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  1. Schiit Yggdrasil

    Thanks JezR, I have just done that so will see what he says. Richard A
  2. Schiit Yggdrasil

    I am following this thread with interest as I am looking for a new DAC and been chatting with Metatron. Interested in the Border Patrol. Mr Underhill can you let me know who sells these in the UK. I’ve tried the internet to no avail. Thanks, Richard
  3. CD player upgrade advice please

    Thanks Phil, If I don’t get any interest in next week or two will try Midland. Thanks for the tip.
  4. CD player upgrade advice please

    Thanks Phil. i don’t really blame Melodonia, there does not seem to be much interest in decent hi fi here. I have my mint Bel Canto Ref 150 amp for sale locally at £600 which is a bargain. Not one enquiry yet. Richard A
  5. CD player upgrade advice please

    Just read the review of the Chord Hugo 2 in Hi Fi Choice this month which is very positive. Anyone on here have a Hugo 2n? It’s certainly within budget (I don’t pay VAT here) Richard A
  6. CD player upgrade advice please

    To reply to Phil/hi fi Nutt, Melodonia is only 200 yards from where I live but I have never seen a stand alone DAC there Phil. They do a little Hi Fi - mainly speakers, they are KEF and Spendor agents, Hence my S5e. They can get things but that does not give me much chance to listen, However I am in London next weekend and will try to get to a dealer there so I can try to see where my system is in relation to what they’re selling. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I am making notes and spending far too much time on the internet looking for stuff. Richard A
  7. CD player upgrade advice please

    Thanks Serge, That makes sense. From my understanding this is similar to standing waves at RF frequencies. Richard
  8. CD player upgrade advice please

    Thanks for the 75ohm info. Why is that? Sorry, just trying to understand all of this. Ok on Nos, will keep that in mind.
  9. CD player upgrade advice please

    Thanks Men in Black. Yes just checked, it has both. I like music but struggle with audio electronics! Hi Phil, sorry to hear about your Cyrus. I must have been lucky, I sold my CD6 locally and buyer still enjoying it without problem. And I used it virtually daily for eight years.
  10. CD player upgrade advice please

    Now for a completely inept question. I’ve not considered an outboard DAC before. Do I just take the normal output of the Cyrus CDi (which currently goes to my pre-amp) and plug that into an input of the DAC? Told you it was inept! Richard
  11. CD player upgrade advice please

    I like most of all, the ability to hear where the musicians are - an accurate soundstage I suppose - with the ability to follow each musician individually. Detail is important too. Fairly neutral sounding. Hope this helps. Thanks again.
  12. CD player upgrade advice please

    Thanks Metatron, An outboard DAC may well be the way to go. I chose the Cyrus for two reasons, I had used a Cyrus CD6 for about eight years and it was completely reliable in that time. Secondly, I have a Cyrus dealer about a mile from me. I live in Guernsey which does not have a large enough population to support a hi-end hi-fi dealer, so I have had little opportunity to listen to other makes. Hence my question really, which should I consider? I don’t really want to spend more than £3k. Richard
  13. CD player upgrade advice please

    No I hadn’t. Again suggestions welcome. Thanks
  14. Hello Wammers, I have a Cyrus CDi player with external PSU. I am considering an upgrade, but no real idea on where to start researching or how much I need to spend to get a noticeable difference. I find the Cyrus quite detailed and dynamic but quite congested at times. I would like something a little more laid-back and languid, more musical. Don’t mind secondhand if necessary. Need it to be a front loader so it fits on my rack. All suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance, Richard A
  15. ModWright owners club

    Thanks Phil for the link, I think he likes them! Can’t wait now! Richard A