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    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Yep. Last April I took my MFA SUT to Peters (Orbscure) place and we had a bit of fun using the mm stage in his amp, then a loan Vida and finally the Vida mm stag and my SUT using a Hana SL. The SUT feeding the amp was as detailed as the Vida but with more punch and bass weight. The Vida had more space, air and delicacy, I guess you could say it was more polite. But damn, the Vida MFA combo had it all, punch, weight, space air and delicacy. Though possibly this was due to the fact that the MFA could give the desired 400+ ohms the SL needed.
  2. Lurch

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Come on you lot get typing. Only 45 more pages and we can get this thread locked.
  3. Lurch

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Can we get the thread title changed to, A cure for Insomnia, or do we need it to reach the usual 50+ pages for that to happen?
  4. Lurch

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    I believe it was dog farts and chicken farts.
  5. Lurch

    Puritan Mains Purifier - anyone tried

    Joolz, do you want me to bring my Power Inspred AG1500S mains regen unit to your BO to give it a try??
  6. Lurch

    Vinyl is a life’s journey

    Arrgh, family outings as a child, don't remind me. Happily playing in the new forest or on the beach and then being forced to sit on a blanket to eat either a luke warm salad with cold baked beans, or fish paste sarnies accompanied by piss weak orange squash (my mother used to use squash as a colouring rather than a flavouring). The best bit about the trips was fighting with my sister in the backseat over amount of space or the blanket if it was cold.
  7. Lurch

    What's the point?

    Tape circuits, who the hell tapes shit these days?
  8. Lurch

    Vinyl is a life’s journey

    With.... The Mike Sam singers, God what a travesty that was. My father though loved it and used to sing along. And after the chart show there was Alexis corner, a great show that. As to record memories yep got a few. First album I bought with Xmas & birthday money was Wizards Wizard Brew, also bought a couple of singles at the same time, the Strawbs, you can't get me I'm part of the union, ELO 10538 Oveture. Bought from W. H. Smiths.
  9. Bake-off #3 for 2019. 10:30 - 19:30 Plenty of parking on drive or street as no restrictions Sundays. Room for 10 - 12 The usual setup,. My system in room one, Whatever system you guys can cobble together in the playroom. Have spare Audioplan ICs & 2M Audioquest Jade bi-wire SC. NEWBIES Welcome My now famous extra crispy triple cooked chips will be provided as usual & possibly some fish fingers. Please bring your own RED SHIT!!! if you feel the need to pollute your food. Attendees wizmax Lawrence001 aggers Southeast FrankD Non-Smoking Man bigfool1956 GLB Jessica_k Speedracer Mayebaza + Glen Joolz Jules_S Batteredhaggis Saladisfun Blackmetalboon Subs Bench Kit list TD124 401 Modded LP12 Ayre phono Ayre Pre JKs Home brewed Phono Hegel 200 AudioVector X3 Herron Pre Rogue (power amp) Quad Vena 2 LS3/5A WB Actors.
  10. Any integrated can be used as a power amp, you just plug the pre into a line in, open volume control wide, and use the pre for volume control.
  11. That is not an incase, its a stone cold certainty if you go for one of the lower end Cambridge Topaz CD players. I bought a Topaz cd10, 3 years ago and it sounded disgusting, so much so I got shot of it after a week. It was easily beaten on SQ by a 90s Cambridge CD500SE a friend lent me. I have a Sony CDP-791 (X111ES) sitting here doing nothing I'd be happy to ship out to you if your interested. It has fixed and variable analog + optical outputs, and is a superb sounding unit.
  12. Lurch

    Wtd: pair matched 845 valves

    Speak to Robin, I believe he has a pair.
  13. So what on the menu? Are you donning your frilly pinny and firing up the bbq or are we munching on old record sleeves?
  14. Looks like you've got a full house on the southcoast posse.
  15. Lurch

    Cartridge run in

    The M2 Black, whilst a damn fine mm cart, is very finicky when it comes to setup and needs all 3 elements (azimuth, apogee & vta) to be spot on to give of its best. I would see if your dealer can fit a Hana EL for you especially if you have an inbuilt/fixed loading mc input as the EL is happy with the standard 100ohm loading this would give. The SL, whilst happy to work with 100ohm, really gives of its best when given the recommended 400+ ohms, at which point you would need to spend serious money (£1000+) to beat it. You could also look at the H variants (high output) of the Hana if you only have access to an mm phonostage. Your tt, even in its standard guise, is pretty good so if a cart change doesn't give you what you want/feel you should have, then I would suspect the arm as being the problem. In this case I would look at getting an exchange for an rb303 or a Rega geometry variant (Origin Live Onyx/Silver, Audiomods etc).
  16. Sod the subs bench, have promoted you to the main list.
  17. Main list David. Should be plenty of room if this weather keeps up, as many will spend time on the patio.
  18. Lurch

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    Dher, my brain hurts. Always did love the gumbies sketches
  19. Lurch

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    Real amplifiers, listened to by men wearing string vests and knotted hankies on their head to keep cool. My vest even has the traditional tea stains down the front.
  20. Lurch

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    Monos = 4x 845, 2x 6SN7 & 2x 6188 Pre = 2x ECC83 & 3x ECC82 Phono 2x 12AX7 & 1x 12AU7 CDP 2x ECC81 14 x 12 room and NO Lager 😭 due to kidney infection. Bloody SS power amp has packed up so no relief there either + kidneys are stopping me grovelling on the floor and swapping it out for a little 50wpc T amp I have.
  21. Lurch

    Anyone heard the new NAD M10?

    If your looking at the Bluesound Node2 and possibly the M10, then there is always the Power Node2, as Bluesound is actually an arm of NAD.
  22. Lurch

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Yeah Woolworths/Walmart bargain basement specials and Sunday newspaper freebies.
  23. Yep BT has pretty dire SQ, it's okay with one of those BT speakers for listening to music/cricket in the garden but beyond that, forget it. As a minimum go for a CCA, into your DAC (I use one into a FiiO Taishan DAC/MF VCan, for my headphone rig). Beyond that look at a Bluesound Node2, Auralec Aries or similar, the Bluos on the Node is a joy to use, simple, intuitive and efficient. I have the Node2 and if bought from SSAV (Sevenoaks) comes with and extended 5 year warranty.