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  1. Fantastic deal. Someone please buy it before it ends up in my office system.
  2. Amber Rubarth - Scribbled Folk Symphonies Absolutely fantastic recording, listening to the CD version.
  3. I did that and got stung with VAT and import duty which basically removed most of the saving and if I bought one today I would definitely get one from a UK dealer. If you are lucky you might get away with it.
  4. https://open.qobuz.com/album/u42tv970tml6b
  5. Cracking choice, enjoy!
  6. I'm a speaker first guy and £800 is a very good budget. I would look second hand for possibly a pair of KEF's or PMC's. That budget has a lot to offer if you keep an eye out. One of my favourite amps I've owned was an Arcam A85 so the 65 will be fine with better speakers (as long as you keep the sensitivity fairly normal) and the Marantz can hold its ground too in my opinion.
  7. Diane Birch - Bible belt [https://open.qobuz.com/track/39761520]
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread but Qobuz on Windows 10 now has UPNP/DLNA support in beta, works really well from my (limited) testing. I've not compared sound quality as my UPNP player is the TV system (Yamaha AV amp with a pair of Monitor Audio Monitor 50's).
  9. I signed up for the Qobuz Sublime subscription last night (now when you can do it monthly) and I have to admit I basically cancelled my Tidal subscription before I went to bed the same day! The hires tracks are amazing and even the normal 16/44.1 has a lot more air and space to them compared to Tidal or any other streaming service I've used before. Now looking for a decent "hardware streamer" that can handle Qobuz and has a very nice iPad interface, future proof etc. Any suggestions? Right now I'm just using a laptop via USB in to my Musical Fidelity M6S DAC.
  10. Agree, I'd be surprised if this would fetch £2k. The deck itself might be around £1200 to £1500 and the arm, being fairly uncommon, would possibly fetch 50% of value from new would land at £500
  11. I'm a boring fart, I'd rather spend £5k on an amp than a holiday (the other half might disagree)
  12. Anyone fancy trying the Meridian Explorer2 USB DAC? In original box but I can't guarantee I can find the USB cable (think it's micro-usb to USB-A?). Has MQA decoding so works a treat with Tidal for a small office system. Can slap it in an envelope and post for free, PM me.
  13. Hi, Selling a pair of mint boxed Elac B5 bookshelf speakers. Designed by Andrew Jones. Great imaging and soundstage. £100 plus shipping or local pickup in Southend, Essex. Used for a few months and have since been boxed up in the spare room. The girlfriend is telling me we have to many pairs of speakers