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  1. Sam Vimes

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    Harsh, and the wrong decade. Try mid-70s. John Miles actually had four top 40 singles in the UK, even if no one remembers, or plays, anything beyond "Music". His bass player, Bobby Marshall, was a neighbour of my Aunt and Uncle way back when.
  2. Sam Vimes

    Laskys and Tandy

    I don't remember Laskys at all. Whether that's down to location, age, or a terrible memory, I'm not sure. Tandy I do know. However, I don't recall buying anything in there. For the bulk of my working life, I was a multi-discipline electronics tech. Setting foot in Tandy was invariably an act of desperation.
  3. Sam Vimes

    Hi-Fi is out...

    I have doubts that hi-fi was ever really that popular. Most people spent as little as possible, on devices as small and convenient as possible, that gave an acceptable (to them) sound quality. The only reason I ever got into anything approaching hi-fi was because my old man had separates. I don't recall the parents of any other kids I knew having such things. With twenty twenty hindsight, with the added bonus of my old man being a terrible hoarder, his stuff was/is pretty average, at best. For many years, I schlepped around the country and cohabited with loads of people of a similar age bracket. The number of us that had anything approaching "real" hi-fi was vanishingly small. As time marched on, the small numbers steadily reduced. When it came to one of my frequent moves, many were bemused as to why I bothered with hi-fi. Now, I don't know anyone, other than my old man with his average AV setup, that owns anything like a hi-fi, not even mini/micro systems. It's all Bluetooth speakers and soundbars/sound bases.
  4. Sam Vimes

    Anyone dealt with Unilet Hi Fi?

    If you use ebay for long enough, sooner or later something like this will happen to you. It has certainly happened to me a few times. It can be a little hard not to feel aggrieved. It's rare that you can prove a thing, even when you have your suspicions. However, provided no money is lost, then there's very little point in allowing it to spoil even a minute of your day.
  5. Sam Vimes

    Songs with LOW bass

    Rag N Bone Man - Human.
  6. Sam Vimes

    Musings on a speaker upgrade.

    Assuming that you mean speakers rather than dwellings, Proac Studio 110 (on Target R2000s) to Proac Studio 148s.
  7. Sam Vimes

    Musings on a speaker upgrade.

    I can't answer for anyone else, but I had my reasons. 1) Expense. 2) Communal dwelling. Not shared, but close quarters. 3) Small spaces. 4) Frequent moves. Standmounts were invariably easier to accommodate, transport and match to random rooms. Mercifully, I'm not operating under the same constraints any longer.
  8. Sam Vimes

    Songs with LOW bass

    Without getting into synth bass, Neil Finn - Twisty Bass. Beck - Morning and Heart Is A Drum. Alt-J - Breezeblocks and Something Good. Not much tops James Blake's Limits To Your Love though.
  9. Sam Vimes

    Musings on a speaker upgrade.

    For the first time in nearly thirty years, I'm using floorstanders in the place of largeish standmounts. I hadn't particularly planned to go in this direction, I'd actually been looking into the possibility of going down the 2.1 route with my existing speakers. I'm no basshead, but I've known for long enough that the odd track I listened to was missing the odd lower note. What I really wanted was the same sonic character just with that extra reinforcement. What I didn't want was to end up with a neighbour annoying thumpfest. The floorstanders concerned are, within a minor detour, the bigger brothers to my existing standmounts. The woofers aren't exactly the same, and there's an extra one, but the tweeters are, at least, very similar. After a week and a bit of fairly heavy use, my observations are as follows. 1) Why have I avoided floorstanders for so long? 2) The bass is obviously deeper, but it remains tight enough. Certainly not overwhelming as I feared. 3) Much of the music I listen to doesn't go any lower than the standmounts could easily manage. 4) What music does, or does not, contain much lower bass notes has been eye opening. Much of the stuff I expected to be really bassy has not been. Plenty of stuff, that I'd not really expect to plumb the depths, has. 5) Music, of any kind, sounds so much fuller, even if the bass content is negligible. It now feels much closer to the vaunted live experience. 6) I'm finding much less of an urge to crank up the volume. Even at modest levels, music sounds more engaging and exciting. I'd anticipated a certain level of neighbour annoyance due to the extended bass response. However, I rather suspect that the lower levels I'm tending to listen are probably more neighbour friendly than before. I dare say that much of this will be no great news to many, but it may be of interest to some small speaker disciples. As an aside, I seem to have stumbled rather blindly into the "throw most of your money at speakers" philosophy. It's not been intentional, but I'm surprised just how well modest components are performing with out of their league speakers.
  10. Sam Vimes

    I think I may be turning into a believer...

    I'm as confused as hell. On a professional level, I'm a total skeptic. When it comes to hi-fi, I'm a lot less sure of myself. I want to believe that everything can be measured, quantified and explained. Unfortunately, my brain wants to believe, but my lug holes don't seem to be getting the message. I appreciate that a hardcore objectivist will just write that off as subjective nonsense, but so be it. The one thing from my professional experience that casts doubt on objectivist ideal is waveguide. The stuff works, but few can make a categoric stab at how or why. I've encountered a few rather brilliant minds that have theories, but more than the odd one that will concede that they aren't entirely sure exactly what is going on.
  11. Sam Vimes

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    I doubt that speakers have got significantly better, but my pockets are a smidgen deeper than they were. Speakers I hankered after thirty years ago are still hankered after by some folks. The only reason that I don't fancy them any more has more to do with the condition of second hand examples and the (non) availability of spares. Whether speakers of that kind of vintage, and greater, are better than a modern offering makes no odds to me.
  12. They might, but I couldn't live with it. The neighbours definitely couldn't.
  13. Sam Vimes

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    The longer I have it, the more amazed I am with the little Yamaha WXA-50. It's just been treated to a speaker upgrade, Proac Studio 148s instead of Studio 110s. I really thought I was pushing my luck before, I thought the 148s might be a bridge too far. Their 4 ohm impedance was of particular concern. I know that the amp is supposed to be able to cope with a 4 ohm load, but what about a real world 4 ohm speaker that might drop significantly lower? Several hours in and the WXA-50 hasn't batted an eyelid. I've pretty much got what I hoped for, very similar to before with a large dollop of extra bass. I'm starting to wonder just what speaker crazyness (price and specs) I could throw at the Yam before it gives up?
  14. Over the last six months or so, I've been toying with the idea of adding a sub to my Studio 110s. However, fate, and a seller on here, had other ideas. When some Studio 110s very big brothers, Studio 148s, came up for sale, I thought it might be rude to not give them a whizz. Lots of similarities to the 110s I liked, but with plenty of extra bass. I really don't think I need that subwoofer now.
  15. Sam Vimes

    ProAc Studio 148

    Hello Hydie, safe back home, installed and singing. Thanks very much. Say thanks again to your daughter for me. I think this was definitely a better idea than adding a sub to my Studio 110s. Very similar familial sound, but lashings of extra bottom end.