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  1. how do you find which files are 5.1 on qobuz
  2. Not a believer in this however a friend brought it around to try and I was suitably convinced my Klimax DSM and lp12 at back in the front of room the 350 exakt katalyst the Puritan made minimal difference with the back setup however in the front supplying the speakers there was a very noticeable improvement more musicality and cleaner sound was impressed Puritan is a great company very helpful
  3. You can copy the file of optimization from the Linn with Konfig
  4. Ah explains why you can’t hear properly 😊 really loving the new Ulrika
  5. Thought you preferred safari red
  6. Yes that's my thoughts haven't had a chance to have proper listen awaiting reply from Linn
  7. In exakt system I have a sub Exakt options for one sub is mono or LFE which is best option
  8. It is obvious You are deluded it is his house you are but a guest 😊
  9. Reminds me to get a shelf for mine which one have you got
  10. Brilliant news Tim wait for catalyst to lead to explosion hope you come back to earth afterwards to inform us of your experience
  11. Yes 5.1 miles can be amazing depending on who produced it some of Steve Wilson are great as are the new Beatles