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  1. Lurch

    Quad Artera, Yamaha A-s1100, or Luxman

    You also have the loan cooling off period (usually 14 days) so this can also be cancelled. The loan company will simply pull the funds from the retailer, if he not got his ££s he is definitely going to want to have his goods back. Ring the credit company Monday morning and tell them your cancelling the agreement under the cooling off period regs and follow up with a signed for conformation letter, also cancel the DD so no more money can be taken. Inform the dealer you've cancelled the credit agreement and are sending the item back, again send a signed for letter confirming your intended actions.
  2. Okay Dave, wondered when you was gonna appear as your usually a lot quicker off the mark than this. Well that's the 14, guess I better open up a subs bench.
  3. Just the careys this time please Jack, we can play with the subs another time, otherwise I think we will run out of room in the playroom. We have Brooks pre + possibly Jamie's 36.5 DM, and having heard David's SFs I think subs would swamp them and they sound gorgeous as they are.
  4. Yum yum, do like proper pasties, and bacon and egg pie. Mind you, not so sure about the bacon and marmalade butties you buggers eat.
  5. Always room for you Jamie. As for kit, just grab what you want, you know the routine well enough by now.
  6. Lurch

    FS Luxman DA-06 DAC

    Jamie brought this to one of my bake-offs about a year ago and it totally transformed the sound of an EAR Acute mk1 CDP, and it sounded bloody good before being plumbed into this DAC. It really is a phenominal piece of kit.
  7. Your in Pete, I'm not sticking you on the subs bench mate. David also added.
  8. No worries Robin. Will catchup with you at Keggie in March.
  9. Yep SFs confirmed, am at David's as I type.
  10. Yep it's you BO is on the 3rd of Feb, its my actual birthday thats in January. All of the above now added. Preamp needed for the Playroom, so Brook are you bringing your new toy to stick in the mix??
  11. Added. Look forward to seeing you again Barrington.
  12. Its My 60th birthday on the 23rd of January and this is the nearest weekend to it that I can gaurantee i'm free, as Im sure I will get ensnared in some sort of family thing on 25th/26th. . Kick off: 10am Sunday 03/01/19. Can possibly run til 8pm but will look to run things down for about 6.30. As Always NEWBIES VERY WELCOME Room for 12 - 14 bodies (still breathing preferably) Normal setup with my system in the main room, where either the Rock or Lector will be flexing their muscles. Then there is always the attraction of hearing whatever you guys can cobble together in the Playroom. Jack has already promised his Cary Monos And YES I will be doing Crispy Maris Piper Chips and Fishfingers yet again. (I would probably get lynched if I didn't) There is even a bottle of red shit available for those who insist on polluting their food. Attendees: Mayebaza wizmax NSM + Martin Greybeard Baggawire Lord Nitrogen Speeracer GLB Joolz saladisfun orbscure batteredhaggis Bigfool1956 Subs Bench: Playroom Kit List: Cary 805 Monos Sonus Faber Electra Amator II PS Audio Direct Stream DAC SP10 IA PS3 Audiozone T1 pre SME TT?? Modwright 36.5 DM?? Luxman SACD??
  13. Lurch

    Ruark Etude Upgrade

    If its only the colour rather than the sound that's the problem, why not get them vinyl wrapped, probably less than £50 to sort.
  14. Lurch

    Bluesound Node

    I'm still using my iPod (10yr old 8gb thingy) through my Node2. I've always used it via a dock ( bought for 99p on ebay) and connected via USB to the Node2. I then simply select the USB input from the Bluesound app on my phone and then select music from the library as displayed on my phone and also control the ipod from the app.
  15. Lurch

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Sod the equipment Geoff. I want your fireplace and surround.