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  1. difficult spots of dirt , DO you mean mold you could try a enzyme cleaner Or a Knosti/spinclean & use it a a pre-wash before cleaning with fluid on the RCM & then rinsing with distilled water should remove all marks Blurb from Mofi Most sound degrading contaminants found on records are organic in nature, oils and sweat from hands,.skin. hair and other minuscule particles of dust are attracted by electrostatic charges on the vinyl and can become deeply embedded in the vinyl. The best way to remove these is with an enzyme specifically designed for this purpose. By coating the play surface with PLUS Enzyme Cleaning Fluid and allowing it to sit on the record surface for 3-5 minutes, the enzymes will break the particles down and loosen them from the grooves. Mofi & Nagoaka best inners & used them for decades 50p to protect a £25-50 records is good value
  2. if you must have a Soundbar 3.0 or 3.1 with wireless Sub or 5.1 with wireless rears
  3. Use a 12Wpc unison research + klipsch RP600M 96db £600 excellent speakers
  4. use a pair of Klipsch RP600 in my 2nd system highly musical little speakers
  5. Cartridge Man / Grado reference/statement not all MMs are the cheap option
  6. Excel are a tiny family sized business. AT & Ortofon will produce more cartridges in a day than excel will in a decade , both are in the 500,000 units + per year. Read recently AT95e was produced 5million + units
  7. AT must of sold tens of thousands of these & bit of a legend in the £1000-1500 ballpark had 3 myself over 5years & you have to spend 2/3 times to get a better cartridge if AT made the ML is would be £350 , if Hana made the Art9 it would be £3,500 due to scale of production next one up in the range from AT is the ART1000 at almost £5k
  8. Very nice cartridge the ML friend had one in his system but replaced with Audio Technica ART9
  9. QRP ( quality record pressings ) are fantastic & they press all analogue productions 200g records recent hendrix UHQR pressing is spooky quiet like a CD Pallas & Optimal in germany & RTI usa (Mofi ) are also excellent ,majority of EU pressing are Gz and less said about Gzmedia the better
  10. Passive so last century , these are excellent for tri-amping
  11. triumph

    Second Systems

    Office system Project S2 Dac / streamer , Project Debut turntable , Unison research simply Italy amp & Klipsch RP600M