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  1. DaddyPig

    SALE Chord SPM 4000 MK1

    Price reduced to £5900 before placing on eBay.
  2. DaddyPig

    SALE Chord QDB76 DAC

    Reducing price to £1990 before placing on eBay.
  3. DaddyPig

    SALE Chord SPM 4000 MK1

    Bump. I also have Chord Indigo RCA cables (2m), Chord Signature speaker cable (4m), Chord Indigo XLR (balanced) cables (1m) and Chord Signature AES/EBU cables (1m) for sale which I've yet to get around to photographing and listing but PM me if interested.
  4. DaddyPig

    SALE Chord SPM 4000 MK1

  5. DaddyPig

    SALE Chord QDB76 DAC

    Thanks for correcting Cambs12
  6. DaddyPig

    SALE Chord QDB76 DAC

    Chord QDB76 DAC (MK1), immaculate condition and rarely used. £2100 ONO. Item can be posted by collection is preferred due to the value of the item.
  7. DaddyPig

    SALE Chord SPM 4000 MK1

    After years of nagging that we have "no room" for the hifi I've finally conceded and decided to sell the lot and replace with a more sensible set up for our abode. This is the renowned Chord SPM 4000 which I have been using to drive a pair of B&W 802Ds. I purchased the amplifier 5 years ago and has rarely been used since due to having 2 young children (who have been kept well clear of it!). I no longer have the box as it was too big and space is a premium. Due to the weight and value of this item it will unfortunately be collection only from Richmond-upon-Thames in Surrey. • 480 watts RMS into 8 ohms• 750 watts RMS into 4 ohms• 950 watts RMS into 2 ohms• Integra Legs• Dimensions (WxHxD): 420 x 310 x 355mm - 45kg• Output: 8 x gold platted WBT.• Inputs: 2 x XLR balanced inputs & 2 x RCA single ended Price: £6400 ONO.