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  1. Kevin Wood

    Dual capacitor confusion

    I suppose it might have been cheaper to make the 2 capacitors in one can. Often, power supplies would have C-L-C filtering after a valve rectifier, so splitting a large capacitance in two allowed a choke to be put between them.
  2. Kevin Wood

    What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???

    Yep, very much this. Even now, nothing seems to have appeared that can touch (no pun intended!) what their devices were capable of.
  3. Kevin Wood

    What did YOU use to connect in 1980

    I think I'm still using the cables I had in the 80's. Tandy used to sell nice interconnects with sturdy gold plated phono connectors that were a bit more robust and less prone to failure than the "red and white" leads that came in the box. When they had a sale on I bought a load of them. I'm still using most of them today.
  4. Kevin Wood

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    Amen to that.
  5. Kevin Wood

    Efficent speakers for Chord TT2?

    Indeed, and the other thing that concerns me is that the DAC output stage might have been compromised as a line output stage by making it capable of driving a speaker (albeit poorly). I think I'd rather have a DAC with a quality line output and choose a separate amplifier to suit the requirements of either my speaker or headphones. The signal doesn't know or care how many boxes it has passed through, after all. Talk of simplifying signal paths, and so on, is just marketing jargon.
  6. Kevin Wood

    Mains shield earthing?

    Yes, and I wouldn't mind betting the output waveform will be distorted as a result of the saturation. Then again, most mains supplies have quite a bit of distortion due to exactly this type of device being prevalent. Conventional power supplies as found in most Hi-Fi gear only draw current on the peaks of the mains supply, so you could reason that the mains is incredibly distorted by the time it passes through the rectifier. Luckily, subsequent stages of smoothing and, perhaps, regulation should render the equipment immune to this.
  7. Kevin Wood

    Mains shield earthing?

    Yes, this is true, of course. It would only be an issue if noise from the isolation transformer was a concern.
  8. Kevin Wood

    Mains shield earthing?

    If it's making transformers hum it's probably DC on the mains. I'm guessing the laser printer probably uses phase angle control to drive the heater in the fuser, and perhaps it doesn't draw equal current on positive and negative peaks of the supply. A DC blocker is probably all you need to combat this. There don't seem to be many commercially available but they are simple to build:
  9. Kevin Wood

    Class A amplification & Valve rectification musings

    Yep, it's power dissipation that reduces as output power increases. Draw from the supply should remain exactly the same.
  10. Kevin Wood

    Help with valve power mono blocks decision

    Apologies. Thought you were referring to Rabski's.
  11. Kevin Wood

    Help with valve power mono blocks decision

    If it has one tube per channel surely it can't leave class A* as it will be single ended. *- Except by clipping
  12. Kevin Wood

    220 vs 240 Volts

    If it's properly compliant with the UK regs it will work with no problem. UK and European regs have been harmonised so the allowable voltage ranges overlap completely now. Valve equipment can, in practice, be a little more fussy and needs some care, but anything solid state should be fine.
  13. Kevin Wood

    Linn new product launch

    So, nobody's going to spill the beans on this "exciting new product and upgrades" on any of the many other Hi-Fi forums on the internet, thus " spoiling the launch " then? Oh, wait!
  14. Kevin Wood

    Burn In - warning could get controversial!

    This is a very valid point, IMHO. If burn-in indeed makes a difference, why is it always an improvement? Isn't it equally likely that things go the other way? Why don't people sometimes say that they ceased to like a device after the burn-in time? This tends to suggest it's actually a psychological "getting used to" process, IMHO. For the sound to change during burn-in some characteristics of the components inside the equipment must be altering. Aside from some gettering action inside valves, and perhaps reforming of electrolytics when they've been on the shelf for a long time, I can't see why any change would always have a positive impact on sound quality.
  15. Kevin Wood

    Mains shield earthing?

    Sounds like an interesting project.