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  1. Colinjg

    Three Words Daily

    Eee Elle Ohh.
  2. Colinjg

    Three Words Daily

    Fox or Dog?
  3. Colinjg

    2018/19 Football Season

    good post.
  4. Colinjg

    one word daily

  5. Colinjg

    one word daily

  6. Colinjg

    Maybe be interest if you own a Linn

    Interested, but not stupid. FFS.
  7. Colinjg

    What are you listening to right now?

    Vinyl. 45 Vinyl. The Lover Speaks, No more I love yous. Original and best.. Way way better than Annie Lennox Cover. IMO Lennox missed the point of the song musically.
  8. Colinjg

    One-hit wonders

    No more I love yous. The lover Speaks number 58. Annie Lennox later took it to number 2 with a crap version. What do I know?
  9. Colinjg

    What are you listening to right now?

    Vinyl. Tusk. " Some" of their best stuff on here. But it is a bit like the White Album, you can spend hours on how to make it into a world class single album.
  10. Colinjg

    2018/19 Football Season

    Is that Alan Brazil?
  11. Colinjg

    PP's weekend quiz

    Easter related??
  12. Colinjg

    one word daily

  13. Colinjg

    one word daily

  14. I'm in a long slow project of re-grouting at the moment. Doing my head in.