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  1. forgot-my-id

    Wanted - Ruark Crusader 2, or possibly Ruark Equinox

    thanks Lawrence, messages sent to the chap, await reply, can do no more sale agreed to me
  2. forgot-my-id

    Wanted: tonearm wanted

    Where are you ? I have a spare original classic Lenco arm
  3. reminds me of the russ andrews does F all recently sold for £20 on evilbuy
  4. forgot-my-id

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    "Average" speakers ave come on a lot, theres more of the very best, how much better they are Ive no idea as I cant afford them anyway. Quad 57s still cant be beaten in certain circumstances, and they came out 62 years ago
  5. forgot-my-id

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    This ones designed to go in the corner. Here Mr G has used his flat ribbon waxed coils, £££, anyone tried them ? Costs can be cut a lot with ordinary coils.
  6. forgot-my-id

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    Designed to go against the wall You'd have to make it yourself, pay someone to make the boxes, or use a pair of old speaker carcass' and go from there. Crossovers can be cheap or hideously expensive, go as far as you want with foo components
  7. forgot-my-id

    Bi- or Tri- wiring with multichannel AV home cinema amp ????

    So not only would I need a tv, by implication I'd have to switch the thing on !! Brainwashing by the Islington luvvies politically correct mumbo jumbo. We don't need you, we will indoctrinate your children and the world will be ours (Adolf Hitler). Next the telly will be watching me. Oh thats not a new idea either is it.
  8. There seems to be a lot of TV amps out there, does using one to bi-wire make sense ? Do all the channels put out the same volume, or would one have to faff with settings to get it right ? Please bear in mind you are talking to someone who doesnt own a telly
  9. forgot-my-id

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    JBL K2s ? £££££
  10. forgot-my-id

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    Why ? hes a mate of the poster. All entitled to our opinions. Just as long as the BBC dont find out. Keeping to the subject I use a pair of mid-80s transmission line speakers, they must have been very good at the time as they are still good now, comparing well to new things into 4 figures. Yes, other speakers cost more, have more detail, tick reviewers boxes etc, but are they more musical ? Most arent. I'm looking out for a 90s on speaker or two that I know I like, when I find a decent pair I'll treat myself. The 80s ones will remain as my spares, possibly forever. They are almost as much a part of me as my bicycle
  11. forgot-my-id

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    There had to be some good deals. More IF the buyer was going to go to a shop and buy that item anyway. Superfi wouldnt have gone under if they had managed to achieve these prices for themselves.
  12. forgot-my-id

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    Expensive ?
  13. forgot-my-id

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    weird, it certainly lets you know when outbid
  14. Simple as that really, I had a great pair of Crusaders, sold them, and regret it. I've never heard the Equinox, I quite fancy them too. Obviously, must be working properly. Or be on my doorstep and be so cheap I can take apart for a few spares.
  15. forgot-my-id

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    Will anyone own up to having bought something