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  1. forgot-my-id

    Helius Chameleon Speakers, transmission line

    Price drop, these are well worth it £195
  2. forgot-my-id

    Heavy steel speaker stands, 3-stone each

    Price drop £75
  3. forgot-my-id

    DIY Townsend Seismic Speaker Platform

    correct loading depends upon the load, the weight of the speakers. I love the brilliant simplicity of the original design, inner tubes for lots of dosh. One has to be bothered to pump them up occasionally.
  4. forgot-my-id

    Another Eddies auction Another auction of stock from gone-bust Eddies., this time in Scunthorpe. dont forget its cash up front, 38% fees+vat, no guarantees (unless makers/importers honour whatever paperwork may be in the box, collection from Scunthorpe on set days only. I doubt there will be any real bargains.
  5. So, what does your manager say ? its called "invoking a principal", ie using someone higher up as an excuse, all the sleazy sales types do it, double glazing, new cars, the lot.
  6. and Ill just keep talking while you sign the contract, ensuring you miss the naughty clauses and dont cross them out
  7. If you'd wait a moment while I do some simple calculations, I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.
  8. indeed, the big ruarks are about 4 feet tall and chunky, I doubt many people put them under the front window. Did someone suggest we meet up at Lawrences, use his stereo, drink his tea, eat his biccies, generally get in the way, you buy my speakers Hes north london, about half way between us. Ive still got a lawn mower to collect on sunday thats tomorrow. That alright Loz !!!! ?????
  9. my turn ????????????
  10. you have em L, then sell them on to Neds when youve finished with them.
  11. you can change your mind, I still have to pick up a lawnmower.......