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  1. Your'e right but it's more likely than a circuit rated at a maximum of 32A, will on average carry more current than one with a maximum rating of 6A. They would be required to rearrange the existing CBs.
  2. It is laid down in BS7671 and it's always in that order. If you didn't comply an inspect and test certificate wouldn't be issued. It 's done to ensure heavy busbar loading is as short as possible.
  3. For what it's worth? The IEE Regulations require the heaviest load be connected first. In your home's distribution board, the first will be the cooker or a ring main. Both using a 32 Amp circuit breaker. The last one will be a lighting circuit with a 6 Amp circuit breaker.
  4. Too much of the money goes into paying PFI contracts. John McDonald is a big fan, so don't expect too much from him if he becomes the Chancellor? Norwich had a hospital in the town centre, well served by public transport. The site was sold off for retail development, thanks to Gordon Brown. Built a band new one with PFI money on the southern outskirts of the Ciy. Poorer public transport links and hard to get to! Much of the money given to run the hospital, now just gets handed over and will for 29 years. Yet another example of out of touch Politicians!
  5. Good advice to heed. Years ago had an Amp rated at 180W into 8 Ohms. Unfortunately the power dropped rapidly as speaker impedance fell. Never sounded right, a bit limp wristed. The cause is quite often a weak kneed power supply. You quite often hear people complaining about mains conditioners. If they are under rated for your system, they will limit circuit current.
  6. Got to agree a great album. Listening to ThecMcCoy Tyner Quartet, New York Reunion on SACD. Brilliant playing, with a particular mention for Joe Henderson on Tenor Sax. Is anyone elesechaving trouble with photo file size? When I try to download one, it tells me the file size shouldn't exceed 384.5 kbytes.
  7. Like all of these things, the only sure way is to try it. That's one of the reasons our hobby is so interesting. There are no givens. The other week I was bragging about how good my MIT speaker cables were. The only item that's been in use for over 10 years. Another contributor posted a review that said they could make things worse with some set ups? Got some cheap speaker cable out of the shed, changed them over. The sound was a bit bright, but otherwise much better. Bought some QED XT40 cables and have never heard it sounding better. So more expensive kit isn't always a good idea.
  8. Used an Audiolab M-DAC with my MacBook Pro. Worked very well! Would recommend you use Media Centre rather than iTunes for play back.Think when I downloaded Media Centre, it was a one off payment of around $28. Money well spent.
  9. Ella Fitzgerald 'Embraceable You' from 'Ella Sings Gershwin'. Pure Velvet, Genius meets Genius! No picture can't load it, says it's limited to 384.5 kbytes
  10. Don't disagree! But the entire culture at United is focused on profit. Even their CEO said results have no impact on their revenue stream. Says everthing you need to know about the Club's culture.
  11. Don't think he's the only one to blame at United. Their approach to transfers, owes more to fantasy football than the real things. Someone said today, they thought transfer targets were chosen on how many likes they get on Facebook? The Glazers a family with no interest in football. But know how to make a buck or two.
  12. Didn't he look different and better after being sacked. Interviewed on Sky News, he looked like a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Living in a Hotel for the duration of his stay in Manchester, spoke volumes. Believe his wife refused to move from London? Then he lost his best mate and assistant, who left for another job. Shades of Brian Clough when he split from his number two.
  13. Thought of it. Once Iv'e recovered from buying a Marantz SA14SE. Could be the next step as the Isonoe feet did make a big difference. MCRU do a kit for the power supply.
  14. No manager will be able to turn the decline around for a long time. Alex Ferguson was good but also very lucky. He had the Class of 92 come into the first team. Five or six World Class Players coming along at the same time. Plus the flucky signing of Eric Cantona. Phoned Leeds on another matter and was asked if he wanted to sign him. No coincidence he retired when Scholes and Giggs called it a day. Think I'm right in saying Ferguson put a relative in charge of scouting? David Moyes and the others didn't have a chance. Man U became the Ferguson project, with no effective structure left in place.
  15. Retrofitted a set of Isonoe feet and installed a Denon 103R. Does it for me!