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  1. savvypaul

    Hi sensitivity speakers

    I ow Heresy 3s. I've used them with a 12w single ended el34 amp and a 'baby' 15w 1970s Marantz 2015 receiver. A friend used a diddy little el84 amp with his Heresys. Definitely worth hearing....
  2. savvypaul

    Your Brexit song

  3. NVA 33% SALE - ends today Order at HFS, or you can PM me here. 'Normal' prices will inevitably rise as NVA becomes a 'proper' company with full time employees (and likely VAT registration), so I can't see these 33% items ever being repeated...
  4. savvypaul

    Newbie Intro's

    You pointed out how much further he has to travel. You then point out that outliers must expect to travel further. South of London is an outlier for most of the UK. It makes no sense to have the majority of attendees travel further, especially if it involved crawling around the M25, in order to please the minority of attendees. If you choose to live in an area that serves warm beer with no head...then you deserve no mercy
  5. savvypaul

    Newbie Intro's

    You've just made Tony's point for him...
  6. PS. I also have the remote control - again, excellent condition.
  7. savvypaul

    Klipsch heresy 1. Two pairs

    Bargain. Having that much fun for £225 usually involves something illegal! GLWS
  8. savvypaul

    Mordaunt Short MS400 floor standers or stand mounts?

    Designed as floorstanders. My dad had a pair...
  9. savvypaul

    Your ideal 3 car garage.

    Volvo 940 estate Vanden Plas Princess 4 litre VW UP!
  10. savvypaul

    Musicals: Which do you favour?

    Rocky Horror Book of Mormon Billy Elliott Jerry Springer The Opera
  11. savvypaul

    one word daily

  12. savvypaul


    Even if they owed you a fiver...??
  13. savvypaul

    one word daily