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  1. Last couple releases I listened to recently and both a very, very good. Opeth - In Cauda Venenum (Prog) Joshua Redman & Brooklyn Rider - Sun on Sand (Jazz)
  2. Or was it that you listened on the dark? As days are getting shorter all our systems are about to improve. Listening in the dark always reveals more and is more pleasurable. Enjoy!
  3. Wow!!!!! Someone still reads WHF πŸ˜‚
  4. Jeff Buckley Chris Cornell Layne Staley Frank Sinatra Maynard James Keenan Gregory Porter Myles Kennedy Otis Redding Robb Flynn
  5. Korn released a new album today. By the looks of it well received too. The album is called The Nothing. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.
  6. Crushing headache.... It was worth it though
  7. Yes, I've had a few...... Do you love music? Really?! This thread is for you. Show us your best example someone appreciating music.....! My gift to you... (I wish)...... (set volume to 100)
  8. I would run it without negative feedback if at all possible. It will produce more distortion however should be more phase coherent.
  9. Good point. It's a great album nevertheless.
  10. Never meant that streaming is for younger generations. However our generation can't reasonably account for Tool's single to be only beaten by Ariana Grande 😁 Younger generations must be listening too and that's just great. Don't think there was any Rock album since mid nineties that was so raved about. Can't think of anything anywhere near to this success in the last 20 years. I think it's great and Rock was always the type of music that inspired younger generations to pick up instruments and play.
  11. I was coming from a perspective of younger generations that are experiencing this. Streaming numbers are surely not down to older generations listening. Can't remember last time any Rock or Metal band caused so much excitement. Never mind how good the sound quality is and how it could impact hifi trade.... Fair enough I've had more than a few now but the album is still great in my opinion. By the way, I wasn't a big fan of last A Perfect Circle album.
  12. All physical media sold out pre release....
  13. My first impression was exactly the same. All the hype and the first couple of tracks felt a little boring but it gets better from Invincible onwards and oh boy it gets better and better as the album progresses. It's easily the most mature of their releases. All I've listened since Friday.
  14. My friend mentioned that in regards to Fear Inoculum... But could it actually be the case?! Is that the album that saved Rock music? Some background info........ At the start of August, the enigmatic prog-metallers finally made their entire back catalogue available on streaming services for the first time: every one of their albums went Top 10 on iTunes, while Sober became the highest charting song after Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend By claiming four of the top five on Top Rock Albums, Tool becomes the first act with at least that many in the region in the Billboard list's history Tool also takes four of the top five spots on Hard Rock Albums, also the first act to achieve the feat. Tool also takes 17 of the 25 positions on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales, including the top 14. That (you guessed it) is also a record, although one shared with Queen, which infused the top 14 twice, for a week each in March and last November. ...... Discuss
  15. Hey Darren, got fired today. First time for everything... πŸ˜‚ Treated myself to electric guitar and an amp to celebrate. Hope you're well.
  16. I wouldn't think twice to stay at Nigel's again. Great host, great location, superb hifi and a beautiful apartment. Need I say more.
  17. No, Ade. Was waiting for a normal CD and vinyl but prices are stupid. So far streamed it twice. Hi res from Qobuz sound like a good deal. The sound quality is extraordinary. It's meant to be listened as an album and the best track order in history too. It just gets better and better.
  18. Tool, Tool, Tool, Tool, Tool, Tool, Tool, Tool, Tool
  19. Golden age? Maybe at budget end of the market. And that's only because we were milked for decades so there's more common sense applied to pricing entry level products. However pricing is still an issue in my opinion when trying to reach higher levels of fidelity. There's also a lot of misunderstanding how digital works. My biggest issue though is what hifi aspires to be has gone down the wrong path. DACs in particular trying to impress with overemphasised soundstage and detail yet getting the basics wrong like timbre. A lot of to be technically impressed with but nothing to connect on emotional level.
  20. Hi Newlash, it's late here so a very brief contribution from me. Why build a box at all? Have you considered open baffle? Just thinking "outside the box"
  21. It could be a decent year after all. Just had new album by Slipknot, Tool at the end of the month and in October new Alter Bridge 😁 Can't wait
  22. That's an understatement 😁 Incredible album.
  23. There's more than just the two of us. Colin too and a few others. Surprisingly it isn't as popular as you'd expect. I appreciate the price has a lot to do with it but the value for money is insane. My hifi is currently in storage as I'm waiting to move and I actually miss Roon as it allows me to learn more about music and explore in ways I never could before.
  24. Adding to that. Bullet proof interface. Incredibly thought out database that allows you to explore music the way you would not think of before. Ease of use. Multi-room. Huge DSP options. No faff depending on sampling rates, formats, etc. Downsampling, upsamling, MQA, etc. Roon radio, internet radio. Seamless integration for all your streaming and local data. And in my opinion it does improve sound quality (RAAT protocol). Free to choose hardware you want while using Roon's interface. Constant updates that are in line with user's feedback. Absolutely superb product that for many transforms listening experience all for the price of cables/fancy feet/ linear power supplies/ etc. People who understand what it does see it as one of the "components" they'd never get rid off. Jules, look out for a free trial which sometimes gives as much as 60 days free. You'll need to google it as I'm not aware of any at present.
  25. Not sure how many of you will find this helpful. Yesterday saw a release of a new album by Slipknot. I've had a listen to most of it in a car today. It's decent and deserves a few more listens. I think it may be a grover. That is if Nu Metal is your kind of thing. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind