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  1. Border Patrol

    Hi Martin, Need to research your units but very interesting stuff as the mains will be my next point of focus. No sorry don’t have War of the Worlds but if I find one in a charity shop will give it a go. I enjoy browsing in them. R
  2. Border Patrol

    Very interesting post Metatron. As a Border Patrol owner I can only agree with what you say, love the musicality it brings. I’m happy with mine, a big step up from the DAC in the Cyrus. I do hope Martin/Mr Underhill posts his finds too. Richard
  3. Boenicke W8

    Great Phil, Hope you make it. I’m not organised, just mean. The earlier you book the cheaper the flights! Have a good weekend. Richard
  4. Boenicke W8

    Hi Phil, I hope you’re going to Kegworth. I’ve just booked my flights and hotel, would be great to say hello. I believe Paul/Maverick of this parish is taking his W8s along. He, Anthony/ Electric Cafe, and I have been swopping W8 stories. Needless to say we are all quite smitten by the W8s and will bore you to death in the bar.
  5. Boenicke W8

    If you get a chance Phil have a listen. They are quite remarkable for their size. No longer am I listening to a couple of boxes but a stage of musicians. They like to be driven hard so powerful amps appear to work best according to other owners I’ve swapped tales with.
  6. Boenicke W8

    Show off! How did you do that?!
  7. Boenicke W8

    Ex demo pair of Boenicke W8 speakers in oak for £4,199 on EBay. I have a pair of these and they are simply wonderful speakers for the size, I am now listening to music not Hi Fi. Sorry but don’t know how to paste a link using an I Pad. Suggestions welcome!
  8. Black ash/oak veneer repair tip

    Hi Phil, i meant black ash or black oak. Sorry for the confusion! Richard
  9. Big UP to Guy Seargent

    Another vote from me. Bought a couple of spare valves from Guy for my P10 and mentioned there were a few screws missing from the outside casing. He sent the screws FOC along with the valves. Phil/Hi Fi Nutt, still loving my L10 it’s a keeper. And pairs with the Modwright KW150SE brilliantly. Richard
  10. Black ash/oak veneer repair tip

    I contacted Spendor as my old S5E black ash speakers had a couple of small scratches. They told me they use a Mitsibushi Unipaint marker PX 20 in black. Bought one on Amazon for a couple of quid, works perfectly and doesn’t fade/go purple. Thought I’d pass this on. Richard
  11. Why does our gear sound so good.........

    Yes Luke/Insider9 I have a new Modwright KW150SE which is a wonderful amplifier which I bought to power some Boenicke W8s - due to arrive next week. These need power according to the Wam folk who have them. But I’m still amazed at the Net Audio units. It’s like splitting up with a girlfriend and then realising she is rather beautiful after all.
  12. on the day we are selling it? I have had a Net Audio totally modified Quad 33/303 sitting idle in my spare room for six months. Met a guy at a vinyl fair recently who is coming round to hear it and is happy with price. Set it up this morning and it sounds just wonderful, much better than I remember! I’m now sitting here wondering if I should be selling it. Anyone else felt this pain? I keep telling myself I can’t listen to two amps at once. Bugger!
  13. I realise this is a dim question but it’s never stopped me before. I won’t be bringing any equipment but I do want a room to sleep in! Do I book this online with the hotel or do it through the Wam? Apologies but I’m new here and never made Scalford. Richard A
  14. Border Patrol

    Thanks Martin, i need to investigate the mains side of things in detail. Richard