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  1. Drainpipe

    What films have you watched this week

    Absolutely brilliant . Funny as hell. Didnt realise until the end my childhood first loves son directed it. Hate Mills , He's so good at everything.
  2. Drainpipe

    how to start streaming from Qobuz?

    Make sure you cut off you month free trial at least 5 days before hand or you will get charged. They are French. bit like Naim 🚽
  3. Drainpipe

    how to start streaming from Qobuz?

    Believe and pay for what you want. Take no notice of Wat I say..Its just my point of view . So many sites are now doing what HDT started off doing. Up scaling everything and people still don't get it 🤕🚽🙃😂
  4. Drainpipe

    Armistice Day

    Nice 👌👍
  5. Drainpipe

    What are you listening to right now?

    The good friend that introduced me and many others to that brilliant album when it was first released passed away a few months ago.. Needs to be played LOUD for Del.🍺
  6. Just checking your not being Ironic above again before my next post?
  7. Drainpipe

    Guess the album cover

    Great live map of artists.
  8. True , Went off topic days ago when refugees from Linn forum started posting about Sgt Peppers and getting personal.
  9. Including a Phillips machine for spare parts ?
  10. Drainpipe

    What are you listening to right now?

    Have you ever seen Mark Live with his different bands or on his own ? He reached a point for me around 5 years ago where he should of taken a couple of years off time out.
  11. So not interested for £59 then ?
  12. Drainpipe

    What are you listening to right now?

    Like the artwork but after a good listen to the promo CD . I think this is where I draw the line under MUSE. Its my Muse album cut off point. Its just to same old same old. That said I bet the live shows will be exceptional .
  13. My most played since the day they were released are Wild Life and Ram can't choose between them. Wild Life is a masterpiece IMO . Ram is just a very special wonderful lovely album. McCartney comes in a close second for its loveliness .
  14. Drainpipe

    New Rival Sons Album Feral Roots

    I Have been a big fan of Rival Sons from the moment I first set eyes on this LP cover artwork. Another band I would loved to have seen play live.