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  1. Subplatter was the biggest upgrade for me and I went with a "cheap" £50 upgrade from eBay. Some guy with a lathe doing them in his garage I'm guessing but the difference was very significant.
  2. I honestly consider the Rega Planar 3/ P3 / RP3 one of the most "fun" pieces of HiFi ever manufactured. As long as your a tiny bit DIY inclined you wan tweak it more or less forever with interesting results. It sounds pretty good out of the box then once you swap the factory supplied cartridge, the sub-platter etc it's a great journey. I know there are Rega-snobs out there who think the modding is a sacrilege but who are they to tell us what to do with kit we bought for our own money! My main TT is is a Gyro SE but I can't see myself ever not having a P3 in one form or another hanging around the house. I'm currently on the lookout for a black gloss plinth to swap from my snot-green (looked awesome in our old flat but now in our new house it looks out of place!), also waiting for a Nagaoka MP200 cart to arrive.
  3. hlinden

    What are you listening to right now?

    Just picked up from local record store.
  4. For gods sake someone buy these before I do, the deal is fantastic! GLWS
  5. hlinden

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sunday afternoon easy listening jazz.. On a pretty outstanding Chesky Records SACD issue combined with some local Essex brewed bitters.
  6. hlinden

    All in one

    The Rotel RCX-1500 would fit the bill but is now unfortunately discontinued by Rotel and it may be a bit tall for the wife. It doesn't have phono stage but you could easily hide a small Rega fono behind the unit. List price back in the day was £1195 so not too bad.
  7. Just joined the club. Assembled my Michell Gyro SE with SME 309 arm and a Quintet bronze cart yesterday. Opening the box was daunting but the assembly was painless especially thanks to a very helpful seller leaving good instructions. So far extremely pleased with my purchase, the cart is still running in.
  8. hlinden

    [WTD] Turntable / michell gyrodec or similar

    The original ebay I missed fell through so the seller offered me the deck. All sorted now thank you all for the offers.
  9. hlinden

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    New PS Audio GCPH phono stage in my quest to improve my TT setup. New LOMC cart incoming as well to pimp out the P3 until I find a new deck.
  10. hlinden

    What are you listening to right now?

    200g double vinyl just arrived in the post Fantastic sq, especially imaging, one of the best and the music itself ain't too shabby either
  11. hlinden

    [WTD] Turntable / michell gyrodec or similar

    Sorry, being slightly new/shy to the world of good but slightly vintage TT's, I have to admit I find the offer slightly intimidating at some level. The idea of having to get an arm rewired first thing after I buy it isn't sitting easy with me again I do apologize for expecting a TT "just to work". I'm googing all these offers as we speak and I'm trying to get used to arm spacers and the rest of exotic arms etc. Still looking but maybe I'm asking too much and should buy new.
  12. hlinden

    [WTD] Turntable / michell gyrodec or similar

    Yes, with Cadenza red, only at dealer though so not perfect. Heard the deck with other arms in a private living rooms. But as I said, open to other decks and I dont have an issue with buying without listening first. Thank.
  13. hlinden

    [WTD] Turntable / michell gyrodec or similar

    Exactly that, £2200 I missed out on bidding due to a chicken, roasted to be fair, but I was out having Sunday roast in the pub with the family and it went for initial asking (bidding between me and the other buyer might have ended up a bit higher but still a decent deal). Now I cant stop thinking of those platter brass weights and the 309 counterweight Gyro SE and all...
  14. Looking for a turntable with arm and potentially a good MC cartridge. Missed out on a Michell Gyrodec + SM309 on an auction and can't get it out of my head. Price be up to £2200 for the TT+arm and up to another £800ish for a low hours good MC cartridge. Michell Gyrodec, SM309 and a Cadenza would be a good option but I'm open to see what is out there. Would need to be shipped or delivered to Essex as I'm unable to drive at the moment. Cheers.
  15. hlinden

    Cd player advice

    I'd recommend checking out the Leema Precision CD. Half width so can look a bit odd in the rack but a cracking player that comes up second hand at pretty good prices. Supports Leema LIPS for easy of use, switches on when you change the Leema amp source to CD etc.