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  1. Black Sunday price reduction to £1,550 plus postage or pick up.
  3. I am throwing in a pair of HiDiamond 1 interconnects with this.
  4. For sale is my Gato DIA250S NPM amplifier with warranty up to 2024. Purchased brand new from Elite Audio in Scotland. Superb sounding amplifier and only selling as something has come up that I have been looking out for - if that sells then I will withdraw this amp from sale. It is in superb unmarked condition with the walnut top. It is very flexible with the inbuilt DAC and streamer and the power to drive virtually any speaker. It is also Roon ready. Comes boxed with all the original accessories. Looking for £1,550 plus shipping or happy for you to collect from Chorley, Lancs. IMG_20200112_213531 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20200112_213506 by Rob Moores, on Flickr
  5. HouseElf


    My wife went on a plant based diet around 12 months ago to help reduce her cholesterol. Didn’t initially do it for the animals but in researching recipe’s etc she now describes herself as Vegan. it is as though she has joined a cult - albeit the cult is that clever she would never admit it. Rational discussion around the benefits of the diet or the hypocrisy of taking such a moral high ground have gone out of the window. Thankfully she is pro-choice and has never tried to force me to follow her path (or our children). Her cholesterol has come down and stayed down which is a positive (but could have been achieved by other natural means). My view is that she seems to pick up any bug, cold or flu going around now but I am not allowed to say that - whoops, just did but I am okay as she won’t read this.
  6. Regret selling mine. Mk3 would be good but so would the Mk2.
  7. One of the reasons I pulled away from the brand is the HUG and Alan Shaw in particular. I questioned a couple of things said on there and was met with condescension and arrogance from the man himself. Left a very bad taste to be honest. I mentioned my run in with a dealer years ago who told me the people Alan Shaw work with hold there heads in their hands when he has been preaching online.
  8. I am now a few days further in and, in the main, enjoying what I am hearing. Having done a lot more listening I have noticed that the treble can sound a tad harsh on some recordings - especially from first switch on where, as you have mentioned, it does seem to take a short amount of time to come back on song. Even after it has warmed up I have found that some high frequencies - especially a piano's high notes can sound very, very slightly ragged. It is a subtle effect but one that I have noticed. It seems recording dependent too. I raised the issue with Elite Audio - who also sell Boenicke - and it is their experience that the amp really only settles in after around 200 hours. They use Gato when demonstrating Boenicke speakers and have not experienced the effect I have noticed. I have read somewhere that Class D amps in particular take a long time to burn in (if you subscribe to that belief). Other then this slight hiccup, I am still enjoying the amp immensely.
  9. It seems you are based in Manchester? If you could get there I would recommend a trip to somewhere like Doug Brady’s in Warrington. It seems they are a Spendor dealer and stock a variety of different amplifiers. Whenever I have visited they have been extremely helpful and knowledgable.
  10. I honestly cannot remember the model number. It was at a demonstration at a dealers a while ago but the difference was clear to me at the time.
  11. No problem. By organic I am referring to, for example, an acoustic guitar sounding more like a dreadnought than a parlour guitar. The Moon, to me, had more body and richness of tone in the midrange that I found the Auralic lacks. It was a subtle but noticeable difference to me.
  12. I haven’t compared side by side but have heard both. The Moon, my ears, was a little more organic.
  13. Have you played around with the different filters? I have with my Aries Mini and find it makes a difference.
  14. Nothing to do with me.
  15. So I have had the DIA 250 NPM since Thursday and have probably used it for around 40/50 hours in that time. I assume that it is nearing it's required burn in period and will not change, sonically, much now. It is an amazingly well put together amplifier. One of the few I have bought where, on sheer build quality terms it seems to justify the cost. Upon first switching the amp on Thursday afternoon I was a little worried at what I had gotten myself into. It sounded brittle and shut in. Slightly bright. Not awful but not great. Kind of what I expected Class D amps to sound like. I knew that it needed time to settle (advice given by both Gato and Elite Audio) and so I left the amp running and then properly listened again on Friday night. By then things had begun to settle - it sounded like a completely different amp. There was now warmth, a huge soundstage, smoother highs and far deeper bass. Since then it has sounded better and better. Does it sound better than the Kinki Studio EX-M1 - hmm not really. I think on balance it sounds similar but there is a subtle difference in dynamics. The EX-M1 was very slightly better - and I mean very slightly. Music thought the Gato appears from a much blacker background though which I like. The Gato has other cards up it's sleeve that few amps can match. I haven't tried the DAC yet on its own or Bluetooth but I have tried the NPM module. This sounds fantastic. I have an Auralic Aries Mini which I have always enjoyed listening to. I think it does a lot right and I struggle to find fault with it. The Gato streaming module though has slightly better separation than the Aries Mini and his a little more energy. The only let down is the MConnect app and so I have been using the Mini as I much prefer the Lightning App. The DIA250 is Roon ready and so I will get something that can run Roon at some point and probably swap to that. So overall I am very happy with the Gato. I have been more than pleasantly surprised by their implementation of Class D. The fact the amp is so flexible too is a massive bonus.
  16. When I contacted Sven for some advice on placement I sent him a photo of my set up and he said to getting my W5’s wider apart would make a big difference along with bringing them into the room as far as I dare too. I could do the former and it really helped - a nice free “upgrade”. Glad it has worked well for you too.
  17. First of all I would speak to Elite Audio if you can as they will be able to advise you, probably, better than most. Especially on which model would work best in your room. I agree that in the space you are trying to fill the W8's are more likely to be a better choice as they will, undoubtedly, move more air. I have the W5SE's in a 22 square metre lounge and they are more than I could ever need. I was told the W5SE's were better than the stock W8 in my size of room and whilst I didn't compare they have not let me down. I had a pair of Proac SM100's before the Boenicke's. The SM100's are significantly bigger yet the W5's produced a fuller, richer soundstage to me. As for amplification they do need a lot of current as mentioned in the previous post. I started with an Audiozen Alchemy which was great but just a little lacking when trying to get some great bass from the speakers. I then went to a Kinki Studio EX-M1 amp which was superb - over twice the power of the Audiozen and it was immediately apparent that this was a far better match. I have since, for complicated reasons, made a sideways move (in power terms) to a Gato DIA 250 NPM. This, to my ears, has the edge on the EX-M1 sonically but it is also so much more. For instance the inbuilt streamer is easily as good as my separate Auralic Mini. It also has a built in DAC and Bluetooth and so is fantastically flexible. It has crushed my preconceptions of what a digital amplifier sounds like. It sounds richer than the EX-M1 without sacrificing detail. I believe the 400 has a very slightly warmer sound - as mentioned originally Elite Audio may be able to advise on this. As for the Hegel I have never heard one but by all accounts they are another excellent option I believe. If WAF is a factor then the Gato would win hands down every time. It is stunningly well made and pretty to look at on a shelf. I hope this helps a little.
  18. I did get mine from Elite Audio. Great service from them as usual in spite of the production delay from Gato. I have to say after around 20 hours on the amp it has been well worth the wait. Will write more when I have a few more hours on the clock.