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  1. OK I'll take £175 including postage. I've sent you a private message so we can discuss payment, addresses etc.
  2. No problem with any questions. Yes it is a Nikon F mount.
  3. Maybe 'Work Horse' was a poor choice of words as it's all relative to the amount of pictures I've taken in the time. Maybe I should have described it as my 'go-to walk around lens' from 2004 to 2010. I bought the Nikon 16-85 in 2010 to use instead of the Sigma 24-70 and it's had little use since then. I've just looked at the statistics part of my photo library software and can see that i've used that lens to take a total of 5685 photos and since 2010 it's taken 535. Add perhaps 20% for the out of focus and crap pics that I've deleted and it's still not a huge amount of use. I hope that eases your apprehension. I'm sorry I have no experience of the D700 or D750 so I can't comment directly. Here's a quote from Wikipedia 'The D700 has a built in autofocus motor for all Nikon autofocus-lenses' so I assume that it will autofocus.
  4. Also still working on my Moon Neo Ace
  5. Yes it was. This was more of a Moon electronics demo, no swapping of cables to show the differences. In the order I listened to them the three systems were System 1 in the main showroom - Moon Neo Ace + Dynaudio Evoke 30 System 2 in the main demo room - Moon 780D v2 Streaming DAC / Moon 740P Preamplifier / Moon 860A v2 Power Amplifier + Dynaudio Confidence 30 System 3 in the small demo room at the back of the store - Moon 390 Network Player - Preamplifier / 330A Power Amplifier + Fyne Audio F703 I found the 'mid priced' System 3 the least involving and least listenable but that might have had something to do with the small room size, I thought the Fyne F703 were too big for the space. The big surprise for me was how good the 'budget priced' System 1 sounded in the big showroom. The big price tag System 2 was easily the best system on dem on the day it sounded superb; big soundstage, holographic imaging, delicate in the quiet passages, hugely dynamic in the loud passages, tuneful, musical and so much more. Did I say I liked this system?? I had goosebumps when listening to every track that was played, I loved it but with a £40k price tag for the system I'll be sticking with my Linn system. Doesn't stop me playing with the ancillaries though
  6. This morning I attended a Nordost and Moon event at my local Linn dealership - just for a listen you understand - the credit cards were left at home I listened to three different systems with Moon electronics, Nordost cables/accessories and either Dynaudio or Fyne speakers. It was a very interesting couple of hours but I have no intention of changing any of my existing Linn gear. Just before I left I was offered a home demo of both Nordost power cables and speaker cables, I just have to wait for them to come into the dealership. Watch this space.......
  7. If t's any consolation, I had to get my reading glasses out too
  8. I have an Akurate DSM with HDMI2 board and connect my TV ARC socket to the HDMI Out socket on the DSM - that works for me. Also I've just looked at the Linn KDSM manual on the Linn website and can see this Hope this helps
  9. All items priced individually and will sell individually. Cokin P-Series Filters P101 Close-up +1 - £13.00 P103 Close-up +3 - £13.00 Cokin P-Series Accessories Bellows Lens Hood (Speed Graphic) - £20.00 P-Series Lens Adaptor Rings 49mm - £4.00 52mm - £4.00 55mm - £4.00 62mm - £4.00 72mm - £4.00 82mm - £4.00 All in excellent condition and there are no marks or scratches on the filters. Both close up filters have the original individual Cokin cases. From a smoke free, pet free and child free home. Cash on collection or willing to post to mainland UK at buyers expense.