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  1. Amormusic

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    lol. God some hifi reviews don’t half contain a load of old guff in terms of descriptions... I always take these with a massive pinch of salt and prefer to hear of others experience, in combination with how widely-highly rated (appreciating they will “sell” their wares) an item is... and most importantly listening. I would never buy an item purely from a graph or spec sheet, I’d rather listen. With the RME I’m gonna buy this blind (unheard) from others glowing words, it reads well, and ultimately if my ears think it’s a pile of poo it’ll be easy enough to shuffle on. Keen to hear more thoughts on others taking the plunge on one. I’ll leave mine when I’ve picked it up.
  2. Amormusic

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Just gotta sort logistics with Dave (occasional thinker) for some S3’s just to ty em out... So very soon hopefully.... Been researching Ivan’s kit for a while and have been looking at S2TLK or S2TLM... if I like them then will give them to mum as a prezzie (to replace her B&W 602’s) and build me a set, hopefully not too badly!!. Been tossing these up VS PMC 25/23 but thinking I wanna try IPLs first. fun times 😀
  3. Amormusic

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    was pretty decided anyway but gonna get me an RME as present to self, very soon. Was super tempted with macs giveaway priced Mdac+ but been eyeballing this for a while. Also sorted some IPLs to come soon to try em out, and highly likely to upgrade to A39 instead of A29 Arcam next month. Ooh, an exciting hifi year for me 😀
  4. Amormusic

    Google has discontinued Chromecast Audio

    Bet they triple in price on the bay now!
  5. Amormusic

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    Tiny Desk Concerts on YouTube are awesome SQ. mix of all different performers they have there so something for everyone. Tash Sultana is great.
  6. Hi folks, Massive longshot, but I'm after some IPL S2TLK or S2TLM floorstanders. Must be very well built and in great condition. Thought I'd ask in case anyone wants to move up the IPL ladder... Just checking prior to buying a kit and making a big mess!! Cheers,
  7. Amormusic


    Pressure dropped a new album I missed last year Defending the Roots. That’s worth checking out. He has a much older album Love and Affection which is great, although bloody difficult to get hold of and is not easily available to stream.
  8. Amormusic

    Streaming / Digital Advice

    Drop £30 on a Chromecast Audio and try streaming in the cheap... With a subscription service (Spotify/tidal etc etc) It’s 99% of the quality of a cd, but so quick and easy. You’ll never look back. If you connect into a decent DAC first its probably even more similar in quality. I don’t but will be upgrading mine very soon. Plus if you hate it, or try it, and decide I’m chatting outta my arse, then you’d get £20 back 2nd hand on the bay if you sold it. Its a no brainier. Enjoy 😉
  9. Amormusic

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    My streaming setup is basic (Chromecast straight to amp, no DAC) and using Spotify premium. However, it’s 99% of quality compared to a CD and dead easy. I’ve streamed for years. For the £30 for a Chromecast Audio everyone should do it. Peanuts for ease and a decent sound. I’m about to shell out on a new streamer or DAC so hopefully this will then match my CD quality.
  10. Whoops forgot location/price! £40+p&p. Location Bristol. Cheers.
  11. Sold elsewhere. Mods please move. Cheers Hi folks, for sale: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable. 2x terminated lengths: 1x 3metre 1x 5metre. Have moved speakers as result of fitting a fire so bought new cable. Works fine, only points to note as follows. Small part of cable has divided (hand for ref of size) middle of long length, no wire exposed and does not affect performance in any way, plus you can’t see it when being used. Currently double banana to quadruple banana on both lengths, one plastic sheath missing, but easily changed... Pretty sure I’ve got some brand new banana plugs hanging around somewhere, so if I can find them I’ll include them too in case you wish to reterminate. Thats it. Will put on the bay too as they have a £1 sale day. I have a huge buy/seller record on there if you’d prefer. Cheers,
  12. Amormusic

    your favourite films of all time

    Off topic, but has my favourite line from a film... ”which wallets yours?”...”the one that says Bad Mother****** on it” i bought that wallet years ago. Then got rid as kids got older and started learning to read as I didn’t want them to see and copy it! Lol
  13. Amormusic

    your favourite films of all time

    Lucky number slevin Usual suspects Shaft + quite few already mentioned by others... green mile, pulp fiction, alien and few more.