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  1. Richard A

    What are you listening to right now?

    My vinyl copy arrived today and this could well become my personal album of the year. Beautifully recorded, not quite country and not quite jazz but utterly brilliant. And finishes with the best version of Angel since Jimi did it.
  2. Richard A

    ModWright owners club

    Hi Modwrighters, I have been swopping e mails with Dan Wright over the past few days regarding his potential UK distributor. He is currently in talks “but nothing has been confirmed yet”. The really good news is that he is releasing a pre-amp called the LS300 which he says will better the two box DM but at the same price. It has two sets of XLR inputs and outputs. In his words “ Fully dual mono, transformer coupled in to out, fully balanced. External dual mono power supply with dual tube rectifiers”. Distortion is less than .025% at 1 kHz. Frequency is 10Hz to 150Khz (-1db) Noise -110db The first unit is on its way to Denmark but he hopes to get one to the UK as soon as he sorts out a distributor. ”It is our best pre-amp to date, “ says Dan Better start saving!
  3. Richard A

    Jokes, old or new

    My wife asked if I could pass her the lip balm but I handed her super glue by mistake. She’s still not talking to me.
  4. Richard A

    Wanted XLR interconnects.

    OK Geoff. No problem. Let me know when you are next there and I will see if I still need a pair. Thanks
  5. Richard A


    I had thought about bringing part of my system to Kegworth but the main problem is getting it though Customs (plus the fact I don’t like ferry journeys, particularly in March!) They would assume I was taking it to the UK to sell with consequent VAT implications. Not sure how I could prove otherwise. You’re gonna have to come here!
  6. Richard A


  7. Richard A


    You happy with that new DAC Paul? Nice and neat. To be honest, the Swingbase is very expensive for a couple of metal posts and a bit of wire, and I can’t really say how much they improve the sound because they came with the speakers. I would have to get you to bring yours to Guernsey so we could have a bake off and see if there is much difference!
  8. Richard A


    I hadn’t realised that Paul. Maybe I should claim a little commission if they sell another black pair! I think it looks great and am surprised they don’t offer a darker finish in their range. Maybe they don’t have black trees in Switzerland.
  9. Richard A


    Just catching up with this thread. I have the W8s on a Swingbase. If anyone is contemplating getting the Swingbase for their speakers and you have a carpeted floor I would highly recommend buying a hard base for the speakers to sit on. I had my W8s made in a special black finish so I bought two black marble chopping boards from a kitchen shop as they were a good match. The Swingbase does not work on carpet on its own, it needs a solid base. I love the speakers. I place great importance on the soundstage and imaging so I was delighted when Peter Swain from Cymbiosis, after installing my LP12, said he thought the W8s had stunning imaging (his comment came without any prompting from me!). I will attach a hastily taken pic to show the marble boards.
  10. Richard A

    Wanted XLR interconnects.

    Do you still have any balanced leads for sale Geoff? Richard
  11. Richard A

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Paul/Maverick made me buy a pair of Boenicke W8. Wonderful imaging and transparency and surprisingly deep bass for such small speakers. Take a bit of driving and need months of use to reach their best but I love them. And, more importantly, so does the wife!
  12. Richard A

    LAT 300 International phono leads

    Now sold.
  13. Richard A

    1970s upward facing speakers

    I’m very happy with my Boenickes which are only a year old but I would love to hear these.
  14. Richard A

    1970s upward facing speakers

    Those look interesting and see that they stem from the same designer as the Sonabs. Have you heard these Ronnie?