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  1. if you like No Quarter you may like this. On Tidal.
  2. This link may be widely know already but just in case not. There is a vast array of tech magazines and books available to download as pdf's.
  3. Skye Edwards of Morcheeba who’s Big Calm album is to my mind an all time classic.
  4. Lots of vinyl at £8.99 here:
  5. The new Who album just out and is quite good, in fact it’s blo**y marvellous.
  6. The op transformer is inside the feedback loop and as such will influence the phase shift around the loop.The replacement may not have the same inductance value as the original,so the feedback network component values may not now be valid with respect to the replacement transformer. The reason the repair shop cannot repro the fault may be that the impedance of their test speakers is sufficient to keep loop phase shift less than 360 deg. Can you try will different speakers?
  7. Try connecting an interconnect to the input of the faulty amp and then touch the centre pin of the free end with your finger, that should be enough to start the positive feedback. If this works then you have an easy method to demo to your repair tech. Why the tech cannot reproduce this issue is a bit strange. The only thing I can think of is that the impedance of his speaker used is such that the pos feedback point is not reached. Have a chat to the tech on the phone in the first instance. Be careful when testing with the interconnect as you have the potential to put the full rated output power of the amp to the speakers at the pos fb frequency.
  8. Hi Robbie Motorboating is caused by positive feedback within the amp. You need to work with the shop who repaired the amps to resolve this fault. With no pre attached the residual noise is not enough to start pos feedback. Connecting the pre adds noise to the amps input which is enough to start pos feedback and once started will not stop until power down.
  9. Hi John, Yes Tag gear is very good, had mine for about 7 year now. I replaced the BFA speaker terminals on the P100 for regular banana types, much more convenient, plus gives a better connection.