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  1. I've just been flicking the mono switch on my amp but have been seriously thinking of picking up a spare headshell for a mono cart as I'm getting a nice little collection of original monos. But whenever I look for tp16 headshells, they seem to disappear from fleabay! It's like they know I'm looking for them
  2. Bugger! I went with the quick option and just replaced the talismans with another set. That said, I'm amazed the difference having two perfectly formed tweeters has made, just so much more open and airy. I only have a small room, it's a Victorian two up two down so they fill the room pretty well. That's not to say I won't try the prologues next time I get upgrade fever
  3. Well I've been on a road trip today to pick up another pair of mk1 talismans. I'm blown away all over again, I didn't realise how tired my old black ones were. I think there must have been some changes in the short time they made the mk1s as these have gold speaker connectors and I'm sure the tweeter is slightly different. The bass is more even and the soundstage is wider. I'm in love all over again! I will keep an eye out for some mk2s at some time though
  4. I'm veering towards option one, mainly because it means I could have new toys tomorrow (there's that little patience thing again!). But I'm also a bit intregued as the tweeters look different, no wire grill over them and hex screws holding them in, and the speaker wire connectors are gold with ruark embossed on instead of the plastic red and bleck ones that are on mine. So I'm wondering if they are 1's that have been upgraded or if they are a later crossover model? The auction ends at 9am so I guess I'll have to see if I get lucky this time (they were up yesterday but the buyer who out bid me was in Poland and didn't realise they were collection only so the seller relisted them on a 24 hour auction). Wish me luck!
  5. It looks better from that angle, the base is still just naked board
  6. Really good idea! Anything that helps stop the blight of dog poo can only make things better. I'm a professional dog walker so most of my day is spent dodging the turds of doom. It did make me chuckle the other day though. Someone went round one of the local parks and sprayed each and every abandoned poo bright pink! There were tons of pink blobs all over the place, certainly made it easier to spot but it was shocking how much was actually there!
  7. Nobody told me there was cake...awesome! I have found the fry up thread though so I know I'm in the right place
  8. ok now Ive got it! just need to work out where the kettle is and where to put my slippers and I think Im all set
  9. wow, there are some sexy thorens here I have a humble td160 mk1. i bought it from fleabay as a non runner untested so was delighted when it arrived fully working and just a bit tired. spit and polish and a new belt and it was off and running. its got a broken hinge but i can live with that. Ive since changed the base board for a thicker one (probably should varnish it some day!), dampened the usual places, modded the head shell to take my 2m bronze and made some new van damme interconnects. It still looks like a barn find but i love it. Its been a great learning experience as Ive refused to let my fella take over and Ive done the work myself.
  10. Nope it wasn't me being blond! Might have to dust off my laptop later and set it up
  11. That was option 4! But you know what it's like, can't help feeling I could be doing better. But I don't think that feeling ever stops-damn upgrade fever!
  12. I might have forgotten to hit save...doh!
  13. Already filled out tbh it's the banter here that I like. Just because we are deadly serious in our hobby, birdbrain mean we have to be boring and not have a laugh. I'm an admin on another large (non audio) forum so I'm definitely used to large amounts of banter
  14. Thanks, it always takes a while to get used to a new place. Settling in quickly though
  15. It's the one with the magnetic antiskate doobrey! I've modded the headshell for my ortofon 2m bronze and it sounds pretty sweet (can't work out how to "like" posts yet, still sussing things out, so thanks for the welcome!)