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  1. HouseElf

    Audiozen Alchemy Amplifier in Silver

    Bump - price now £1,650.
  2. HouseElf

    Innuos Zen Mini Mk2 - 1TB

    This is now sold.
  3. HouseElf

    Audiozen Alchemy Amplifier in Silver

    Some slightly better photos of the amp.
  4. HouseElf

    boenicke Owners Club

    A cannot imagine you would need more than 500w. I am sure they sound astounding. As others have said the do take a long time to break in although they do sound wonderful out of the box.
  5. HouseElf

    Audiozen Alchemy Amplifier in Silver

    Rather than giving a clue I will tell you . Chorley in Lancashire.
  6. HouseElf

    boenicke Owners Club

    They look fantastic. I have a pair of W5SEs and I am constantly impressed by how they sound. What is the rest of your system? Thanks, Rob
  7. HouseElf

    Audiozen Alchemy Amplifier in Silver

    Now includes a HiDiamond Interconnect for the purchaser.
  8. My Audiozen Alchemy Integrated Amplifier in superb condition complete with the wooden box and unused remote control. More details here relating to what amazing amplifiers these are and the high quality components that go into making them: Mine was bought new from Elite Audio around 4 months ago. They are around £3,000 new. Looking for £1,800. Would prefer collection but delivery can be arranged as the wooden box will protect the amp with no issues.
  9. HouseElf

    Furch Acoustic G21 Guitar

    How low is the action on this guitar?
  10. HouseElf

    For Sale Various Audio Gear and Cables

    3m Meicord and Campfire IEM’s sold.
  11. Having a clear out and have the following for sale all of which I have owned from new: HiBy R3 DAP with black HiBy case - in superb condition. Never removed the screen protector front or back. I have the original box for the DAP but not the case. Comes with it’s USB cable and original plastic case. Amazon RRP - £238 for both. Looking for £140 plus postage Campfire Audio Comet IEM’s. Boxed with original accessories. These are superb headphones that punch way above their price point. Used a handful of times. RRP £219. Looking for £140 plus postage. 2 pairs of Meicord Ethernet Cables - Simply sat in my system so pretty much as new. 7.5m RRP £110. Looking for £50 + postage 3m RRP £80. Looking for £40 +postage Lavricables Silver USB cable. One of these: Cost around £100. Looking for £60 + postage
  12. HouseElf

    boenicke Owners Club

    I use an Audiozen Alchemy Integrated with my W5SE's. From memory this out out around 180 watts into 4 ohms. Plenty powerful enough for me in a 20ftx13ft lounge.
  13. HouseElf

    boenicke Owners Club

    What Amp are you using with your Boenicke's. Your info suggests Quad?
  14. The Power Supply is now sold. The SMS-200 is still available - it comes with the original unused power supply. Price drop to £700.