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  1. I've heard some of the Temple audio stuff a few times, it really is very good for what it is, especially when running from a car battery.
  2. joolz

    New Streamer

    Best streamer I have heard, and by a good margin is the Stack audio, add their power supply for a night/day increase in sound quality. I was going to be demonstrating this at Kegworth, but hey ho.
  3. Just seen this, but i know the seller, having bought first my Troels, then my Oris/Onken horns from him last year. Lovely fella with a lot of house renovation work ahead of him. I did have a look at these while i was there, but unable to hear them, and room conditions were not favourable. i was advised these need a very BIG room....
  4. Hi John, I'ld like to come, but we are supposed to be flying to the States on the 8th for a two week holiday, however in light of the current machinations I very much suspect things might change before then. Subs bench ?
  5. I've been using a Stack streamer recently with Tidal, all part of the preparations for Kegworth. I think it's the best streamer i've heard, an upscale in sound quality from my CD player, which was already very good. i'm also trailing their soon to be launched power supply, and have to say the combination is superb, a bold statement i know but i do mean blow out of the water superb.
  6. Only your ears (well, obviously not yours....)
  7. Hi Mike, Just to throw my ha'penny-worth into the ring. I spend some considerable time last year mucking about with interconnect cables trying to get an improvement in sound quality. I have an Italian Aloia 6L6 valve that i can run as power or integrated (ran it as integrated for tests- as didn't have any matching cable to run from a pre, and wanted to eliminate that from the equation), it already sound bloody good (in my opinion ). On one of the tracks i was using, one cable made the bass sound like an upright base, using other cables it sounded like a normal electric base. I conducted this test sighted, on my own. I then got my sparky mate to listen 'sit there, stay still, close your eyes, just listen'. His impression, after stating that it shouldn't be possible to make a difference, mirrored my own - in fact he listened sitting slightly forward, to drop his ears to tweeter level, and he came up with the upright/electric bass analogy. I should add that it's a track we both like and know very well. Happy days, i bought the cable. A little while later i swapped out the amp for an OTL EL509S valved one, that has a similar sonic sound, loe and behold it sounded different again, and in fact i went back to one of the cables i had been using before i started mucking about. the conclusion.....Synergy is a wonderful thing, everything makes a difference, the most important thing is to enjoy the music, don't worry too much about the merry-go-round. I also agree that speaker cables seem to make the biggest difference, but that's another journey. Best, Joolz
  8. Bugger, Bugger, Bugger - but the right decision under the circumstances. I was looking forward to exhibiting & catching up with friends and seeing what changes everyone has made. But at the end of the day, it's only a hi-fi show and there are more important things to consider. i wish everyone well and hope to see you all later in the year.
  9. Put this elsewhere, but thought it might be better here: Might be a long-shot, but is anyone able to collect an amp & cd player from Ludlow (SY81XX) to take to the Wam show next weekend ? Many thanks, Joolz
  10. Might be a long-shot, but is anyone able to collect an amp & cd player from Ludlow (SY81XX) to take to the Wam show next weekend ? Many thanks, Joolz
  11. This actually happened to one of my neighbours when i was a kid (the appropriately named Wally Brooks) - he had to wait until someone else got home to help him get out..
  12. Mainstream cd's are worth next to nothing, if Music magpie offer you more than a few pence, then it's worth checking these ones out more carefully as they may have some value. ebay is helpful, but it depends how you value your time. I have only ever come across a rare cd once in a charity shop, i was quite excited until i opened the case to find it was bare.....