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  1. Just giving them a go now Bazzer, liking what I am hearing.
  2. Sorted. I must have adjusted the anti skate some how.
  3. Slight problem that I never really thought about before. When manually using the arm lift to place the stylus on a record the arm pulls back slightly so if trying to locate a track it will pull back to the end of the previous one instead of straight up and down. Hope this makes sense? Can anyone help out?
  4. There was an update for the 83 some three or four years ago maybe longer. As I said it's a great machine.
  5. The OPPO83 is a fantastic machine and will basically graft anything you throw at it. Some of the cheaper models especially from the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony are not so good in this respect......but you might be lucky and everything will be fine
  6. Thing is when purchasing older cheaper players more often than not the firmware can not be updated as it might not be supported any longer, so you will probably find some BR's might not play. So a false economy really and the reason you might find so many cheap players out there.
  7. How much is cheap?
  8. This looks like it might be something special: