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  1. When you read a newspaper, do you ever get past the headline? Next time I try to answer one of your posts, would a multiple choice format be OK. To make it simple we will end with choice 'a.'
  2. Doesn't surprise me Michael! It might not be the length but the content, you can't cope with?
  3. Think you might be confusing me with yourself? Had plenty of experience with hospitals over the years. Most of it in the past and currently has been very good. During the time a Labour Government was in power, my daughter was in a car crash, both legs badly injured. It happened just outside of Manchester and she was admitted to Withington hospital. Memories of the ward she was in! A few trained nurses running around like blue arsed flies, doing their best. At the top of the ward an area populated with nursing auxiliaries. Didn't seem to do much apart from talking to each other. Had no one to look after her in Manchester and asked to get her transferred to a hospital in London. So my wife could fly home to look after her once she was discharged. They arranged to get her admitted to Guys, they said an ambulance couldn't be provided. So I hired the biggest estate car I could find. The scariest drive of my life, luckily on a Sunday. Eventually got her there, went up to the ward. A Staff Nurse was in charge, gave her the admission paperwork and was told to bring her up to the ward. Pointed out both her legs were badly smashed. She said it was my problem! Managed to organise two porters to stretcher her up to the ward. The Nurse put her in a side room, blood smeared all over the floor and every fitting pulled out of the wall. Got her into bed, found some cleaning materials and spent quite a time cleaning the room. Next day went into the Ward and complained to the Sister, she apologised and said the problem is you are ***** and this particular Staff Nurse doesn't like any of us! Had a long talk with the Ward Sister and felt sorry for her. She was no longer in control of the Ward. A combination of useless Managers and the Health Service Unions were in control. The Tories were nowhere near the Health Service at the time. Recently been attending West Suffolk Hospital and Colchester Hospital. I have nothing but praise for them. They are under pressure, mainly due to the lunacy of a pay deal agreed with the BMA for the GPs, when the Labour Party were in Government. The BMA's negotiators admitted years after, when they heard the terms being offered, a break was called so they could go outside for a laugh. Huge pay increase, opt out of out of hours call outs. So if it makes you feel better, have your usual anti Tory rant! I
  4. Avoid Ipswich at all costs! Unless you like a diet of carrots, turnips and sugar beet.
  5. Libya, watermelons were called Gaddaffi melons. Green on the outside, red on the inside. Whatever you have read about him, he started as an idealist. When things didn't go the way he wanted, he turned on his own people. Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Maduro, on and on.......? What do they all have in common? Committed Socialists!
  6. Exactly my point! In this Socialist utopia, hospitals left dirty. A friend had an accident, woke up in the night his bed crawling with cockroaches. All the money spent in paying salaries to Party members who were given administrative roles. Medical knowledge not required, Party loyalty was more important. Children going to bed hungry at night. On the rare occasions food came into the supermarkets. Fights often occurred and people were killed. On one occasion a shipment of bananas came in, women rushed to the Supermarket. They tried to get past each other on some stairs, the hand rail gave way and four of them were crushed to death. Food came in single shipments and how did this affect the elderly? Well by the time they got there, usually it had all gone. Although on more than one occasion I did see them get lucky? One example when sugar came in they queued with us, most of them were poor and had no transport apart from the buses. Rather than put the sugar in 1kg bags, it was sold in in 50kg sacks Again all of the staff were committed Party Members and therefore beyond reproach. Hope you never have to see an elderly couple in tears, dragging a 50kg sack down the road. Still you and the rest may live to see it! Hope you like it?
  7. So how badly are you doing after 9 years of Tory governance? Just looked at your HiFi and wow really think you are doing OK. Must be worth more than £10k? Materialism, consumerism and you are willing bed fellows. Most of you whingers seem to be really well off. It might all change next month, under a Corbyn Government? Higher income tax, higher council tax including an extra tax if you have a garden. Heaven help any struggling family with a mortgage. Moody's prediction for our economic outlook is grim. So why does Moody's opinion matter. Because the interest rate we are being charged on the National Debt, will increase. Less money for schools and hospitals and social care. If life in this Country is so grim? Why are so many risking their lives to get here? You want an increase in Public Spending, then expect higher taxes and/or an increase in the National Debt. Whether we like it or not the two biggest contributors to the Exchequer are high rate tax payers and the City of London. The last time punitive taxes were levied on high earners, the tax take fell through the floor. Ask Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and thousands of others who fled and became domiciled elsewhere. Any National Government is limited on what it can do, or it will fall foul of International taxation agreements. Do you think Eire and Luxembourg are going to stand around and do nothing if McDonald tries to tax Apple and Amazon? So that's another good idea of his that's dead in the water. All he can control is what taxation he can levy on the poor sods living here. Listen to your HiFi while you can! Soon you might be spending time queuing for food. Don't think it can't happen, I lived for 25 years in a Socialist paradise and watched it go down and down. Every family only entitled to one house. Grocers told they must charge what they paid for food. No allowance made for wages of other costs. Eventually they confiscated all the food from the shops and put them in Government supermarkets. Then nothing! Long cold cabinets left empty unless you fancy buying the odd dead mouse. The Government's response was to jail the cashiers, accusing them of stealing all the money. There was no money as there wasn't anything to buy. As Expats we were lucky and could drive over the border to a neighbouring Country. Usually it involved waiting for many hours to get our passports stamped. On the return journey we would give some of the food away to people working at the crossing, so they could feed their families. So please don't lecture me about living in an unfair Society. To all of you, of you are so concerned about your fellow man. Sell off your HiFi and donate the money to charities for the homeless and the badly off! Otherwise keep your hypocrisy to yourselves!
  8. Welcome to 9 million+ dead! How will you feel if it happens?
  9. This is a cop out! Didn't ask for their opinion, I want yours. Like so many on this site, you have all the answers. Usually by acting as a ventriloquist's dummy for others views! Does that include the UN resolution, recognising Isreal's right to exist? Because I don't know one Palestinian that does!
  10. A Palestinian friend and colleague Amin Yousef, driven out of his home in 1948 at the end of a bayonet. Said to me about Israel "They can beat us a thousand times, we only have to beat them once!" Michael what do you think he meant by that? Yasser Arafat reneiged on what he promised Begin during negotiations at Camp David. When he went back to Tunis to update the PLO on the agreement. He was told the Palestinian Right to Return is immutable. They made it clear if he thought otherwise, he would be assassinated. So the Palestinians got back the Sinai and some of the territory along the Jordan Valley. So there never was the promised Palestinian State. Make no mistake, if Israel falls, millions will die. The Palestinian people have never been accepted in Arab lands where they are refugees. This is a toxic mix and how will it end? So when I read you and others coming out with statements on Israel and support Corbyn on this topic. You display complete ignorance on the issues, just like him! So come on 'Mr. Corbyn lite', how would you solve the problem facing both the Palestinians and the Israelis?
  11. Should change your name to Cyclops. Let's look at this man of peace Support for Hamas Hezbollah, the Provisional IRA. Along with any other left wing repressive regime around the World. After the Brighton bombing, he invited people with undisputed links to the bombers to the House of Commons. Parading them past Norman Tebbitt, whose wife was still in hospital from the injuries she suffered in Brighton. She remained a paraplegic for the rest of her life. Then he said Russia and Putin had nothing to do with the Salisbury poisoning. Straight out with it, never bothering to wait for the report into the incident. Looked at your list of his achievements and looks like he never had a real job. Pinochet certainly was a thug, pity he wasn't left wing. Then he would have been eulogised by Corbyn. So many violent and reprehensible regimes around the World. Most of them supported by Corbyn. You can't have it both ways! You either condemn all of them, from the Right and the Left. If you don't then you are hypocritical.
  12. Sorry about that George. Wonder if Nietzsche ever got married? Still he got one thing right! "Without music, life would be a mistake."
  13. The .Working Class can kiss my Ass? Iv'e bought a Council House at last.