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  1. hi Eddie, Jack and Rab are giving you sound advice. i suggest you go for an EL34 push pull integrated. Most are approx 25 watts, clipping at 27/28 watts and should drive your existing speakers. This is how a lot of us valve 'aficionado's' started. don't be surprised if you end up selling your SS stuff..... As mentioned, put a wanted add in the classifieds, you may be able to get something from one of this friendly bunch on a try before you buy basis. Might help if you have a better idea of budget, i would suggest £400 - £900 should sort you out royally.
  2. Many thanks to John for another very successful and enjoyable bake-off. good to catch up with faces old and new, and hear some great music and new tunes (Brook's the only other person i've ever met with the Rosie Vela) As detailed by others, the Quads were sounding the best they ever have in the main system, that Brinkman really is a thing of wonder - easily reminding me why i never bought any ELP . In the playroom, Jessica's own phono and VP LP12 were doing a sterling job, sounding best (i thought) into Dave's little Rodgers, a reminder that size is no definition of strength. With the opportunity to compare the same tracks on vinyl and Cd with Jamie's rather elegant Luxman in play, in that system, on the day the winner was....Vinyl....just a little more warmth and involvement (and i say this as a committed digital devotee) Always a difficult balancing act between listening, critical listening, socialising and debate..I think Sunday was spot on, well done all.
  3. Stereolab Draco (think they are known as Stereolab or black Cat now), designed by Chris Sommovigo. I've only got the one Black Star - between the cd and Dac - did try running one Draco at that point, with the Nordost as the 'pair' and SQ wasn't as good.
  4. I'll bring the Herron pre-amp, didn't get to use it last time. It's good...
  5. Good - both cables sound 'right' - as if the artists were on a stage in front of you.The Frey is slightly more forward and detailed on the treble, the Draco makes the bass sound like an upright. Strangely on balance I prefer the Nordost, I would have thought I would prefer the Draco......
  6. Hi Tim, Good review, I am using a Black star between my cd and dac and have to say it's the best I've tried so far. I'm in the middle of my own cable journey, and am surprised that between the Nordost Frey and Draco that I recently auditioned, on one particular album, that bass alternated between sounding like an electric and an upright. Go figure.
  7. I don't think you will get to the bottom of this. I've been trying to for some time without a definitive conclusion. IMHO you just have to try in your own system and see what the results are...
  8. Or if its any easier Graham, you could drop them to me near Maidstone, as i'll be going to Lurch's on the 17th..
  9. When i refitted the kitchen a few years ago, we went for a Neff with a 'slide and hide' door - bloody good idea, and i wouldn't want to go back to a standard one.
  10. Hi, If I remember correctly these were for specific weights. What weight range are these for ?
  11. Ah... the coward's way out, then a quick Tory tactic - change subjects before they notice that i know nothing....
  12. So why are you unwilling to share your dac details ..... ?
  13. Setting the speakers up so that the tweeters are 1.6 metres apart usually works for me, then move them backwards/forwards to taste.