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  1. Sam Vimes

    Questions about streaming Tidal + Qobuz

    I'm yet to be to be entirely convinced either way by the whole higher bit/sampling rate thing. It's much the same scenario as remastering. There's little doubt that everything depends on the original recording. If there's going to be any hint of a noticeable difference, I'm tending to find it's on the more recent well recorded stuff anyway. I'm not remotely convinced that there's much value in a DSD or hi res flac files that are sourced from old masters. However, there's at least one poster on here that has taken to up sampling cd rips and is quite convinced of improvements. I suspect he won't agree that there are no differences.
  2. Sam Vimes

    Questions about streaming Tidal + Qobuz

    If the Bluesound Node 2 appeals, then the Yamaha WXC-50 might be worth a coat of looking at. Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Juke and Napster streaming services are all supported and the DAC will cope with Hi-Res FLAC up to 24/192 and DSD/DSF up to 5.6Mhz.
  3. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    School Of Language - Old Fears (2014)
  4. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    I only know about the blind chap because he posted a perfectly reasonable request on the thread. Since then, one of the moderators repeated the request. As for my own comment being harsh, that's not what was intended. It's simply a statement of the reality for me. If a post might as well be on the "guess the album cover" thread, I can't be pestered to try and find out what something might be. It's just too much like hard work. To that end, at least for those that don't know what the pic may be, the poster may as well not have bothered.
  5. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Whilst not being explicit with details is hardly the crime of the century, there is a follower of this thread that is blind. His software can't pick up on even the most obvious of details in a picture. It hardly bothers me, but if it becomes something like cluedo and where's Wally, I simply don't have the time or inclination to find out what someone might have posted.
  6. Sam Vimes

    Decent white speaker cable

    Chord Rumour 2, especially the unsheathed installation version, is stupidly thin. It's so thin that I suspect that many would steer clear of it. I only6 got it because I temporarily ran an amp with pathetically small spring clips. The amp has gone, but the cable survived, despite having thicker, more costly, and supposedly better, alternatives to hand.
  7. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Martyn Joseph - Here Come The Young (2018)
  8. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm very pleased to see that someone else owns this and rates it. I've never understood why the rather delectable Gemma Hayes isn't at least reasonably well known. Poor old Thomas Walsh, effectively Pugwash on his own and one half of The Duckworth Lewis Method, but people only seem to think Neil Hannon/The Divine Comedy.
  9. Sam Vimes

    Guess the album cover

    It's painful knowing and it being all wrong to give the answer.
  10. Sam Vimes

    How many Brands/Manufacturers in your System?

    Three, Yamaha, Proac, and Chord. Four if you include the Western Digital NAS.
  11. Sam Vimes

    Guess the album cover

    Stamped at 14:07
  12. Sam Vimes

    Wam spotify playlists

    I've never posted on this thread before, but it did lead me to the various Spotify playlists. I use Spotify less now, but I did enjoy raking through the various playlists. I even added to the odd one, usually with the more obscure stuff I like. I couldn't see much point in adding big hits or well known artists. Not everything on there is to my taste, and I'll bet my additions aren't to everyone else's. They might even be about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. It might be quite nice if there was some kind of rating/approval system, but it's not as if you can't skip whatever you find objectionable enough.
  13. Sam Vimes

    Guess the album cover

    It might be sorted on the site, but it shows up in the thread notification email I've just opened!
  14. Sam Vimes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Jennifer Warnes - Another Time, Another Place (2018).
  15. Sam Vimes

    Which is the best signal plug for hi-fi.

    Having used and worked with pretty much all of the various coax connectors, I'm interested to hear why you consider the SMA to be the best.