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  1. Room 108 paid,, now all I need to do is sort my beer fund 😁
  2. XTZ A100 Amplifier Blown Channel

    Pm Robin (wizmax) he will give you details of the chap (Steve something) he takes things to for repair.
  3. fuse technology

    Does that mean I should replace the bacofoil wrapped paracetamol capsules I currently use for my system?
  4. Looks like I will have to add a roll of masking tape to my kit inventory so I can move 120 lbs (each) of speaker, back into a near as damn it correct for the room placement on Sunday morning. Or maybe I should just move my mattress into the corridor for a few hours kip. Then again I may be to pissed to care and end up sleeping on the floor cuddling my speakers.
  5. The Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus has USB-A & USB-B + 2x either/or SPDIF/Optical inputs and SPDIF + Optical, RCA & Balanced outputs.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's a contribution towards the cost of public liability insurance to cover our arses from the stupidity of others. Those dickheads who may want to sue us because they believe its our fault they went to close to our system, tripped over a speaker wire and cut their thick head open on the corner of an equipment rack, or totally unnecessarily touched a component case and cut/burnt their finger.
  7. For cleaning the insides I would say don't use anything more aggressive then a can of compressed air (as used for office equipment) and maybe a small paint brush. It may also be worth giving switches a spray with electrical contact cleaner then operate them several times to work the fluid in.
  8. With your choice of speakers being pretty efficient and living where you do, I am surprised you haven't investigated many of the excellent value and superb sounding Chinese amps, either SS, Valve or Hybrid designs. I recently had a 12w Cayin valve amp on loan whilst my power amps were being repaired and it did a pretty fair job of running my 90dB Ushers. It was also happy driving a pair of 87dB Dali Zensor5 to decent levels. Being local you will probably have a cost advantage as shipping costs would be lower.
  9. I'm lucky, as my Ushers like bass, let's just hope the room does.
  10. On the list so far. Vinyl: Rodrigo y Gabriella, Les Mcgan & Eddie Harris (Swiss Movement), Fink, Ramsey Lewis, Sievert Hoyem, Cowboy Junkies, MTV Unplugged, Enigma, Loreena Mckennitt, Faithless, Mario Biondi, ELO, Norah Jones, Robin Trower. CD: The Audreys, Alpinestars, Kosheen, Patti Griffiths, Sarah Mc lachlan, Ane Brune, Florence and the Machine, Toots and the Maytals, Seal, The Waterboys, the Lightening Seeds, Paul Weller, Ray Lamontagne, Jesse Cook, Kan Nal, Kate Miller Heidke, Mel Parsons.
  11. Yep +1 for onsite eating, reasoning as per my post on previous page.
  12. What is your budget for this venture? As this would help to offer VFM suggestions within your price range. If it's floorstanding speakers you've set your heart on then secondhand I would say have a look on ebay etc for a pair of KEF Cresta 3 which can be had for around £60, I bought a pair new in 2001 and thoroughly enjoyed them for 15 years with a budget setup, until I started on a major upgrade of the system in 2016. Following on from the kefs I did have a play with some low cost stand mounts in a 2nd system, from Warfedale and Q Acoustics, and was surprised how good they were, even more so when put into my main rig. So if your happy using stand mounts then Q Acoustics 2010i/2020i or Warfedale Diamond 9/9.1 can be had for <£130 new on ebay or less secondhand. A pair of stands can also be picked up for around £35. If your budget can stretch the Q Acoustics 2050i floorstanders are a good bet. For amps also look at late 90s early 00s kit from Arcam and Cambridge. the Arcam Alpha and Cambridge A/640/740/840 are decent budget integrateds.
  13. The idea of a meal onsite is appealing to me for 2 reasons. 1. I've recently undergone full left knee replacement, so the idea of schlepping off to a restaurant possibly a mile or more away isn't a pleasant thought. 2. If Saturday night is the social/icebreaker night for exhibitors then eating off site would possibly mean several different groups trundling off wherever and possibly socialising for most of the evening near where they ate. Keeping things onsite keeps everyone together. The meal the hotel provides needn't be anything glamorous either as long it's of a decent quality. Considering the part of the country we're in they should be able to source some decent sausages, so maybe have a bangers and mash night + a veggie option, with something like apple pie and ice cream for dessert. After all the main purpose is to refuel and provide something to soak up the evenings alcohol intake.
  14. Probably true Chris, but I just cannot face chasing the dragon down another expensive avenue for the foreseeable future as I've just had £500 a month ripped out of my income. So what I haven't heard I won't miss, atleast for the time being. Maybe once I sell one of my bikes I can visit this but otherwise I see ignorance as bliss.