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  1. The gutty buggers have demolished 3kg of chips, 45 fish fingers, and 18 bread rolls. They're now onto the cakes!!! Think they might try eating me kitchen cupboards next.
  2. Late Jan/early Feb is about right, PM me your availability around then and I will try and accommodate. OP adjusted as requested.
  3. Lurch

    Quad 2805

    Don't worry to much about distances from walls, just give them the maximum you can from the back wall. Looking at the photo you have some stuff behind/in rear corners, which should help things, as to side walls I have my 989s 9" away with around 100mm of toe-in.
  4. Whilst Atlas, AQ, etc, may not have their own wire manufacturing facility, they will have provided the bulk supplier they source from with a build specification. This would include bulk wire composition, twist profile, RF screening, insulation, and a multitude of other requirements. The same would also be done with their own brand/style of RCA. So whilst they don't manufacture all the cable components, they would still carry out the relevant R&D, and so claim the intellectual rights to their design.
  5. Lurch

    Quad ESL 2912

    Cheers Carl, just grabbed a copy on ebay for £3. Journey back was good & traffic light, didn't get held up until 1 mile from home. However Chichester bypass is hell on earth anytime between 07:00 & 19:00 7days a week, was indoors for 16:53.
  6. Lurch

    Quad ESL 2912

    Carl, what was that choral album you played yesterday? Think I may treat myself to a copy.
  7. @bigfool1956 one for you Dave, seeing as how your running one of these and are happy playing with computer based thingies.
  8. And I believe Jessica is bringing her LP12 + phono, as it's now fitted with an Audiomod 6 arm.
  9. Lurch

    Quad ESL 2912

    Was great to meet Carl this afternoon after picking up my 989 from OTA. Had a listen to his Naim/2912 system and sorted his problem, which was the room where they're temporarily sited (whilst an extension is being built) and their positioning within it. Basically the room is way to small and the speakers were to close together and to the back wall. I couldn't do anything about their spacing, but pulled them forward about a foot and reduced their toe-in. This cleaned and opened up the sound quite a bit, reducing the hard treble edge and removing the sense of congestion, as the new position reduced rear boundary reflections. Once the 2912s are moved to their new larger home in the extension and can breath, they will really sound as awesome as they were designed to.
  10. 26 please Brook Unless @batteredhaggis brings his 36.5 DM.
  11. 3rd Coventry trip completed today and now have a working pair of 989s YAY!! I'm back in audio heaven at last.
  12. Jack I have 16" & 20" stands here, so no probs on that front.
  13. Yep wouldn't be without mine. Initially GLB plugged his PI AG500 into my kit (sources and pre only) and immediately heard more detail + sound was more spacious. Following it's use during keggy 2018 I bought it if of him, followed by a 2nd unit so I could also plumb in my valve monos (used this setup at Keggy this year) I've since sold my pair of AG500s and bought AG1500S which I will be taking to keggy next March.