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  1. Bugger, can't make this one as in Lisbon for a long weekend. Have fun
  2. joolz

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    Having spent quite some time listening to Steve's system at kegworth, where in my humble opinion, it was the star of the show, i'm happy to believe almost anything he says.
  3. joolz

    great show!

    Evening All, Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable weekend. I wasn't exhibiting, mainly because i knew there wouldn't be room in the car for my kit - i picked up an SP10, some motorcycle wheels and tyres, a chopped split screen morris minor cab & panels on the way there, and a pre-amp and power amp were delivered on the Sunday ! Thanks to all the exhibitors, two stand-outs for me: TonyJ's £1000 system was almost unmatchable at the price point. Steve57 system was (IMO) best of show & one of the best i've ever heard, that speaker and amp combination just played everything thrown at it with aplomb...glorious. Colin - thanks for organising the curry on Sunday night, a good time had by all. As an added bonus i got to hear the best Croft pre-amp i've ever heard on the way home. Same again next year...
  4. joolz

    Audio Wall Shelf

    Hi Angus, What's the overall size of this ? kind regards, Joolz
  5. joolz

    Hi-Fi is out...

    If you're on thwam and reading this.......then probably not.
  6. joolz

    Class A SET amp/ speaker match question

    I auditioned it when it was £800 more than you paid for it, and was very tempted to pull the trigger. You've made a very good choice, 845 set integrated amps don't get much better than this, I've since bought the earlier version (bigger transformers), you might never need to change your amplifier again - hopefully you won't need to move it about too much !
  7. joolz

    SOLD amplifier SOLD

    Hi David, Might be interested - what are the upgraded valves ? kind regards, Julian
  8. joolz

    Class A SET amp/ speaker match question

    Never heard any of the Audion kit - were these rally £10k new ?
  9. joolz

    Class A SET amp/ speaker match question

    Is that Tout's one, that's been in the classifieds ? - very very nice
  10. joolz

    Class A SET amp/ speaker match question

    Which 845 are we talking about here ?
  11. joolz

    Class A SET amp/ speaker match question

    Hi Nick, i've had several 845 set amps - couple of Line Magnetics, Transcription Audio, and Mastersound integrated & they have all driven any speakers I have had to loud listening levels. I feel any of them would drive almost any load well.
  12. joolz

    jolida glass fx tube dac3

    Hi Jarrod, What was involved with the Modwright upgrade ? kind regards, J
  13. joolz

    FS: Snell Type A mk3

    Hi Rick, dimensions may be helpful for all of us that haven't seen or heard these. kind regards, Joolz
  14. joolz

    FS. Soundkaos Wave 40 speakers

    very nice, deffo a statement speaker