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  1. I originally thought my NAS sounded better. However on trying the exact same albums (by exact same year of issue and mastering) there isn't a difference. I have now moved to quboz so this has mainly been done with that service. Also always using the same ASIO driver. However the advantage to using my NAS is that I can more clearly see the dynamic range so easier to see the quality of the recording
  2. Yer I think it's the 02. Probably great for watching tennis but not sure for a gig. Also seeing them play their home crowd in Bristol would be great. Think it was technically one of the best sounding gigs I've ever been too. Also Horace Andy really still has it! even though he must be a OAP now. Hope he got shit loads of money for it!
  3. Saw them at 02 in London. Same set list and great soundsystem but terrible atmosphere from the crowd. Shame as would have been an amazing show if people where a bit more excited and less chatty
  4. What's your thoughts on optical?
  5. auralic merak mono amps 400w in 4 ohms going for £2099 at musicraft leaves money for a nice pre-amp
  6. Yep there is also a free trial you can use to see if you like it.
  7. Maybe I've got confused but I've read on a few forums this issue occuring with qobuz. If you look through this they mention it as well Having a further read on SBAF they found a workaround to play qobuz through audivirana +. Guess could give that a go? Or try it with bubbleupnp?
  8. Alot of people don't purchase high res music they use software to upsample redbook and play music at a higher resolution. Like what the M-scaler does
  9. Believe this is an issue to do with Qobuz. Have you tried the DAC with Spotify or something else to see if it stops?
  10. Dac wise schiit yggdrasil is the only thing I've heard that comes close to that vinyl sound. Border patrol DAC I haven't heard but may be worth checking out. I've also heard people say full dsd is the way to go in which case kitsune spring dac potentially offers a swissy army knife of features
  12. Nor does Brighton wish for you to visit X
  13. I have taken the enlightened stance as I found making a mockery of something good was foolish. You may not have the intentions to hold someone back or hurt them but on a sensitive subject like this it can easily have that outcome.
  14. The point which you don't understand is, they are whatever gender they identify with. Maybe my 'real world' 'Brighton' education meant I had the intelligence to understand that.