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  1. Hootie and the Blowfish, Cracked rear view. debut album
  2. Could look at the high output Hana. SH or EH.
  3. Looks like we are back with the old: Measures good/sounds bad vs measures bad/sounds good conundrum. I know which I prefer, as I use my system for listening to music.
  4. Sorry, not clear. No it was not the best incarnation of the arm. The first version was made in the far east, if memory serves me right, before linn pulled it in house. I had a Mk 1 for about a year from new ( £150 then) before buying a better arm which I still have 28 yrs later. I believe the latest version of the arm is very good, but pricier.
  5. Anything with Lol Creme in it is alright by me. .
  6. The cat could be nearly 60 years old. Not a kitten then in 71.
  7. Hana are made by the Excel Sound Corporation who have been making Carts for over 45 years. Mainly OEM for other brands. I suspect they are not a small scale manufacturer. ( By Cartridge standards) I have not heard the AT Art9, but is likely to be brighter than the Hana.
  8. I, or someone else should have mentioned Morton Harket.