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  1. Mirror In The (Separate) Bathroom - The Beat Don't Touch Me (I don't want your body fluids) – Samantha Fox You Need Handwash – Max Bygraves I Love Toilet Rolls – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Wuhan Garden Takeaway – Siouxsie & The Banshees
  2. Lindsay describes his 'Hitler' example as "entirely extreme and over the top and cliched" But, how shall we we describe some of the reactions to his post?
  3. I don't imagine that's how he would describe it. I measure musical enjoyment by how often I want to listen to my records and how long for. At the end of several hours of musical enjoyment, when I am surrounded by LP covers, and it's at least 2 hours later than I planned...I have never sat and wondered if the sound was 'coloured'. I suppose my enjoyment is more emotional than intellectual. More pertinently, colourations / distortions that get in the way of the music are easily audible, to me. Colourations / distortions that don't get in the way of the music...are not important (to me). Live and let live, though. You have a clear and determined methodology that I'm sure appeals to many. There's more than one way to decide which equipment to buy...
  4. How do you measure musical enjoyment?
  5. I like all the cheeses... ... ... ... Red Leicester... ... ... ... erm...
  6. You really are 'getting nowhere fast' aren't you?
  7. I suppose I've got to the point where I consider my listening experiences to be my datapoint. Again, whatever works for each person. If we went purely by ,measurements, would anyone ever buy a turntable as opposed to digital? And, yet, I know which one really turns me on...
  8. If I told you, you wouldn't be able to measure it...
  9. Thanks. I do get the apparent (and appealing) logic of being guided by measurements, but I struggle to give it precedence when applied to a subjective pursuit. Each to their own, though. Live and let live. Btw, I own an RME dac, so the two worlds do sometimes collide
  10. My point is to ask whether that is the case, or not...
  11. Am I right in thinking that ASR is the site where they measure hundreds of different bits of kit but never listen to them?
  12. I don't think all DACs sound the same but I do think you can now get a decent ( and reliable & safe) one for under £100. I've always thought that the best upgrade for any digital system is a 15" woofer...