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  1. It could be either...
  2. Tom from HFS forum - his room will be all headphones, including a very high end HiFi Man electrostatic set up.
  3. I can understand you putting forward that example. It's an interesting one because, on one hand the public has come to accept greater detection and enforcement, especially in built up areas where safety concerns are more apparent, but on the other hand speed limits have been raised for dual carriageways (in the 1970s, iirc) and there is now talk from government about raising the motorway speed limit to 80mph.
  4. Legally, you are 100% correct, of course. I mean to describe 'tacit' acceptance. If any law is broken often enough by 'normal law abiding people' then the law eventually falls into disrepute.
  5. The BBC is still one of the few media outlets that I trust to present balanced analysis in worthwhile depth. It's also one of the 'content makers' that I value the most for quality and diversity. It makes up the larger chunk of my viewing and listening. Freedom of choice sounds like an important, perhaps even compelling reason to move away from the licence fee, but would doing so really lead to genuine choice? I 'm not yet convinced that it would. I also wonder if the 'freedom card' is being overplayed, somewhat. Individual freedom is important, but so is the cohesion and well-being of society, as a whole. The BBC has been supported by a national consensus; the approval of society to pay a charge in return for a mission to 'inform, educate and entertain'. Would a landscape of subscription only providers prioritise quality and diversity? There's plenty of money to be made in entertainment, and plenty of power to be gained through controlling information (and misinformation) but not much money or power in education or minority interests. I do think that change should come, but until I hear a case for change that adequately protects society from predatory operators, and guarantees quality and impartiality, I would rather leave things as they are for a while. My experience is that the 'market' system is not (yet) capable of achieving those things on it's own. The compulsory nature of the licence fee is not ideal, nowadays, but it is still the compromise that I find it more easy to live with.
  6. Interested...and please feel free to share at HFS, too.
  7. Wonderful singer. 'Strange Affair' from the 'Cut Above' album with Martin Simpson is in my all time top 10...
  8. ...some images from our afternoon in Weardale.
  9. All the preamp ugrades will be dispatched by the end of this week. More than 20 units being upgraded, in total. Several went last week and here's today's batch. More photos on our Facebook page:
  10. The new AP10H MKII is available to order now for delivery in mid January unit available at from mid November New audiophile grade Toroidy transformers Vishay capacitors Stepped attenuator option (the same switch / load resistors / wiring as the new P50SA MKII) Choice of power supply upgrades Models & Prices 1 box w/ internal 50va power supply - £475 2 box w/ 120va external supply - £800 2 box w/ stepped attenuator & 120va external supply - £1025 (£950 for WAM members until 31st December 2019) 2 box w/ 240va power supply - £975 2 box w/ stepped attenuator & 240va power supply - £1200 (£1100 for WAM members until 31st December 2019) 3 box w/ 480va power supply - £1475 3 box w/ stepped attenuator & 480va power supply - £1700 (£1550 for WAM members until 31st December 2019) Comment or PM to buy. More info here:
  11. List updated 18/10/19
  12. The new NVA website is now live. We'd love to hear your feedback. Many thanks, Paul
  13. People either love it or hate it...and they say the same about Marmite!! We've got 3 jars of NVA Marmite to give away. For a chance to win a jar, please visit the NVA Facebook page to like, comment and share... Go to the NVA Facebook page
  14. We have a limited stock of pre-built items from the acquisition of the remaining assets of NVA. We are offering these items at up to 60% discount against the August 2019 NVA price list. Some items may have very faint scratches or other very minor blemishes, but you will struggle to notice. All sold with NVA 2 year warranty. 30 day returns policy. We also have a few pre-owned items. Pre-owned components sold with with 6 month warranty. Pre-owned cables sold with 2 year warranty. 30 day returns policy.