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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    AC/DC "Back In Black"
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    First listen... Beck "Colors"
  3. The Wam - Premier League predictor

    I don't mind being last as long as we play like we did today
  4. Arsenal

    Listening to post match analysis reminds me why I usually switch the TV off after the game. Very good performance today and all they can talk about is marginal but ultimately correct decisions and why we can't play like this every week. Mustafi was right we did play better than this before two Chelsea games last season come to mind. But this doesn't suit the narrative.
  5. Roon Server hardware options - what's best?

    I've read about people testing with Jriver but was unable to get it to work. But you are right when saying to use your ears. I've had many attempts with my current speakers to enhance what they do and not change their sound in a negative way. I'm 95% of the way there but know I can still improve. Even with less processing power using Minidsp I can impact the sound in a big way and make the changes I want. Ultimately what you decide with that much processing power is speaker voicing and with some work you can get it 100%. It is great if you know what you're doing. And it's not as simple as making squiggly lines straight. Once you're there hardware wise let me know and I'll help in any way I can.
  6. Roon Server hardware options - what's best?

    REW needs to send the sweep via the convolver in Roon for you to be able to measure the results, which I've not managed to do. REW doesn't see Roon as playback device. It was however 6 months ago and I've learned quite a lot since. Some of it may have changed. The good news is with use of 131,000 taps there's no other way than the lines on the screen to reflect the measurements. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Roon Server hardware options - what's best?

    I've trialed Roon before going to Minidsp. It was a diy active setup so needed Minidsp anyway for crossover hence didn't invest in Roon. I wasn't sure about PC as source either. I'm revisiting Roon as I've gone passive again. I'd like to upgrade DAC but unwilling to lose room correction. Convolver is very easy to use and for all intents and purposes rePhase works fine although it's fully manual and it takes a while to get used to interface. You can load up to 131,000 taps into Roon which is insane. Minidsp has something like 10,000 taps per device The only downside of using Roon convolution is that you cannot test the results with REW. The good thing is with so many taps available they will be exactly like rePhase shows. Finally like with other DSP solutions knowledge is necessary as it's easy to over-correct the speakers giving them a different voicing than they originally had. And if you have speakers you like it's not necessarily a good thing. There are definitely things you can fine tune but it's time consuming.

    Will give it a go tomorrow. Wonder if I'll see any movement. Won't be able to post a video as don't have Youtube account. Whether it's healthy or not I don't know it looks like a lot of fun I have been giving my speakers a workout today listening to Animals as Leaders. They're new to me but quite impressed.
  9. Roon free trial anyone?

    Completely free for two months. Just register with your email and no payment info is necessary. I don't have any affiliation nor do I force people to try it just alerting to an extended trial which normally would be 2 weeks.
  10. quad Z3 ribbon speakers

    I've not heard these however if you demo don't do it on the end of Artera + Play combo. I've listened to S-1 and was underwhelmed.
  11. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Will be nice to hear your thoughts. Had the original EB Acoustics EB2 so would be an interesting comparison.
  12. Roon Server hardware options - what's best?

    I agree that DSP in Roon gives excellent value for money in an already superb product. I'm currently considering ditching Minidsp in favour of DSP from Roon especially as it works as a convolver for FIR filters. Tried this before with mixed results and went Minidsp route. But now took out another trial to see if that works for me. In case you need a 2 month free trial of Roon have a look at details in my other post.
  13. Roon free trial anyone?

    Just seen a video on YouTube HBChannel. It contains a code for 2 month free trial of Roon. Yes, 2 months... You're welcome Link here see code underneath the video.
  14. Wammer's Album Club Tues 31st Oct , Glass Animals - ZABA

    I'm afraid I didn't hate it Quite enjoyable to unwind to. Good choice. If it wasn't for WAC I would never have put this on as it's not something I'd usually listen to. Very nice vibe I'll be coming back to this. Oh and by the way I listened to Deluxe version via Tidal which has 4 alternate takes (stripped down version) tracks. Very nice!
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    WAC Adore this album, great choice.