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  1. triumph

    Big band recommendations

  2. triumph

    £100 phono stage upgrade

    new version of the edwards phono is a cracker for under 100quid made in the uk as well & next pop in a 2M blue stylus
  3. triumph

    New Klipsch stand-mounters- any good?

    'Also bought a pair of the RP-600M s for my office system 12wpc SET amp & excellent sound/£
  4. triumph

    New album releases

  5. triumph

    New album releases

  6. . 1) Ellington Masterpieces (Analogue Productions) 2) Duke Ellington: The Feeling of Jazz (Deluxe ORG Music) ) 3) Duke Ellington: Indigos (IMPEX) ) 4) The Sound of Jazz (Analogue Productions) ) 5) Art Blakey: Night in Tunisia (Music Matters SRX vinyl) ) 6) John Coltrane: Blue Train (Music Matters SRX vinyl) ) 7) Eric Dolphy: Out To Lunch (Music Matters) ) 8) Larry Young: Unity (Music Matters) ) 9) Coltrane’s Sound (ORG Music) ) 10) Sonny Rollins “The Bridge” (ORG Music) ) 11) Ornette Coleman “The Shape of Jazz.. (ORG 2 45) ) 12) Wynton Kelly: Smokin’ At the Half-Note (Analogue P. 13) O. Peterson Trio: We Get Requests (Analog Prod.) ) 14) D. Brubeck Quartet: Time Out (Analogue Prod.) ) 15) Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus (OJC) 16) Gerry Mulligan and Ben Webster (ORG) ) 17) Kind of Blue (Mobile Fidelity) ) 18) Miles Davis “Sketches of Spain” (Mobile Fidelity) ) 19) Miles Davis “Nefertiti” (Mobile Fidelity) ) 20) Miles Davis In A Silent Way (Mobile Fidelity) ) 21) LeGrand Jazz (w. M. Davis) (IMPEX) ) 22) Gil Evans & Ten (Analogue Productions) ) 23) The Individualism of Gil Evans (Speakers Corner) ) 24) Charles Lloyd: Forest Flower (Speakers Corner) 25) Desmond/Mulligan: Two of a Mind (ORG) 26) A. Blakey’s Jazz Messeng W. Monk (Analog Spark) 27) Paul Desmond: Desmond Blue (Analog Spark) ) 28) The Monty Alexander Trio: Montreux Alex. (MPS) 29) John Lewis&Sacha Distel: Afternoon in Paris (Sam) ) 30) Chet Baker and his quintet with B. Jaspar (Sam) ) 31) The New Standard: Saft, Swallow,Previte (R.Noise) ) 32) Jerome Sabbagh: The Turn (Bee Jazz Records) ) 33) Yuko Mabuchi Trio Vols. 1&2 (Yarlung) ) 34) Armstrong/Fitzgerald: Porgy&Bess (Sp. Corner) ) 35) B. Holiday: Songs For Distingué Lovrs (Analog Pro) ) 36) Ella Fitz. Sings the C.Porter Songbk (Analog Spark) ) 37) Ella Fitzgerald. Ella Swings Lightly (ORG) ) 38) Cassandra Wilson: Belly of the Sun (Pure Pleasure) ) 39) Cassandra Wilson: Blue Light ‘til Dawn (P. Pleas.) ) 40) Ray Charles and Betty Carter (Analog Productions) ) 41) Johnny Hartmann: Once in Every Life (Analogue P.) 42) Dean Martin: Dream With Dean (Analogue Prod.) 43) Tony Bennett: At Carnegie Hall (Analogue Prod.) 44) Nat King Cole: Love is the Thing (Analogue Prod.) 45) Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall (Analogue Prod.) 46) Peggy Lee: Is That All There Is? (Pure Pleasure) 47) Joe Jackson: Night and Day (Intervention) 48) Judee Sill: Judee Sill (Intervention) 49) Gene Clark: White Light (Intervention) 50) Stealers Wheel: Ferguslie Park (Intervention) 51) The Flying Burrito Bros: Gilded Palace (intervention) 52) Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow (mono): Mo-Fi) 53) Grateful Dead: American Beauty (Mobile Fidelity) 54) Aretha Franklin: Aretha’s Gold (Mobile Fidelity) 55) The B. Boys: Pet Sounds (mono) (Analogue Pro.) 56) The B. Boys: Surfer Girl (stereo) (Analogue Pro.) 57) Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True (Mobile Fidelity) 58) Elvis Costello: Get Happy (Mobile Fidelity) 59) E. Costello: King of America (Mobile Fidelity) 60) The Crickets: The Chirpin Crickets (Analogue Prod.) 61) Buddy Holly: Buddy Holly (Analogue Productions) 62) E. Presley: Stereo ’57 Essential Elvis (Analog Prod.) 63) Jimi H.: Live at the Miami Pop Festival (Exp. Hend.) 64) Jimi Hendrix: The Cry of Love (Experience Hendrix) 65) Van Morrison: Astral Weeks (WB) 66) Van Morrison: Moondance (WB) 67) Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde (Mobile Fidelity) 68) Neil Young w. Crazy Horse: Everybody Knows (WB) 69) Neil Young: After the Goldrush (WB) 70) Neil Young: Harvest (WB) 71) Carole King: Tapestry (Mo-Fi or ORG Music45) 72) The Band: The Band (Mo-Fi) 73) Love: Forever Changes (Rhino) 74) Joni Mitchell: Blue (WB) 75) Joni Mitchell: Court and Spark (WB) 76) Eric Clapton: I Still Do (Surfdog) 77) The Mothers of Invention: Uncle Meat (Zappa F.) 78) The Moths of Invent: Burnt Weenie Sand. (Zappa) 79) Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman (Analogue Prod.) 80) Gillian Welch: Soul Journey (Acony) 81) Gillian Welch: The Harrow & The Harvest (Acony) 82) Janis Ian: Breaking Silence (Analogue Productions) 83) Peter Paul & Mary: Peter, Paul & Mary (ORG) 84) Shelby Lynne: Just A Little Lovin’ (Analog Product.) 85) Dusty Springfield: Dusty in Memph (Analogue Prod.) 86) Phoebe Snow: Phoebe Snow (Analogue Prod.) 87) Samantha Crain: Under Br. &Thorn&Tree (Ramseur) 88) Son House: Father of Folk Blues (Analogue Prod.) 89) Muddy Waters: Folk Singer (Analog Prod.) 90) Ry Cooder/V.M. Bhatt: Meeting By River (Analog P.) 91) Unpopular Music (Various Artists) (Gearbox) 92) OST: TRON (Audio Fidelity) 93) OST: West Side Story (Analog Spark) 94) OST: A Fiddler on the Roof (Analog Spark) 95) D2D: C.Teal Trib. to Ella Fitzgerald (Chas. Dragon) 96) D2D: Syd Lawr. Orch: Big B. Spect.! (Chas. Dragon) 97) BOX: The Kinks The Mono Collection )(Sanct) 98) BOX: Buff. Springfield: What’s That Sound (Atlantic) 99) BOX: Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland (Exp. Hendrix) 100) BOX: The Nat King Cole Story (Analog Productions)
  7. triumph

    Turntable help needed - Systemdek cartridge

    A&R like most things in this hobby was bought in from a OEM & Badged by A&R , Mission , Coral , Shelter , Notts .Analogue etc & dozens of others from memory made by excel or nagaoka in japan Jico SAS ( Super Analogue Stylus ) with boron or ruby or sapphire cantilever & microridge/line contact stylus VMS20 with a Jico Nude Shibata ortofon or AR with either option will give most modern cartridges a run for the money or best them
  8. triumph

    New album releases

  9. Jelco replaced the SA range a year ago with the New TS range
  10. triumph

    Impressions of the new Hana ML cart?

    Another sub £1000 MC picking up some owners
  11. triumph


    Crud & Residue removal with a knosti use 2 of them , use like your grans belfast sink 1 x wash with fluid & 1 x rinse with distilled water & into fresh anti-static inners also Lart du son offers better cleaning results if you upgrade to a vacuum/ulttrasonic RCM in the future just use the Knosti as a pre-wash cleaner then pop on the RCM
  12. triumph

    Impressions of the new Hana ML cart?

    ART9 had 3 of them over the years bit of a giant killer MC for the money , justs gets out of the way and plays music & recently replaced by a Ortofon MC A95 totally awesome cartridge but should be at 5 times the price & could be my End Game MC