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  1. I've not seen any info to back this up. Definitely not for absorption. Do you have any links that I could read up on it?
  2. They're £539 and you could say they "include" WXC-50 as it provides similar functionality built in (minus analogue in and plus lossless Bluetooth). WXC-50 itself is currently worth £289. You could say you're paying £250 for a pair of active speakers. That's superb value. I've not heard them though.
  3. No, happily married. I don't have any say in my wife's reading room/office. She's got no say in my listening room even though it's a part of master bedroom. Living room is never quiet enough for a proper listening room with people in and out all the time. Would love more space but gotta wait a couple more years before my eldest son finally leaves the nest. Having compared absorption figures on sheep's wool and fiberglass I think I might have to get fiberglass especially for bass traps. Would love something natural like wool but only if it performs well and absorption around 45% at 125 Hz is lower than comparably thick fiberglass.
  4. Seen these and wondered that myself.
  5. Thanks for that Keith. Definitely worth looking into alternative materials and may I say they're reasonably priced as well.
  6. Interesting point I've not considered possible health risks in day to day use. Thanks for bringing it up. My wife has some allergies so will need to investigate this. Maybe samples can be ordered for this very reason. Cling film would be out of question to treat first reflections and I'd rather stick to one absorption material to keep the cost down.
  7. I wanted to like it but with a few attempts I haven't managed to listen through it at one go. In theory it should work in real terms I just lost interest every time and it's a shame as it's something different. 2/5
  8. My setup is a pair of AKG K712 Pro on the end of Firestone Audio Cute Beyond headphone amp with rolled op-amps. I don't need to get a better head-fi as it's only used rarely.
  9. Thanks Stefan! Great advice with the mirror. The initial plan is to put the diffuser on the wall in between the speakers, I guess I'd call it front. The back wall is too close for diffusion from all I've read so far. Problem is diffusers are much harder to make and really heavy so need to think of a way to securely attach them to a wall. It looks like the way to go for panels and a straight forward build. They can quite easily be acceptable part of decor. I guess the biggest challenge will be the design part and by that I mean what to use and where. I've spent some time reading today and it's not that obvious as there are many factors to consider. For the time being I'm considering corner bass traps, absorption panels behind listening position, side reflections and front wall diffuser with a panel underneath. I don't think I'll be able to do any treatment to ceiling. And overall fixing it in place will be a challenge of it's own as until I know it's working perfectly I'd rather not have to drill anything.
  10. Given the price tag and the fact it isn't FIR I would look at other solutions. I'm currently using Minidsp OpenDRC-DA8 which can achieve a 4-way crossover with both IIR and FIR at 1/10th of the cost of DCN28. Granted at a disadvantage of limited connectivity. There are other solutions. You could use, 2 of 2x4 HD also if you used an optical signal splitter. At circa £4k it seems you can do so much more and if cost was not an issue Exakt would be my choice.
  11. Great to see this section! After all there are times speakers are not the solution. Whether it's for social reasons or poor room acoustics.
  12. I'm not disputing a legend. But I think what he meant is most of the room interaction happens below 200Hz. What happens above are reflection that will impact on impulse response and affect imaging which may or may not happen. I don't think it in any way contradicts but merely expands on it.
  13. Yep, plus a courier still safely under £100. Lovely speakers. The guy packed them really well. Bargain.
  14. Warm welcome William! I mean it, 30C warm
  15. Sounds exciting. I might be interested once you're done with them. My birthday is 22 October, just saying