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  1. If you like the retro big-box standmount look, how about the new Wharfedale Lintons? https://www.stereophile.com/content/wharfedale-linton-heritage-loudspeaker-page-2
  2. My girlfriend and I are frequently amazed by the sound coming from our £60, 5 inch tall Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker. Though I’m not sure it really qualifies as hifi...
  3. I’m sure it’s possible, though afraid that’s a bit beyond me. You could try asking here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/
  4. What would your DAC budget be? I’d recommend the RME ADI-2 as it doubles as a dac and preamp with volume control. I’ve also liked the Chord 2Qute (no volume control) and the DSPeaker Antimode 2.0 (volume control) Another one for the shortlist (that I’ve not heard) might be the Audiolab M-DAC. If you did go for the Raspberry Pi/Allo DigiOne combo, you could use it to turn your SSD into a NAS, which would allow you to access it from anywhere on your network. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/raspberry-pi-as-cheap-nas-solution/ Otherwise MacBook+Audirvana+SSD > DAC+Pre > active speakers would be a simple, great-sounding system with minimal faff I reckon.
  5. @milton great you’ve found something that’s working for you. I’ve always wanted to try ATC actives. My endgame speakers would be SCM100 ASLs (though I fear I’ll never have a room big enough...) Interested to know what you’ll be using upstream - do you plan to go direct from MacBook to speakers?
  6. jas0_0

    Curious USB

    I heard it leads to blindness
  7. He does have a sense of humour - it’s just very measured...
  8. I would say the risk is quite low with speakers built this century. I have only ever bought second hand. I bought my current Proacs two years ago. They were made in 1999 and they’re still going strong.
  9. What about the Proac Tablette 10? Like the P3ESR, it’s evolved from the BBC LS3/5a. Similar dimensions to the P3ESR, sealed box and very well regarded. Can be had second hand for about £600-£700. Though if you loved the Harbeth, I fear you’ll only ever be satisfied with the Harbeth!
  10. Um... wasn’t this the lesson @Tim F learned the hard way, and that inspired him to create this thread?
  11. I wish I’d realised the most important thing affecting sound is speaker placement and speaker/room interaction - and that the best way to sort this is by using a microphone, measurement software, room treatment and parametric eq. I reckon this would have saved me some unnecessary equipment changes and quite a lot of money. I also wish I’d never bought any kit brand new, thinking ‘this is the one and I’ll never upgrade’ ...I will always upgrade.
  12. Thanks for the offer - I’m London-based so you’re a little far off, but will definitely be in touch if life takes me north any time soon.
  13. I'm also intrigued by these speakers. What is it that you don't really like about them?
  14. jas0_0

    What is this?

    Thanks @MartinC - I reduced Q and this has now removed the rumble, without affecting the sound.