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  1. Jokes, old or new

    I've got a friend whose nickname is 'shagger'. You might think that's pretty cool. She doesn't like it.
  2. I thought this ok and I really liked the track 'the once and future queen' with its nice tune. But it just didn't have strong melodies throughout for me, contrary to your view. The vocal sound is all too familiar and done by others so it's not truly original. If all the tracks were up there with the once and future queen in songwriting terms, I'd rate this album. But just not consistent throughout. I liked the first track quite a bit too. I'd rate it 3 stars so 6/10
  3. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    We can do that quickly and it actually works quicker outside the eu and your point you were making is that tariffs is a bad thing and you didn't see any optimism consequently. But this isn't a point you can make, as the lesson of a strong currency is that, whatever the situation with current exchange rates and uncertainties.
  4. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    It's not just about tariffs. It's about our trading position in the world and the strength of our currency against others, to the extent any such tariffs could be of no significance anyway, with a strong pound. I think you've got a very simple view on the economics.
  5. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    Just because the government doesn't get into power with their wish doesn't mean there isn't a mandate. The mandate came from the referendum and is a seperate matter. To decide what was on the table at that referendum, by the arguments of the politicians before election, it was undeniably hard brexit if we leave. If you look back to the leaver politicians they were almost exclusively for that as I say. People voted on those arguments. Correct me if I'm wrong but i think what you are saying is that people should be forced to vote in para 4 for it to be democratic. Isn't that a contradiction in terms. In terms of accepting a further vote, what if a whole load of things get thrown up which you might say you didn't know about when deciding the re referendum or second stage referendum, whatever we want to call it. Do we then do it again? How many times? no I think voters voted on many issues besides the eu and the election was about the confidence of government, dissilussionment with things like housing, split between the rich and poor, tuition fees, left wing resurgence, greater student participation to a socialist ideal whatever your view is on these things etc.
  6. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    So that would mean that what you are saying is that nobody has the right to run our country or that in situation without a single party parliamentary majority we should be governless with no government.
  7. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    They got a firm vindication to leave the eu with all its trimmings.
  8. Norman Bettison overlooked by Jenny Hicks (white shirt), mother of two girls killed. Charged with misconduct in a public office. He almost certainly knew of the practise of the whole police force doctoring statements to cover up the truth at Hillsborough along with the police solicitor who is charged too. In other words fraud of the most senior management of the whole force.
  9. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    The idea that the public didn't know what hard brexit involved and this wasn't the message of leaving the eu, is just a stretch too far. People forget the message being portrayed and even if the view of someone was to wish to leave and remain in the single market, one cannot discount the possibility that they would , should or could think by the collection of leaver politicians wishing out is out, that full brexit could be that possibility. Accordingly this would shape their vote. We can't have a referendum on everything, sad as it may be to some, myself included. But I don't subscribe to the view they didn't know or couldn't know brexit means hard brexit, because that was almost exclusively the view and message by politicians on the leave side. It still is. I voted out and for out of the single market, freedom of bureaucracy, independence of democracy, and issues of immigration, as did my economist father who used to work for the dti, and department for energy and worked as advisor to people like Michael Heseltine, Cecil Parkinson etc. And as to this view people may not have reached the correct considered view - it's a fair point, but you are making a different point there. About a different subject. Thats one about our voting system, as bad as it is sometimes I agree. The issue at hand is the eu. But that point about people of different standards and intelligence is a vacuous one, because all people of all persuasions can and should vote. Politicians don't educate people, they have political agendas which they push through and by doing it they may or may not educate people. We can't suggest that the full or part role of a politician is to educate us. We listen to what they say and then vote accordingly. I agree it's often a goofy political standard of democracy and It may be messed up but by standards around the world it's still a democracy. But on the eu we had a vote. Can you imagine what sort of world we'd live on if we had to vote on every single decision.
  10. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    No you don't need a mandate twice. We have a debate, politicians present the arguments, people vote and the wishes are carried out. You don't then need a second debate on that point/mandate.
  11. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    The point was a hard brexit is what people voted for against remainers, as in the lead up to the vote, a hard brexit was being sold by pretty much all politicians presenting leave. I read a couple of books on the subject and with the message being sent, it was very clear to me. Quite how people can then hear all that, vote for it, and then people say they didn't vote for it (in the minority) is somewhat beyond good thinking for me. And all the people who then will say that the electorate are racist or thick or whatever else. The everyday people of this country are smart, savvy, and decent people.
  12. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    Sorry but I'm at a loss on your thinking there. Can you expand?
  13. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    They have a mandate on the eu question, was my point. If a government with a majority cannot be formed, the repercussions are clear.
  14. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    How come rubbish for you.
  15. Brexit Bill - do you want to pay?

    That will sort itself out and Mays days are clearly numbered, but in the meantime the government needs to get on with democratic wishes of the electorate. Which means full brexit.