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  1. At that price I'd have the Shure SRH1540 on the list. I thought the Audeze range sounded completely flat compared to the Oppo PM1 but that's a different price league.
  2. Ahhh now I remember a BT Hub / USB issue a while ago and if you did a reset of the hub the USB function is disabled by default so it has to be re-enabled. I might be a mile off there and it might be totally irrelevant, but it's something that just clicked.
  3. Definitely read up on this before a reset, although I don't get the feeling this is the issue here. As twinpot said, Edge is almost Chrome now anyway, and you're having probs with both browsers but the hardware is still to be evaluated. If the only function is music playback, an old 486 DX should do that easily as should any modern tablet.
  4. Chrome is definitely faster than Edge up to a point, and some websites are optimised for Chrome, I use both but prefer Edge. Unless you can absolutely guarantee nothing in the form of malware or trackers has got into your system I would install and run the completely free and excellent Malwarebytes Antimalware Free which will search and quarantine any bits of software than shouldn't be there. It's almost always this kind of stuff that hogs resources and slows browsers down. Glad you got it running so far.
  5. Or are you saying you've never done any updates?
  6. The files are numbered as I previously quoted, KBxxxxxx under 'show installed updates'. Those particular 2 should be deleted.
  7. Another way to see whats going on is to open a browser then hit control+alt+delete and click task manager. This will show you your processor, RAM, and what processes are running and how much of your resources they are using.
  8. Go to Control Panel - Programs and Features - Show Installed Updates. Right click and delete any guilty files.
  9. If youre running Windows 10 and you have the updates KB4532693 and KB4524244 installed, remove them ASAP. I don't know if this will cure your issue but these are known problem updates.
  10. The Behringer DEQ 2496 can be used in either stereo or L/R modes and will plumb in by way of optical/phono/XLR connectors either before or after your DAC, I have mine pre-DAC. You can also adjust gain levels per channel and a lot more besides, with 64 slots to save your presets, very handy for speaker/headphone setups. I hope your ears recover eventually.
  11. Definitely couldn't live without my Behringer 2496 DEQ, got rid of a quite nasty 180Hz room mode after a quick sweep with REW. Id been piddling about with the lower midrange for quite a while then got a mic and saw it straight away - the 2496 tried its own 'auto EQ' which was fascinating to watch and it got very close to the settings I made manually. This particular setting is now embedded in all 64 preset slots and I have made a few for different headphones, and different genres of music especially 70's and 80's rock music. It has the facility to 'layer' modules atop each other so on top of the room mode correction I can then layer some parametric EQ simultaneously. It can do far more than this and as such is a bit of a bargain, I have it plumbed in the digital domain ie pre-DAC, and I try never to boost, always reduce. My hearing is also losing out at the lower and higher registers so this essentially means everything in the midrange is more pronounced than what it should be so a reduction here pays dividends. A quick press of the 'bypass' button switches it out of circuit instantly, and listening to most modern stuff this is how it stays.
  12. When I auditioned a good few headphones with the intention of buying the Audeze I was really disappointed. No character and too flat for me, I ended up buying the PM1 which are fabulous. However, I've not used them much in the past year or so and am considering letting them go. PM me if you are interested.
  13. I only ever had one, Gordon Giltrap's Fear of the Dark with a couple of live tracks on the B side. That was 1978 and I remember thinking then how bloody stunning it sounded. That contributed to me going digital as I wondered if 33rpm was shite and 45rpm should've been the norm.
  14. Well it took until late summer to take the plunge into the Nvidia Shield media player. Not cheap but lots of people including me would hesitate at the price. If you are in the market for this type of thing just buy it, don't bother with anything else, youll just end up disappointed. That step over with, the next problem is software of choice - metadata and format protocols almost drove me insane but I got there. Realised it was so good I got another for the hifi in the other room. Here is where the fun started. My Audiolab MDAC developed the well-known (but not to me) capacitor issues so I replaced almost all the caps in there for very little outlay. Decided it was time to upgrade the DAC which was always the weakest link, and decided to move away from the ESS Sabre chipset, very fast but something not quite right in the bass end. I think it was @TheFlash who was raving about the Arcam FMJ D33 at the time so I had a look on the auction site and there it was.. with an hour to go! Some furious typing ensued on the WAM for some rapid info/advice but no-one was here.. bidding up to £450.. shit.. had to go for it and got it for £500 delivered. @TheFlash and @Jules_S were suitably impressed, and so was I when I heard it, wonderfully smooth and just where I wanted to be, albeit a bit recessed on top but a bit of EQ sorted that. But I had an itch for the Vincent DAC-7 which was delivered a week later on sale or return and it proved an itch worth scratching, because for myself and my girl it addressed the recessed top of the Arcam. The D33 went back to auction and I made a £150 profit on it, not what I intended but hey that's the way it goes. Toyed with idea of some PMC's but a fellow Wammer with the same speakers I have said no, don't bother. Soooo I'm very happy and feel I've got as far as I can within my room. Sorry to drone on a bit but it was a manic few weeks!
  15. I used to have a Grundig TS945, 3 head with overdub, Comet were flogging these off for about £275 IIRC back in 1980 and I used it mainly to record radio programs while I was out. Full logic control and a little adaptor meant as soon as you powered it on it went into record mode, very useful. But its main problem was tape hiss even at 7.5 so I bought a DIY Dolby B processor unit in a nice teak box which sorted the hiss. Then it was possible to hear crossover and print-through weaknesses which was even worse than the hiss. Cassette decks got radically better and it had to go but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Would I have another? Noo way but a wonderful snapshot of audio engineering of the day.