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  1. Hi. Thanks for the advice. I have considered having them reveneered (no time to do it myself) but as I was looking around it appeared that a new cabinet was not far off in price. I know the c20 use the exact same drivers in a larger floorstanding enclosure but didn't account for a change of crossover! The speakers are essentially worthless on the 2nd hand market because of their condition so thought I'd try playing with them. Seems that could be a world of pain and I risk ruining them, I don't mind a slight change in presentation but don't want to loose what they do completely.
  2. Hi. I have a pair of old Kudos c10s I inherited some time ago and the cabinets are a bit battered. So I was wondering if it's possible to get some new cabinets made and if anyone has any suggestions on who to go to. While I'm at it, as we've just moved I've been playing with the Idea of taking the crossover and drivers and sticking them in a floorstanding cabinet like this one: I'm sure it's not this easy but I'm hoping for some advice. I have zero woodworking talent so would need to get them made but can solder so extending the wiring from the crossover would not be a problem. I like what these speakers do and I'm aware a new cabinet would change the presentation but I'm happy with the gamble. Maybe even get some made out of birch ply and then they won't need veneer?
  3. Thanks uzzy. The advice I needed I suspect! I'm used to the speakers I have and thought that newer ones should be better but was quite surprised. I think I wanted to get rid of a slight edge on some recordings but after the recent rounds of auditions it's not quite as bad as I thought. Probably the recording I guess.
  4. Ahh yes but for most of us 60k may be slightly out of reach! I'm sure speakers like the kii etc have pushed things forward quite a lot but for a majority of wage slaves with families etc I think most of these things are hugely out of reach. Even 2nd hand. I guess like most things it just takes time for this technology to filter down and become more mainstream. Nopiano I think you're right. It says they are modified in some way but I'm hoping the driver is essentially the same and could be just a straight drop in. Does seem like a big gamble without confirmation though.
  5. 😁. I'm beginning to think that. Speaker technology doesn't seem to have improved much in any truly meaningful way in the last 10 years...
  6. Offered 500 for part exchange. Sadly 2.5 k s a bit out of reach. 2k definitely a hard limit. The c1s are old and have slight damage to the cabinets which prevents them being sold on eBay as no one wanted them. Dealers are aware of this and understandably don't want to be left with something they can't sell. This is also why I was thinking of a little diy as the damage doesn't really bother me that much.
  7. Thanks for that, kudos now emailed. I'm a little cynical though and suspect they'll just try and upsell me even if it is possible? 2.5k is over my budget I'm afraid but I'll keep an eye out for some second hand one's. Hmm... May just stick with what I've got until they die.
  8. Hi! I started a thread about a class a amp a little while ago and got some good advice that maybe a good class A/B may be better. I auditioned 2nd hand and ended up with a primare i30. Love it! The rest of my system is an auralic aries with linear power supply and an rme adi2 dac and a pair of Kudos C1. In that thread someone sugested looking at my speakers, so with a little extra money in my pocket from working some overtime I have around £2000. I have auditioned a lot of new ones at that price and while I like what they do (particularly proac d2) i feel it's more of a sideways move than an upgrade. Looking at Falcon acoustics I can get a pair of Seas Crescendo tweeters, a new mid/ bass driver and also get my crossovers refreshed for much less. My Kudos are a little old now just under 10 years so probably need looking at anyway. This would effectively turn them into c10s? Is this something you would consider or would it just end in tears. I'm not averse to a bit of DIY... I have looked into a complete DIY build but it all falls a bit short at building my own cabinets etc.
  9. That's the one. It is built like a tank and a thing of beauty. Very pleased with it. Thanks for the advice on servicing.
  10. Well hello! I am now the proud owner of a new to me i30. I didn't expect much to be honest as its probably the least I've spent on an amp. I'm running it with a pair of kudos c1 (hangover from maim ownership) an rme adi2 dac and an auralic aries. So as I say I didn't have massively high hopes with it being a relatively old amp but I didn't want one of the new ones as I've just tried a nord class d amp which while fantastic, I found a little brittle? I'm really surprised, very little sibilance (unless its on the recording) while being detailed enough. Weirdly nothing stands out but it just sounds more natural. From Black Crowes to Vienna Teng and Agnes Obel it all sounds good. Even the bad recording sound bad, but enjoyable. Which to be fair is what its about, enjoying it. One thing it does get hot, very hot although I only have an inch of clear space above it but the sides are open. So this was all a gamble. I was going to try a 30 watt class a for something different. So after 5 years of amp searching I think I've found my home. Now... About that second hand np30... Quick question, does anyone have any recommendations for someone with a good reputation for servicing items like this. Preferably in the west midlands?
  11. I guess though that there are plenty of people that can repair a design like that which is fairly straight forward or well known? Even if the original guy making it can't someone else could? Lots to think about here. We love the speakers, took me and the better half a long time to find them and while I hear the logic of looking at these first it is really the amplification I'm looking at. I'm really just playing at the moment and its good to know that these amps have a good reputation! It's those or the sugden then I suspect. Thanks for a lot of information quickly!
  12. Hi. Thanks for the replies. Sorry should have said that I'm looking to spend no more than £1000 as I'm still experimenting with what I like after a decade of naim use. I guess I'm looking for a bit more meat on the bones than the nord. A bit more warmth, I'm enjoying the neutrality of the nord but want a bit more something? I don't want to go back to naim and don't miss it, nothing against it just got tired of it really!
  13. Hello! After playing around with a nord class d hypex mp ncore (not the higher range 500) for the last few years I'm tempted to try a class a amp and see if there's a difference. I have a pair of kudos c1 and use a ADI-2 dac straight into a power amp with an auralic aries as source with all mark grant cables which I'm happy with. I'm aware of the nelson pass designs and wondered what your opinion was of this eBay design is is it expensive for what it is or would I be better served going for something known like a sugden etc? I have no problem going for these garden shed builders but just want to be sure I'm comparing a good example of a class a design. I'm really just curious and want to try something new that I've not tried before, hence class a.
  14. Gridlock


    Ahh ok sorry wasn't aware of that. Saw whitehart was having wireless issues and thought it might help solve the network issues.
  15. Gridlock


    Had nothing but trouble with wireless from a supplied router on an auralic aries. I bought a wireless access point from eBay and turned off the wireless on the router, never any problems since. I know its a different product with different use case but it may help.