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  1. jas0_0

    To preamp or not

    You’re welcome - have fun finding one. Slightly envious!
  2. jas0_0

    To preamp or not

    @newlash09 if you’re looking for a tube pre with a remote, you could try the Croft Micro 25 or 25R. They can be supplied with a single volume control and a remote control (controlling volume only, not input selection) by Adrian at Audio Flair. He offers demo units to try at home. PM me if you’re interested and I can put you in touch. Full disclosure, I have one of these (25R) and love it, so clearly biased. Over the last couple of weeks I experimented with removing my pre and going straight from RME dac to power. Initially I enjoyed extra detail, but something was missing. As @rabski described, the sound was a bit flat and lifeless. The pre is now reconnected and it’s just more three dimensional and liquid - the magic is back.
  3. jas0_0

    Lowering Croft gain - changes in sound quality?

    Thanks all. @bencat I hear you - I completely trust Glenn to give sound advice, but just wanted to see if there was anyone out there who’d done this and could advise whether the extra cost and hassle of option 2 was worthwhile - before tinkering with something that already works pretty well.
  4. Hi all, I have been in contact with Glenn Croft about lowering the gain of my Micro 25R / Series 7R setup – I don’t get more than a quarter of a turn on the volume before it’s too loud, and the 25R produces quite a lot of hiss in my setup. I’m told there are two options: Replace the ECC83 valve in the 7R with an ECC82 or 12BH7a Send the 25R back to Glenn to be fitted with a new line stage circuit and new valve Glenn says option 2 is the best sonically, and will reduce the noise floor of the 25R. Has anyone tried either of these options? If so, aside from lowering the gain, did it change the character of the sound at all? Thanks in advance, James
  5. Thanks @sktn77a I can’t remember if the pop was there before the service - I bought the deck second hand and pretty much took it straight in. It has been on my list to upgrade the power supply anyway so I can play 45s, and I’ll ask them to check the grounding at the same time as you suggest. The AD-DA conversation allows for room correction using the parametric equaliser in the ADI 2 Pro. It’s possible this is also doing something unpleasant, but my room is a sonic nightmare and any loss is negligible compared to the big gains from removing bass peaks. Hopefully one day I’ll have a better room and can skip this step! James
  6. jas0_0

    Streamer advice

    That’s great to know - might be worth a look again, thanks.
  7. jas0_0

    Streamer advice

    +1 for Chromecast Audio. I had one and it was great, though moved it on as I could never get it to play gapless when streaming upnp. Apparently this was a known limitation and it wasn’t fixed before the device was discontinued (there’s a whole thread about it somewhere on a google forum, though I’m afraid I forget where). This may or may not be a problem for you, though it was frustrating for me with any album where continuous music is broken up into individual tracks e.g. many classical and techno albums.
  8. jas0_0

    Streamer advice

    There are lots of good streamers out there and if you’re using an external DAC, the sound quality differences between them will be quite small. Some people will tell you there’s no difference at all, but personal experience suggested otherwise to me. The other big thing to consider when streaming is the control app, as this will determine the quality of your music playing experience. For example I had all sorts of crash issues with Linn’s Kazoo app when I owned a Majik streamer. I have no personal experience of the Moon or Arcam streamers, though the Arcam rPlay does offer wireless connectivity and a digital output, so would meet your needs at least on paper. Another cost effective suggestion would be the Auralic Airies mini, which offers the same connectivity as the Arcam, and a great control app. I owned one of these briefly but felt the Linn Majik DS slightly bettered it with a more natural sound (when both played through the same dac). Do you have a good dealer near you who offers home demos?
  9. jas0_0

    Is a DAC upgrade worth it?

    One opportunity for significant upgrade via a new DAC could be something that offers digital room correction. I can’t see any DRC in the OP’s kit list so this might be an area to look at - depending on the room the improvements can be huge (they are in mine). £1500 would get you one of the better MiniDSP units (e.g. the SHD which apparently measures very well) or an RME ADI-2 DAC with a Umik mic, and still leave you change. Both would allow removal of bass modes, and the MiniDSP goes further still (though I have no personal experience of it).
  10. jas0_0

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    I came across the RME Adi2 Pro a while back and thought it sounded perfect for what I needed. A company called Purite Audio was on the RME dealer list and local to me so I dropped them a line. Then I realised quite how annoying Keith is on here and other forums, and bought one from someone else.
  11. jas0_0

    Advice on streamers via external DAC

    It would be great if you’d report back when you have - I’d be interested in your findings
  12. jas0_0

    Advice on streamers via external DAC

    I’m intrigued by this too. People say the Chromecast Audio is bit perfect (I may be wrong in this) so if Keith is right, why would anyone spend £5k on something like a Lumin U1? Is that just extreme gullibility? Also why do reviewers at places like Stereophile claim units like the Melco trounce their MacBook + bitperfect software combos?
  13. jas0_0

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Please can we do power conditioners? My left speaker pops whenever the fridge turns on.
  14. jas0_0

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Apologies, this is going back a bit, but I’ve been at work and unable to respond. This is interesting for me - I guess as a relative newcomer to hi fi I don’t have enough experience to know that x measurement results in y effect that I know I do or don’t like. What concerns me is that looking solely at measurements to create a shortlist would have entirely put me off the amp that has, for now, met my needs better than any other I’ve heard.
  15. jas0_0

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Fair enough. In that case is there any need for looking at measurements at all?