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  1. I also think the W5's a little more flexible with regards placement based on some of the comments. Mine sounded astounding where I first plonked them. Some adjustments yielded marginally better results but nothing earth shattering.
  2. Nice review of your findings. The only thing that I would point out is that you were listening to a system and a room - not just a pair of speakers. It is possible with a different system the attack and decay you were looking for might be more apparent. Or not. The great thing about hifi is that we can bespoke a system to satisfy any audio proclivity. The pork pie certainly sounds interesting.....
  3. With regards to the shipping cost, is there a possibility that Elite have set it at this level to ensure that the individual wishing to trial the speakers is serious about it and not just trying them out of curiosity? I suspect if they charged a nominal amount for shipping they would have a revolving door of products coming and going. I assume if you purchase the speakers the shipping costs are refunded?
  4. Just thought I would weigh in with my own thoughts: I have found the W5SE’s relatively easy in terms of placement. I have them around 18 inches from a wall and they sound great. The further out they are increases the soundstage ambiance. Same with distance apart. I have never noticed any brightness or hardness in the sound which is incredibly well integrated. I have found that power is key - I used them initially with an amp putting out around 170 watts into 4 ohms. Only when I went for an amp double the power did they really come alive. I have heard good reports about Lavardin amps but I guess it depends on the size of room you have. Mine is 19 ft by 13ft and my W5SE’s easily fill it. With regards to W5’s vs W8’s David at Elite Audio suggested to me that the W5SE model edges the base W8 on overall sound quality. If you are looking at the W5SE+ then I believe these are on another level entirely. They sound amazing at low levels - again I have found this power dependent. Sven Boenicke is great with advice and suggestions if you contact him. Hope this helps.
  5. I would concur with Tarzan's post. Superb amplifier.
  6. Looks like a gorgeous amp. If it sounds as good as it looks then I am sure you will be more than happy!
  7. Can't think of a specific example - just when I have been looking around it seems there are some good deals to be had.
  8. The pricing was from the UK distributor's Facebook post. Could still be wrong though. It is interesting about the use of CD's to demonstrate the DAC. Tempted to dip my toe back in with CD's myself as there seems to be lots of bargain players out there at the moment and I have all my silver discs boxed up.
  9. Looks like the prices for Boenicke's new amp and DAC have been released. Looks like the DAC is going to be £25,000 and the amp £10,000. Yikes.
  10. You are, do doubt, correct. Will have to put it on the lottery win wishlist. Which would be fine if I actually did lottery!
  11. Was there any mention of pricing for the new electronics?
  12. I would be very interested in his DAC but suspect it will be expensive. Did you get any details about it please?
  13. I can recall two pairs of speakers that I have had in my lounge that imaged well (not as well as the W5SE’s though). They were some Totem Model One Signatures and Living Voice OBX RW’s. Both were compromised in other ways that meant they didn’t last. In my experience the smaller the speaker, the better the imaging presumably because there is less interaction with the room - the issue with small speakers, as you will appreciate, is that they lack scale. I think you will struggle to match your Boenicke’s if imaging AND scale are your main priorities but could be wrong. With regards to Joni Mitchell I can honestly say that whilst I appreciate she is a wonderful songwriter she has always sounded like a cat having a rectal exam with a rolling pin on any system that I have owned.
  14. So the EX-M1 arrived yesterday afternoon and I had a listening session until around 1am this morning. It sounds wonderful and has given the Boenicke’s the power that they need to come alive. Strangely, despite it’s lower power, the Audiozen Alchemy feels like it has more drive. By comparison the EX-M1 sounds bigger with a wider soundstage, much more detail and far better placement of across the soundstage. It easily and confidently helps the little W5SEs fill the room with music. It does all this without it feeling like music is being thrown at you. The amp is also beautifully built - far better than any other amp I have owned. All in all I am very pleased - it was a change well worth making.