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  1. Hi Mark, I use a Modwright LS36.5 pre-amp into a Modwright KW150SE into my W8s. Lots of current, which the speakers like. The Modwright combo is neutral, it just makes things louder. I can’t see me changing amp or speakers anytime soon.
  2. Thanks Rob, my speakers are about 3 ft into the room from the back wall. Can’t do more without tripping people up. They sound great to my ears, exceptionally detailed when fed the signal from my Audio Technica cartridge.
  3. Had a bit of room re-arrangement and my W8s are now 11 feet apart. They were around 7 feet before, the sound stage has really opened up now. Didn't realise the change would make such a difference. If you have the room, a highly recommended upgrade at my sort of price!
  4. And you can knock up a couple of tarts afterwards.
  5. I’d be very happy to host a bake off if I could persuade anyone to come!
  6. Spen, if you can persuade your significant other that she needs a long weekend in the Channel Islands you are welcome to come and listen to my W8. Though, as I am a wine merchant, alcohol may be involved. I never stop the research
  7. Mushy peas and mint I believe. Funny lot up north.
  8. Oh for goodness sake, where’s the groan button. Or maybe the door would be better.
  9. Hi Mark, Glad you found some Boenicke fans. Be interested in Sven’s comments. How are Boenicke perceived on your side of the Pond?
  10. I use the same on my W8s, black marble chopping boards. Even SWMBO is happy with them. The Swingbase is not at its best on carpet in my experience. Photo shows my W8 and a Spendor D7.2 I was trialling. I preferred the Boenicke.
  11. You’re on a roll now.
  12. No charge, I found it on Facebook too!
  13. So I suppose the Friday evening curry is on me next March.