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  1. Aikidoka

    Recommend Speakers

    I second the Triangle suggestion and have just returned my Triangle Titan Esprit and Magellan Duettos to upgrade for an Audio Physic Codex. The Triangle Speakers are very transparent and offer great music for the price (I have been using Mark at Elite Audio and he was very helpful).
  2. Aikidoka

    Audiophysics owners

    Yes, I am in the capable hands of Mark and his team who have been excellent. I read the Six Moons review (the reviews were also good for my previous Magellan’s) and when he told me the reviewer bought a pair and he has also a his own pair I knew it would be a good bet and so it has proved to be (or we are all collectively mad). I thoroughly recommend the Gato 400s, great sound and power plus fantastic style and functionality. P.S. I am in SW London if anyone would like a demonstration
  3. Aikidoka

    Audiophysics owners

    Just joined with Codex (Manfred Ediition) and they are being driven by a new Gato400s (integrated DAC and network player...very very impressive sound and power). Cables are HiDiamond and are great. Previously had Triangle Magellan Duettos.....great speakers and very transparent and ‘alive’, but Codex is in a different league with greater range and presentation. Audio Physic have created a great speaker with the Codex.
  4. Aikidoka

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Just upgraded to the 400s with network module thanks to Mark at Elite Audio. It is excellent and very impressive to use and set up the network player within five minutes. It is now driving a pair of Audio Physic Codex Manfred editions ......and the result is deeply impressive. Gato, great sound, great functionality and service.
  5. Aikidoka


    Looks like a great amplifier, how long have you had it and do you you have the packaging? What speakers have you been using it with? Also what DAC have you been using? Thanks james
  6. Aikidoka

    Sonneteer Alabaster Integrated Amp

    Nice, I have the Orton and am very impressed with it. Good luck with the sale
  7. Aikidoka

    Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE

    I have a friend looking for a c9mplete system and notice you are also selling an amplifier. Therefore, I was wondering if it is a complete system or would my friend need DAC, cables and if so what would you recommend. Thanks
  8. How did you get on with the Perreaux?
  9. Aikidoka

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Have the 250s and am about to upgrade. Very impressive amplifier and am happy to upgrade to its bigger brother. It is very transparent and offers great sound quality and performance in an aesthically pleasing shape.
  10. I actually have Triangle Magellan Duettos SW2 and they are paired with a Gato 250s, which works for me. I am aware though Mark at Elite Audio who sold the the set up to me knows Magellan’s inside and out has some great recommendations and various wonderful amps including Perreaux and various valve amps. I would call him to discuss. Good luck
  11. Aikidoka

    Need Amp & Dac suggestions

    I have a Gato 250s integrated which is great and has reduced the box count, which would be within budget or maybe an Audiovalve?
  12. Aikidoka

    Super tweeters: are they relevant?

    I have the Audiosmile Kensai with supertweeters and have not tried the experiment yet. Personally I prefer a blind test and I normally use my daughters, who have very sensitive hearing and have no bias. When I next have the opportunity I will let you know the results. Thus far, very happy with the speakers....
  13. Aikidoka

    what speakers have you owned

    Have used Monitor Bronze and now have Magellan Triangle Duettos on the main system with Gato 250s, Triangle Esprit with Blue Aura v30 and Audiosmile Kensai plus supertweeters powered by Sonneteer Orton and Kef Ls50 with the Arcam. All slightly different but all very good.