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  1. Ive just had a little dabble with this. Ran my network player direct from router, and then direct from my switch. (its normally direct from switch) From the switch was a FAR better SQ than from the router. I thought it would be the other way round, happy I got it right the first time, and happy I discovered this.
  2. In mint condition, my 851N. Great network player, and a quality twin Analogue Devices chipped DAC that belittles anything remotely in or close to its RRP price category. Rrp £1400 Factory reset done and firmware updated to current build. Complete with remote, wifi dongle, manual, cover and coaxial cable Can be used as a standalone DAC as has multiple digital inputs, or a standalone Network Player as of its Digital outputs. Very versatile. Cambridge App works great, I also used it with Roon using the USB in from my NAS (that houses the Roon server). Almost a year old, worked faultlessly. Last one sold on eBay for £950, where it will be going on the next £1 selling fee promotion, but to forum users £850 Collection is much preferred from SE London. Happy to demo (but not audition). Delivery is fine at your cost/risk - using APC through Overland Express who insure Hifi equipment, cost is around £15 for the unit, 24 hour, then either £10 for £1000 or £20 for £2000 insurance. Happy to send worldwide at your cost and risk. Any questions please drop me a message.
  3. A decent mobile phone repair shop will be able to do it...if they can replace Apple batteries and screens, which are pretty much designed NOT to be replaced by anyone other than Apple, they will be able to do an Mp3 player!
  4. The Chronicals


    Jonah Tolchin - Roll Em Easy Jonah Tolchin - Every Dream Can Become a Nightmare
  5. Not needed if you get the right stuff, but a good way of making the wrong stuff more bearable
  6. ^ One of those moments that Dad tries to be in with the kids, and messes up the usage of a phrase
  7. Was it? tough times bro.
  8. I was sooo close with a fridge. I win I think.
  9. Did you use USB in your first setup? I hate USB for audio, its bad.
  10. One of Yanis's Mogami Tone Arm Cables. Done about 30 hours, mint condition. Complete with KLE Harmony Silver RCA's and Zavfino Din Plug RRp currently is just shy of £100 £70 posted