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  1. Sam Vimes

    Wireless streamers.

    Take a streamer to your gear, rather than taking your gear to an unfamiliar room. As it stands, I wouldn't conclude anything from a disappointing demo in an unfamiliar room with totally unfamiliar equipment. You've given no indication that you even know what the quality of the source files were. There's no clue as to whether the source of those files was the iPad itself, or the like of Spotify etc. If either the files are low quality or the connection to the streamer is from the iPad (via AirPlay?), it could easily explain being underwhelmed, even if the system and room were perfectly familiar. The reality is that, if you are someone that can be happy with the sound of a CD, you could be just as happy with a streamer. You need to know that the source files are better than MP3 and the connection isn't AirPlay, or Bluetooth, to give it a fair chance of comparing. As it stands, it appears as is if your demo was pretty much pointless.
  2. Sam Vimes

    Sonos alternative

    I have the odd minor niggle with the Yamaha app. However, I've found it to be stable and suffers no drop outs (though I did tinker with my hub settings after a week or so of initial unreliability) even on wi-fi. It's slick enough, but some of the functionality could be improved a touch (the often criticized search facility could be better). I found it nowhere near as unusable as some users report. Not for one moment am I trying to suggest it's better than anything else, nor is it perfect. However, it's a similar scenario to those that love apple phones over Android. It's largely a question of what you get used to and what works for you.
  3. Sam Vimes

    Wireless streamers.

    No, iOS is unique to Apple devices. Only apps intended to run on Android will work with your Samsung phone.
  4. Sam Vimes

    Wireless streamers.

    It's likely to depend on the unit concerned. In the case of the Yamaha, a phone/tablet controller operates the unit via Wi-Fi. All the bluetooth is for is to receive audio that it isn't possible to send via Wi-Fi (Spotify free in my case, because I'm too tight to subscribe. If I did pay for Spotify Premium, using bluetooth would not be necessary) or to send audio to another bluetooth device (speaker/headphones).
  5. Sam Vimes

    Wireless streamers.

    It would appear that no one has suggested anything somewhere in between the price of the Google CCA and something like the Bluesound Node 2, so I'll chuck in the Yamaha WXC-50. It should do all that the OP wants in a single box and an app that works just fine on android phones/tablets. It has Bluetooth (send or receive), Wi-Fi and wired capability.
  6. Has anybody actually heard a really bad Proac speaker? I've heard some that I consider better than others, but I've never heard a pair I couldn't live with. The only time I've been a little underwhelmed by a pair of Proacs was by a pair of Response D2s. Even then, they weren't bad, I just didn't like them enough to justify spending more than double the price of the Studio 110s I ended up buying. However, I appreciate that call was hugely influenced by personal taste, depth of pocket and partnering equipment.
  7. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Shawn Colvin - A Few Small Repairs
  8. Sam Vimes

    One-hit wonders

    They had two further top thirty hits in the UK, Afternoons & Coffeespoons and The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (yes, an XTC cover).
  9. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine.
  10. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life.
  11. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Alice Merton - Mint. (For those that like the Maggie Rogers album, give this a whirl.)
  12. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Lucy Rose - No Words Left
  13. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Danni Nicholls - The Melted Morning.
  14. Sam Vimes

    Doubt Castle speakers

    Look like Severns.
  15. Sam Vimes

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    Those that value hi-fi tend to complain that the SQ of DAB is not a match for FM. That explains well enough why you tend not to find separate DAB tuners in most hi-fi manufacturers line ups. What I find more of a surprise is that so many still bother with FM tuners. I'm more than happy to cut the box count and get radio broadcasts through Freeview or streamed. I see little future for DAB beyond the in car environment and small portable devices. The only reason that DAB isn't a dead duck already is that its main purpose was to be more bandwidth efficient than standard radio broadcasting.