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  1. so are the tone controls only for the phono stage ? odd !
  2. spray underseal or "schutz" as car blokes call it will do a range of textures, try it. german lesson - shutz means protect, as in unter-boden-shutz. Achtung, All ov Europe Vill be ours, you Vill OBEY
  3. Personally, I wont paint anything grey. Cant stand it. Don't understand the fashion for it. Someone on telly told the pubic to paint everything grey and they obeyed.
  4. If I were buying wood I'd avoid the diy shops, quality of the timber is generally low. Any decent timber supplier, many builders merchants, have better choice and huge cutting machines, so can cut to the sizes you need. Near me, for example, 18mm ply is £30ish per 8x4 sheet, thats half wickes price for part boards, cutting is £1 a cut. 18mm malaysian hardwood 8x4 boards are £70ish a sheet, not cheap, but its a lot less than proper marine ply and is a nice quality product. Shop around, see what you find.
  5. like sticking a mobile phone to ones head, or leaving it switched on in ones pocket adjacent to ones goolies. "there is no evidence that microwave radiation does any harm...." remind anyone of the tobacco industry scientific claims ? they got away with it for 100 years.
  6. forgot-my-id

    DIY Resources

    mogami uk this shop will supply bare cables, postage a fiver. HHB Communications Ltd. 73-75 Scrubs Lane, London, NW10 6QU Tel: +44 (0)20 8962 5000 Email:
  7. better than spending ten grand on foo for a 1-grand system as seen on here recently
  8. Interestin ! tell us more. I wonder if some chimney soot mixed into a bit of paint and carelessly slapped around would make my stereo sound better please, no graphs and evidences of claims, write in English for some of us to read
  9. I wonder if this thread ought to be moved to the diy section ?
  10. Now then, the thrilling world of phono plugs. Any good reason to buy anything other than the cheapest, provided theres gold plating on the ends ? Im thinking RS-pro less than £1 each or Neutrik which are a bit dearer but have some kind of cable clamp I get the impression that they are all some kind of brass so essentially all the same under the covers.
  11. I've found a UK supplier. There will be others. 2549 is £2.53 ex vat per metre £4 post +vat. HHB Communications Ltd T:020 8962 5023 | 73-75 Scrubs Lane, London, NW10 6QU
  12. too good to be true fake alert ! or is it ? American websites sell the cable at $1 per foot.
  13. it seems that 2549 is the one to have. Canford dont do it. I wonder if another M cable is comparable ?