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  1. If anyone is ever down in SW London I will be happy to demonstrate the difference between the Gato 150 and the Gato 400 through my Audio Physic Codex speakers. I like the Gato amplifiers for their sound and the 150 is very good with the Auralic Vega. I keep being drawn to the Vitus that is advertised .....but need a lottery win
  2. Aikidoka

    FS: Wilson Benesch Discovery

    Great speakers and I bought a pair back at Christmas. Good luck with the sale
  3. Aikidoka

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    The Gato 150 AE is epic and I am thoroughly enjoying it and happy to demo if you are ever in SW London. There should be a button on the back for either Bluetooth connection or the Wifi streamer. Gato have their instruction manuals on their website and it is straightforward. I am using the MControl app on my Gato 400 and it works well.
  4. Aikidoka

    Luxman v Vitus v Plinius

    Thanks for the replies and it sounds like Vitus, just have to create a reason for a new system. Like the idea of Luxman, but like bass. At the moment am running Gato 400 and the 150 Anniversary Edition, which is very good.
  5. Aikidoka

    Luxman v Vitus v Plinius

    Have been gazing fondly at the classifieds and was wondering if anyone has had a chance to listen to two or even three of these amplifiers and what is the difference? Do they have a house sound? Thanks
  6. Aikidoka

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Having just bought the Gato 150 AE and the 400 network player, I am still very impressed and given the price drop is there anything which can compete?
  7. Aikidoka

    Mark Grant DSP 2.5 mains cable

    I am interested and will pm. Thanks
  8. Aikidoka

    FS Blok Stax 400

    Thanks and I actually need a stand, please may you confirm the dimensions. Thanks
  9. Aikidoka

    ProAc K8 (Withdrawn from sale)

    So tempted, but I have just acquired a second hand set of Wilson Benesch Discovery speakers for my second system which are excellent. They would look good and sound excellent when teamed up with the Gato.....
  10. Aikidoka

    Audiozen Alchemy Amplifier in Silver

    That looks like a great amplifier, but too large for my needs. GLWTS
  11. Aikidoka

    ProAc K8 (Withdrawn from sale)

    May I ask the reason for sale? They are gorgeous speakers...
  12. Aikidoka

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    If you are ever down in London let me know and you are welcome for a coffee and a listen to the two.
  13. Aikidoka

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Having run all three, yes the Amp150 creates more “air”, if that makes sense and the Gato 400 is superb and I prefer it to the 250 (I currently have the 150 anniversary and the latest 400 and there is a discernible difference). I always recommend blind testing (I use my children who have no pre conceptions). Whether that difference is worth the money..... but then that is why we are audiophiles.
  14. Aikidoka

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    I love my Kef LS50 and they are driven by the Arcam Solo Movie and source is Tidal. A good demo is important, but I think they are exceptional for the money and I use them with a BW PV1 sub woofer. Other speakers I use or have used, Monitor Bronze, Triangle Titus very transparent, Audiosmile Kensai with super tweeters and at the other end Magellan Duettos, Wilson Benesch Discovery and Audio Physic Codex and I highly rate the Akers.
  15. Aikidoka

    Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    Some nice speakers being advertised in private classified and apparently the Ascend Acoustic compares well to the Kef LS50