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    Linn LP 12
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    Naim, Rothwell
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    modified Dennon DVD
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    Modwright, RIPNAS
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    PSAudio Directstream
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    1980 Aloia prototype
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    Rogue 88 Magnum etc.
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    Chario, Podium, DIY
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Bring them both John
  2. joolz


    Hi Chris, PM sending
  3. So much nice kit for sale at the moment..GLWS
  4. joolz

    Mr Liang lives

    Reading this with interest Richard, as i picked one of these up cheaply a little while ago.
  5. joolz

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    My system - only a little while ago
  6. joolz

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Very very neat John, who made them and what are the transformers ?
  7. joolz

    WANTED - 5687 valve or valves

    thanks for that John, have you got any ?
  8. Hello Chaps, Got a problem with my Mastersound 845 integrated that i believe to be caused by an 5687 valve. Anybody got any or a known good one, or recommendation for a particular type ? cheers, Julian
  9. Hi Chris, As per our phone conversation yesterday, i would love to attend. I will bring my PS audio directstream dac, and maybe a couple of very special pre-amps (a Herron and Rabski's old Gordon Wellford - as i will have picked it up by then). As i'll be travelling from Maidstone via M20, M26, M25 and returning home that night might be worthwhile to car share - Ade / Graham ? Best wishes, Julian
  10. joolz

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Count me in Pete, the sp10 looks lovely - what's the plinth ? kind regards, Julian
  11. joolz

    Gordon Welford valve preamplifier with MM phono stage

    Hi Jake - you have pm.
  12. joolz

    PS Audio anyone?

    I'm on my third PS audio Dac. I bought a Cullen circuits modified Digital link, unheard, from the first owner and was blown away with how good it was. I put it up against some others in the same 2nd hand price point - to my ears it was easily better. I left a lowish bid on a std one on ebay- just to hear the difference - won it, and was still pleased with the sound - although not as good as the Cullen. I directly auditioned the Cullen against a directstream Dac, and it was night/day better (should be, it was 2k dearer - 2nd hand prices). Very happily lived with that for a year, then downloaded the free updated firmware (to version Snowmass, i missed out on the previous version), and again another clear jump in performance. PS audio release new firmware roughly once a year - it's like getting a new dac every twelve months ! Never had anything to do with the importers as nothing has ever gone wrong. I do subscribe to Paul's blog - i don't always agree with him, but it gives a lot of insight into the company, their philosophy, their goals etc, and i think they are one of the good guys - it's also quite interesting reading. If you would like to listen to it, you are most welcome.... but it's not for sale. kind regards, Julian
  13. Hi Michael, whats the maximum size between the shelves & the size of the top area ? Many thanks, Julian