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  1. insider9

    FREE Atacama SE20 Stands Available

    These are high quality stands. Very kind offer!
  2. Fantastic CD player and highly recommended seller. Buy with confidence.
  3. insider9

    18th of May Birthday bash (Sheffield)

    Excellent, thank you. Cash on pick up ok? I'll PM you my mobile number.
  4. insider9

    18th of May Birthday bash (Sheffield)

    Great, thank you. May I please have. The Eagles - Hotel California Peter Gabriel - So
  5. insider9

    18th of May Birthday bash (Sheffield)

    @ian917 I may be able to pop in before work on the day of bake off.
  6. insider9

    18th of May Birthday bash (Sheffield)

    Ian, I'm not attending the bake off. Would be happy to sell me a couple anyway please?
  7. insider9

    Guess the album cover

    It was and I've actually listened to this album a couple a days ago.
  8. insider9

    Guess the album cover

    I'm on mobile so please someone else have a go
  9. insider9

    Guess the album cover

    Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers 😁
  10. insider9

    Cartridge advice

    Cheers Guys, will update once installed.
  11. insider9

    Cartridge advice

    Thanks All, E3 is on the way. Will report findings after it's installed.
  12. insider9

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    I knew it. That's why she wants a divorce. She's heard me signing the praise of Ureis after last year's Kegworth and it was only a matter of time 😁
  13. insider9

    Cartridge advice

    Cheers @radiant red I wish I could be more specific but I just don't know. How expensive would you go with the gear in mind? Edit Been told it's Jelco 250ST
  14. insider9

    Cartridge advice

    Hi All, asking for a friend. My knowledge of turntables is quite limited. The setup is Ariston QDeck, Jelco arm with Audio Technica AT91 (yellow, I think it is that one) into Carat A57 integrated (supposed to have a great phono stage). Here's a few questions: 1) What would be the max you'd recommended for a cart upgrade? Probably no point of sticking on an expensive MC cart (if one can be used) 2) Is buying second hand carts of ebay a good idea? 3) Any cart recommendations for circa £100 new or second hand (assuming that's reasonable level for the turntable in question). As always thanks for your precious advice and taking the time to educate the clueless 😁
  15. insider9

    New CD player day

    It's a PCM1704 chip. Supposedly one of the best PCMs ever made. Lots of high end gear used it. My CD player is PCM1702 and it seriously sounds great.