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  1. hlinden

    A bit of fun ?

    Got one uncompressed wav correct and picked the 320k on the rest, using decent inear headphones connected to the ipad. Might try on the main system tomorrow. Slightly annoyed I got Susanne Vega wrong as its one of my favourite songs ever, it was used tp tune the mp3 algorithm though so might sound the same in 320k.
  2. hlinden

    Phone upgrade

    I agree. Used to have a OnePlus 3 and just upgraded to 6T and love both, especially considering the price. Do think the 3’s headphone jack sounded better compared to the new usb to headphone plug equipping 6 though.
  3. hlinden

    Audiophysics owners

    Welcome to the club. Sounds like you made a visit to EliteAudio
  4. hlinden

    PrimaLuna Owners Club

    Received the mono blocks the other day and unfortunately they don't seem to be alright After plugging them in both channels have a significant popping / scratching sound (audible from the listen position), I reseated the tubes and tried unplugging the pre-amp and the noise is still there. The noise level is not constant, however the sound quality when playing music is excellent. Also one of the output tubes is glowing much brighter then the others, I'm going to rotate the tube to a different socket to see if it's the socket or tube but shouldn't auto-bias take care of that? The eBay seller stated in his ad the tubes were almost brand now (an official set from Primaluna) and after I contacted him regarding the glow and noise he is suggesting it's a problem with the earth on my mains ring, never had issues with other amps before. Could the new set of tubes be bad already (or damaged in transit)? Any suggestions what to try? I'm tempted to shell out for another full set of tubes but that's a lot of cash if the problem is with the amps themselves. Thanks! UPDATE Re-seated and cleaned the tubes and tube sockets, put in a mains conditioner and now the problem has gone away. Now back to playing tunes!
  5. hlinden

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    The Kii 3's have loads of tech built in, DSP room correction and just the top is a 6-way design with 6 separate power amps so I would guess the placement is considered. If that is a good or a bad idea I'm not going to comment
  6. Any interesting recommendations of tracks that really push the envelope of what music should sound like? Things that might not even classify as real music Like weird drums, effects from behind your heads or just some guy just chucking ping pong balls against a wall and recording itc. Especially after good really dynamic acoustic tracks Here are few that come to mind from me: Yosi Horikawa - Bubbles (the ping pong guy mentioned above) Explorations In Space And Time from Chesky (proper nerdy, blokes running around a church playing with high end recording equipment) Actual music: Roger Waters - What god wants (the whole Amused to death album to be fair) Sinne Eeg - What is this thing called love (cracking drums and "space")
  7. hlinden

    Budget HiFi videos

    I really like his videos but found it a bit odd he went with that "casseiver" as the main unit, not many people use tape and it's isn't exactly sexy An old NAD integrated, or if you want FM/AM maybe an Onkyo stereo receiver, would have been better IMO.
  8. hlinden

    Soundcare Superspikes

    I've had both sets and am currently using one, without a doubt the best "sounding" spike I've owned. My Avanti's bottom end got destroyed by the suspended wooden floor reverb before I put them on Soundcare spike. I may as well sign up to be a poster boy!
  9. hlinden

    What are these

    Should we start a gofundme and buy them just for fun just to hear what they sound like?
  10. hlinden

    [WTD] Integrated amplifer

    Sorted, thank you all!
  11. hlinden

    PrimaLuna Owners Club

    Just bought a pair of Prologue 6 monoblocks, should arrive mid next week. Perfect partners for my xmas pressy vinyl hoard! For now they will be paired with a Leema Elements DAC/preamp (borrowed from my "main" system) so will have to revisit that later. Open to suggestions, main source will be a P3-24 but some streaming from a PC/Pi as well. Already googling for Svetlana C's but will give it six months for the amps to settle in before I chase a squirrel up the tube rolling tree.
  12. hlinden

    [WTD] Integrated amplifer

    After a decent, transparent and decent power if possible, integrated amplifier for my second system. An inbuilt decent MM phono stage would be great, decent DAC a bonus but by no means required. Alternatively a decent pre/power combo. I'm not fussed about boxes. Looking at amps like the Plinius 9200 or similar, budget is up to £2000. Tried to find something suitable earlier this year and found nothing in that budget so upping to £2000. Shipped preferred but can collect around the South-East (100 miles'ish from Essex). Thanks for looking!
  13. hlinden

    What are you listening to right now?

    The house blues guru. Doug Macleod and one of the first albums of his I procured as a young budding audiophile 18 years ago. Whose Truth, Whose Lies?
  14. hlinden

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    My changes were pretty massive this year, went from an entry level system to a fairly decent setup. Biggest changes are : 1) Speakers - Audio Physic Avanti 2) Amp - Leema Tucana II 3) Deck - Michell Gyro SE with SME arm and Qunitet cartridge I've also re-arranged my room about 8 times to get a better sound stage, that should be probably be number 1 or 2 on the list.
  15. hlinden

    2019 Lottery Win Turntable Challenge

    With the risk of being boring, without a doubt an SME 30/12 and a Kuzma CAR 60 cartridge, dont get me started on the phono stage