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  1. Thought I would give an update on my thoughts regarding the ANV-50 after nearly a month of ownership. Usually, when new gear comes into the system (assuming that it is better than what I had before) for the first week or so I have a great time seeing what the new addition can do with many music listening sessions running well into the early hours. After a week or so there are few surprises left and things return to business as usual until the upgrade bug strikes again. With the ANV-50 things are different. Firstly, after nearly a month in my system, I am still having those long listening sessions revelling in what the Sugden can bring. It really is, to my ears, that good. Secondly, I have found that I will listen, on occasion, to the same track back to back just to revel in a track almost reinvented the Sugden way. Also, the Sugden (and thus the system) seems immune genre. Everything I have thrown at it sounds wonderful. As you can tell I am more than happy with this new purchase and cannot imagine letting it go. If any of you are hankering after a new amp at this level I would urge you to give it a listen.
  2. The cables do need a tidy up for sure.
  3. That looks fab - I would give it a week of 24/7 playing before judging if I were you........
  4. IMG_20200203_145008 by Rob Moores, on Flickr
  5. The DIA 250 I had took an absolute age to lose the edginess it had from first switch on. Once it settled it was superb.
  6. When I was looking at a Lavardin amp a while back I recall Secondhandhifi selling a used Lavardin amp where the advert suggested they had fixed the amp themselves. I think they are also Lavardin dealers. Might be worth making contact with them.
  7. To be honest the colour in real life is nowhere near as bold as it looks. It is actually a little more subtle - for some reason my phone camera and main camera cannot get the colour quite the way it is in real life.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I have to say the more I listen to the system with this amp the more impressed I am with it. Two things immediately jump out - the bass grip it seems to have on the speakers (and with the Boenicke's that is no mean feat) and the subtle details that it reveals. I have owned many amp and speaker combinations in the past and rarely have I heard the little nuances that the Sugden and Boenicke pairing bring out. With regards to the bass of the last three amplifiers I have owned - Audiozen Alchemy (90w 8 ohms/170w 4 ohms), Kinki Studio (215w 8 ohms/400w 4ohms) and Gato (250w 8 ohms/500w 4 ohms) - the Sugden easily sounds the most powerful of them all. It is early days and I am in the new amp honeymoon period but I think my amplifier hunting days may be finally over.
  9. Thanks. It doesn't look quite as blue in reality. It is actually a little more subtle - still stunning though. As is the sound.
  10. My top ten - very similar to other here: 1. Never join an audio forum. You will likely drain your bank account quicker than having a coke habit 2. Never listen to audiophile/favourite recordings when evaluating equipment 3. Also, if all you ever listen to is the above then you are likely listening to the hi-if rather then the music 4. If it works for you, well, it works for you 5. There are no audiophile absolutes – only opinions (other than plugging in and connecting equipment up) 6. Never buy anything on the back of a review. The variables that gave rise to the reviewers conclusions are vast. And they are not you. 7. I can almost guarantee that your better half’s opinion is superior than your own when looking for a new addition to your system 8. Change is 99% of the time different not better 9. On a regular basis unplug everything for a couple of days, take it out of the rack, clean everything (including connectors), move stuff about (your speakers too) and then put everything back and listen again – sounds pretty good doesn’t it? 10. Know yourself and be happy
  11. They look superb - having read a little about them QAcoustics seem to use some very interesting technologies to say the least. I hope you find the right balance in your room soon and can relax and enjoy the music.