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  1. Eaton Mess

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    I spot 2 David Berning amplifiers there, not exactly common in the UK! One of which is a Siegfried they are like rocking horse droppings only a small number were made. I would give my right arm to get hold of one of those.
  2. Eaton Mess

    Will this work?

    @gheckomist Given your choice of headphones ( Electrostatic headphones (Stax again?)) and your main musical choices ( Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen pop up frequently! ) I'm surprised your first choice of speakers would the be Tannoys? You may have already listened to them, but would suggest if you can accommadate them a pair of Quad ESL's (57's, 989, 2805) would be sonically more aligned to your musical diet? Vocals are just stunning on stats, especially with good recorded material. If you are wedded to the Ardens then Tannoy folklore would have it that you need an amplifier with a low output impedance something like a Radford if valves are your chosen technology.
  3. QLSCF2S Loudspeaker Cable QLSCR4B Loudspeaker Cable QLSCR4P Loudspeaker Cable
  4. Quad used to produce their own cables below are the details and specifications July 1993 @JohnG not sure how these compare with the others you have evaluated?
  5. Eaton Mess

    best avr amp for 2 channel sound

    Personally I would recommed you listen to a mid range Yamaha I have found them rather pleasing for 2 Ch use. If looking at the used market then one of the Sony ES AV's are quite respectable
  6. Eaton Mess


    Has anyone tried upsampling PCM to DSD and then using this DAC for replay? I have been looking to use a Teac DAC for this but it has been discontinued.
  7. Eaton Mess

    Hifiman HE1000 v2’s

    Well thats a matter of opinion
  8. Eaton Mess

    ATC Owners Club

    I thought its was load of old flannel (face flannels that is). Apparatntly with them being smaller you use them as diffusers to catch first refections or on rear walls
  9. Eaton Mess

    Female Jazz artists

    For me Ealla is the epitome of the female Jazz singer, I hope her recordings are enjoyed by so many future generations Whats great now with a number of up-coming jazz artists is that they are strating to blend other genres with Jazz Vanessa and Anette are a couple of examples. Thats making Jazz more popular especially those who thought it was more like the avant-garde works of Ornette Coleman and his ilk.
  10. Eaton Mess

    Female Jazz artists

    Anette Askvik is a Norwegian songwriter, composer, pianist, and vocalist. . Askvik's music is a mix of pop and jazz.
  11. Eaton Mess

    Female Jazz artists

    Ulita Knaus
  12. Eaton Mess

    Female Jazz artists

    Vanessa Fernandez
  13. Eaton Mess

    Female Jazz artists

    Ella Fitzgerald - If you like classic songs then you cant beat her American Song Books series
  14. Eaton Mess

    DAS Acoustics of Hungary: plinths

    This is the finish DAS make that I really love - PIANO NERA EBONY
  15. Eaton Mess

    Bollox to most of the science - I'd like a new cable

    Thanks I have conducted my own cable trials at home over a long period using cables with different structure and metals (copper, solid silver, gold, silver plated, copper/silver/gold alloy, multi-metal spliced) and have come to my own conclusions. Some of my conclusions concur with those in your evaluation and those which @parcelmonkey conducted, but others do not.