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  1. Anyone else get in for this offer, I think it was on Amazon also.......back up to £100 now though.
  2. I have a feeling quite a few here have missed out also.
  3. Little quick bump if it's OK, this is an amazing bargain.
  4. 36 Bob Dylan CD's for £23........
  5. The last album i bought was

    Received my copy the other day, sounds fantastic.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Grateful Dead- Europe 72 (vinyl)
  7. Beginners Guide For Dummies Hi Res Downloads

    Through the Auxiliary input on my Amp.
  8. Beginners Guide For Dummies Hi Res Downloads

    Just use my tablet or phone, then Chromecast Audio to my HiFi
  9. Beginners Guide For Dummies Hi Res Downloads

    would i need this SW for downloading HiRes files also?
  10. As an absolute beginner regarding this side of Hifi can someone talk me through what I need to add to my system to safely store, listen and view any music I download in the best possible quality...........but on a budget. and where to get it from (i am using Spotify at the moment) I don't understand Flac and all that stuff, so help this old bugger out if you can guys.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    What do you think of it Jeff?
  12. There are loads of bands and solo artists I would love to see but sometimes have to make the choice between buying LP's/CD's etc and the cost of going to gigs. What do you wammers do?