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  1. Bummer David. I'm really gonna miss your wife's baking especially this time with it having icing on. 😁 Will of course miss you being there aswell mate, hopefully you'll be able to make the next one in May.
  2. Nice! Looking forward to hearing that in my rig aswell.
  3. Okay don't worry about the deck then. So 36.5, sacd, & monos then. Will get Robin to Don his truss and bring the sp10.
  4. Not a competition Andrew, sure all will be happy with whatever gets nailed together to provide music in the bar. However I could always raise myself for the benefit of Eddie and swap out the Sony CDP-791 for my Lector CDP 7TL mkiii 😀
  5. Only addition for me is my mate Richard Smith as a co-pilot. He's not yet a wammer but he will be the source of most of the 70s vinyl I will be playing on my 70s budget rig.
  6. Lurch

    Valve amp questions...

    I know this may sound daft but also check you've pulled the right fuse from the draw for testing, as some draws carry 2 fuses, 1 in use + a spare.
  7. The CA Ower amp doesn't like 4 Ohm loads, made weird complaining noises when hooked up to my ushers.
  8. Will need to be capable of running David's (Lord Nitrogen) SFs, he is currently using a 30wc MasterSound integrated.
  9. I could bring, Sony cdp, pioneer 400X & goodmans Maxim2s + stands for the bar if that's any good?
  10. And there was me thinking it was a pile of dirty laundry that housekeeping had left in the corridor 😂
  11. That trade room was only 3/4 of the room size available. There was more space partitioned of (folding wall) where there were loads of chairs stacked. Would be easy enough to get a grand system in there. Also with only about 8 weeks to go I would have thought we should be getting weekly updates from admin. Even if it was only: all going smoothly and room allocation will be X date etc, but at the moment it feels like being on a rudderless ship.
  12. Lurch

    FS Primare A10

    Jason. set a price for this advert and also edit your eBay advert to state the the Amp is advertised elsewhere.
  13. Sadly Pete and Jack have had to pull out, and whilst this means that Jason and Jez are off the subs bench, it also means there will be no Jantzens or the Carey SET monos. So............ Does anyone else have anything interesting they can bring to partner with either Brooks Ti passive pre or Jamies 36.5 DM???? Otherwise it will be Carls Plinius, So DON'T BE LATE Carl, or the boys will have to make do with either my Pioneer SA-500A or 400X amps until you arrive.
  14. Lurch

    Hi-Fi Society Blog

    You cou;ld always cadge a lift off Colin (Greybeard) and come along to Lurch Towers on the 3rd of Feb, if your suffering from Bake-Off withdrawl symptoms.