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THE WAM HIFI SHOW 2019 - Exhibitor Rooms All Now Full

Show Opens At 10am This Sunday - £15 On The Door (No Card Facilities/CASH ONLY)
Super Wammer Members Entrance Fee is £10 (Must Show Proof Of Membership and Forum Name eg. Print Out Of Forum Profile)



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  1. Agreed and Tony's system sounded even better than last year. Steve's too having more room to breathe. Both room with electrostats were superb and the tiny speakers impressed. Eddie's Proac with beautifully integrated sub and Paul's Boenicke. Yum!
  2. insider9

    Alice In Chains

    Wow! New album is excellent. Thanks for the info!!!
  3. Big thanks to organisers and exhibitors. First time visited with plus one. We've been truly terrible this year and made it round half the rooms only, so apologies to everyone we've not visited. It was a great sounding show and best one yet. What can I say I didn't want to rush it this time round and had to explain a lot... From what each box does... To why are the wooden boxes on the floor... And what are these nice looking lamps and why are there so many of them 😁
  4. insider9

    FREE Denon DCD1560

    I just wanted to say massive thanks to Steve! A true gent. Brought CD player to Kegworth. Nicely packed too. Had a great chat as well. Been listening for a few hours and I'm really impressed by the CD player. It did need some time to warm up but it sings beautifully. Top, top Wamming!!! Thank you very much. Both these components obtained through generosity of Wammers for my main system.
  5. I've played this on a loop for 2 days after losing my grandad...
  6. insider9

    What are you listening to right now?

    This is not bad at all... Bear in mind it might be the wine
  7. Why not try Arcam BlackBox?
  8. insider9

    What are you listening to right now?

    Not bad at all. 2 listens so far on the way to work. Thanks for the recommendation 😁
  9. insider9

    What are you listening to right now?

    Cheers, will give it a whirl.
  10. insider9

    Hi-Fi is out...

    Nice one! Link below for anyone else interested. The more people contributing the better and with Ade's interesting taste in music and love for Puscifer it may be quite interesting 😁 I wish I had time to contribute more but seems I write more than listen nowadays.
  11. insider9

    Doing time.

    I joined because of the last Scalford show I wanted to attend. That's 2 years ago now...
  12. insider9


    I mentioned them on other threads but I'm very fond of Birds of Chicago
  13. insider9

    Car parts... ;)

    I was browsing eBay today and came across this seller. I really enjoy their listings. Here's an example
  14. insider9

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    Thanks for heads up. I like Dido too