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  1. 851N Isn't a Roon endpoint and I now use Roon and effin love it, it was worth the change. For the average price of £800 for the 851N and £400 for the Dac only 851D, its a bargain for what you get. 851N has full support by CA and there are no plans to be dropped, MQA is somewhat different though.
  2. Well thats one way you are going to get lots of clicks, putting the title FREE at the start lol
  3. Mogami and both Black Star Mains SOLD RCA Reserved till Sunday (but interested parties are welcome to email to secure if that deal falls through)
  4. Cables and Stuff for Sale.. After investing more than I should have done in these cables at completely the wrong time, I realised I should have been far more responsible as an adult and deal with far more pressing financial matters instead of burying myself into the stereo! so for sale at bargain prices... 1 x Studio Connections Black Star 1.5m RCA, mint condition, rrp £2800 - £600 inc Delivery 2 x Studio Connections Black Star 1m IEC>UK 13A Mains Cable, mint condition, rrp £800 - £200 each inc Delivery SOLD 1 x Argentum Acoustics 1m IEC-Furutech UK Mains Cable, mint condition - rrp £800, £200 inc Delivery (The Furutech Plug is £95 on its own new) 2 x 2.5m (approx) Mogami 3104 DCT Speaker Cables SOLD 1 x IFI ITube Tube Buffer with IFI 5V Quiet PSU (not being sold separately), IFI on its own with manual, PSU with all add ons, original boxes, tiny chip in the paint on the top as seen in the photo, rrp £450 - £225 inc Delivery All cables De-oxit treated Collection welcome from South London if preferred, from a non-smoking one kitten home. Apologies for the crappy lighting in the photos, I can assure you, there are no 'amber' tinges to any of the kit.
  5. It says collection only but maybe you could wing a deal or ask a local forum member to collect it
  6. Why sell £9k Dacs and £12k speakers then?
  7. Thsnks, only looking for the specific Cardas ones, cheers though
  8. I haven't messed around with speaker cable for a while, so thought, why not Looking for something like Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference or Clear Reflection, ideally aiming for the smoother side of neutral in its signature, so up for anything really that fits this ideal. 2.5m+ , 2>4 ideally, but can accept 2>2 I know theres a few sets of the Cardas ones on eBay at ridiculous prices (hence why they have been there since last Christmas) so looking for more accurately priced sets. PM me if you have anything tasty
  9. Oh, it was for a moment though wasn't it? What was your previous username on this forum?
  10. Citation please. Who is 'we'?