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  1. Just to clarify. 2x4 HD can work internally at 48 or 96kHz. It will accept input of sampling rates between 20-216 kHz, so 192kHz files will play. They will undergo DSP at whatever internal rate you set it to. If you want to use USB out I'd suggest into looking at something like a Schiit Eitr.
  2. insider9

    Recommend some Active Speakers

    Glad to hear it. Enjoy!
  3. insider9

    Advice: Elac - Canton - Dali

    Never heard laid back Dalis. What amp and source are you using?
  4. insider9

    Recommend some Active Speakers

    They're both over the budget at circa £300 but worth considering if you can stretch. Adam T5V or JBL 305P MkII
  5. insider9

    Advice on screw

    It looks a little worn, hence I said right size. They do come in metric and imperial sizes so unless it fits perfectly don't turn it. It can make it worse. All the tips above are excellent.
  6. insider9

    Advice on screw

    You'll need the right size Allen key
  7. insider9

    Your Favourite Releases / Buys Of 2018

    very nice. I thought I was the only one. Really liked these also! Add the following Kamasi Washington, John Coltrane, Prince, Myles Kennedy, Alice in Chains, Janelle Monae, Tom Misch, Machine Head, Low Cut Connie, Jorja Smith
  8. Thanks Doug. It's been a while. Must say I'm not here as much as I used to either. Too many things happening. As to the car that's exactly the advice I was given. I've done 1,300 miles since and it sounds exactly the same and drives as well. I'm really happy with my purchase.
  9. insider9

    New album releases

    Big news for Esperanza Spalding fans. I'm sure you got the email She has been releasing new songs since Sunday. One track a day for 12 days. Available free to listen through her website and social media. I'm a big fan so a big treat for me. So far two videos have landed. Next one will be available at 12:12 today and daily at the same time. 12 tracks will form a new album which will be available for digital release on 19th October. That's a day after Esperanza's birthday (I'm sure you knew this date anyway). Physical copies of the album to come out in 2019.
  10. I built this rack myself. It's based on Sound Organization Z540 rack which black hollow shelves are used from. I've used birch timber for construction which hasn't yet been varnished or stained. Couldn't decide on finish. It can be used as is but would probably be best to be sanded down before varnish. Dimensions are 23" (H) x 18" (D) x 20.5" (A) Shelves are standard 14" (D) x 18" (W) Bottom about 5 3/4" tall middle 4.5" tall and unlimited height at the top. Last two pictures for reference only as no equipment is part of this sale. Extended (deeper) top shelf will be added. It allowed for Esoteric F-05 amplifier to be placed on top. Check out its dimensions. I've had over 50kg worth of over £10k of equipment safely on this rack (see last pic). The rack is very sturdy. Rack has 4 floorspikes on the bottom which allow for levelling. Condition is used. Collection from Sheffield or Wam taxi if you can arrange one. Price £50
  11. For sale my UMIK-1. Perfect condition in original box and with cables, etc. Yes, it has been heavily used over last 18 months (it's not like this make any difference) cosmetically it is perfect and performance is unaffected. I didn't want to sell it, however I'm in the last phase of house hunting and need to gather extra funds.Bought from Ideal AV in March 2017. Not sure if I still have a receipt, so please assume I don't. Questions welcome. Price for Wammers £80 plus postage, which is the least I've seen them sell ever on second hand market (eBay). Collection from Sheffield also welcome. Thanks
  12. insider9

    Silent Streamer with CD ripper (Roon)

    This is once again available for sale. Sale fell through as my mate's had an expensive car repair. @Bokke has expressed an interest earlier so waiting for confirmation if that's still the case. Otherwise questions welcome.
  13. insider9

    Your top 10 war films

    Deer Hunter Apocalypse Now Saving Private Ryan Good morning, Vietnam The Great Escape Where Eagles Dare Platoon Dirty Dozen Schindler's List Full Metal Jacket Worth adding these two mini series as they're exceptional Band of Brothers and The Pacific.
  14. insider9

    Bigger amp or different speakers, how do we know?

    Is there Richer Sounds in Denmark?