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  1. Cd collection of 160 CD'S. Mostly albums, around ten singles. All as pictured and NO playing issues. I have maybe another 5-10 not pictured. These will be included. £300 collected from Coventry. > £250 Or plus carrier. It's less than an avg of £2 per cd, there are only a handful I paid less than that. I need money fast...so, for better exposure I'll list on eBay at the weekend. Offered here first though. Thank you. Feel free to ask any questions. All 11 pictures here.. https://postimg.cc/gallery/1y41odnl6/
  2. DarrenB


    As pictured. Good condition and NO playing issues. £40 Inc recorded post. BT ideal. Thank you.
  3. DarrenB


    Neil Young. Spacemen 3. Spiritualized. Good condition and NO playing issues. £40 Inc recorded post. BT ideal. Thank you.
  4. Shadow Warriors for gameboy. Cart only in good condition. £15 Inc post. BT ideal. Ta
  5. DarrenB


    Beatles Cd's - as pictured. Good condition and NO playing issues. £40 Inc recorded post. BT ideal. Thank you.
  6. DarrenB


    New first post.
  7. DarrenB


    Anyone want these? I need the space.... If you want to arrange courier, just add £8 for material costs for Parcel. I'm not going to bother with eBay...Will run this until tomorrow, then probably take them into town to trade in, I really need the space for arcade stuff coming in. They're nice sounding speakers Thank you ..
  8. DarrenB


    Any offers - especially on more than one lot...
  9. DarrenB


    Last try before eBay - need these gone, today if possible....
  10. DarrenB


    any interest before eBay... Need the space more than anything.... Same with the cd's I have for sale....
  11. DarrenB


    Additional lot at - £10 still applies. Plus another £5 off stated prices. Thank you.
  12. DarrenB


    I have a faulty Marantz cd separate I can give to these, should you want it. The person who I bought it off, sent it in one sheet of bubble wrap, nothing else. That is asking for trouble, and indeed - it arrived damaged. It took a knock, something has moved inside, so doesn't sit flat. The CD mechanism does not work, so you need to open and close manually. The good...it's a nice player and has pretty much played everything I've put in it. This is optional, but if you want it, it's free. Thank you.
  13. DarrenB


    Technics sb3030 stereo hifi speakers. Fully Working, no issues. Speakers have a few marks, they're pretty old, but overall good condition. Come with grills (not pictured) £50 collected from Coventry. Pictures here https://postimg.cc/gallery/1k2ia1oow/ Thank you. Will be shown working on collection
  14. DarrenB


    In an effort to move these on.. First lot at asking, any additional lots at a £10 discount...