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  1. stewartld

    Upgrading after 18 years...but it still sounds great

    Roon is looking interesting...not one I knew of but....
  2. stewartld

    Upgrading after 18 years...but it still sounds great

    Sorry...the Macbook isn't connected to the system, nor would I want it to be. I meant having a desktop app to control the streamer in the same way Naim, Linn, Sonos do... I don't have a tablet, I prefer my Macbook so I want to be able to lie on the sofa with my laptop and choose my tunes...and not from the phone, phone apps generally suck IMHO
  3. stewartld

    Upgrading after 18 years...but it still sounds great

    I'm thinking maybe the matching Nu Vista pre amp...there's one on eBay right now. Still struggling with the streamer though....especially one that has a properly developed interface that works on Mac...
  4. stewartld

    Upgrading after 18 years...but it still sounds great

    Thanks for the feedback...nice to know that the original selection 18 years ago wasn't so bad (although my ears have told me that many times!). I actually went shopping for a Naim system back in 2000 but the dealer asked me to listen to the MF next to it before I made a was an easy choice as I remember. So going back to the problem, or a slightly difference version of it...if I'm keeping the Nu Vista and the speakers, what's a good streamer to fit? It needs to handle Hi Res audio and have a good interface for a Mac, not just iOS, as well as sounding great. Naim? Linn? Other?
  5. Hi, First time posting here... I invested in a decent system back in 2000 (can't believe it's 18 years!)...I got Linn LP12, Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 300 valve power amp, MF X-P100 pre amp and Pro Ac Studio 125 floor standing speakers. More recently I've mainly been running a Sonos through it and not using the vinyl very much. I think it's time for an upgrade....the turntable will stay, the Sonos will be replaced by a streamer, the pre amp will probably be replaced too. I'm thinking Naim Nac N272 but not done any auditions yet. My question is this: is it worth looking at changing the speakers or power amp? They still sound good to me, but I've not got anything current to compare them next to. And if I were to upgrade them what would I need to spend to see a worthwhile improvement? From memory, I think the speakers were around £1300 in 2000 and the Nu vista around £3500. Thanks in advance.
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