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  1. Sgt Pepper


    Wife has just informed me my Rush Archives LP has arrived only ordered yesterday so fast service.😀
  2. Sgt Pepper


    Just ordered some vinyl from these guys, been reading good reviews. Has anyone used them? records&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgun_7NOK3gIVQeh3Ch0OIQ6yEAAYASAAEgL3bvD_BwE
  3. I had more time last night for a proper play around with different LP's. Trouble is you forget what your previous stylus sounded like, so I am going to say I think there is a difference in detail and maybe better separation, but it is subtle and I am relying on my memory for comparison.
  4. Sgt Pepper

    What are you listening to right now?

    Just stunning and one I never get tired of:
  5. Sgt Pepper

    4K movies

    Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is stunning. Also 2001 A Space Oddessy is coming very soon, can't wait for that one.
  6. Sgt Pepper

    Simon & Garfunkle MOFI one step LP's

    Man, listened again today..........breathtaking.
  7. Sgt Pepper

    What are you listening to right now?

    Jethro Tull- This Was:
  8. So far so good, I need more listening though.
  9. Sgt Pepper

    WW1 in colour

    I watched the News the other day when this was shown I could not believe my eyes. Fantastic.
  10. Decided to go with the 95EX replacement stylus for my 95E cart. It should be here today.
  11. Sgt Pepper

    Simon & Garfunkle MOFI one step LP's

    I should have updated my profile. I am now using a Project Phono Box S. The Angle was very good.
  12. Tempted by the AT95EX upgrade stylus...............
  13. Had one for some time and it says a lot that I am unsure if an upgrade etc would be the right route to go down as to my ears anyway it sounds very good, very good indeed.