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  1. savvypaul

    Spice Girls: my daughter wants to see them....

    Exactly...think of them as a 'gateway drug'.
  2. savvypaul

    Any ideas or pointers to building a media cabinet

    Plenty wide, plenty deep, plenty strong, plenty space in between, open back. My best advice re cable management is to manage not to worry about how they look - just keep power cables away from signal cables and give each cable it's own space, i.e. don't bunch them together. I had this one, below, made by a local carpenter, in a very rare moment of domesticity. I'd be quite happy with an assortment of vintage / antique tables and chairs to rest it all on...
  3. savvypaul

    Spice Girls: my daughter wants to see them....

    You should go with her and spend all evening complaining about the venue acoustics and the poor quality PA. In my experience, daughters really appreciate such thoughtfulness...
  4. savvypaul

    PP's weekend quiz

    ...I'm definitely not on pp's wavelength, either. I thought the Ronnie O'Sullivan dish clue was something to do with snooker and cooking...hence, I got 'stew pot', the nickname for radio 1 DJ Ed Stewart, who also hosted the (debatebly) funny children's TV show Crackerjack. Now, Crackerjack was also an American brand of cereal that gave away small celluloid 'charm' figures of different birds in their cereal packets at around the same time. If only it had been that simple...
  5. savvypaul

    PP's weekend quiz

  6. savvypaul

    PP's weekend quiz

    Hilda Ogden's ducks?
  7. savvypaul

    PP's weekend quiz

    Jensen Kid Jensen - 1970s DJ Georg Jensen - artist sculptor specialising in birds
  8. savvypaul

    naim 555 ps s//h

    Labour, premises, marketing, dealer margin (40% of list price?), after sales back up, sales people to visit dealers, running a forum, leveraging 'the brand'...I would think actual cost of parts is around 1/20th. If it's what you want...then a £4k saving is worthwhile.
  9. Q: How many subjectivists does it take to change a lightbulb? A: It's never been accurately measured.
  10. savvypaul

    PP's weekend quiz

    The World's End pub in Camden...overlooking the 'Underworld' music venue.
  11. savvypaul

    a good unipivot alternative to hadcock288

    The Well Tempered LTD could be a good match - damped arm tube and silicone bath.
  12. savvypaul

    Russ Andrews Reference Powerkord 1m

    SOLD subject to payment
  13. savvypaul

    Russ Andrews Reference Powerkord 1m

    Yes. Available.
  14. savvypaul

    Guess the album cover

    Harry Connick jr. We are in love. Someone else post another as I've only got the mobile today...
  15. savvypaul

    PP's weekend quiz

    Pat Coombs Dads Army film Til death us do part / In sickness and in health