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  1. @Distorted Vision On gumtree there’s two sets of DB1+’s with brackets, collection only from a business in London, in perfect nick for £300 each or both for £575. Thats a great deal!!!!
  2. Amormusic


    This could almost be a sweeping comment about politicians in general. I’ve reached the stage where I have no faith in any of them. There’s so much cr4p being spewed out continually, by a bunch of inept fools who couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery. Summon septic peg and her crystal ball please - she’ll probably know more than any of them, and could probably organise it better. Note I haven’t stated if I’ve chose to remain or leave. I feel that both arguments were highly flawed and as I don’t have a crystal ball myself I just don’t know which is better. I just hope we can pull ourselves out of this endless shitstorm we’re in. I am honestly now bored of seeing brexit on tv every day.
  3. Just read this to my Mrs... she laughed and spat her drink out all over herself!!! Lol.
  4. Post edited as the price typo has been corrected. Good luck with your sale. Also, welcome to the WAM!!
  5. Bit off topic, but to add to the above - it’s well worth a look if you’ve never spent some time perusing the Tiny Desk Concerts... They get some excellent artists on there, there’s loads of them to choose from so something for everyone, and the sound quality is fantastic.
  6. Really struggling with this one... have skipped on quite a bit. Her voice does nothing for me and the sound is very cluttered... Like she just wants to throw loads of sounds and effects in... Too much for me... I liked the first 25 seconds of Cycle Song, before it was cluttered like the previous ones. I’m half way in but won’t make it to the end of this one. Not one for me I’m afraid. 2/5. But thanks for the recommendation.
  7. I’m only part way through this stream, so apologies if duplicated. However, Uzzy’s comment is bang on - for anyone considering black glass just don’t!!!!!! We had a smoked black glass AV rack in my old flat with my telly plus all my linn gear on there - probably the worst thing I’ve ever bought. I swear I dusted the bloody thing about every 25 seconds and it still always looked really sh*t. Honestly, save yourself the hassle!!!
  8. I’ve been really busy this week, so not had a chance to check this out. But got the hifi on atm 😀😀😀 Will check out in bit and report back.
  9. Jade Bird - Jade Bird thanks to @insider9 for flagging this on new releases a while back 👍 Seeing her live soon.
  10. You’ve not had many replies, so hopefully this helps you... I’ve no experience of the Teac, however do know that Bluetooth genrally speaking is a pretty cr4ppy and lossy format. A very cheap and effective workaround would be to buy a Google Chromecast Audio (about £20 on eBay), plug this in via rca cable to system. You then have a small icon on corner of what you want to stream (‘cast’) to system. The CCA connects to your WiFi and your phone is then only acting as a remote control (so once you’ve cast you can literally turn it off and the music continues). These are absolutely great bits of kit, cheap as chips and bloody effective. There are a number of recent streams where the CCA has come up and been recommended. Also lists of the apps that can be cast to your system. There are also some people on here with very decent systems, who also sing the CCA’s praises. For £20 it’s a no brainer. Enjoy! 😀
  11. Amormusic

    which streamer ?

    CAMBRIDGE AUDIO 851n Folks, I thought this might be useful for others as it’s mentioned earlier in the stream... I have the CXN and am personally interested in upgrading to an 851n - I’ve seen the ‘no longer upgraded’ comments... so I emailed Cambridge Audio... here’s their reply: Thank you for contacting Cambridge Audio. Please note that the CXN v1 and 851N have both recently received an early update firmware to resolve some issues they were experiencing. This will be available for general release very soon. If you would like to test this now you will need to sign up to early updates from the webmin page for your player. To access the webmin page take a note of your IP address (you can find this by pressing and holding the 'i' button on the front of your player) and putting this into a web browser on a device, which is connected to the same network as your CXN. Here you will be able to tick a box to receive early updates. Can I ask where you have seen this information regarding the 851N? We are still releasing updates for it as you can see above. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Kind Regards, Nathan Technical Support Agent Cambridge Audio Edit: just read The Chronicals post above. lol - shoulda read that first @newlash09 @The Chronicals
  12. @Lurch Room for a bake off newb? I’d not arrive for 10 as it’s a decent drive from Bristol, but maybe a little “fashionably late”. My kit is humble, so I’d not bring any of that... However, I might be able to borrow something unusual/interesting from a mate to bring along, depending on what they’ve got (he’s a manager at cash converters - they get some staggering stuff go through that shop! Last borrowed a NAD M32 - that was fun!!)
  13. Not a joke as such, but it amused me when I saw it in the local news not too long ago... A man with a shed on his head blasting dubstep tunes and fire up out the chimney... Yes you read that right! Lol!
  14. Some stuff is so poorly made it’s ridiculous! An example - A few years back I bought a new Beko fridge freezer with ice and water dispenser... a decent chunk of change... Bloody annoyingly it broke after 2yrs and a couple of days, literally days outside of its warranty!! Had a bloke look at it, said it had been made piss-poorly and that it would be uneconomical to repair it, so I had to start over and buy another. Conversely, my late nan had the same one for decades though and despite not being very energy efficient it was clearly bombproof and really well made.