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  1. This is an early M3 which has just come back from Audio Note to have the 6x5 rectifiers and fuse holders replaced plus a check over. I had fitted 2x NOS Tung Sol 5687 which sound really good and will be staying with it. I have the original box but as it is very heavy and Audio Note packaging is not the best will be collection only. £2,300 cash on collection only
  2. I purchased this new from Analogue Seduction in January this year. I have all the original packaging and cloth bags and gloves etc. Hate to say it is mint but I don't think anyone would know if this was sent out as a new item. £1300 inc postage to the UK only.
  3. I've got an Audio Note AN-S3Lag which is the older S3 step up with silver wound transformers. It was in a bit of a state when I got so I stripped it back to copper, gave it a polish and lacquer. The S3 generally sells for around for £1500 but I'll do it for £750, pm if interested.
  4. No mods or changes to either the TT or PSU. No idea on servicing though
  5. All the gibbon series are bamboo in either mink, cherry or mahogany. Mine are the cherry finish which I prefer as mink is almost black and mahogany is that funny American red stain they like.
  6. It's a rather fitting name for Southampton (I'm actually about half way between Southampton and Portsmouth)
  7. Howdy, have updated the profile or does it need to be in the ad as well?
  8. Line Magnetic LM-518i I purchased this from China and will include a 240v > 220v step-down I purchased for it if collected. Comes with Psvane HIFI 845s, Gold Lion KT77s, EI 12ax7 and a Gold Lion GZ34 (plus the original valves that shipped with it if you collect) Has a small dent on the back bottom corner. Has the ultimate warm valve sound with 22 Watts of power. £1400 cash on collection preferred as shipping is possible but will be very expensive as it weighs 40kg IMG_20181120_173943 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0191 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0189 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0188 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0190 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr
  9. Purchased last year from the first owner and is now around 3 years old. I've fitted some nice Mullards which cost me £500 and will be included: NOS MATCHED QUAD OF MULLARD BLACKBURN EL84 RX1 SQUARE GETTER 1958 2x NOS CV4004 MULLARD MITCHUM R1A3 BOX PLATE 1x NOS CV4003 MULLARD I have the original box but would prefer cash on collection so the buyer can see it working, if you want to arrange your own courier I'm happy for it to be picked up. £2500 IMG_0051 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0052 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0053 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr
  10. Purchased this a few years ago from the original owner. It is an early 90's one and has never been rebuilt or messed with. He told me he had put around 300 hours on it so I'll say it has 1000 hours to be on the safe side. £750 inc RM special delivery IMG_0047 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0046 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0045 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr