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  1. joolz

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    So are you not prepared to enjoy the music unless you have some statistics.....
  2. joolz

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    there are three types of lies..lies, damn lies, and measurements.....
  3. joolz

    Puritan Mains Purifier - anyone tried

    Yes, I posted this up not to have a discussion as to the merits or otherwise of any mains 'treatments' (i wasn't trying to go down that rabbit hole), but any Puritan experience in particular.
  4. It's 3.5k, but comes with a free Plinius set up...
  5. Slight change of plan with the 'new' dedicated listening room - after a reassesment of the space and likely accoustics the hi-fi will stay in it's current place. However, as Cathy will be away tracking through Jordan, the lounge can be made available for a second system or play room
  6. joolz

    Puritan Mains Purifier - anyone tried

    No issues at all, but that doesn't mean things couldn't be improved
  7. joolz

    Puritan Mains Purifier - anyone tried

    Thanks John, i may have sorted by then but it could be an interesting comparison
  8. Morning, Had a chat with the MD at Cranage, and a few of the exhibitors were using them. Anyone have any actual experience with these, and if so what did they replace ?
  9. Just a thought - did you audition the DAC before or after you had changed speaker cables ? could be a synergy thing
  10. no problem Jack, any friend of yours...
  11. Or David Coe, AD audio in Wimbledon - he's on here from time to time. He repaired my 845 amp a while ago and knows his onions.
  12. I use an old Dennon DVD 2900 as a transport, it's the least expensive bit of kit i own and not embarrassed by the 'posh' stuff.
  13. joolz

    Zingali Feast

    Yep, those are mine - and the same pair that Spider mentions that were at Scalford a few years ago. I bought them for a second WAF system in an open plan area as they are front ported, so that i could run them much closer to the wall. I was going to move my main system into another room but that doesn't look like it's going to happen now, hence the sale. They do everything well, don't really have a 'sound' as such and i'm surprised they haven't yet sold (except to a chap in Italy who then wanted me to post). If anyone is interested, come and have a listen and hear for yourself. They don't do what my Chario's do - but that's another price point.