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  1. SJS Arcadia Model 1.7 Line preamp (Just upgraded to Dueland caps, Cerafine power cap, Khozmo attenuator) SJS Arcadia Model 5 SE 300B Power Amplifier - Western Electric 300b - Mullard GZ37 - Sylvania 6sn7 1952 bad boys Tune Audio Prime speakers Audio Note Kit 4.1 DAC Origin Live Resolution mk3 - Audio Note Arm One v2 - Koetsu / IQ3 Whest PS.30 rdt Special Edition IMG_0662 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0645 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0665 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr
  2. Because none of the mods had the bottle to stand up and say it was wrong. Well done for cherry picking, what you fail to understand is that of your 61,000 members, 60,800 joined to sell or buy something and haven't posted since. I haven't posted in the 2ch where I was previously fairly prolific. This stopped because it is now just people applauding cables and reviews for £20k Linn DACs. I don't despise anyone but as above, the demise of the classifieds is patently obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense. In your bid to monetise the wam with subscription benefits the classifieds have died a death and I am now one of the 60,800 who only use it for the classifieds. Or what, I get a PM saying my previous post has been hidden for an insult I fail to see yet you are free to throw about veiled threats? If it is a threat PM me and we can discuss it face to face when I am in London next.
  3. Flounce? you banned me, you need to top up the fish oil supplements as your memory is degrading. If you look you'll see I haven't posted in months and only now because of this rubbish, you sign up for a viglink service and then use it as an excuse to slag off the competition and promote your own shop, pretty poor morals if you ask me. I did rejoin in case I wanted to buy something from the classifieds but you have messed those up so badly that it's dead now. If you don't want me here (because I don't suck up like the other sycophantic members) get rid of me, I don't see anything of merit on the wam anymore anyway.
  4. Not true, you signed up to Viglink and they were trialling a new redirect service for 3 weeks. Slagging off the competition with untruths is very unbecoming of a professional business, beat them with better prices and service not misrepresenting the facts.
  5. If you can stretch the budget a bit I may be selling my 3 month old (made Jan 2017) Whest PS.30 rdt Special Edition for £2000
  6. I use Rothwell 10dB attenuators with my AN DAC as they pump out a rather hefty 2.5V. It is better to attenuate the hot source rather than the pre output as it will better align to other sources so you don't have to drastically change the volume going from digital to phono etc.
  7. Yes, hopefully this year you'll get a life
  8. Have got a Whest PS.20 I'll be selling soon.