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  1. My apologies. I've had a few. Hope you manage to sort it out. Meanwhile... Cheers!!! 🥃
  2. Setting option to Master will give you MQA. Set it to Hifi if all you want is CD quality.
  3. Thanks. It's definitely worth getting then. Amazing artist.
  4. Tool release is great but I'll reserve judgement for a week until Beck's new album lands. So far it probably it's Joshua Redman "Sun on Sand" but considering amount of whisky I've had I might have missed something.
  5. I'd use Roon's convolution filters based on your room acoustics. It will be more beneficial than anything else. My mate swares by Fidelizer Pro.
  6. I'd be happy to help once I'm sober.
  7. Lovely! Do they sound any better than 16 bit versions? Any remastering or just upsampling? Thanks
  8. Kit that punches well above... Karate Kit
  9. Following your lead I've sorted mine this evening. Didn't take long at all. Thanks!
  10. insider9


    Don't wish it on anyone but that's disappointing...
  11. Obviously. I tried with different email address and it won't send the verification.
  12. Same here and no access to old email address. Can't reset. Can not setup new account either.
  13. Oh that's annoying and good news at the same time. Annoying... because I no longer have access to email used to setup WHF account. That email was hacked. Any of the new mods fancy resetting my password, please?
  14. Last couple releases I listened to recently and both a very, very good. Opeth - In Cauda Venenum (Prog) Joshua Redman & Brooklyn Rider - Sun on Sand (Jazz)