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  1. Amormusic

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    No I wasn’t at all and at this point I’m out fella as your just being rude... For what it’s worth my offer stands if you want to hear a variety of amps that clearly sound very different - pick a month and come round. Yes I’ve also had multiple kinds of speakers round here including transmission lines. Anyway, good night dude.
  2. Amormusic

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Maybe you should pop round mine a few times... To add to my prev posts... i regularly have multiple amplifiers and speakers too just for the fun of it... just to try different stuff 😀😀 all lined up to try one off against the other - me and a few mates, quite a few tinnies and a couple of outstanding hours wasted 👍 My mrs (thankfully) is highly accommodating of my quirks .... My budget as mentioned previously is not a huge one, I just love the fun of trying different stuff... but with all the different stuff I’ve tried (and not measured so I am prepared to be shot down in flames). IMO there are very clear differences in many things. Surely not everything is measurable?!! The ultimate engineering only approach is flawed surely? That’s a question not me taking the piss...
  3. Amormusic

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    That’s cool and I bow to yours and others engineering approaches/knowledge. Anyway I’m back off to hide in my cave and listen to some more music. *edit to original post. I love music but I also love trying out loads of different kit, so do care about the reproduction of music (via hifi). Just not fussed about measuring it.
  4. Amormusic

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    @Shadders Have you really only owned one amplifier since then? I’ve lost count of how many I’ve bought and sold (not to make money, but just for fun!!) in the past few years - not exotics as some peeps have on here, but new/old/all brands, ranging up to 700ish 2nd hand. Never measured one of - them my ears do that, but we are clearly coming from quite different places in this respect. I’m not an engineer, nor do I care for the massive dissection of the in and outs of hifi/cables/rfi or tbh any part of my passion to be honest... my passion is in the listening . My point being... Surely the fun is in actually listening to the music? As a side note: I've had the occasional look at this stream in particular and goddamn there’s a lot of keyboard warrior-ing going on. Hell peeps, go crack a beer, crank your fav tune up super-high volume and grin wildly listening to your favourite toe-tappers! Isn’t that what it’s all about?!!!! i’ll go hide in my cave now. Lol!
  5. I saw that. Tbh I still think that was an excellent price for it... Someone picked up a minty and superb sounding player for not a lot of cash. If you do ever see a cheaper and more affordable, to you, one of these @gasolin .... buy it 👍
  6. Never heard of this guy so should be interesting. Will check out later and let you know what I reckon.
  7. Amormusic

    Bored with my system.

    Attempt two (just posted in wrong thread! Lol). PP - it’s unclear what your sources are. Do you have a streamer. To me sounds like the music is the factor here. If no streamer, drop your chunk of change on one of those and a Spotify/Tidal etc. subscription.  Then musically, the world is your oyster. Easy to find new stuff you like. 
  8. Amormusic

    What's the point?

    Wrong thread. Doh!
  9. Amormusic

    And the most played song on UK radio is...

    Streaming is amazing. I love the related artists predictions based on what you’ve listened too. Plus the weekly new releases based on your playlists. I have loads and loads of CDs however mostly now stream. Re radio stations I have no allegiance at all. I just pick a genre music station based on my mood from my streamer and change it if I don’t like it. Again rarely use radio though. Endless choice streaming is my preference.
  10. Amormusic

    And the most played song on UK radio is...

    @BeeRay Is this comment against the wrong stream as I posted Mungo’s HiFi in new releases stream last night which I know you’ve commented on too. Or is this a coincidence? Ps if you like it I can recommend you a million and one things you’d like 👍
  11. Amormusic

    New album releases

    Mungo’s HiFi & Eva Lazarus - More Fyah Just dropped today. Listening now. I do really like Mungo’s HiFi. Seeing them at a festival in couple months. Proper bopping reggae/dubby badness.
  12. Amormusic

    New album releases

    Agreed, not too much so far that’s grabbed me. I will never get bored of music as per the comment above though. Too much choice... Music is my sanctuary, my relaxation, my chill, the perfect way of kicking back... To quote Faithless “God is a DJ” 👍👍
  13. I’ve given it a go but it’s not really for me this one. 3/5 for me. Thanks for recommendation though.
  14. Amormusic

    Tom Misch

    Yep. He is great and very unique sounding. @insider9 Have you listened to Beat Tape 2 yet, which was his first album release? That’s my favourite of the two, Geography being the 2nd. We bought tix last year for a one day festival just because he was there (the other artists being a bonus for the money) and he was awesome live. Exactly the same. He’s doing another tour currently, however he is now much better known and so the ticket price has gone north quite a bit!! He is deffo worth a listen for anyone that hasn’t heard him
  15. Amormusic

    What's the point?

    I do sometimes. But the mute is mega-handy nevertheless as I may have taken a personal call on my own phone and left in kitchen etc.