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  1. Rca or BNC turntable to amp

    Thanks Henry , That is sound advice (no pun intended) I am not at all impressed by this unit (Planer 3 and the rb330 tone arm) I Had Linn Axis TT with basic plus tonearm and a Linn Adikt cartridge and it was sweet but it was stolen when over a 1000 lps and 600 CD . The P3 is less than a month old and I have had no end of problem with the elys 2 cartridge. and I fell the motor is a little weak and sometime is sound as if it is slown down a bit I have been onto the dealers and it alway seems to be my fault firt it the speaker then it the setup then it the Naim Nac 62 amp (just fully recapped last month by the dealer who sold me the P3) and now it the cartridge , this is what I have said all alone . They have it in the workshop at the moment and say it not the cartridge. Well it the cartridge or the amp and in the their responsibility not mine. Hi all have any of you had or are having these sort of problems with the P3 Hoss
  2. Rega Owners Club

    Hi all, I had the same problem (Tannoy jupiter S plant series ) and the sticky tape did the job very well and been working fine for 30 year now , I am new to the owners club and would like to know if anyone has change the phono leads on the P3, from the RCA to BNC. My naim amp is BNC is it a good idea to do or would that affect the signal to much. I am using RCA to BNC adapter in the meantime Hoss
  3. Hi just purchased Rega P3 they have RCA plug.I have a naim nac 62 it has BNC. Ok to the problem can I cut the RCA plugs of the Rega and put on BNC without doing any damage to sound quality or signal balance or the turntable Or should I just suck it up and use a RCA to BNC adapter. Thanks for the advice Hoss
  4. Hi Hoss,

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