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  1. An extension will be granted if an election or referendum is confirmed.
  2. UFO - Strangers in the night
  3. ziggy

    Amazon HD

    If Amazon HD was available throgh BubleUp I would give it a go. No point as I cant run it through my streamer. I would also want it to be available through Audio Player Pro.
  4. ziggy


    Good post and something everyone should be aware of.
  5. ziggy

    What is Streaming?

    I found that a streamer provided significantly improved sound quality. Previosly my DAC was connected to my desk top PC and must have been picking up nasties. This has been eliminated. The streamer is connected to the router and controlled throgh wifi via the BubbleUp app on my phone.
  6. ziggy

    What is Streaming?

    I found that the addition of a streamer significantly improved SQ as well as being far more convenient. My CD collection took up far too much space. Ripping them all was time consuming but well worthwhile.
  7. ziggy

    What is Streaming?

    I gave streaming a try five years ago and have not looked back. Started with Spotify before moving to Tidal and later Qobuz. Too much mystique about MQA. I have ripped all my CDs and sold the player some time ago.
  8. ziggy

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Sad but true. With the music young people are into today a hifi system is pointless.
  9. ziggy

    Is HiFI Dead?

    I think another factor could be advances in portable digital playback and headphone design leaving speaker design in the shade. After hearing an expensive pair I fail to see the attraction of thin floor standers which seem to be the rage now.
  10. ziggy

    Is HiFI Dead?

    This is encoraging and shows that hifi is far from dead where headphones are concerned. I believe that Rob Watt's talk was about the Mscaler and upsampling. To my ears this is a technology which has raised the bar so things are moving forward where digital is concerned. What we need to see is people with qua!ity headphone systems investing in speaker based systems. I think an obsticle is the diversity of music around now compared to forty years ago. Private listening is the in thing.
  11. It is connected to my router but I operate it via wifi through my phone.
  12. I have a Sonore microRendu which I think is excelent for around £600. Integrates with Qobuz, Tidal and my NAS throgh the BubbleUp App. Handles hi res up to 765 kHz feeding my Mscaler.
  13. Saw Status Quo in 81 and a lot more recently on the Frantic Four reunion tour. Both excellent gigs. Would not consider seeing any other line up. I prefer Thin Lizzy but never got round to see them. The rock n roll museum in Dublin is well worth visiting if you atr a fan. Phil Lynot's mum who recently passed away contributed a lot. Scott Gorham is still going strong in the Black Star Riders who are a good band.
  14. ziggy

    Second Systems

    My second system, in the bedroom, is the NVA starter system comprising the A20 power amp, P20 pre a.p and Cubete speakers. It is outstanding value and very pleasant sounding.
  15. Have been in a detached house for nearly four years, this was a major consideration. Prior to this I was in a semi detached. Throughout the time I only had problems once when a couple of nutters moved in next door. They complained about my music the day they moved in. Things got very, very nasty with polic, solicitors and a racist remark to my wife, resulting in a warning. To cut a long story short they shot themselves in the foot and moved out hastily selling the house for a lot less than it was worth. They were the ones who made the loudest noise with their heated arguments. The language was apaulling.