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  1. forgot-my-id

    FS - Le Cleach Midrange Horns

    wow, love the looks, like the stereo sideboard too, when a rack just inst big enough... did you make those yourself ? how !!
  2. forgot-my-id

    FS Audion Silver night 300B

    please tell us all about the mod, good+bad
  3. any age, any price point. Just curious
  4. forgot-my-id

    Servicing older power amps - what work should be done?

    capacitors will eventually fail, IF I were repairing I'd change one at a time cos I haven't much knowledge of electronics. anything that looks burned, browned or cooked also needs to be replaced. sourcing suitable parts - whats good for audio - take advice, I dont know.
  5. I have a pair of Radford MA15s which sound great. As the name suggests, MA - mono amp, 15 watts. Two of them for a stereo pair. These were available as a kit from Radford in the early 60s, and were a published design, so a few people built their own. Probably saved a fair bit of dosh that way. This is why mine arent in Radford cases, but they sound like radfords ! Due to the "wrong" cases the value is reduced a bit, I'm asking only £800 for the pair, plus postage. NO paypal. My pictures are over 2Mb, I'll take more soon.
  6. forgot-my-id

    Radford STA25 amp

    Nice Radford STA25 amp, sounds lovely as it should. Rebuilt with new capacitors etc a few years ago, it has a few Black Gates in there as well. Lightly modified - it no longer has the bulgin multi-plug. It does have socket for normal kettle lead and phono inputs; this doen for use with newer pre-amps than vintage. I've been using with Croft pre-amps and various speakers, its driven them all with no problems. Would rather not post, but if I must best to send a cheque, then you have my name+address etc. I wont take paypal due to fees, not funny on something like this Asking £1400+postage.
  7. forgot-my-id

    High-end 70s Tuners

    Do I keep my Accuphase T-100, or my Pioneer TX-9800 !!!! What would you do ? (Im tempted to keep the Accuphase as I like it so much )
  8. forgot-my-id

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    Curious jumble, entry split into 3 price points, most punters came in on the cheaper tickets, very few people managed to sell anything of real value - high price, a few dealers filling trolleys with cheap kit, almost no haggling, lots of interest on good stuff but no sales, I did ok with smaller pieces, odd+ends, and vinyl, Didnt sell a single CD. The overseas dealers were noticeable by their absence, seems its not just UK public that dont have excess cash. So my really good stuff remains unsold, and will be offered here when Im not so bloody tired !! Up since 5 and did full circuit of M25 today. Yaawwwnnnn
  9. forgot-my-id

    Tonbridge Audiojumble - my Radfords, Accuphase, Hadcocks etc

    Im on 95, far corner from public entrance. I hope they dont spend their dosh before getting to me
  10. forgot-my-id

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    I'm sure they do sarnies, theres also a sainsbellies next door, but S dont deserve the business for being unsporting over trollies I'm in the far corner with a bit of everything, ish. Taking a breather from loading the car, doesnt all quite fit.... up at 5 tomorrow YAWWWNNNN
  11. forgot-my-id

    Tonbridge Audiojumble - my Radfords, Accuphase, Hadcocks etc

    Going to take a Pioneer TX-9800 Tuner as well.
  12. forgot-my-id

    Subs and marble slabs

    Tell us when youve tried a few variations !
  13. forgot-my-id

    Budget 2nd System

    Having recently heard the Douk Audio version of John Linsley Hoods 10watt class A, I dont think you can buy better sound for the money, or for a lot more money in some cases. Google it. Designed in 1969 to be a transistor version of a Williamson circuit, uses no fancy components, sounds great even today. Brand new one delivered for Richer Sounds money. IF I were building a system from scratch, I'd either buy that, or go for something like a B&O hang-on-the-wall kit. The latter is expensive !
  14. forgot-my-id

    Budget amp to drive a complicated load

    The Quad 57s are fragile, elderly electrostatics. They dont like too much power, they do like low powered amps of good quality.
  15. forgot-my-id

    Budget amp to drive a complicated load

    Save your money. Get the 10 watt John Linsley Hood class A amp from Douk audio, made in china, no fancy components, but works exceptionally well. I recently heard this driving my friends Quad 57s, I've never heard those speakers sound so good. He is so impressed that he moved the ~JLH into his living room system. He also bought a souped-up version if the same amp, ultralinear transistors etc, but its rubbish. Power supply hums and whines, almost unuseable. Hes changed the transformer for a better one but still has problems, probably going to put that into a second box to shield it. Save your cash !