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  1. Brand new in box ,made in Uk.RRP125£ I can let it go for 50£ inc delivery or collection from London. TCI Diamondback is a stereo version of our TCI Anaconda speaker cable and designed for use in systems where the speaker is not required or designed to be bi-wired. It is also only 2mm thick, using high grade materials including aerospace grade silver plated OFC copper conductors and Superthane insulation. It ensures your system will portray a soundstage that remains dynamic, scaled and open with a neutral character and a sense of occasion that is rarely found in cables of this price. - 99.999% SPOFC high performance loudspeaker cable - Two 99.999% silver plated oxygen free conductors of 76/0.20mm - Sheathed in flame retardant Superthane insulated outer jacket - Stereo construction - 2.1mm x 15mm flat profile cable
  2. and another one😉
  3. It has quite impressive sound and well build with 2 toroidals inside.Thank you for the comment!