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  1. ae111sr

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    Another South Walian here - from Cardiff
  2. Hope you get rid of the flu bugs soon. I'll revisit the first custom filter to see if your suggestion works.
  3. ae111sr

    Laskys and Tandy

    I remember buying a JVC JAS 11 amplifier and a JVC tuner from Laskys in Cardiff. My brother-in-law also bought some JVC kit from them and he's still using it.
  4. Hi David, I've been following Pauls guides for some time and I have Kudos Super20A speakers. My custom filter 1 is shown below. It may not be the same for you but it works for me. Enjoy your S20A's John
  5. Hi Timster, it's been over 12 months since I bought my ex-demo Super 20As so they have been well run in. When I first had them I found them a bit too bright for my ears so used Sumbeam's suggestion of a negative treble shelf to tame the highs. Over time either my ears have acclimatised to the treble or my advancing years (and ears) have had the same effect or the tweeter has mellowed with use - Ive been gradually reducing the negative treble shelf until now it's been completely removed. They sound fantastic
  6. Melco N1A using USB out to ProJect DAC Box S USB to ProJect Stereo Box Phono (all located in dining room) with long speaker cables to a pair of Linn AV5110 speakers mounted on Linn Brakits. Sounds good enough for me as a kitchen system.
  7. Looking at the picture - yes they are Dynaudio Special Forty in grey birch. I've got a pair in my dining room powered by a Moon Neo Ace - sounds lovely
  8. Most seem to be f the same opinion. Don't think I'll be bothing with the update to 68.
  9. I remember seeing them play at Glamorgan Polytechnic when I was there in the early 70's so it must have been in their very early days as according to Wikipedia they formed in 1972. Don't remember much about the gig - except it was very load and too much Guiness drinking in those daysand Alex smashed up his guitar at the end of the night.
  10. ae111sr

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Just under 20 years ago I bought a Denon DRM10HX after reading some good reviews in a couple of mags - used it for years before selling it.
  11. ae111sr

    Michael Fremmer, stereophile

    This from the Kudos website "All internal wiring uses high quality cables from The Chord Company. "
  12. Well done on your sale Timster. The Kat upgrade is not something that you will regret - I didn't
  13. My pleasure Paul just happy that I've been able to contribute a little to the SO journey that you have led lots of us on.