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  1. Looking at the picture - yes they are Dynaudio Special Forty in grey birch. I've got a pair in my dining room powered by a Moon Neo Ace - sounds lovely
  2. Most seem to be f the same opinion. Don't think I'll be bothing with the update to 68.
  3. I remember seeing them play at Glamorgan Polytechnic when I was there in the early 70's so it must have been in their very early days as according to Wikipedia they formed in 1972. Don't remember much about the gig - except it was very load and too much Guiness drinking in those daysand Alex smashed up his guitar at the end of the night.
  4. ae111sr

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Just under 20 years ago I bought a Denon DRM10HX after reading some good reviews in a couple of mags - used it for years before selling it.
  5. ae111sr

    Michael Fremmer, stereophile

    This from the Kudos website "All internal wiring uses high quality cables from The Chord Company. "
  6. Well done on your sale Timster. The Kat upgrade is not something that you will regret - I didn't
  7. My pleasure Paul just happy that I've been able to contribute a little to the SO journey that you have led lots of us on.
  8. Here's my attempt at a PDF of the newer version - hope it's useful. Paulssurround’s Revised SPACE Optimisation, v1 Simplified October 2018 .pdf
  9. And you haven't had the opportunity of seeing the castles in South Wales or tweaking my Exakted Kudos S20A speakers
  10. ae111sr

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    Only one change for me this year = swapped out a Linn Exaktbox 10 (non Katalyst) for a Linn Exaktbox 6 with Katalyst - huge upgrade and music is so much more enjoyable now
  11. ae111sr

    Naim ND555 - a brief listen to their best streamer

    I was at Ceritech on Saturday for this too, I was in the 12 noon session. Before saying anything else Ihave to confess that I bought a Linn Akurate system from Ceritech about 18 months after comparing it against both Naim and Simaudio Moon systems at a similar budget. In the past I have always found Naim kit to sound too stark and hard for my ears and I was interested to hear if the new top of the range Naim streamer appealed to me more than my Linn gear. With the 555 the Naim sound hasn't changed and I still prefer the sound of my Linn system though I have to admit to moving away from Linn speakers with a beautiful pair of Kudos Super 20As in Santos Rosewood, also bought from Ceritech. None of the music played at the demo was to my taste and I had heard none of the tracks previuosly.
  12. Agree with Timster. I upgraded my exakted Kabers (20+ years old) to exakted Kudos Super 20A and I'm very happy with the result. I thought Akubariks were too big for the room and I wasn't happy Majik 140s. Also I didn't want to add to the expenditure by having to buy more amplification. Kudos Super 20A front by John Payne, on Flickr
  13. ae111sr

    Coarse Fishing

    Hi Jack, I went out fishing yesterday for the first time this year, the weather so far this year has been pretty misserable and I'm a fair weather angler. I headed for my local commercial fishery, the flat banks and close by parking make life so much easier now both my knees have been replaced. I also managed to snag a few fish, all carp except for a single skimmer bream. Having caught only four F1 carp in the first two hours I tried a waggler and capured a few more until my rig broke above the float. Swapping to my pole was an a huge inprovement and I was catching carp regularly just four metres from the bank at about 0.5 metre depth. Ended the day with over 50 carp most between one and two pounds. You're a lucky man to see an owl, no owls here though but I did spot a buzzard high overhead. The grebes, mallard a Canada Goose and the local heron also put in appearances and in the past I've regularly seen kingfishers. John
  14. ae111sr

    kudos speakers

    I was lucky enough to be at Ceritech last Saturday. I bought a pair of Super 20As (beautifully finished in Santos rosewood) from them last December to replace 25 year old Kabers in my Linn Akurate Exakt system. I didn't manage to hear the 606s but the 505s are are very special speakers for their size. these were on the end of a Naim system. The 707s (again on the Naim system) are astounding and I would love to own a pair but a bit too expensive for me sadly. I also heard the Super20As powered by Kudos's own Linn Akurate Exakt system - I still love these speakers. John
  15. ae111sr

    What are you listening to right now?

    Second album I ever bought and it was mono!