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  1. The Chronicals

    Recommend me a phono stage

    lol, I remember asking a similar question about speakers, and by the end of the thread, I think there had been pretty much every manufacturer of speakers recommended
  2. The Chronicals

    Recommend me a phono stage

    Pathos In The Groove easily. Loads of adjustment, solid state but with valve like body. Best stage I ever heard, so I bought one
  3. The Chronicals

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    This is the 25w Inpol Remix 2...not the 10w first one...It can rattle windows...but its too fluid and peaceful to ever want too , Class A perfection
  4. The Chronicals

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    They actually arent as forward as they look in the photo. Crappy Iphone camera. They manage to fit in without being dominating, the R7's would have been too extreme. I had set of speakers that size before, Rosso Fiorentino Elba's, and they where just too big for the room visually.
  5. The Chronicals

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    I was tempted with the R7's but living in a flat with merely floorboards seperating me from my neighbours, it was never going to work...:)
  6. The Chronicals

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    Oh the Reference 1. I had a listen to Reference 3's back to back in the dealers and I felt the R5 was so very close to it, for my purposes and equipment it wasnt worth the bank breaking spend on on the References. But man, they do ook good and to be fair, they did sound better. But Kef have made the R series so well, it comes really close to the Reference for real actually affordable money. Interesting to hear the boom from the References, as I always felt if I moved to a property where I couldnt have floorstanders, I would go for those of the DynAudios Spec 40's.
  7. The Chronicals

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    Whats the R1? Is it a Spendor? Yes the 160's where boomtastic, the floorstanding R5's have zero boom at all even closer to the wall. Personally, I feel KEF are really on the money with their new R range, their sound is controlled, detailed and yet fluid and natural. Best speakers I've ever had.
  8. The Chronicals

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    The Dynaudio Focus 160's I had previous to my R5's where a great pair of speakers, but christ, to stop the boom they needed to be in the centre of the room practically!
  9. The Chronicals

    Dynaudio Special Forty

    They've only been out a few weeks in reality terms and bare minimal of dealers are stocking them yet.
  10. The Chronicals

    New Cartridge suggestion for Rega RP8 (RB808 arm)

    I went from an MP500 to a Hana SL - the MC gives you exactly what you want, and the Hana gives you that wonderful Nagaoka style sound but with the added wonderfulness of an MC cart. It would be a good transition. I wont ever go back to a MM .
  11. The Chronicals

    Floor stander Virgin

    Definitely. I did the same with many brands. I'd probably the say they are the best affordable floorstanders on the market at the moment. And the finish is as good as a Bentley paint job, its remarkeable.
  12. The Chronicals

    Floor stander Virgin

    The new Kef R range smokes everything. And looks better than most as well.
  13. The Chronicals

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Its probably just one of my man reads for not noticing Nay bother, hope you get sorted!