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  1. David I thoroughly agree with you have now tried the ultrasonic audiodesk and am very impressed and is pretty easy to use
  2. probably best with supported Subwoofers have Melodik with my 350 was surprised at the difference it made to the mid and high range
  3. Thanks Philbo I great improvement bass more clear just waiting on Exakt SO for 5.1 best wishes and hope you have a lovely Christmas if you are down for Christmas most welcome to try something from the wine cellar Neale
  4. I have just added vicoustic panels to my room have made a considerable difference however it isn’t too difficult to overdo it
  5. I have gone with the exakt sub and notice an improvement with 350 suprizingly it had significant improvements in mid range and bass the only negative is if you are thinking of using sound optimization Exakt 2 which is about to be released won’t initially support the sub as I understand won’t your dealer be able to loan you a box
  6. You would be most welcome to listen Love the system in 5.1 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. The switch can also improve sound going with Melco definitely led to improvement in sound
  8. Yes obvious example you were drawn in then expanded Naim continues with Sevenoaks but Linn no longer does
  9. And they also have gone with volume sales Sevenoaks for their cheaper products good advertising
  10. Roon works to an extent but if using Roon you need to stop before changing inputs otherwise it changes back to Roon
  11. I agree heard of long term dealers giving up on Linn it seems that they are going for the package market all Linn and alienating the selling separates closing the Linn forum another marketing mistake