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  1. insider9

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    I think there's more to it but yes they can have a negative effect. The effects are location based and where one frequency is a problem at yours the same may not be a problem at mine. Finally gear responds differently. Probably that's why there was no universal praise.
  2. insider9

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    Very good post Nick and I know you've got a lot of experience in the subject. We did have a brief conversation about these at yours. For the benefit of everyone else and as per quote above. I've used solid core ferrites and clip-on. For me incorrectly applied and frequency targeted ones made the sound worse that's when applied to digital and power cables. I never got any decent results from ferrites on analogue cables. I'd also suggest to whoever wants to try to use ferrites on LAN cable going into your streamer. Farnell is a good place to buy as well as RS Components.
  3. insider9

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    Not at all my experience. But try for yourself.
  4. insider9

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    I can only suggest you try ferrites yourself and make your opinion. It's not a given they will improve things and a lot of the time they will make things worse. Also worth pointing out there are many different spec ferrites targeting different frequencies.
  5. Thank you kindly Steve! If anyone would be so kind I'd be very grateful.
  6. insider9

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    Thanks for the offer Paul. I'll be at Kegworth. By all means we could continue on Monday at mine 😁
  7. insider9

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    Wow! Steve very kind of you. Would anyone be willing to pick this CD player up and take it to Kegworth with them?
  8. insider9

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    This is incredibly generous and I'd love it myself if only I was any closer. Top Wamming!!!
  9. insider9

    Blue Tooth Powered Speakers

    Nice one. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on the amp. It's on the to do list for some zones around the house but be interested to know what you think.
  10. insider9

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    You're on a hifi forum... What do you think?
  11. insider9

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Wouldn't rule it out 😁
  12. insider9

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Hahaha, cheeky She sounds great and that's on stock strings. Will have her restrung in a couple of weeks. Although I've not played for a few years I'm not as bad as I was expecting. Luckily, I've not got a YouTube account which saves me from possible embarrassment.
  13. insider9

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    New Year, new priorities... Instead of hifi, I've got myself this baby. Hifi will have to wait.
  14. insider9

    Krell ksa 100 mk 2

    Wow, great to read and what a positive start to the year. I've not owned a Krell amp but would like one at one point. Now more than ever. Congrats on achieving the sound you were after and I can see you setup the other way as well with a recliner which looks very nice. Oh and happy new year!!!