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  1. Yes, they are quite small. Still though, the situation is very different in Germany due to an excellent distributer with almost 40 Accuphase dealers and plenty reviews of Accuphase products.
  2. Same people but different company. I believe they set up the company many years ago for selling their own products such as mains cables/block, cones and racks. They told me that other hifi shops would not like to sell products from a different hifi shop. So they had to set up this company and I believe there are quiet a few hifi shops across the UK that stock their products.
  3. For people based in the UK it might be interesting to know that Accuphase has now a new distributor in the UK and Ireland and it might be that it will become much easier for people to find shops that sell Accuphase in the UK. https://www.musicworks-hifi.com
  4. Sounds like you are now getting from it what one would expect. Accuphase certainly always gives you more when you spend more. Equally, when they do an upgrade of a model it is really noticeably better even though sometimes one thinks this is not possible. What can happen then is that a lower model but updated one can outperform the next model up which is from the previous generation. I have to say,. I have not tested this myself but go with the advise I received. Apparently, the difference between the DP-560 and the DP-720 was actually quite small but the DP-750 has increased the gap again. I have noticed that your E470 is now up for sale on the AudioWorks website. As I mentioned before, I have invested in the distribution box and main cables from MusicWorks, which had a massive effect on my system. It is quite astonishing how much you can further improve your system with getting the power supply correct and also isolating your electronics from noise/vibration. The cables and box were quite expensive but still only 1/2 to 1/3 of what one can pay for such things when one buys the established brands and tries to achieve similar quality. The latest development they have done is a new composite shelf, which they are starting to sell now. I tried out one to put under my DP-560 already using their shelf system with the PEEK uprights. The effect of just that single composite shelf are astonishing and I know I am not the only customer who is completely taken by it. They are still experimenting with the best way of supporting this new composite shelf, but even with just placing it between the CD player and the standard shelf they sell, it is already an incredible improvement. It is like having upgraded your CD player. It feels that my DP-560 now provides much higher resolution. I suspect that over the next few months I will invest more in this.
  5. I would have thought that not turning the volume knob was also something you experienced with the E470. I think the presettings are about giving you better control over volume but not much else. If you find it difficult to find the right volume when listening you might want to reduce the output from the pre-amp but to be honest, I am just guessing here. In what way do you feel your new combo gives your a better music experience than your previous E470?
  6. I think I know where you could get the C2420/P4200 from and one thing I would say is that you can certainly trust the guys in Cheadle. I think money wise, this is a very good deal especially since you can even trade in your E470. And buying pre-used Accuphase means you save a lot of money and if you sell again in the future you will probably get back a large proportion of what you have invested. There is probably just one downside if you really care about getting the best out of your system and that are the follow -on costs from having two instead of a single device for amplification. One thing I have learnt in the last 2 years or so is that HiFi racks and mains cables have an astonishing impact on the quality of the music you get out of your system. In fact, you can get a much more noticeable improvement from getting these things right than upgrading your electronics. So once you have realised this and want to upgrade your system along this avenue, you just need to spend extra on an additional mains cable, a good interconnect and an extra shelf for your rack.
  7. I had another interesting conversation last night. So they tried out continental European plugs with their cables because they wanted to avoid having a fuse in the plug. By law, UK plugs have to have a fuse. However, they found that the plug together with a specifically built distribution block for those plugs did deteriorate the quality. They believe that the earthing of the UK system is far better as the largest pin of the UK plug is for earthing whereas continental plugs just use simple clips and that this plays a very big role. The main part of their mains cable is therefore a large cross section earthing cable.
  8. Yes, I am lucky to have an Accuphase dealer very close by especially since this is very rare in the UK. It is not like Germany where there is a very good network of Accuphase dealers. The 1.8m mains cable is £750. You can find details about their products at: https://www.musicworks-hifi.com/musicworks-products/ I believe they also do a version for continental Europe. Best really is to talk to them but make sure you speak to Larry, who is the owner or simply email them: larry@theaudioworks.co.uk The actual shop is The Audioworks (https://www.theaudioworks.co.uk) He might agree to take the cable back after 30 days if you are not happy. I don't believe that they have created their own cable to maximise profit. When you think about the costs of the parts they can't make that much money with these cables compared to selling a £3000-£4000 cable where they might make 40% profit. They have created their own cable because they like to experiment and they were not particularly happy with what was on the market.
  9. Sounds intriguing. I will look into it. The trying out of the different cables is something I might leave to the dealer. He has done this for many years and as he is an Accuphase dealer, has tried those cables on the equipment I have. They recently tried an Audiomica mains cable on Accuphase, which apparently is £3500 but they could not find any improvement over the ones they sell. They even went as far as giving the cable a cryogenic treatment as this is not mentioned for that cable but they found no improvement. I also had a chance to listen to it as every Thursday they have an evening when people can just come and listen to what they are experimenting with before we go to the pub. It is a great thing they do and try to encourage people to listen more carefully. They used a very similar system to what I have and their own cable was indeed better than the Audiomica one. But, yes, I can easily imagine that there is not the best cable for everything. It is a system in the end, which makes it so difficult and why I think it is so important to have these dealer still around that allow you to try out things or who try out things for you.
  10. In the UK we have 3 pin plugs and I am told there is no difference then. Yes, this is not a placebo effect. Even my teenage boys immediately noted the difference without me mentioning that I had changed the mains cables. I am still almost in shock about the impact these cable have. I have discussed with the guys who make these cables how they have developed them and it is rather interesting. Instead of trying to measure things they simply sat down and listened to music. Their measurement instruments are their ears. Subjective or not, well it was more than one person, I believe a whole group of people, they tried to develop a cable that gives them the greatest pleasure and engagement when listening to music. These guys also go to plenty of jazz and classical concerts and know what instruments sound like. They would love to know why their cables work in the way they do in order to sound less silly. In their search for the greatest musicality, they even found that 1.8 m and 3.6 m cable length gives them the best sound quality, with 3.6 slightly better than 1.8 but anything in-between being worse. Needless to say, they have no explanation for it but it is a fascinating find. I am sure most people who read here think this is all very silly. There are things you have to experience and it seems in the world of music reproduction some observations are impossible to explain. It might be that in reality the physical differences these cables make are tiny but that our ears are such sensitive instruments which make out these tiny differences and we experience them as very important differences.
  11. On Saturday I went to my dealer and borrowed his top quality main cables and distribution block. The impact of these is really astonishing. Everything he gave me is from Musicworks, which is their own label and they have developed their products for many years. He told me to first only use the distribution block with one of the high quality cables to the socket while keeping the simpler cables going to the DP-560 and the E-600. The change was already astonishing with the music now much more engaging. It was as if a cloud, which I had not been aware of being present, had been lifted. I went back and forth, played plenty of different music, some emphasis on piano concertos as I find piano music always the clearest to recognise improved time coherency. After an hour or so I added the second high quality mains to now connect the CD player to the block. Again, the change was very obvious but now I started to feel far more energy coming from the music. The third cable, the one going to the amp, further enhanced the energy and it was now very noticeable how much sharper drums and bass had become. Any instrument in the background, which was hardly audible before, became very easy to hear now. I don't think it is possible to fully appreciate the difference very good main cables and distribution block do until one has heard the transformation they provide. The cables are not cheap but they are in fact only a fraction of the very expensive ones from the common brands. According to my dealer, and he has invited me to do the comparison myself, their own branded cables are better.
  12. It is great when you have the skills to DIY these things. I think my next step will be to test high end powder chord and power distribution. The shop I have managed have designed their own and I will be able to take them home and test them for a week. They have developed them over many years and in the high end person they use an industrial high strength polymer for all the screws etc to eliminate any metal where not needed. I still have a Melco attached to my DP-560 but I hardly every use it as the sound from a CD is just so great. I thought I might use the Melco for Tidal but I have noticed that when I have the time to sit down and listen, I want to have the best sound quality, i.e. CD. So I am planning of selling the Melco and I should be able to use the money towards the high end powder cords and distribution.
  13. I have the Audiomica Dolomit Reference. I got pre-used ones for free when I bought the speaker from them.
  14. It is Audioworks South of Manchester
  15. True, not everybody has a good dealer nearby but people who still have this luxury should support them. My UK dealer is happy to send Accuphase electronics all over the UK for people to test. I think he only charges £30 for the shipping costs, which I think is super cheap. So people can try out at home even when they live in the South of England or the North of Scotland. He does this also for cables, even pre-used ones.