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  1. Timbo21

    Help in valuing my deck please?

    I agree sell it seperately. Is it a Mk2, or one of the others? That may make a difference. The Mk5's do not come up on ebay that often, so can go for a bit more. I think you could get around £650 Buy it now for a 2010 in pristine condition with original box if you were patient and made the advert really good. The scratch on the lid is negligible I would say, since most sold have pretty scratched lids. I payed £1,250 for a pair of MK2's made in 2006 A1 condition with original boxes, about 18 months ago. They were selling for that and slightly more at the time. The new Mk7's are I think going to be sold for £899 rrp, so I don't know if that's had an impact on price of older models. For a buyer looking for an A1 in it's original form the PSU might actually detract. However, for a buyer who wanted to do that mod anyway it could be a big plus point. How much was the PSU cost? If it is a known sought after one for the Technics you could go higher than £650 if you think someone will go for it. All depends how patient you want to be I guess
  2. Timbo21


    Excellent review I also found the Slow and NOS filters to be the best and found the others more digital and harsher sounding.
  3. Yes, that soundbar is to die for
  4. Beautiful . What's the turntable?
  5. Heats the room nicely in any case
  6. Yes, that and the Logos have it
  7. Timbo21

    Power Sound Audio Subwoofer in Stereo System?

    I have a PSA S1500 which replaced my SVS cylinder sub. I use it for films Really great sub. When it first arrived I tried integrating it for stereo, but then I realised my amp just had Tape Outputs, not pre-outs, so that was no good. I now have a new amp, and at some point will get round to attempting to integrate it. I measured with REW and it has a good 10hz in room response that was just about -3dB down from 22hz. After 10hz it dropped away and 7 hz is about -12dB down from 22hz. But my SVS cylinder gave nothing much at all under 15hz and that was ported. My room is about 3m x 6m. It can literally do some trouser flapping when cranked up around reference levels.
  8. Timbo21

    Is a DAC upgrade worth it?

    It's a funny one with DACs. Many say there is little difference between a £500 DAC and one that costs five times more. With my vinyl I can get a new tonearm, new cartridge, get it properly aligned; buy a better phono stage, etc, etc. The tweaks are practically endless. What will make a DAC sound better? A million taps? Stick it in a thick aluminium case? Design some in-house filters? Is there much scope for massively improving the output electronics?
  9. Timbo21

    Any users Technics 1210gr

    A lot over on Steve Hoffman forums have bought it for hifi. I have a 1200G and the tonearms are mid mass on that and the GR. As far as I can recall there are both MC and MM users. The stock 3mm mat is pretty decent. I have a cork mat too which I use. I haven't got round to comparing yet.
  10. Timbo21

    Anyone dealt with Unilet Hi Fi?

    Exactly. All dealer stuff I have bought on ebay they have started the auction at the minimum they are willing to let it go for. Unilet are a very experienced outlet and would be well aware an item could go for a low price if starting low. Many dealers go the 'buy it now' route, or add the offer option with it. A lot of hifi stuff is not mainstream and dealers will be well aware they may not get multiple bidders and achieve the value they are looking for. I use ebay a lot. My ethos is trust until presented with info/facts that contradicts. There is nothing at this time that suggests they have pulled the sale because of the low winning price other than mere suspicion. Therefore I am dismayed at the advice of 'just give them a negative review.' That is equally as bad as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Timbo21

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Thanks. Thought it might be the Scottish one
  12. Timbo21

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    I plugged the original back in at the weekend and it sounded pretty muddy and indistinct in comparison. It seemed clear to me the difference.
  13. Timbo21

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Great news. Which linear psu are you using?