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  1. Unfortunately I have been experiencing some worrying skipping thanks to some old squeaky floorboards and am now chasing up a wall mounting rack for my turntable. Ideally, I would love to track down the matching Standesign wall rack to compliment my speaker stands and keep everything period correct. Not fussed about overall condition, as long as the unit is complete. Will pay fair price. Thanks! Trent.
  2. 45Revolver

    Help, I've lost signal to one channel! :(

    Worked a treat. Thanks gents!
  3. 45Revolver

    Help, I've lost signal to one channel! :(

    Alright, thanks guys! I'll give that a go and hopefully it does the trick...
  4. 45Revolver

    Help, I've lost signal to one channel! :(

    As far as I can remember it happened spontaneously, after running it at about 60% volume for a few minutes. Prior to that, I hadn't ever really run the system cranked up.
  5. Hi all, I've been experiencing some trouble with my A&R Cambridge A60 amplifier and would greatly appreciate if any of you more knowledgeable wammers could lend their expertise to help me diagnose and fix the problem. Thanks! So, what's happening is that I've seemingly lost the output signal from one channel, entirely. Previously, the amp had been running perfectly until blowing some fuses; which I've since replaced. After the new fuses had been fitted, it worked just fine for about half of a LP before the signal dropped out to the right hand channel. There is some serious crackling whenever I try and isolate the right hand channel, via the balance knob, and am yet to get any other sound out of the unit. It is also worth noting that I can't get any signal from the right hand channel from the headphone jack either. I've troubleshooted both the speakers and speaker cables, and am confident that the fault lies within the amp. Does anybody have any experience with the A60, or with this same problem, whom can recommend the best way to resolve this issue? My working assumption is that there's a dry joint within the potentiometer; Is there a simple fix that might eliminate the need to replace the pot? Thanks, Trent.
  6. 45Revolver

    Are Headphones a Viable Alternative

    It's worth noting; if you are listening to a studio recording and expecting to hear "the live music experience" then you are condemning yourself to fatally flawed pursuit. Your listening experience is ultimately attributed to the quality and nature of the recording of which you are listening to. However, it is exceedingly rare to find a live recording that successfully manages to capture the essence of a performance perfectly. So there is also that...
  7. 45Revolver

    Are Headphones a Viable Alternative

    Couldn't agree less mate... sorry. If it's any consolation, up until recently I was very much of the same opinion. In hindsight, I would probably accredit that to the fact I hadn't ever really had any experience with good quality headphones. Being a younger bloke, the best over-ear headphones I was ever able to get my hands on were higher-end Skull Kandy and Beats by Dre. Never really caring for the listening experience, I foolishly assumed that headphones would always be intrinsically a compromise. Boy was I wrong! I recently had to acquire some headphones, out of necessity, after my old amp finally kicked the bucket. After doing a little research, I settled on going vintage. Purchasing a NOS pair of KOSS PRO4XXX professional DJ headphones off ebay. And I've got to say, I have never experienced anything like the clarity and depth of field that these babies deliver. The overwhelming feeling of sensory immersion is just plain awesome! I'm listening to Queen right now on my PC and am seriously questioning the need for a system at all...
  8. Weird comment lol! Thanks, but I like old junk better than new rubbish. Not knocking new hi-fi, just that all the new hi-fi I can afford is absolute garbage. Plus, I'm only really interested in buying a T21 tuner because I think it looks cool. If I got one, I probably wouldn't even use it to be honest. If and when I want to listen to the radio I have an 80's Hitachi boom-box designated for that exact purpose. I really only intend on using the system for running vinyl.
  9. Yeah, I've already had the amp apart and two of the fuses were quite noticeably blown. I tried replacing both fuses, but alas - still no voltage. I'm not exactly a radio tech, so I have zero intentions of digging around in there aimlessly. Sure, if the unit was in nicer condition I might be inclined to employ someone with more expertise to resurrect it, but in this case I think that would be a bit of a frivolous exercise.
  10. JTW, You better believe I've been keeping tabs on just about every instance of eBay. Audio AI, Amazing! Yes - I'd be very interested in purchasing your amplifier and tuner. That's if you can bear to part with them. I don't currently have an exact amount in mind per say... as of right now it's more of a general price-range. It's hard to say outright, without first seeing the condition of the units. Definitely do post some pictures when you're able to find the time - as I am genuinely interested. I'll message you sometime tomorrow afternoon with more details. Don't stress, I'm sure we can settle up on a good price. Bigfool1956, Yeah - I'd say! Looks like I'll be getting better acquainted with baked beans in the not so distant future...
  11. So, I've been collecting vinyl now since I left high-school, some several years back now and have amassed quite a respectable collection for myself. Previously, I had been relying on my father's hi-fi to listen to my records. However, after recently moving out I decided to put together my own vintage analogue system. For whatever reason, I decided upon a self-imposed theme of british marques from the 70's. Perhaps, because vintage audio is an affordable way into the analogue scene. Also, the 70's were the pinnacle of R&D into analogue systems. Often times you can invest several thousand dollars trying to replicate the quality of vintage gear and still fall short of capturing that same sound with a modern system. Why choose British gear - as opposed to high-end Japanese audio? Well, at this time England was still very much leading the world in producing the best hi-fi components. Plus, I kind of wanted a hi-fi system that your average bloke could have walked into a shop and bought as an entry-level way into high-end audio. Reason being, I don't really need an elaborate system - nor can I afford it. What, with me being a starving university student and all. So, I set my sights on accquiring a good quality 2-channel system. Did a bit of research into what people were running way back when and three names kept cropping up: Ariston, A&R Cambridge and IMF. I then just had to curve my enthusiasm and invested in the base model of each brand, respecitve to each component. Taking solace in the fact that I was buying a reasonable quality system for a pittance of what a comparable new set-up would cost. It took a while to track down all the components in good working order, but it was well worth investing all that time scouring the net for. The result: an Ariston RD80SL, with a Grace 3009 tonearm and Pickering XV-15 moving-coil cartridge, through a pair of IMF Super Compact II speakers via a A&R Cambridge A60 solid-state amp. I've been running this set-up for about a year now and am more than content with the sound. Tends to be a bit muffled on lower volume setting, but I like to listen to it fully cranked anyway... The bad news is, I've recenty blown my amp and have been without a working system for around a month now. With the cost of repairs exceeding the value of the amplifer I've decided to cut my loses and write it off completely. As such, I'm now searching for a replacement A60 amplifier to get my rig back up and running. However, after having saved up to afford a replacement, the well seems to have run dry. Seeing as I've been so far unable to find a suitable amp by myself, I figured I might enlist your help to track one down. I'm looking for an early pre-1980 unit with the teak coloured finish on the case. Reason being, I would very much like an amplifier with a somewhat similar finish to my turntable and speaker cabs. Other than that, not all that concerned with the overall appearance of the amplifier really. If the fascia and knobs are reasonably presentable, the timber case needn't be in mint condition. In fact, I'd almost say I'd prefer a unit with some personality - ya know? Unit need not include cables, original box and operating manual etc. However, I definitely wouldn't say no if it did. Would also give serious consideration towards purchasing any A60 amp with the matching T21 tuner. Obviously, I would adjust my offer accordingly. Please message me if you have a lead on an amp, as I am dying to get spinning once again. Thanks! Trent.