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  1. cycling around slough, or even being in slough, is not the same as anything at all. Ugh.
  2. Am I right in thinking its line level only ? From what little Ive heard of nobsound/douk it will work very well. Did the mods improve much ?
  3. Im nowhere near clayton, 3 hours away, but I could pop them in the car etc, IF I think Ive got a buyer
  4. Ive just seen where you are,. IF you are interested in my speakers I can easily get them there, a good friend lives in Clayton, just around the corner
  5. Having owned hifi for years, and gradually replaced almost everything several times, I have the following opinions. Take all reviews with a large pinch of salt. Take all personal opinions from people spending their own money with a smaller pinch. Buy used, Save a fortune on new prices. Unless someone is offering a stonking deal on something special, which doesnt happen a lot. Spend the most on speakers. Get something very very good used, for a fraction of the new price. Spend the second most on amplification. You can buy a half decent amp used from about £75 and go from there. Sources change all the time, cassette tape, cd, reel to reel, radio, record players, phone plug-ins, streamers, whatever, theres always something else coming along. Go easy here and you can add another source quickly, maximise your enjoyment. CD players have fallen out of favour, CDs can be had for pennies in charity shops and pawnbrokers like cash converters, now is a good time to buy something. --- A quick look at the ads on this forum will tell you that I've got a spare pair of Ruark Crusader 2 speakers for sale. These are probably the nicest speakers that can be bought at any price. Delivery possible. Google them, see what others say, don't take my word for it, I would say that etc. I'm keeping my other pair. Full bottom end, rich mid, smooth top, you dont hear a tick-list of features, what you hear is music. As it should be.
  6. cushions, carpets, sofas, pictures, curtains, all will damp out the resonance of an empty box
  7. Im told that all the different stones readily available have been tried and its the black granite thats best. IF you have something else to hand - try it !
  8. I use a welded steel Target rack with granite shelves Get fine-grained black granite from any stoneyard that does fireplaces, worktops, etc, and will do a decent price when they have an offcut the right size. Why granite ? take mdf etc as a baseline, the hifi sounds as it does use glass, get more detail, speed. Use granite, a step up again, similar detail and speed, and the bass fills in. Much better all round. explain it ? not a chance, havent a clue. Resonances, isolation, damping ? The sheer weight of the stone damps the whole rack down, that can be achieved with a paving slab on the top. domestic approval ? follow the herd, paint it grey
  9. lower the floor - that means underpinning the whole house. The -U- word is usually a death knell to insurers, even though there was nothing wrong before. Your neighbours will be up in arms if they think that builders are doing that sort of work, terrified that their home might collapse on them, which with a poor builder, it might.
  10. if it does sell at silly price, the vendor will no doubt find some stock pdq
  11. claim on your home insurance, they would be very interested in recovering their loss. "Significant damage" sounds like a lot more dosh than the small claims process is designed for. How much are you talking about ?