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  1. ziggy

    Chord M Scaler and Qutest DAC.

    i stream Qobuz and ripped FLAC CDs through a Sonore microRendu streamer via the BubbleUp app.
  2. ziggy

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    I go along with the concensus. Definately music, but I decent hifi system enhances the enjoyment and makes me want to listen for longer.
  3. ziggy

    Chord M Scaler and Qutest DAC.

    My thoughts are on page six of the thread. It is a lot of money and you really need to take one home on loan and see how it works in your system. What it does might not hit you immediately, but I found I could not be without it. I have become aware of the limitations of standard 16 Bit 44 kHv. It does benefit from better BNC cables than the ones supplied but there is no need to pay silly money.Also, I found that the addition of ferrite rings for £10 on eBay smoothed out the treble a lot, enabling me to use the green filter instead of the orange one on the Qutest.
  4. ziggy

    Chord (not cables)

    I took the plunge but did not get as far as the Gofigue update. The first one was not recognised by Gofigure and contained out of date instructions. The second one was recognised by Gofigure but would not connect to my wifi. It seemed to be a compatabilty issue with my router which Chord were vague about before going silent. The Poly is being returned.
  5. ziggy

    Heavy metal, thrash

    The new Whitesnake album Flesh & Blood is very good.
  6. ziggy

    Not Dead Yet

    It took years to rip all of my CDs but well worth it. They were taking up far too much space and rips sound a lot better to these ears. Still have all my vinyl which takes up far less space. I stream from Qobuz and will never get another CD player. I like having everything at my finger tips and still mainly play albums in full.
  7. ziggy

    Chord (not cables)

    The only way to find out is to try each and judge with your ears. For me 1v sounds best through a NVA P90SA passive pre amp. When adding the Mscaler, which slightly reduces volume, I thought 2v would be better, but it was not.
  8. ziggy

    Chord (not cables)

    i would like a Poly to go with my Mojo, but the connection problems have put me off. The recent update to Gofigure seems to have improved things and I am reconsidering.
  9. ziggy

    Finally come out of the closet.

    Although I mainly play heavy rock and prog I can listen to anything except rap and hip hop. I like the pop music from the 70s, not just for nostalga reasons, and have bought low price compilation CDs.
  10. ziggy

    NVA Owners Club

    I can now concur with the comments about the Cubettes having bought a pair for my second system, which gets quite a lot of use, along with the A20, P20 and SSC interconnector. The second system is no longer put to shame by the first and is great value for money.
  11. ziggy

    Genres not usually associated with a artist

    A number of bands/artists flirted with disco in the late 70s and got stick from hard core fans. I'm thinking of the Stones, Rod Stewart and Kiss. I think those three did it quite well.
  12. ziggy

    Chord (not cables)

    I am now the owner of an Mscaler which has taken the performance of my Qutest to a new level. I was initially less than impressed at the dealers demonstration but this changed when I took it home on loan for a week and a half. The big improvement was the sound stage both in depth and width. I understand this is due to 705 hz sampling rates drastically improving transients, compared to standard 44 hz. There is a far more relaxed and at ease presentation with better defined bass. I appreciated the benefits most when it was returned and during the five week wait for one to arrive. I believe this is a technology which has raised the bar when partnered with a system transparent enough to reap the benefits.
  13. ziggy

    CDT & Chord Mojo..... not convinced!

    I think the Chord Mojo is excellent. Used it in my main system until i got a Qutest. Use the Mojo for head phones now. Never paired it with a CD transport.
  14. ziggy

    Stand-mount suggestions please - up to £600ish

    The best I have heard at the price are the NVA Cube 3s which work close to a wall. They are semi omnidirectional and work with the room. However, they are black and not wod finish.
  15. ziggy

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    I have found that a PC seriously compromises SQ, the purchase of a Sonore microRendu produced a significant improvement.