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  1. So which upgrade made the biggest difference?

    Buying a mains cable from ole Russ made such a profound improvement. my wife fell off the chair and when I opened the windows my neighbours 2 doors down even experienced it.
  2. Tube advice

    The audiophile choice favours either the Telefunken or Mullards NOS from the mid sixties. Be aware that there's a ton of fakes our there that even the pro's struggle to identify .
  3. How's that for after sales support?

    I had a similar experience with a Densen amp. The Danes are clearly a cut above the rest when it comes to after sales support.
  4. Pathos TT

    My AC/DC recording is bass shy. If you're happy with all other music, I would put it down to that. I haven't heard the TT for some time, but I'm sure it's bass was fine. A little less compared to my Densen, but not much in it.
  5. Oh no - I'm going to be an Audi****

    Keep an eye out for the ripple disstortion that plagues Audi A3 windscreens.It will drive you mad and more so when Audi dealers choose not to see it.
  6. Peuegot 5008 vs Renault Espace

    For outright comfort. Go with the Peugeot .
  7. Jaguar XE V6 S

    I almost bought one myself. when i was looking, you couldn't get it in a 3 ltr diesel or an estate option, so stuck with bmw
  8. Beds - pocket springs or foam?

    connoisseurs go slumberland. Great deals at Bensons at the moment.
  9. Digital coax cable quality - important?

    During my student era. My Engineering tutor once told me." The job for a cable was to take a signal from point a to point b with as little deterioration as possible to the original signal". I take from that, A cable can influence but cannot improve the signal. He also said."You cannot guarantee 75 ohms using an RCA Connector and must use a BNC Type" this was back in the early 90,s materials and engineering practises have come along way. So don't know whether this still has any relevance. To further muddy the water. I bought a Wadia component last year which came with a digital lead,and in the manual advised this was to get you operational but to upgrade to a better cable to obtain the best from your purchase. go figure.
  10. I would take the technical spec,.from a manufacturer with a pinch of salt, and use as guidance only.
  11. Brand loyalty. Why?

    I was brand loyal back in the 90's in the form of Arcam. Their products were durable flexible with other brands and the after sales service was brilliant. Around the same time the high street Audio specialists started to diminish was the time I found that Arcam started to show chinks in their armour. I progressed from the Alpha range to their flagship FMJ range. Where I noticed amplifiers intermittently switching off CD players skipping after 18 mths and displays missing digits. With no high street store to go back to I tried to deal direct with Arcam to find they don't like answering their phone or reply to emails and Only after approaching an Arcam Rep at hifi shows did I get some results. I think this reflects the used market prices of Arcam now I have a lot of Densen components now and the difference in customer service is night and day, and although I'm not brand loyal to them, I would recommend their products.
  12. Hifi plans for 2017

    Audiophile fuses
  13. BMW guarantee claim bollox

    I had the driver seat on the wives 4 series replaced under warranty after just 3 months of use. then had my driver seat replaced on a 5 series after just 2 months of use. there's a known issue with modern Beemer seats. Now, their alloy wheels on the other hand are the weakest in the industry which appear to buckle with the slightest breeze. trying to get these sorted under warranty is like getting blood out of a stone
  14. Hi Fi amp with sub out ?

    Pathos amps do a sub out via an RCA output And does a pretty good job too
  15. Critical Listening

    When I'm content