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  1. joolz

    JBL K2 9800

    I had arranged to go and audition these, but David nipped in and 'stole' them
  2. Is there any availability of rooms for non exhibitors yet, or any timeframe for such ?
  3. It was accepted practice 30 years ago, it's effectively a ground rod - still in current (did you see what i did there) use to code if an electrical supply doesn't 'trip' in the milliseconds required.
  4. come on Keith, stop slacking...
  5. When i built the extension to my house that my hi-fi sits in, i took the opportunity to run a dedicated 6mm T&E line from its own separate way in the (new) consumer unit. Very easy to do at that stage, and no great cost involved. I also wound a nice thick earth cable around a long 22mm copper pipe, sunk it into the ground outside, and fed it into the earth connection in the plug socket. Does it make any difference ? damned if i know for sure, but it sounds great....I have spent a lot more time and money on other supposed 'tweeks'. I think if you have the opportunity to upgrade to a dedicated line, then it can't hurt. If you don't have the knowledge/time/ability/money then perhaps try to borrow a 'power conditioner' or some such, to see if it makes any appreciable difference to YOUR system. Unfortunately there is definitive answer, as each case is unique. RFI and EMI is not quite a separate can of worms, but a slightly different issue, with different ideas to disagree on
  6. Last of a dyin breed - Lynyrs Skynyard Picked it up at a market yesterday, nice n heavy
  7. Glad it's all worked out Nigel. I, like probably everyone else, didn't imagine it would be that amount of work to get sorted. Still think the teak ones are a thing of beauty.
  8. If you search Robson acoustics on eBay - they have some panzerholtz / ball bearing supports. Not tried these ones myself, but they should work, only £20 each, and with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like.
  9. joolz

    upgrade services

    Quite agree with Rab & Wilson, upgraded/modified stuff has very little more value than standard stuff (some exceptions, such as Modwright), and sometimes the value can be less. Doesn't mean it won't sound a lot better though...just don't expect to recoup your costs. This may not matter to you now, but it may in a couple of years..just be aware. If you can, best bet is to buy something that someone else has already shelled out on to modify, or bite the bullet and buy a PS audio directstream dac - free firmware upgrades every year or so !
  10. Glad you enjoyed it Stuart, next one will be towards the Summer, no date yet....
  11. Hi Gaz, Alas, this have arrived on here a week too late as i've just pulled the pin on some Cats Whiskers 300b monos.... I've long been a fan of Nick's work, and love the simplistic elegance of this, very 'Lampizator', floats my boat. If this doesn't sound like a typical 300b, how would you describe the sound, comparable to anything ? and if you don't mind me asking, what are you moving on to that's better than this ? GLWS Best wishes, Joolz
  12. I listen almost exclusively to cd at home, but have a very good Dac, for the most part i don't think i'm missing much. I also enjoy good vinyl and seem to have acquired a different turntable for every day of the week, still have all my old records, and WILL finally get my act together this year to sort everything out. I don't think either medium is necessarily better than the other, but for me (with building work going on in particular) cd is more convenient. As most have stated, it's down to how well the sound engineer did his work in the first place. The main thing i find is that second hand cd's can be bought so cheaply, compared to 'decent' quality second hand vinyl - you don't mind spending a pound or two on an artist you may never have heard of, but when it's £30odd for the vinyl equivalent.........
  13. that's what Mrs. Flash said