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  1. I would suggest listening to the PMC older series bookshelves as a start the DB1 and TB2 variants metal or fabric dome tweeter depending on your preference Dynaudio should be on your list too such as the little Dynaudio DM 2/6 and the smaller Audience models. The early Sonus Fabers designed by Franco Serblin are rather nice too but likely to be at the top of your budget but worth it if you like accoustic and vocal. The Concertino, Minuetto or if you are really lucky the Concerto Also the KEF LS 50 with its concentric drivers again at at the top of your budget particularly as you have a meaty amp £4-500 on the used market.
  2. What musical genres do you listen to? I presume you still want to retain a reasonable bass responce given you currently use Monitor Audio 352's? When you say "bookshelf" size what sort of size are you thinking of as some class the Monitor Audio 352's are large bookshelf speakers
  3. Well I think you are quoting many of the companies that have been around as we have grown up with the addio and HiFI hobby, also many serve the professional market too. I suppose you might call them in current speak "old school", others being the likes of Quad, EAR Yoshino, PMC, Sugden, Sennheiser, etc. However; there are others who provide little or very patchy support for their legacy product i.e. Maridian, Harbeth to name but two. Some of the products you cite I would not really class as particularly complex (i,e, valve amp, tonearms, cartridges etc) and even if the manufacturer on longer supports them there are many people who can still service and repair them providing they have the relevant information. Digital and comms based items I think though you have to accept that sooner or later it will be seperceeded, may not be usable with other modern equipment or software no longer supported so has obsolesence buit into the product. So the point I was trying to make is that broadly speakimg the more complex these product become the shorter their useful lifespan is likely to be. Personally supportability and longevity is one of the key things I seek when buying equipment, but others may have different priorities.
  4. I would totally agree but unforunately in the current HiFi market expectations and actual reality of service are with many manufacturers a thing of the past. You only have tolook at other areas of complex products; unless there is a very well funded and comprehensive support environment they are frozen in the past or become unusable. You only have to look at devices which are built around computer chips,many are only good as door stops within a few years.
  5. No not revolutionary I would say but evolutionary Is there really anything within them that has not been done previously? Cardoid responce, Active, DSP, ethernet streaming etc. Its just that its all been brought together in a single integrated product which is new. Highly technical a lot of software involved which means they will likely obsolete very quickly.
  6. This is Magna Audio You shoud also speak with Paul of RFC There is also Lockwood Audio
  7. Looking for a pair of Lynn Olson speakers or cabinets without drivers. (Ariel)
  8. New pre cut damping materials are avilable on-line from Quad music in Germany
  9. I spot 2 David Berning amplifiers there, not exactly common in the UK! One of which is a Siegfried they are like rocking horse droppings only a small number were made. I would give my right arm to get hold of one of those.
  10. @gheckomist Given your choice of headphones ( Electrostatic headphones (Stax again?)) and your main musical choices ( Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen pop up frequently! ) I'm surprised your first choice of speakers would the be Tannoys? You may have already listened to them, but would suggest if you can accommadate them a pair of Quad ESL's (57's, 989, 2805) would be sonically more aligned to your musical diet? Vocals are just stunning on stats, especially with good recorded material. If you are wedded to the Ardens then Tannoy folklore would have it that you need an amplifier with a low output impedance something like a Radford if valves are your chosen technology.
  11. QLSCF2S Loudspeaker Cable QLSCR4B Loudspeaker Cable QLSCR4P Loudspeaker Cable
  12. Quad used to produce their own cables below are the details and specifications July 1993 @JohnG not sure how these compare with the others you have evaluated?
  13. Personally I would recommed you listen to a mid range Yamaha I have found them rather pleasing for 2 Ch use. If looking at the used market then one of the Sony ES AV's are quite respectable
  14. Has anyone tried upsampling PCM to DSD and then using this DAC for replay? I have been looking to use a Teac DAC for this but it has been discontinued.
  15. Well thats a matter of opinion