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    First impressions of my new ATC SCM40A speakers

    It would have been a financial step too far, also my Audiolab 8000Q preamp does not have XLR outputs and this preamp has LOTS of RCA Phono in/outs supporting many ancillary items such as Tuner, cassette deck, a HDD/CD burner etc etc a lot more than many modern XLR output equipped preamps do not have...
  2. Stephen Garratt

    First impressions of my new ATC SCM40A speakers

    When I first bought my Tri Wirable Ruark Crusader 2s back in 1997, I had the Audiolab 8000P 100 watt per channel power amp. That was replaced by firstly two and finally four 8000M monos and I must say the difference in my case was noticeable, sounded more "Open" and with a slightly more distinct Bass.. As I said, those speakers with the now iffy un replaceable mid range have now been given away, whilst I await the arrival of the ATCs.
  3. Stephen Garratt

    First impressions of my new ATC SCM40A speakers

    Hi Uzzy, The SCM40s happily, are equipped three discrete sets of inputs to enable the option of Tri Wiring and Tri Amping.. I may add a pair of Audiolab 8300MBs to the Bass to compliment my four 8000Ms. An enquiry to Audiolab found that they have the same gain so should integrate well.. I am a bit mystified by the recent drift on some high end speakers to the provision of only one pair of input terminals.
  4. Stephen Garratt

    First impressions of my new ATC SCM40A speakers

    I have read that the Version Ones could sound a little bit strident, but was pleasantly surprised when auditioning the Version Twos. I did at first think that the bass was a little bit light, but when I then played a CD of Bach’s Organ Trio Sonatas, there it was! The big pipes rumbling forth! The SCM40s only reproducing bass which is actually there...One more track which nailed it for me was Kate Bush’s Dream Of Sheep...Kate was almost there, her voice floating etherealy between the speakers, wonderful! Greatly looking forward to the delivery of the ATCs !!
  5. Stephen Garratt

    First impressions of my new ATC SCM40A speakers

    Are your passive SCM40s the older Version Ones? I am assuming that they are as the Version 2s appeared more recently. I visited Oranges & Lemons Hifi last week to audition the newer passive ATC SCM40 Version 2s and after three hours of the most pleasurable listening, I ordered a pair! These are to replace a pair of Ruark Crusader 2s, where the Dynaudio supplied Mid Range units on both speakers had developed annoying distortion. My amplification is four of, 1997 vintage 125 watt Audiolab 8000Ms mono blocs, tri-wired with Van Den Hul CS-122 & Teatrack cable. I will see how that sounds, as and when the new speakers are delivered and I may be tempted to purchase a pair of the 250 watt Audiolab 8300MB mono blocs, to power the Bass, effectively Tri-Amping the system..
  6. Stephen Garratt

    Steve Garratt

    Rabski.. I am looking forward after the successful audition of the ATCs with just one pair of wires per speaker and an integrated amp to the sound from Tri-wired 8000Ms!
  7. Stephen Garratt

    Steve Garratt

    Thanks Greybeard! Sadly my 21 year old Ruark Crusader 2s were suffering from distorting Mid Range domes. Ruark no longer make loudspeakers and therefore hold no spares..The Dynaudio manufactured mid range units have ceased being made and from what I have read on forums regarding this problem, the mid range drivers are almost impossible to remove! My amplification consists of an original British Audiolab manufactured 8000Q preamp, feeding into 4 X 8000M 125 watt mono blocs, originally tri wiring the Ruarks with Van Den Hul CS-122 and Tea Track speaker cable. Oddly, there are nowadays extremely few speaker manufacturers, who make three way speakers, supplied with discrete binding posts for each driver, but then I discovered the ATC SCM40s...
  8. This morning, good friend and ATC active speaker owner John Daynes and I armed with copies of favourite CDs, visited Oranges & Lemons HiFi emporium at Clapham. We spent over three hours carefully listening to the ATC SCM40s, set up with an Arcam integrated amp and a Naim CD player… At first, I thought that they were slightly Bass light for their size…BUT..further listening to a recording of the Bach Organ Trio Sonatas played by Ton Koopman proved otherwise.. Being a favourite well played CD on my old now disposed of Ruark Crusader 2s, the quality of the playback is burned into my memory. It was on the second Adagio movement of the first sonata that the Bass kicked in. The big organ pipes rumbled forth, at least an octave lower than on the Ruarks! Then, we played Dream of Sheep by Kate Bush, from the CD Hounds Of Love…The CLARITY…and presence of Kate’s voice on that, almost hung in mid air between the speakers! VERY emotive for me. Another favourite played was Jaques Loussier’s jazz interpretation of some of Eric Satie’s famous pieces.. And so it went on… Saint Saens organ symphony was MOST impressive…The un fazed separation of the orchestra’s instruments, scoring high points.. Malcom Arnold’s recording of English Dances, extraordinary! Then back to Rock, we played my original Atlantic label vinyl to CD recording of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love..WOW! ………….I have ordered a pair of ATC SCM40s in Cherry Wood………
  9. Stephen Garratt

    Ruark Crusader mk1 & mk2

    I until very recently owned a pair of Crusader IIs purchased in 1997.. But in the past three or so years, the Mid Range dome units on both speakers have developed an annoying distortion on certain harmonic frequencies. Sadly, Ruark ceased production of loudspeakers a while back and do not now repair their products. The Dynaudio Mid Range replacements are as rare as hen's teeth, so I have given away my once loved speakers to a friend and will be auditioning the ATC SCM40 speakers shortly as possible replacements...
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