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  1. Timbo21

    To treat or not to treat

    I'm sure it will help some, but using too little doesn't give you very noticeable results. Have you had a look at GIK's ART panels? Great way of making the panels look really cool. So many designs and you can even have them add your own
  2. Timbo21

    To treat or not to treat

    Good call. The cream ones in my pic are 244's from GIK, b-stock on ebay
  3. Timbo21

    To treat or not to treat

    You will always get better results from proper room correction. My listening space is in a wooden cabin. It was live as feck. I've treated first and second reflections, which is recommended, plus cloud panel overhead for first reflection; and of course the carpet. it's definitely not too dead since there is plenty of exposed wood, especially to the side and behind the listening point. The panels are extended in length around the screen to stop light reflections. I don't think panels just for first reflections would make much of a difference. Ideally 1st and 2nd reflections, plus a cloud. That will no way make a room too dead. Further treatments could be diffusers to the side and rear of the listening area, and corner traps if bass is a problem.
  4. Timbo21

    Help in valuing my deck please?

    I agree sell it seperately. Is it a Mk2, or one of the others? That may make a difference. The Mk5's do not come up on ebay that often, so can go for a bit more. I think you could get around £650 Buy it now for a 2010 in pristine condition with original box if you were patient and made the advert really good. The scratch on the lid is negligible I would say, since most sold have pretty scratched lids. I payed £1,250 for a pair of MK2's made in 2006 A1 condition with original boxes, about 18 months ago. They were selling for that and slightly more at the time. The new Mk7's are I think going to be sold for £899 rrp, so I don't know if that's had an impact on price of older models. For a buyer looking for an A1 in it's original form the PSU might actually detract. However, for a buyer who wanted to do that mod anyway it could be a big plus point. How much was the PSU cost? If it is a known sought after one for the Technics you could go higher than £650 if you think someone will go for it. All depends how patient you want to be I guess
  5. Timbo21


    Excellent review I also found the Slow and NOS filters to be the best and found the others more digital and harsher sounding.
  6. Yes, that soundbar is to die for
  7. I second that
  8. Beautiful . What's the turntable?
  9. Heats the room nicely in any case
  10. Yes, that and the Logos have it
  11. Timbo21

    Power Sound Audio Subwoofer in Stereo System?

    I have a PSA S1500 which replaced my SVS cylinder sub. I use it for films Really great sub. When it first arrived I tried integrating it for stereo, but then I realised my amp just had Tape Outputs, not pre-outs, so that was no good. I now have a new amp, and at some point will get round to attempting to integrate it. I measured with REW and it has a good 10hz in room response that was just about -3dB down from 22hz. After 10hz it dropped away and 7 hz is about -12dB down from 22hz. But my SVS cylinder gave nothing much at all under 15hz and that was ported. My room is about 3m x 6m. It can literally do some trouser flapping when cranked up around reference levels.
  12. Timbo21

    Is a DAC upgrade worth it?

    It's a funny one with DACs. Many say there is little difference between a £500 DAC and one that costs five times more. With my vinyl I can get a new tonearm, new cartridge, get it properly aligned; buy a better phono stage, etc, etc. The tweaks are practically endless. What will make a DAC sound better? A million taps? Stick it in a thick aluminium case? Design some in-house filters? Is there much scope for massively improving the output electronics?
  13. Timbo21

    Any users Technics 1210gr

    A lot over on Steve Hoffman forums have bought it for hifi. I have a 1200G and the tonearms are mid mass on that and the GR. As far as I can recall there are both MC and MM users. The stock 3mm mat is pretty decent. I have a cork mat too which I use. I haven't got round to comparing yet.
  14. Timbo21

    Anyone dealt with Unilet Hi Fi?

    Exactly. All dealer stuff I have bought on ebay they have started the auction at the minimum they are willing to let it go for. Unilet are a very experienced outlet and would be well aware an item could go for a low price if starting low. Many dealers go the 'buy it now' route, or add the offer option with it. A lot of hifi stuff is not mainstream and dealers will be well aware they may not get multiple bidders and achieve the value they are looking for. I use ebay a lot. My ethos is trust until presented with info/facts that contradicts. There is nothing at this time that suggests they have pulled the sale because of the low winning price other than mere suspicion. Therefore I am dismayed at the advice of 'just give them a negative review.' That is equally as bad as far as I'm concerned.