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  1. insider9

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Newlash, I'd encourage you do experiment but also do some reading. There are major differences between crossovers depending on the order and type of crossover. These will impact on phase behaviour, polar response, power handling and all will have their advantages and disadvantages. It's a big topic and I've only got a basic understanding. Whatever you do make sure that theory is in order and then listen. Your ears will tell you if you've done it right.
  2. insider9

    New album releases

    Thanks very much @Blackmetalboon Will go through the list and post my thoughts.
  3. insider9

    New album releases

    Would you share your highlights of the year? Having seen what you post in WAYLTRN I reckon I'd enjoy quite a few. Thanks
  4. insider9

    New album releases

    I've not listened to an outstanding album this year. There's been a couple of decent ones but nothing amazing. Last year was far better by this point.
  5. insider9

    Tom Misch

    Yes, I have listened to Beat Tape 2. I like just about anything he's done. His collaborations are great. It's nice to see he's becoming more popular as talent is definitely there and he does make his music accessible to many. It was interesting seeing people's reactions to his music.
  6. insider9

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Not gone through a whole thread and joining the discussion quite late on. I've experimented with RFI/EMI suppression on all/any cables in the chain (digital and analogue interconnects, mains and speaker cables). That includes making some fancy mains cables (own designs). It does make a difference every time, however it's not always for the better. It really isn't difficult to test at home and cost isn't prohibitive. I'd welcome anyone to try it whether you think there's basis for it or not.
  7. insider9

    Tom Misch

    Had the most wonderful BBQ listening to Tom Misch. Perfect summer soundtrack. Thanks @Amormusic for introducing me to this artist.
  8. Just had a listen and after the first track or two I wasn't that impressed but I persevered. It did get better and I must say I've enjoyed it. Standout tracks My Son and Hometown. I will have a good few more listens but it won't be any higher than 3/5 for me. Decent and definitely worth checking out the band and if possible seeing them live. Thanks for posting.
  9. insider9

    Amp advice

    That is surprising Not sure how deep they will go but I'd try not to set a crossover at all and see how they sound.
  10. Nice one Cno! Next step is using a fab built-in PCM1794 DAC and getting rid of your Linn. Or is it a step too far? Have you tried it?
  11. Some big hits on this album. If I'm honest it is a little too long as it feels samey after a while. Album itself is probably 3/5 for me but the hits that are on it take it up to 4/5. Still prefer his debut which I listen to on a regular basis but this is a very decent album nevertheless. Great choice and it was nice to come back to it after a couple of decades. 4/5
  12. insider9

    Amplifier clearout

    What colour is the Trio? Not that I need it
  13. I've had 3 listens to it this far. At first listen it didn't do anything for me. Sadly, not much has changed after two more. I've tried and I can hear there's nothing wrong with it however it just not for me and I won't come back to it. Based on that it's just 2/5 for me. Thanks for posting.
  14. insider9

    Amp advice

    I'd have them both and sell one for £50 if you only need one. Sorted 😁 By the way the there's a DAC board in there too so a truly all in one solution.
  15. insider9

    Is it just me?

    I think it's absolutely disgusting.... Tuesday off?! That should teach you to take deliveries on Friday and make a long weekend out of it