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  1. I'm on the way to the post office. I'm suffering with my schizophrenia, which has made simple tasks seem like a mountain to climb. I will update the buyer with tracking. Sincere apologies.
  2. Please may I ask if anyone wants these at £30, before I pop them on eBay auction..
  3. £40 for the speakers and the amp
  4. I have a Marantz pm44se amplifier too...it has a slight fault. The volume knob is spongy to the touch, and it sometimes omits a buzz, you need to touch the volume to knock it off. Totally optional, but you can have it for an extra £15 with the speakers.
  5. Still available if anyone wants them....
  6. I don't have a camera, I have a pad that takes pics back to front...I can't see what I'm snapping!
  7. Anyone want these for £30... Could do with space...
  8. Technics Sb3030 3 Way Stereo Speakers. Sound great. Fully Working. They do have marks here and there, but pretty good considering they're from the 80's! Grills included, just not pictured. £40 collection from Coventry. > £30 https://postimg.cc/gallery/sfz1h128/ Thank you.
  9. Less physical is what I meant!
  10. Happy to do, choose any 50 for £50 collected or and post £13. Thank you.
  11. Now given a collective price. £150 Inc. (£135 collected from Coventry) Ta