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  1. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    If anyone fancies taking a look at the second part of our SYSTEM-2 article, it's now up on our blog site: https://code-acoustics.blog/2017/08/08/code-acoustics-system-2-how-to-create-an-award-winning-speaker-in-3-months-pt-2/ Here is a pic of the set-up at NAS 2016:
  2. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    If anyone is interested, I just posted an article about how and why we developed our SYSTEM-2 for the National Audio Show 2016 in 3 months: https://code-acoustics.blog/2017/08/01/code-acoustics-system-2-how-to-create-an-award-winning-speaker-in-3-months/ Hopefully it's an interesting read and if you fancy letting me know your thoughts please do. I've attached a pic of SYSTEM-2. Hopefully it comes in okay. It's got 8 x 12" bass drivers, which is a little unusual.
  3. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    Not at all, thanks for taking the time to read them I just had a quick scan of your site and some interesting stuff there! Deserves a more detailed look later...
  4. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    Thanks Martin, really appreciate that J I’m keen to develop the company so it really is a part of the enthusiasts community, rather than just saying ‘here’s our product, it’s great, you should buy it!’. Step one is the blog, to try and get some interesting stuff out there, that hopefully people will enjoy reading. Step two is we’re fully aware our SYSTEM-1 is out of reach of most people. So we’re currently working on a DSP active speaker system that should come in well under a grand and utilise some equipment enthusiasts already own or are familiar with. Sounds a bit cryptic, but I just don’t want to give too much away before we actually have a fully working product! The hope is this little product can then become part of one of our bigger more expensive systems, if and when you wanted to progress. If all goes well, we’ll bring it to the Harrogate show in Oct. But we'll also put an article up before then with a bit of an explainer of what we're trying to do.
  5. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    The KEF KM1's are pretty cool speakers. I found this link: http://www.kef.com/html/be_fl/explore/about_kef/museum/1980s/Professional_Series_km1/index.html Funnily enough they are pretty similar spec wise to our SYSTEM-2: 3-Way fully active, tweeter, 2 x mids and 4 x 12" bass drivers per side.
  6. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    Hi Ronnie, Great, glad you liked our SYSTEM-2 J It’s been a while coming, but we’re just finalising the production design now with the aim of it being ready early 2018. Set-up in that room for NAS2016 was tricky! It was really lively and unfortunately I didn’t have any bass traps to calm things down. We started off with the speakers close to the wall and it sounded awful. Every 10cm we brought the speakers forward, everything improved. I think we were just progressively taking the room out of the equation. Even then we actually did a DSP re-tune on the Sat afternoon as the sound was still a little upper-mid forward in there and modern vocal recording were sounding a tad harsh. Something that didn’t show up in the earlier voicing sessions. After the re-tune we felt the sound really was on the money. Your observations about the width are fair. We had to get the rack plus SYSTEM-1 and some banners in between, so the width of the two stacks wasn’t optimal. Shows are a tricky environment!
  7. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    Yeah, horn speakers for domestic use do seem to be fairly divisive. That efficiency does seem to come at a slight cost in terms of neutrality. I guess it just depends whether you’re happy to sacrifice a bit of neutrality for the benefits horns bring in terms of dynamics for instance. Both our SYSTEM-1 & SYSTEM-2 speakers for example are moderately sensitive and sealed as we felt in the majority of rooms, this would give the most consistent high quality sound. Drive unit design is next on the article list. I’m really looking forward to writing it as there is so much interesting stuff to look at. I do love a big pair of transmission lines J I started out at PMC as a service engineer and remember hearing an active pair of BB5XBD’s at the factory for the first time. Wow!
  8. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    On that note, here is the finished article about the development of horn loudspeaker and their use in domestic hifi and PA: https://code-acoustics.blog/2017/07/23/glasto-2017-what-can-hifi-learn-from-pa-pt2/ It's not supposed to be the last word on audio theory, just a means to promote a bit of discussion.
  9. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    Thanks for the heads up... I'm now situated in Woking, England As a side note, we have a little blog site, which I'm currently building up with more content. We'll obviously have a few articles about our kit on there, but the aim is to discuss some topics that audiophiles would find interesting and promote discussion. https://code-acoustics.blog/ I'm just trying to finish up part 2 of our piece 'Can Hifi learn anything from PA?' with a look at the use of horns in both industries.
  10. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    Yeah, no problem, diffraction is an important consideration and you are right to flag it. We have tried a TOP-1 (the upper box that holds the mid and tweeter) made from ply with radiused edges and it does sharpen up the stereo image slightly. Natural felt on the baffle also has positive effects. There are practical and cost implications though; not everyone likes the look of felt on their speaker cabinets and a veneered cabinet can only be 'rolled' in two direction, not 4. This does push the price up and leave a small groove down the side of the cabinets. So like with most things in audio, it's a compromise. We are a very adaptable company and if a customer said 'I really like your SYSTEM-1, but I want a plywood cabinet with fully radiused edges', we'd make you one. I hope that answers the question...
  11. Ceri Thomas

    Code Acoustics

    Hi Chaps, I hope you don't mind me jumping in... my name is Ceri and I run Code Acoustics. I'll tidy up the copy on the article now, but just to confirm SYSTEM-1 is a 3-way fully active speaker. The bass drivers only are driver in parallel, so as 'SergeAuckland' pointed out there are 6 channels of DSP with 6 channels of amplification. We use the twist-lock Neutrik Speakon connectors that are commonly found in pro and pa kit. The standard version can be 2 or 4 pin, so whilst there is only one connection at the back of our 'TOP-1' box, it is in fact a 4-pin connector, so both mid and tweeter get their own signal. As for the 24dB or 48dB slopes, the 24dB to me just sounded better. The great thing about DSP is that it can be modified very easily, so I'm definitely not ruling out re-visiting the crossover and doing an update at some point if we find a more optimal map. This can then be rolled out to existing customers pretty easily. If you have any question, please ask and I'll do my best to answer them. If I don't know the answer, I'll say so. Ceri
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