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  1. There's a bacon thread.... ?!
  2. Hahaha, been wearing glasses all day and knocking stuff over with my briefcase 😂
  3. When looking at thread title I though there was a hifi brand I knew nothing about... 'older' 🤣
  4. Shame to read this. Good products but shocking service. I loved/love Tucana II Anniversary.
  5. My cave would consist of 3 rooms. Rehearsal/live recording room with no playback equipment in it, instead lots of instruments. All setup and ready to go so anyone can come and contribute. Control room with monitors and a lounge with proper hifi to chill and listen to either what was recorded/produced or some favourite tunes. All acoustically treated.
  6. Because it measures better
  7. Easily the best named thread in the history of the Wam. As to keeping/getting rid... I'd keep the ones that have use and/or sentimental value and get rid of the rest. Whether you sell or donate it really is up to you. Bringing it to Kegwort wouldn't be a bad shout. You just might have a spare to something one of the Wammers was looking for a decade.
  8. I hope not. Detail can come from exaggerating certain frequencies. It often happens when a manufacturer produces a bright impressive speaker. Transparency comes from lack of exaggeration.
  9. Amazing talent. Will be sorely missed.
  10. I jest. It actually is New York vanilla cheesecake from Waitrose. Delightful
  11. Can't stop laughing. Gotta love auto correct.
  12. Mine is Chocolate Baileys. Yours?
  13. Same here 😁 All my hifi is at least 30 years old. If only I could afford whisky that old.
  14. To expand on my answer. Speakers can be detailed and not transparent.