next gig I have is in London - Pete Tong and Heritage Orchestra for Ibiza Prom. I am stupidly excited to see that one.... Then that’s me done for a bit as busily upgrading my money pit, I mean house!!
  2. Amormusic

    IPL Acoustics S4TL speakers

    Just spotted your reply. Thanks. Have decided to treat myself and will be buying a set in new year as a prezzie to self. Still unsure on the self-build element, so may get them built for me. Need to organise a visit to Ivan’s soon to hear them in person pre-buying. Will let you know my thoughts once in and run-in. Cheers,
  3. Hi Knait, try a chromecast audio out for size. I used to have an Arcam rBlink and did a side by side comparison against the CCA. I no longer have the rBlink as it didn’t sound as good.
  4. FWIW I use Spotify Premium 90+% of the time. Many setup is basic - Arcam A29 to CCA, or Arcam DV79 to A29, speakers are MA RS6. There is a minor difference between CD or CCA, however it’s not huge and I’ve tried same song alternating sources and there’s not much in it. I’ll be going down the DAC route soon to pimp the sound from CCA.
  5. Amormusic

    New album releases

    To anyone that likes London Grammar... Arctic Lake have just dropped their EP yesterday, called What You May Find. Someone from WHF (can’t remember who) recommended I listen to Freya Ridings - they played back up on her tour. Very relaxing, ambient, and god she has a good voice!!!! They recently played a tiny pub in Bristol and I was busy and missed it, kicking myself as they’ve now been picked up by BBC Introducing. Enjoy!
  6. Amormusic

    I Shocked myself with a Chromecast Audio

    Cheers. No good for me then. My CCA goes straight into Arcam amp not via DAC first. So I have RCA to 3.5mm - maybe QED do one of these i'll have a look.
  7. Amormusic

    I Shocked myself with a Chromecast Audio

    @QuestForThe13thNote What 3.5mm to RCA cable is that? Looks far meatier than mine I'm using (Pure Audio cheapy thing). Cheers,
  8. I agree. They’re hardly scraping the cash, so can presumably foot their own bill. Trump cost more on his recent visit. Don’t agree with that either. But then we do live in a Rich/Celeb obsessed world... Do nothing to be ‘famous’ (not referring to Euginie here but ridiculous ‘celebs’ that have appeared on reality shows but manage to get press or airtime with no real talent or skill). Nuts.
  9. Amormusic


    Saw Eek a mouse last weekend. Was awesome. He’s damn good live. For any reggae lovers that are close to Bristol, he’s announced another gig end of Oct... At fiddlers again (it was rammed on the night as he rarely plays UK). Worth a visit peeps. It was great.
  10. Chase & Status - return II the (90’s) jungle gig next weekend. Sold out pretty much instantly as tix went on sale They’re about to drop a new album wiv same title soon too. Is a 10pm - 6am setlist (oh, I’m too old for this! Lol!). Should be awesome...
  11. Amormusic

    What's your most prized recording?

    Depends on factoring... I have a signed London Grammar CD, which despite being recent, commercial, and not exclusive (i.e. lots of signed copies) gives me the chills listening to it. Have loads of signed hip hop CDs. Also, have many rare hiphop CDs, which will be valuable based on their inaccessibility, but which I’d never sell. One of my most prized CDs is Skull & Bones by cypress hill, which was a prezzie, many years ago, from a close family friend, who is no longer with us - so despite the fact I could probably buy it in a shop tomorrow, is irreplaceable to me as he bought it for me.
  12. Amormusic

    Very cheap amp. Suggestions please.

    Her blown amp was Denon PMA6.5 - the old separates, sold together as a hifi, with half sized separates. The CD player works still, although she rarely uses this. Mainly she plugs a wire into phone for YouTube/Spotify. She’s still got the speakers too so only amp replacement required. Power wise, she likes it LOUD, hence how she’s blown it!! I was thinking along lines of old Nad amp, technics or similar that’s cheap on the bay. Shes no audiophile so anything halfway decent will do. Will check out suggestion above, but if anyone has anything else to suggest I’m all ears. Cheers folks.
  13. Amormusic

    Very cheap amp. Suggestions please.

    Hi folks, A friend of mine has blown a channel in her amp from vigorous use! She needs to pick up a replacement amp. She’s a single parent and so can’t spend much at all - can you please suggest anything decent 2nd hand, and which isn’t expensive... Im thinking tops of £50... I appreciate that is very limiting. Thanks in advance.
  14. Amormusic

    Monitor Audio Owners Club

    Not heard Rega E-R at all. No plans for new amp in the immediate. The Arcam is actually pretty good imo. Currently Using QED Silver Anniversary speaker wire, which when I recently compared with mates cheap, billy no name, copper wire is not as good sound-wise. So gonna go back to Linn K20 imminently. The plan is to get some new speakers soon - As above... I do love PMCs (they are awesome), but am also massively tempted by the IPLs. Longer term I am planning to get an Abrahamsen V2.0up amp in place of the Arcam, but funds and one thing at a time!! But Before amp upgrade I want rid of the Chromecast Audio, to be replaced by either a decent DAC in between, or more likely a dedicated streamer, along lines of CA Azur 851n. All of this will take me a while... PS sorry for thread derail.
  15. Amormusic

    Monitor Audio Owners Club

    My amp is Arcam A29, so pretty recent and decent enough. Still find the bass light... ...However my last speakers were in my old flat (acoustically better shaped) plus were PMC TL’s - hence my missing some clean beefy bass. Perfectly happy with the RS6’s and have had them about 18mths now, which for me and my kit-swapping tendencies is a lifetime. However, I’ve got an itch to scratch re going back to some PMC’s - prob twenty 23’s. Or am highly leaning towards some IPL acoustics transmission lines and a self build.