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  1. Richard A


    Estoril not Estonia! Computers!
  2. Richard A


    Hi, Thanks for the info. I do buy used vinyl. I am not sure I will have much time in Lisbon though. Maybe next time - I come to Estonia/Cascais every year. I love it! Enjoy those W5! All the best, Richard
  3. Richard A

    Jokes, old or new

    The organisers at Kegworth felt that Wammers were taking the vinyl revival a little too far this year.
  4. Richard A

    DAC recommendation

    That Tucana looks great and hope you enjoy it. If you are still itching for a new DAC I can recommend the Border Patrol SE, made in the USA by a British ex-pat. Will be around £1,100 depending on the exchange rate though they do very occasionally come up second hand. Very musical and very slightly on the warm side of neutral which suits my system. I love it and feel I would have to spend a crazy amount to get a significant improvement. Anyhow, glad you made the decision on the Tucana and be interested in your thoughts once you are used to it. Richard
  5. Richard A


    Hi Hi Fi Outlaw, Sorry no name on your WAMdetails. Glad you like the W5s. There are a couple of other Boenicke owners on the WAM, Maverick/Paul and Anthony/ Electric Cafe. We are all huge fans. I place great importance on imaging and the Boenickes do this in spades. They like a pretty hefty amp to be at their best, thankfully my Modwright produces lots of current. Interesting you are in Lisbon, I will be in Cascais in early July. Any decent hi fi shops in the area? Richard
  6. Thanks Luke, just stumbled across this thread. That is a really good write up that I enjoyed thoroughly. It expressed so much more than many professional reviews - thankfully confusion can occasionally lead to enlightenment. I have never heard any Leema kit but after your review I now want to. And that surely should be the aim of every review. Good luck and thanks.
  7. Richard A


    Thanks Phil, I hope that encourages people to take the Boenicke plunge. Sven is happy to produce special finishes too - my W8s are in black ash to match my Hi Fi Racks stand. I have had mine around six months now and they are getting better all the time, the bass will never match really big boxes but for imaging and transparency they are spectacular. They need a bit of oomph to sound their best, but the Modwright is not short in that department. I can’t see me replacing them anytime soon. And they have a huge WAF too - the W8 is actually smaller than my old Spendor S5e. Richard
  8. Richard A

    Border Patrol

    Hi Mike, Well I am semi-retired if that helps! The BP is very musical and I play classic rock like the Grateful Dead, Lynard Skynard, Springsteen and the Allman Brothers often - it rocks.If you are in the States I would consider it a no-brainer. Not sure if they offer a trial period after which you could return it but it may be worth asking. I doubt you would have any trouble selling it if it’s not for you. Good luck, Richard
  9. Richard A

    Border Patrol

    Hi Mike, I have a Border Patrol SE which I use for playing CDs - I don’t use streaming or digital storage. I am very happy with it and feel I would need to spend considerably more for not much improvement. The comments on this thread are accurate, it is rich sounding but not bloated or overdone. Perhaps the very high end is a little cut off but that is nit-picking at the price. My speakers are tonally very accurate and transparent and it suits them well. I think you will be well pleased with it. Border Patrol is run by a British ex-pat who is a pleasure to deal with. Please note that if you order direct you will be liable for import duty. They do come up second hand but not very often. I am sure if you don’t like it you will get the majority of your money back as they sell very quickly. Hope this help a little. Richard
  10. Richard A

    Jokes, old or new

    The following joke is bang out of order: BNAG
  11. Richard A

    Jokes, old or new

    That’s very clever! Like it.
  12. Richard A

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    You weren’t supposed to notice that! Had it a week now, and it is sounding really open and transparent. I played the new Van Morrison album last night. Real smoky nightclub songs and fantastic to listen to while slightly drunk (which I was!). I am keeping my Puresound P10 as I want to try some tube rolling in it and then compare the two. But at the moment the Gold Note has it by quite some margin.
  13. Richard A

    Milty Zerostat 3 anti static remover Gun

    Thanks Colin, yes it certainly makes a difference. And the felt mat doesn’t stick to the record anymore. The LP12 is wonderful, made I think by the Ekos SE. There is such clarity in everything I listen to that I use CDs only for background listening now. Have a good weekend. R So it looks like you are going to shoot her Paul? 😳
  14. Richard A

    Jokes, old or new

    I’m poaching that one!🤡
  15. Richard A

    What are you listening to right now?

    Back again. Still think this is a wonderful album. Try Lyle Lovett singing Friend of the Devil if you just want to sample one track.