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  1. Harrogate photos

    I love this set-up and wish I could have heard it! The Behringer DCX2496 is a great unit and I saw a chap online offers an upgrade service for the analogue output stage. I've also played around with the Alesis amps, which are great value for money. I had an RA500 in bridge mode hooked up to an IPL transmission line speaker and the bass was fantastic. What's your little box on the right? Very cool.
  2. Harrogate photos

    Great stuff, yeah if you've ever got any further questions, comments or suggestions, just send them over. All feedback is greatly appreciated In addition to the bass modules, I'll design a pair of wall brackets as a few people were asking about that. There will also be a specific crossover setting for this. Given we get additional boundary reinforcement, we'll have the headroom to run the little speakers a bit deeper in the bass range. This may be a way off but I think we can also add Hifi streaming to our electronics box by way of a Raspberry Pi Zero (Wifi) running Roon. Could be a nice little upgrade. I'll track down that recording, thanks for the tip!
  3. Harrogate photos

    Yeah, I remember, thanks so much for coming over to check our room out! Also, I really appreciate that you enjoyed it The SA1 system is pretty much flat down to 60Hz, where there is a gentle hump, then it rolls off fairy quickly. We could EQ so the system runs lower, but you limit the max volume (SPL), so it's a bit of a balancing act. Whilst with most music you don't really notice you're missing anything, there are certain genres such as drum and bass where you definitely do. Our Digital Signal Processing (DSP) crossover has 6 channels, and we only use 4 on the SA1, so we have two spare for optional bass modules. I'm just running the simulations now, but it looks like it'll be a pair of active force opposed 8" high excursion drivers that should run flat to 25Hz (using two modules). This should turn the SA1 from a very competent mini system into a very high quality 3-way floor-stander. My plan is to bring this combo to Harrogate 2018, though it should be developed some time before then. Apologies, I think that's probably a little more info than you were after!
  4. Harrogate 2018

    Just to reiterate what other people are saying, I was massively impressed, particularly given there were so many new variables for the events team. What really shone through was the community aspect of the show. There was just a really friendly welcoming vibe about the whole thing, which isn't the case at some of the bigger shows. If this remains the heart of the show, which I'm sure it will be, I can only see it going from strength to strength! So a big thank you to Peter, Daniel, Rachel , Sophie, Caroline and anyone else I missed.
  5. Harrogate photos

    Thank you very much for your kind comments about our little SA1 system Having everyone pick their own music was a real highlight for me and I've got a long list of great new tracks to explore! I find it hard to truly evaluate a speaker / system unless I'm listening to a familiar recording and I think most people are the same ... so it makes perfect sense to me and is definitely something I'll do going forward. P.S. I'm very partial to a bit of bass music, but as an exhibitor need to be careful not to put anyone off, so I'm only too happy when someone else chooses it!
  6. Hi Graeme, It's the Auralic Aries streamer that retails for circa £1,400. There's no DAC, it's just a streamer / digital transport, but what it does do, it does extremely well. What I particularly liked is it has a balanced digital output (AES/EBU), which usually only appears on pro kit. Our control box has an AES/EBU input, so it works very well. Though it still sounds very good with optical and SPDIF, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
  7. Thank you very much, your comments about the little SA1 are very kind Handing the ipad round is definitely the way to go ... I've now got a whole list of great tracks visitors played that I'd never heard before. I didn't have a chance to listen to much, but the Wammer room 137 with the Lowther's was really interesting. There is just something about a high sensitivity speaker that really brings the excitement. From personal experience, getting a hotel room to sound great, with very little time is tough, so great job! The G-Point room with the Universum horns and great big valve amplifiers was also excellent, a really effortless sound. Just wish I could have listened to more, but a great show!
  8. Hi Graeme, thanks for your kind words re our little SA1 system and for playing the Max Richter track. It's the first time I've heard it and it was a thoroughly enjoyable listen. I had a really enjoyable weekend! The great thing was being able to chat to a fair few people and it was a really knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic crowd. A big thank you to Peter, Daniel and the rest of the events team and Wammers for putting on such a great show, particularly since it was the first one. I can only see it going from strength to strength and would love to be back next year.
  9. Code Acoustics

    If anyone fancies taking a look at the second part of our SYSTEM-2 article, it's now up on our blog site: https://code-acoustics.blog/2017/08/08/code-acoustics-system-2-how-to-create-an-award-winning-speaker-in-3-months-pt-2/ Here is a pic of the set-up at NAS 2016:
  10. Code Acoustics

    If anyone is interested, I just posted an article about how and why we developed our SYSTEM-2 for the National Audio Show 2016 in 3 months: https://code-acoustics.blog/2017/08/01/code-acoustics-system-2-how-to-create-an-award-winning-speaker-in-3-months/ Hopefully it's an interesting read and if you fancy letting me know your thoughts please do. I've attached a pic of SYSTEM-2. Hopefully it comes in okay. It's got 8 x 12" bass drivers, which is a little unusual.
  11. Code Acoustics

    Not at all, thanks for taking the time to read them I just had a quick scan of your site and some interesting stuff there! Deserves a more detailed look later...
  12. Code Acoustics

    Thanks Martin, really appreciate that J I’m keen to develop the company so it really is a part of the enthusiasts community, rather than just saying ‘here’s our product, it’s great, you should buy it!’. Step one is the blog, to try and get some interesting stuff out there, that hopefully people will enjoy reading. Step two is we’re fully aware our SYSTEM-1 is out of reach of most people. So we’re currently working on a DSP active speaker system that should come in well under a grand and utilise some equipment enthusiasts already own or are familiar with. Sounds a bit cryptic, but I just don’t want to give too much away before we actually have a fully working product! The hope is this little product can then become part of one of our bigger more expensive systems, if and when you wanted to progress. If all goes well, we’ll bring it to the Harrogate show in Oct. But we'll also put an article up before then with a bit of an explainer of what we're trying to do.
  13. Code Acoustics

    The KEF KM1's are pretty cool speakers. I found this link: http://www.kef.com/html/be_fl/explore/about_kef/museum/1980s/Professional_Series_km1/index.html Funnily enough they are pretty similar spec wise to our SYSTEM-2: 3-Way fully active, tweeter, 2 x mids and 4 x 12" bass drivers per side.
  14. Code Acoustics

    Hi Ronnie, Great, glad you liked our SYSTEM-2 J It’s been a while coming, but we’re just finalising the production design now with the aim of it being ready early 2018. Set-up in that room for NAS2016 was tricky! It was really lively and unfortunately I didn’t have any bass traps to calm things down. We started off with the speakers close to the wall and it sounded awful. Every 10cm we brought the speakers forward, everything improved. I think we were just progressively taking the room out of the equation. Even then we actually did a DSP re-tune on the Sat afternoon as the sound was still a little upper-mid forward in there and modern vocal recording were sounding a tad harsh. Something that didn’t show up in the earlier voicing sessions. After the re-tune we felt the sound really was on the money. Your observations about the width are fair. We had to get the rack plus SYSTEM-1 and some banners in between, so the width of the two stacks wasn’t optimal. Shows are a tricky environment!
  15. Code Acoustics

    Yeah, horn speakers for domestic use do seem to be fairly divisive. That efficiency does seem to come at a slight cost in terms of neutrality. I guess it just depends whether you’re happy to sacrifice a bit of neutrality for the benefits horns bring in terms of dynamics for instance. Both our SYSTEM-1 & SYSTEM-2 speakers for example are moderately sensitive and sealed as we felt in the majority of rooms, this would give the most consistent high quality sound. Drive unit design is next on the article list. I’m really looking forward to writing it as there is so much interesting stuff to look at. I do love a big pair of transmission lines J I started out at PMC as a service engineer and remember hearing an active pair of BB5XBD’s at the factory for the first time. Wow!