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  1. Reluctant sale. Hoping my Gryodec sells first so I can possibly keep it, but much required funds are needed. Around fifty hours use, fine condition and sounds glorious as you would expect. Complete with box, stylus guard and fixing screws, original receipt, rrp is £2348 £1350 delivered or collected from SE London
  2. The Chronicals

    cd transport or dac ?

    Having compared a few all into the same DAC, there is a difference. For example my Panasonic UB700 4K Bluray player sounded pretty naf compared to my Marantz CD player when all fed into the same DAC. I do still use a Bluray player for CD's as I hardly use them, but for SQ, a CD Player/Transport sounded better. Whether there are differences between 'transports' alone, I don't know. But hey its Hifi in 2019, All DACS, CD players, transports, turntables, tone arms, cable, sounds the same to the oldies! It wont be long till someone say all music sounds the same
  3. The Chronicals

    Turntable Change ?

    Theres a nice Gyro SE in the classifieds, could be made a little closer to your budget if you didnt want some of the extra's.. To be fair, you probably won't do better for a grand than what you have.
  4. I dont understand? Just dont buy it with the cartridge then and save £400?
  5. As above, angled fitment, from an SME V, rrp £800 £400 delivered
  6. NB: Will sell elements individually but only after the deck is sold, giving the buyer the option of all the good bits on top. Please email me to express interest in anything. If no forum interest it will sadly all end up on eBay at inflated prices.. For sale; Michell Gryo SE, boxed, Silver, 2017, standard power supply, working perfectly. Incognito rewired Rega RB300 Tone Arm with WBT plugs - Completely with Michell VTA Adjuster and Lock Nut Michell Technoweight (with both weights) Gert Pedersen Acrylic Arm board and Decoupling Kit Michell Acrylic Isobase, boxed £1500 for all above £1000 for Gyro alone £1900 with everything and Hana SL Condition is excellent throughout. There are some minor marks here or there (like where the tonearm catch rubs on the arm) and some minor hairline scratches on the top of the platter, but nothing really worth noting. Cared for in a smoke free environment. Collection much preferred, SE London where you can hear/see it up and running with a coffee. Can possibly deliver locally, or can be collected from the Wirral providing cleared funds. I do have the original boxes so can be shipped at buyers risk. The Gyro box is missing some internal packaging, but I can package each element up individually and pack them in the box. Full setup instructions are available online. A good option would be for you to book the collection through Overground Express who use DHL or DPD, and are the only third party bookers who will insure Hifi Equipment and to £3k value. I've used them plenty of times and have had great service throughout. Drop me a PM if you have any questions.
  7. The Chronicals

    Help in valuing my deck please?

    Put it on ebay with a £1 starting bid, what it sells for is its current worth
  8. The Chronicals


    Leeroy Stagger - Caught In The Middle
  9. The Chronicals


    Listened to this guys album this morning - not really Americana, but has some nice touches in there Tyler Lyle - The Floating Years The stand out song is Ghosts of Prospect Heights a tune about gentrification...all those places you may have once lived and now can't even afford a closet in..the places that once had a community, now only have rich bank account promises..
  10. The Chronicals

    eBay, £1 selling offer - warning If an item qualifies for the promotion and when the item sells, the invoice will indicate the fee including the discount. Please note: if the item does not sell the first time and if you relist it after the promotional period or if it is automatically relisted during the promotional period, standard final value fees will be charged according to the eBay fees policy when the relisted item sells.
  11. The Chronicals

    eBay, £1 selling offer - warning

    No, you misunderstand, thats just a Good Till Cancelling listing. eBay Customer Services often confuse themselves because of their ever increasing amount of policies, so great you got it refunded, but I doubt its an actual error as its all automated algorithms . eBay will often keep buyers happy like they have done in this case, so it may have been that. How long did it sell after you listed it? and had you listed it before and thus relisted it this time? and did you 'accept the £1 listing promotion' offer - you have to click on their email link to get it 'active' - another way they catch you out.
  12. The Chronicals

    eBay, £1 selling offer - warning

    Did it sell after 30 days of listing? They catch a few people out with that, it has to sell before, and if you end and relist it in another £1 promo, they will also charge you full whack if it sells - the way to get around that is, end listing after 30 days, then 'create similar' out of the same listing in the next £1 promotion - do not use 'relist;. This way, you get another 30 days at £1 selling fee. Theres always a catch with eBay...