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  1. ACS

    Regional accents

    He missed out the Stokies too.
  2. My favourite desert is the Atacama. My favourite dessert however is bread and butter pudding with custard.
  3. Not so. The importer is jojo sounds is something else.
  4. Correct. A millennium is 1000 complete years. The end of the second Millenium was 31.12.2000. The third Millenium started on 01.01.2001.
  5. Well done Bladvoc. I thought that it was just me. I am glad that you can count too.
  6. ACS

    Mains cables

    That item is a socket not a plug. It's female, it has holes in it. It is an IEC C13 connector.
  7. Where are you located please? Why are you selling it?
  8. OK. If you want to be able to move the speakers to clean underneath then stick with the spikes into Linn Skeets. If you don't mind holes in the floor, then spikes into the floor may provide a better solution. However you would lose the flexibility to move the speakers easily without scratching the floor. Again if you don't mind holes in the floor, then you can put screws into it and place the spikes into the screw heads. As Above, you would lose the flexibility to move the speakers easily. Alternatively, there are various types of floor/spike interface feet for want of a better term ranging from reasonably priced to outrageously expensive that may give you the isolation that you are looking for. Some will slide over a wooden floor, some won't. FWIW I've tried all the above and I settled on spikes into Skeets. YMMV.
  9. Is your's a suspended wooden floor (on joists) or planks over concrete?
  10. Just don't tie yourself up about it.
  11. I didn't think that Linn make a server. Can you post a link please?
  12. Mine were done by discarding the body of the connector and soldering the socket directly on to the cable. Easy to get at that way.