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  1. Chord (not cables)

    Yes, they're two completely different companies
  2. Newbie Intro's

    You're welcome to visit. Send me a PM if you wish to come in. I'm in the process of changing my amp but have a relief one until the one I've ordered arrives.
  3. Help with rePhase and linear phase crossover

    Interesting, OpenDRC-DA8 uses AKM4440 and I've compared it to other DAC chips. Level matched. It really is a good sounding chip however it may not shit the rest of your system. In regards to showing magnitude from imported file in rePhase change the view on the right hand side tab. As default it's set to strange values something like -100dB. It will then show up.
  4. Another one I could suggest is Arcaydis EB2s. They can be had brand new for £800 and 30 day money back guarantee (or is it 60 days...?) Sealed cabinet so will be ok fairly close to walls but they are large.
  5. 22kg standmount? Nice
  6. Arsenal

    After last weekend I almost lost the will to live. It didn't really improve after the first half last night. Yes, we were playing an interesting starting eleven but first half was dire. We came out for the second half when the more intent. Many will criticise it's only a lucky 1-0 victory but the truth is... so what? We pulled through and got 9 points from 3 games. Played youngsters and gave Jack time to come back. All very positive. Often these performances are "what champions do" but no one ever says it about Arsenal. We needed an ugly win, we got one. Let's have another one on Sunday. Let's focus on results, not the style (it's not like we have any left).
  7. I'll be there on a Saturday also. Not Sunday as there's football on
  8. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    Thanks for advice will include them in the search.
  9. Mine were about 30-40 cm from back wall. No problems with bass. Not sure it that's what OP considers close. Most speakers, I wouldn't dare to place closer than this.
  10. Yes, I appreciate the S2 would've been better way better. S1 is a remarkable speaker but tiny only so much you can do with that cabinet volume. One thing that didn't contribute to the demo was that I was listening to an all Quad System and wasn't at all smitten by Artera and Play combo. With different amplification it could've be been a different story. So I wouldn't discount S1 based on my experience. However TR5 S2 at a reduced price (as Roksan was bought out by Monitor Audio) are a very good value for money. The build is also very good indeed.
  11. Good call! I've upgraded TR5 to Rosebuds. At the time also listened to Quad S1 as S2 were not available for a demo. Quads were fine but Roksans are in a different league which then again goes up a level to Rosebuds. Although Rosebuds won't do Rock convincingly where Roksans will. Taste in music will come into play here.
  12. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    Yep the prices are crazy. I'm looking for a decent A5 but they seem to attract ridiculous prices. Seems all second hand dealers are forcing the prices up.
  13. It isn't the one. I was talking about an integrated with a valve buffer and solid state 120Wpc power stage. I have given up on it due to build quality concerns, maybe wrongly but now pursuing other options. Thanks both!
  14. I'd get a pair of Red Rose Rosebuds. There's a pair of them on eBay well within budget and not far from you. Recently dealt with that seller and he was very helpful.
  15. Anyone owns/owned the above amplifier and could share any thoughts? Or any thought or comments on brand itself? Thank you