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  1. In this hobby of ours, there are many things that shouldn't make a difference, but some do. Agree that safety is not up for debate. Blind A to B is surely the only reliable way to hear if something is better, or should i say preferable. Measurements do not always give the whole story - i remember when Kawasaki were racing their triples in the 1970's, they came up with some bracing to the frame, tried it out at the race track, and the riders reported it was 'easier', but the lap times were the same as the unbraced frame.
  2. Still researching the Balanced mains vs unbalanced question - I understand why some people think it shouldn't make a difference. Have you tried this or listened to a 'blind' A to B test ?
  3. Curious to try - i ran a 6mm dedicated feed to my hi-fi when i built the extension that it currently resides in. Due to family considerations i am not able to use acoustic treatments, or use 'ugly' speakers as it's a multi-purpose space - still sounds bloody good though. Just been given the go ahead to put it all in a dedicated room (occasional spare bedroom),off the main listening space, with room treatment, and think it's worth trying - will convert to two lines of '120' or so, but live both sides, so should give balanced mains.
  4. Reading this with interest as i've just bought an ex BBC 5KVa Balanced Isolated mains power supply - ready for when i kit out my 'new' dedicated room. Nick - did you ever get round to measurements ?
  5. Sinclair C5 - I think Sir Clive skuppered it when he refused to drive one on the road at it's launch - right up there with Gerald Rattner's CRAP comment!!
  6. I heard some Acoustic Imagery class D amps when i bought their test speakers - as John the owner was moving house. They were very very good - use the Bruno Putzey's Hypex modules. I also used a DIY valve pre to class D module that was pretty respectable for a year or so (before it went wrong). I mostly use valve now, but do intend to go active speakers at some point and intend to re-visit class D when i do, with some of Stefan's (Orangeart) new builds
  7. joolz

    Helius Alexia TT

    image: Veteran U.K. based tone arm manufacturer Helius Designs has added a turntable to its line. Importer Dan Meinwald (who also imports E.A.R. electronics, Townshend Audio and Marten speakers) demoed the new 'table fitted of course with a Helius arm. The Alexia is a suspended design featuring a Delrin platter driven by an A.C. synchronous motor. The bottom of the platter is fitted with a tachometer that's used to monitor and adjust speed. Speed selection is via a series of illuminated push buttons. The Alexia sells for $5500 without arm. (2013) Read more at
  8. joolz


    very nice, you never hear a bad word against these.
  9. joolz

    New multi channel ncore amplifier

    Congrats Stefan, Put my builds at the back of the queue, as i'm nowhere near ready yet.
  10. joolz

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    To reiterate what Jack said, yes different valves do make a difference. Actually transformers make the most difference in valve amps, as a general rule of thumb, the heavier they are the more iron in them, the better they are - but of course there are different qualities of iron.. With a few exceptions, you really need to try what different valves do to the sound of your amplifier, and see what you prefer. System synergy is all. Welcome to the wonderful world of valves.
  11. Hi Gordon, Very nice work (& the starshed), I've had a couple of pairs of Toels over the years and been very impressed. I think you need to be retired to read all the volumes of work he has published. Are you building up to an ultimate pair of speakers ? or is it just the joy of being able to experiment. Best wishes, Julian
  12. joolz

    Zingali Overture .3s Floorstanders

    PM sent
  13. I use a PS Audio directstream DAC by choice, and sometimes read Paul's posts- don't agree with everything he says, but do find him quite humble, and a decent human being. He's got a lot more audio experience than most of us, and his reasoning is worth listening to, he doesn't pretend to have always got it right. I think this comes down to using your ears to judge or the statistics. Both are relevant, if you go to a concert, and are able to sit in several places, you experience different sound.
  14. Saw this from Paul Mcgowan of PS Audio:- When we place an isolation transformer in the AC path we improve one area, cleanliness, by degrading another, regulation and impedance. An isolation transformer helps keep unwanted noise from the system at the cost of voltage regulation. It turns out that voltage regulation is far more important than clean power. The greater the regulation the lower the impedance the better the sound quality. An AC regenerator like our Power Plants provides the tightest regulation and highest current delivery of any power product on the market today. There are other technologies that might provide cleaner power, but none that focus more on what’s really important.
  15. joolz

    New multi channel ncore amplifier

    Just pledged & giving this a bump