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  1. This'll end well (not!)

    I've read it I could not believe it. I know it's only an idea but still absurd. Especially the explanation that it's due to response time of emergency services. Next it will be the dinner ladies and crossing guards in case response time of teachers is not good enough. #sad
  2. I've only had it since yesterday but I believe I could, yes. I'll let you know after more testing. I'm surprised myself.
  3. Interestingly enough I've picked up a fancy USB cable from a mate of mine. I'm a sceptic and didn't expect any difference. To my surprise there is a difference and I'm sure anyone would notice it. I've spent a good bit of researching if that's even possible. And in certain conditions it is Sadly OP if you're referring to your DAC (Micromega) there should be no difference so I'd continue testing. The difference would be minimal if any on an asynchronous DAC. I was not quite happy that Hegel went with synchronous USB DAC. It happens that in such conditions quality of the cable can have a big impact. And all because DAC will be taking its clock from incoming data stream.
  4. Yamaha MusicCast WXA50

    I've used WXC-50 for a year. Great little thing. Really sounded good. Super functionality and a decent app. What let it down was lack of gapless playback for Tidal and Qobuz. Little remote was incredibly useful. Even if you decide it's not for you look at other MusicCast devices there's quite a few.
  5. Gorgeous Gadgets

    Hegel Rost only comes in white, sadly there's no choice of finish. To be fair none of their amps are lookers.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Pearl Jam - No Code
  7. Have a look at Minidsp OpenDRC DI. Sadly I don't think it accepts USB input but you may be able to use it.
  8. Primaluna Dialogue HP

    It only happened to me once and I took full advantage of it. You wouldn't want to disappoint her now do would you It's very rare indeed. Oh and don't be surprised... when I asked my wife for another listen she said it sounded much better the last time
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    U2 - The Joshua Tree
  10. Primaluna Dialogue HP

    Or don't demo at all just stare at in a dimly lit room
  11. Primaluna Dialogue HP

  12. What are you listening to right now?

    PJ Harvey - 4-Track Demos
  13. Primaluna Dialogue HP

    Would love to but slightly too far. Thanks for offer though
  14. Primaluna Dialogue HP

    Didn't see that. I've exchanged a few emails with Nintronics. That could indeed be a bargain however the ad is rather strange.