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  1. Hi Barry, Yes, it was a great few hours, even though I was working overtime (I work in the wine trade!) Actually Kegworth is brilliant for me, an hour on a plane and five minutes in a taxi. After hearing The Allman Brothers live at Fillmore East (er, can’t remember in which room) I ordered a vinyl copy through Amazon. Amazingly it arrived today. So the amp is warming up, and the red wine is open. Think how I know this evening is going to go. Stay warm.
  2. Hi all, Managed to get the flight home despite the snow, albeit a little late. This was my first WAM show so can’t comment about Scalford but Kegworth I thought was spot on, good staff, good food and prices and very easy to get to from East Midlands airport (about 5 minutes). I had a brilliant time - particularly Saturday night - after all, what’s not to like about getting pissed with a bunch of blokes while listening to music on decent systems? I did not know one person before going but was made to feel very welcome and it was great putting faces to the names on the forum. My thanks to Peter and Danny for all the hard work - the show just worked for me, I had fun and learnt a lot. I’ll be back. Richard
  3. Well honestly. We’ve not even met yet and you’ve discovered a possible weakness
  4. Be good to meet you too Peter. It’s quite possible I’ll be in the bar at the Yew Tree at 9pm! Richard
  5. That’s dedication Colin! I will pm you my mobile so you can text call when you’re here and recovered! R
  6. I too am a ticket holder. I’ve simply scrawled Richard A on back of old work name badge so people can say hello - or avoid me!
  7. Yes of course Colin. See you’re from Cornwall. You flying to East Midlands? Richard
  8. Hi Greybeard (I have one of those too!) I’m going to Cymbiosis tomorrow to play with their LP12s but should be back by early evening. PM when you are here, be very happy to meet up. Nice bar/restaurant at Yew Tree. Richard
  9. I resemble that remark! I’m in Kegworth already due to flight timings. Those staying at Yew Tree will be happy. Bring a pair of large trousers! Off for a walk now to work off lunch. If anyone needs wine advice I’m happy to help with tasting etc. Well, the etc bit mainly. See you all Saturday. Richard A
  10. Apologies for a dim question but I assume as a ticket holder only and not an exhibitor I can turn up on the Saturday as well as the Sunday. Happy to help people carry gear from their cars. Richard A
  11. I’ll be the new boy and this will be my first ever Hi Fi show - or geekend as my daughter calls it. But looking forward to putting faces to names and hearing systems. You’ll find me close to the Doombar pump, and as my day job consists of buying wine and advising restaurants on their wine lists I will be very happy to assist with any vinous quality control that is needed. See you all next weekend. Richard A
  12. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    They look great Barry but far too neat. Where’s all the wires or are they Bluetooth? 😳