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  1. You like the PMC's and you're a stay at home dad? Maybe you could build your own from the IPL Acoustics transmission line range? Room sizes are there as a guide, too.
  2. As nopiano says, the Vincent DAC-7 can be had on home trial, and if the exchange rate is good you might pay less than the current £1395 RRP. For comparison purposes I had an Arcam D33 side by side with the Vincent and although I could have lived with either, the Vincent has a slightly more forward top end than the Arcam, or as my partner said 'it sounds clearer'. Whether the midrange detail is enhanced because of that or it is better by design I'm not sure, but it sounds amazing in that respect. Not sure how it would mate up with your Sugden, though.
  3. I agree it sounds a bit odd at times, like cold and clinical, not close enough to the mikes, then sometimes sounds as if it was recorded in a huge Leslie speaker. Very strange indeed but still highly enjoyable.
  4. I used to use WD TV media players which wouldn't play gapless, so I just ripped relevant CD's as one track. It worked well as they had a 'jump to time' option and 32X fast forward.
  5. The metadata thing almost drove me insane in my system using Plex as a media server through to Nvidia Shield media players, and I very nearly threw in the towel but once I got super strict in the ripping and naming process things got a lot easier. Plex and Nvidia are always updating their software/hardware thankfully, but there are plenty of alternatives I could turn to if needs be.
  6. Having just gone through a 'decide on a final DAC' phase and thankfully my ears didn't throw a benny during this time, of course they sound different. It's up to the listener to decide if the difference is worth the extra money or not - and a downgrade is always on the cards. What I would suggest is that any comparisons are done in conjunction with headphones, I found it really easy to hear differences (especially the finer details) this way. Through my speakers differences in general presentation were pretty easy to conclude without straining to detect micro-differences, so combining the two findings made a decision a lot easier to come to. My ears are nowhere near perfect, they're getting on a bit and they've heard a lot of concerts so YMMV on that. Really enjoying music now and having foot-tappin' fun.
  7. Currently have IPL Acoustics S2tlm ribbon floorstanders which can sound anything between mehh and superb. The D33 sold this morning and currently a very close to BIN offer on the Audiolab.
  8. Very true, I feel the need for some new speakers but I need to REW the room again before I go silly
  9. Its actually on the bay @Jules_S very close to the BIN price!
  10. Well, after more listening the Arcam will be leaving. The Vincent just has a little bit more 'shine' in the treble, the bass sounds more organic but still hasn't quite got the leading edge that the Arcam has, not yet anyway, but the midrange is stunning. The Arcam unearthed more detail than I'd heard before, until the Vincent that is. I can only assume it's the topology, however the Arcam D33 is a superb DAC, and I'm glad I gave it a whirl. All in all myself and my partner prefer the slightly more forward sound of the Vincent over the Arcam, and the amount of detail listening through Oppo PM1 cans is phenomenal. I think I've got as far as I want to go in the 'search' for now so we're just going to enjoy for a while. Happy Hi-Fi'ing.
  11. Yes, but.. shitty mixed stuff is so frustrating it makes me want to turn everything off.
  12. If you DO want to spend much my Arcam D33 might be up for grabs soon.
  13. Of the 3 options I prefer filter 1, but things can get too bassy for me with more recent music which is when 2 gets used.. oops I spilled the beans. I went digital in the 80's so I'm on the other side of the room - everyone to their own
  14. @Jules_S the apology was more for mentioning the filters which you seem reluctant to play with but they are very usable.. that's all I'm going to tell you ! My room has a nasty peak about 160-180 Hz and no means to add traps or move things about so I didn't have much choice but to go down the digital EQ route - good luck with your issues.