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  1. Hi Julian, No harm in keeping looking, you never know you might find something better, or at least something you can both live with with room treatment. Sounds like you're too long in the tooth to settle for something unsuitable, but only you know how far you can compromise - in fact you already know, but just using us as sounding blocks. Good luck.
  2. Thanks John, I've got a 2 metre rca pair and a 1 metre xlr pair and am trying to run a complete matching set- source/pre/power for both the valve and ss systems. I've got other cables but have found the audio quest Anaconda to be the best I have heard at reasonable price.
  3. looking for a pair of Audioquest Anaconda interconnect cables to enable me to properly evaluate some equipment. 1 metre long + preferably RCA, but bare cable would work. If not Anaconda, what have you got that's better ? Many thanks, Joolz
  4. Main listening area is 10 metres by 4 metres, but opens up into the open plan kitchen. Lounge is 14 feet square ish..
  5. Whatever anyone wants - the horns and the Plinius power are not ideally suited, the SJS may surprise us all.....
  6. Interesting reading, and he does make some very nice looking stuff
  7. I'm only getting older, I can't be bothered to help people that can't help themselves...
  8. It is a 'half' size component: 215mm wide x 70mm heigh x 350mm deep (i knew where my measurements were)
  9. Yes Jamie, wanted to have a Plinius willy waving match-off - my 250 against your 103
  10. Alan/Firebottle over on AOS seems to know what he's doing. David Coe/Juanco (?) on here is AD Audio in Wimbledon, and although 'trade', is a sound chap to deal with.
  11. I ran a Cullen modified one of these for a few years, and could happily live with one again... if i hadn't upgraded to the directstream version. The new owner won't be disappointed. GLWS
  12. Robin's advice here is sound, you won't know if you like it until you listen. Can squeeze you in on the 20th if you like.
  13. Brook, If you still have this, or Jamie does, would it be possible to bring to my bake-off ? These Horns at 110 db efficient really don't need the power of the Mastersound or Plinius, very curious to try them with something this low powered (it can wave at the Rogue..)