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  1. Sorry I'm so late to the party! Saw a pair for sale on the 2nd hand hifi website for £399, thought at that price were worth a punt. Was going up to near Stockton On Tees for a few days and arranged to pick them up. Didn't know what to expect at the price, thought they might be a bit tatty. Especially reading one review, where they complained about the standard of finish. Was delighted to see they were in unmarked condition and liked the look of them. Think that particular reviewer must have been using pair that had been through a few rough hands? Mentioned it to the dealer and he said, there are many others on the market, with a worse fit and finish. Got them home and replaced my much loved PMC Twenty 23s. Absolutely stunned by the sound and for the first time I'm listening to the music and not the equipment. This is not a criticism of the PMCs, I've had speakers by Sonus Faber, Yamaha, Acoustic Energy and many more. Difficult to explain, playing a ripped playlist using Media Centre 19 on my Apple Mac Pro. An early Elvis track came on. He was definately in the room. As the playlist went on, every track had reached new levels of musicality. Listening to Polythene Pam from Abbey Road on vinyl. Heard it many times over the years and this was the first time it sounded worth the time. On to one of my favourite tracks Golden Slumbers WOW. Took a couple of dozen LPs to the YMCA, wish I had them back for another listen. The separation of the instruments and voices is outstanding. Went to the East of England HiFi show last year and the Kudos Titans gave detail in spades, but were a bit too forensic for my ears. Got that and musicality, what more could you want?
  2. Michael Having worked with young people trying to find work, your illjudged comments demean you! The problem was in getting employers to give them a chance. Your attitude to our young is disgraceful and adds to this discriminatory myth. When a. 16 year old goes into the workplace and is treated with contempt as often happens, it is down to people like you. Not unusual to go and visit a kid in the workplsce only to be told he or she is useless. Followed by comments such as, "I want someone who knows what they are doing." Referring to a kid who has only just left school. I would ask them how much they knew about their trade at 16? Usually met with a blank look. It was from ignorant t*** like you and it prevents our kids getting a chance. I know you are such as expert at what you do? As Clint Eastwood said "A legend in your own mind."
  3. My apologies to Stoke! Used to like Northampton!
  4. George at least I don't just see one side when it comes to violence. Let me ask you a question! If it had of been Nichola Sturgeon's head being paraded around on stage, how would you feel? I would condemn it without reservation.
  5. Cnoevil Just. To address some of your points. UK Farmers fulfill their opligations on animal welfare, unlike their EU counterparts. A friend of mine had a senior position in the Irish Meat Marketing Board. Most meat labelled as Irish is imported and Ireland was and maybe? Still is the biggest clearing house for meat in the world. The EU this year made an agreement with Japan to allow the import of cars from Japan with 0% import duty. Which current EU country loses under this deal? Answer the UK. While Germany and France will benefit from this deal. The Polish Ambassidor to the UK recently asked Polish expats living in the UK to return home. Got to say his country men and women living here seem less than enthusiastic. You are right and we should be looking after our own old people. The opportunities for our young to work in Europe are virtually non existent. While we have had an influx of the young from EU countries. They have brought energy, expertise and enterprise here and they are welcome. Think London is now rated as fourth in the list of French cities. Why did they come here? To escape the dead hand that most EU countries have on enterprise and progress. As a Brexiteer I believe we need more of them here and they will come in greater numbers when we leave. Restrictions on medication - part of project fear. Hope that straightens out my point of view, on the topics you have raised.
  6. You conveniently missed out the rest of the sentence. We have a Prime Minister accused of promoting violence by using the word 'Surrender', when it comes to describing the Opposition's attitude to Brexit. Yet we have a replica of his severed head being swung around in front of a baying mob. Think some of you need a morality as well as reality check
  7. You can always move south and remain in the EU.
  8. Ric, 34% voted to Leave, 26% voted to Remain, your figures based on a 75% turnout. If a 75% turnout was attained in a General Election, it would be regarded as a triumph for democracy. How many MPs were elected with a percentage greater thsn the 34% of the total electorate numbers? il'l save you the bother none. Just to give you a dose of what real people think! Boris Johnson visited .Essex today and people were queuing up to shake his hand. Why am I feeling so happy tonight? Part of the Supreme Court judgement gave the Executive the right to take action regardless of Parliamentary legislation. To put it in a nutshell, you can't force a Govenment to take action it beleves is wrong! What you can do. If the Parliamentary numbers add up, is vote them out of office. The Opposition have been invited to do this several times and decided not too! So here it comes 'Liberation Day'., the 31st October. After this it will be Last Night of the Proms 365 days a year. Elgar every night and not some illiterate rapping nut from Stoke displaying a replica of Boris Johnson's severed head. To most of you this display of mock violence must have made you feel really empowered?
  9. Martinc I was referring to you! Your comment on the only way forward is to decide to remain in the EU confirms my comments. Just once again / We Voted to Leave! To Remain makes a mockery of the democratic mandate, handed to Parliament.
  10. Cnoevil what's there to explain? The arguments were made in 2016 and we can all go on about lies and misinformation. The Referendum vote was to Leave. A lot of people disagree with this and their views must be respected. But they entered the voting booth and made their choice. More people had the opposite view. I understand your fear of division leading to conflict. Look at the mess we are in and seemingly with no way out.
  11. We believe in democracy! Respect democracy and you are entitled to campaign to rejoin the EU.
  12. Ric The choice I outlined is similar to an ancient Chinese way of prolonging someone's death. When captured a prisoner would be given a choice. They would explain you had a decision to make. Say which appendage you wanted to lose, he would usually nominate an arm, a leg etc. He would then be nursed back to health and then be asked to nominate his next choice. It would carry on until all was left was his head.
  13. Michael of we carry on like this, a muddy pond is the least of our worries.
  14. If the Leave campaign broke the law, why haven't there been any prosecutions? A few days ago the CPS announced there wasn't enough evidence to convict Aaron Banks. There have been many accusations thrown around, none of them substantiated! If the CPS had looked at both campaigns, would they have found similar behaviour? Or is it a case of not pursuing the Self Righteous? There is an example in the Middle East were governance is carried out in the same way as our current Parliamentary democracy. Syria uses the same system! Where a minority dominated Shia President and Parliament have Elections just like ours. The Sunni. majority are not denied a voice. They vote and elect representatives who never get a shout at governing their country. Please explain to me how it differs from our own current situation?