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  1. ziggy

    CDT & Chord Mojo..... not convinced!

    I think the Chord Mojo is excellent. Used it in my main system until i got a Qutest. Use the Mojo for head phones now. Never paired it with a CD transport.
  2. ziggy

    Stand-mount suggestions please - up to £600ish

    The best I have heard at the price are the NVA Cube 3s which work close to a wall. They are semi omnidirectional and work with the room. However, they are black and not wod finish.
  3. ziggy

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    I have found that a PC seriously compromises SQ, the purchase of a Sonore microRendu produced a significant improvement.
  4. ziggy

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    The recent reissue of Beggars Banquet is192kHz and the Quobuz stream at this sample rate is far superior to my ripped CD.
  5. ziggy

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    Recent experience with the Chord Mscaler has convinced me that a sampling rate of 48khtz considerably reduces definition. The difference at 705khtz and 760khtz is striking and I now have a better understanding of why many prefer vinyl, inspite of all its imperfections, to digital.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. Reviews of the Mscaler are thin on the ground with demand outstripping supply. Having recently had the Mscaler on loan for a week and a half, partnering my Qutest in a NVA system, I can see why this product requires little in the way of promotion. The reviewer has put things better than I could myself, but I shared his experience. In an industry dominated by bullshit and foo, I believe the Mscaler has raised the bar. I have one on order which should arrive in a few weeks.
  7. ziggy

    Is a passive preamp right for me?

    I ran a Chord Mojo through a NVA P50SA passive pre amp with no problems.
  8. ziggy

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I found that my Qutest sounded best at 1v and that is with a passive pre amp. I currently have the Mscaler on loan and have raised the setting to 2v to retain the same volume setting. The Mscaler has significantly improved the sound of the Qutest, especially with 16 Bit 44hz. The green filter sounds best on my system with or without the Mscaler.
  9. ziggy

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    I do not think vinyl can compete with good digital due to its well documented short commings. However, i can understand why many might prefer the sound of vinyl. It is subjective and each to his or her own. The Mscaler is mentioned earlier in the thread. I currently have one on loan and it has raised the performance of my Qutest by quite a margin. Nevertheless, i doubt if someone firmly in the vinyl camp with a top quality front end one be convinced.
  10. As Sonore microRendu is a Roon partner I presume I will not have to leave the PC on and can simply download the app to my Android devices.
  11. This is also of interest to me having just received the email from Qobuz about the free Roon trial. I stream from Qobuz and a NAS via the BubbleUp App to a Sonore microRendu streamer.
  12. ziggy

    Bluetooth adapter recommendactions

    I use an Arcam Miniblink, £100. Good sound for Bluetooth and easy to set up and use.
  13. First post for three months. I smell a troll.
  14. ziggy

    Heavy metal, thrash

    Giving Tales of creation a play and liking it.
  15. ziggy

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I intend to check it out at a nearby dealer, but a final decision would be on how it sounds in my system in my room as is always the case, except with headphones. My system is transparant enough to show what it will do and the improvement would have to be major for me to part with that amount of cash.