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  1. Think it was a stand mount?
  2. So did Elvis, he shot his De Tomaso Pantera. Maybe he couldn't get the driving seat in the sweet spot?
  3. Just out of interest, how do you sit in exactly the same position every time?
  4. Maybe if the Queen bought Sheppey, might solve a problem?
  5. Wasn't Sheppey the dog who tried to shag John Noakes leg? Are they really into that? If so the sooner they go to Canada, the better.
  6. Be positive! They could have Tracey Eminent as a neighbour and be there when it's invaded by a load artistic pseuds, up for the Turner Prize.
  7. Why did they choose Canada over Margate?
  8. Bought Isonoe isolation feet, an ancromat and a better quality headshell, all made an improvement. Then moved the transformer outside the chassis. It's mounted in an ABS box with a latching stop, start control station. The wiring is terminated using a four pin plug and socket bought from Radio Spares. Moving the transformer and the Isonoe feet, made the most difference. Would suggest buying isolating feet as the existing ones just unscrew and the Isonoe feet screw in their place. Then change the platter mat and the headshell. The transformer mod should only be carried out be someone with electrical knowledge.
  9. If your'e still looking? There's a house in Windsor, coming up for sale, £2.4 million already spent on it. Believe the Owners are emigrating?
  10. Couldn't agree more! We all understand his feelings over the Media and the role they played in his Mother's death. At the same time Diana played the Media Game when it was to her advantage, the Martin Bashir interview as an example. He chose to marry someone from the entertainment profession, already in the public eye. Compare that to his Brother's choice! Sometimes in life things don't go the way you want. But if it's a consequence of your own actions? As the saying goes, "You made your bed, now lie in it."
  11. Didn't a Northern Ireland property developer want to build around the dock land area and there were protests about Liverpool losing its World Heritage status? Seems like there are always obstacles put in the way. Went on a cruise out of Liverpool a few years ago and we were moored in a scrap metal dockyard near Bootle. Hardly did a lot for Liverpool's image. Asked why and were told, Southampton Council had taken an injunction out to stop the Pierhead docking facility being used. The bloke at the docks said it was because they didn't want Cunard relocating to Liverpool? If all of this is true? Everton are getting everything agreed before they spend any more money.