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The information for this year's show is now live at or by clicking on the show banner below.

NON EXHIBITOR ROOMS NOW OPEN - Special Offer....Stay Saturday, join in all the build up excitement on Sat night and then gain FREE access to the show on Sunday


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  1. Richard A

    Kegworth Show - Bring And Buy Sale

    Hi Barry, A great initiative. As posted in the classifieds I will bring my Puresound P10/T10 phono amp/step up. Though I am hoping to have a firm offer before the show. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Richard
  2. Richard A

    Valve info

    Ok, seems a little odd that they weren’t more open about what they were selling.
  3. Richard A

    Valve info

    Hi Tautvilas. They told me EB was better quality but didn’t elucidate more.
  4. This is something of an interest check before Kegworth. I have had my Puresound P10 phono amplifier and T10 step up as a back up to:my current phono stage for a few months and it seems a bit of a waste to have them sitting there doing nothing. So I am prepared to sell them but only if I can bring them to Kegworth and hand them over to their new owner or a someone who can offer a WAM taxi service. I live in the Channel Islands and do not want to post them. i bought these from a guy on AoS and they are in perfect working order. Additionally I will throw in two brand new unused JJ Gold pin valves for the P10 that I bought from Guy at Puresound for £50. The manual is included though I forgot to put it in the photographs. There are also spare screws for the case. I am looking for £525 for the pair, but only if handed over at Kegworth. I do not want to split these as I use only MC cartridges.
  5. Richard A

    boenicke Owners Club

    Yes I love the place too. Think this will be my twelfth visit. I’m a wine merchant by trade and spend the evenings engaged in “research” in various restaurants vinho verde and the small clams you find on the Atlantic coast are one of those marriages made in heaven. Apologies for hijacking the thread.
  6. Richard A

    boenicke Owners Club

    Thanks very much, yes I have seen your town on road signs. I never have much spare time when I am there but will give you a buzz if I can spare an hour or so. Enjoy those speakers! Richard
  7. Richard A

    boenicke Owners Club

    Hello Outlaw and welcome, Great video and those little W5 sound fantastic. As Paul/Maverick says I fly to East Midlands airport for the Kegworth show, and it is just a five minute taxi ride to the village. Well worth doing if you can make it one year. I love Lisbon and go each year - usually staying in Cascais as I chase a small white ball around parts of Portugal rarely seen by man I am very happy with the W8 and they still seem to be improving after 15 months!
  8. Richard A

    FS : Border Patrol SE Dac (Sold)

    This is a total bargain. I have the same unit and it is one of the most musical DACs I’ve heard at its original price point - £1,200 from memory. GLWTS
  9. Richard A

    Valve info

    Thanks Phil. I have just ordered a matched pair of the EH as suggested by Metatron.
  10. Richard A

    Valve info

    Thanks very much Metatron. That’s very useful. I will take a look at the Hotrox site. I have also emailed Watford and asked the same question. I will pass on the response if it is helpful. Its a great pre-amp!
  11. Richard A

    Valve info

    I have a Modwright LS36.5 pre-amp which uses two 6H30 valves. I would like to purchase a spare pair as I don’t know how many hours the originals have been used for, though it sounds fine at the moment. Watford Vlaves are advertising matched pairs but these are listed as 6H30 EB and I don’t know what the EB suffix stands for. Are these the same as each other? Is anyone able to confirm one way or the other? Thanks.
  12. Richard A

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Lack of change is always a good sign David! Thanks for the report - I’m very happy with my Modwright amp but have always liked the minimalist look of the Hegel, though I have never heard one, Hence my request. Maybe someone will have one at Kegworth. Have fun with it.
  13. Richard A

    boenicke Owners Club

    I will even provide mushy peas and mint sauce if you’re lucky!
  14. Richard A

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Looks great David. Be interested in your thoughts as Hegel get a good Press. Which model is that?
  15. Richard A

    boenicke Owners Club

    You are welcome anytime Paul. How about a phono amp bake off. Not much to carry!