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  1. Serious self promotion.
  2. Lang Lang. Tchaikovsky/ Mendelssohn. CD.
  3. From my memory of a distant past Physics lesson, perhaps incorrectly. Watts are a function of Amps and Volts. Therefore, theoretically, for example, you could generate 100 watts with 2 Amps and 50 Volts. ( low current). You could also produce 100 watts with 50 amps and 2 Volts, ( high current) The "best" analogy the Teacher could give is that current is the amount of electricity and voltage is the speed of it. ( The petrol/diesel analogy may not be a bad one) Perhaps someone with some expert knowledge of electronics could explain how this relates to amplifiers.
  4. I think he is short changing them a bit.
  5. Mainly UK. TT. Glasgow. Arm: Salisbury. Carts: Japan. CD 1: Korea.( UK design) CD 2: UK. Phono. Germany. Preamp: UK Power Amps: UK. Speakers UK.
  6. Sorry, perhaps not. I believe they need a bit up 'em
  7. Which two would you lose if you put SF and PL on?
  8. George Martin always said his biggest regret was not including Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields on the album. Imagine how much greater it would have been.
  9. It is hard to find a definition of " Moderator " without finding the words "neutral" or "impartial". It doesn't apply here as proven in the last year or so. As long as the media owner is happy with it, then it is what it is.
  10. I hope the Joke thread is not lost. It is/was a wonderful database of jokes.