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  1. Similar Handraulic devices available on ebay & Amazon.
  2. Lurch

    £1000 challenge

    There is a PS Audio Sprout in the classifieds for £400 with built in DAC (USB, & Optical). Its also useable as a pre should you decide to go down the active route, so 1 & 2 above covered by one unit.
  3. I use one of these, and either furniture polish or lighter fuel
  4. Lurch

    £1000 challenge

    Don't know your Pre but do know the Behringer power amp, an amp that to me produces a sound akin to a flock of demented chickens in its brashness, lacking any focus, bass weight or delicacy. Once that is substituted, even for something as humble/cheap (£120 - £180) as a used Rotel RB8xx/9xx series power amp then things should start to improve. I currently use a Rotel RB870 in my main rig when I want to avoid the central heating effects of my 845 valve monos during hot weather, and it is surprisingly good. Other power amps in the <£250 range include Cambridge P500, Arcam Alpha 7/8/9 and Audiolab 8000p.
  5. Lurch

    £1000 challenge

    Might also be worth auditioning some Q acoustics, 3xxx or Concept ranges.
  6. I can lend you 1m or 1.5m pair of Audioplan Musicable if that's of any interest? It's what I use across my whole rig. Also have a 1m pair of IXOS Ixotic ts2.
  7. @BigJK156Plenty of rca coax to mini spdif leads on ebay, I have one in the cupboard I no longer use. Yours if you want it, just PM me your address.
  8. I'm quite happily running Kimber 8TC (3 mtr pair) between my Icon Audio MB845s and Quad 989s and as you say it's a superb sounding cable.
  9. Check YouTube, someone will invariably put up a DIY video on how to do it.
  10. Pete, look no further than the Orange banner at the top of the page. I've been happily using the spincare sleeves for the last 2 years. As for hard to move spots I tend to scrub them with the goats hair brush after a soak. If you have a couple that won't shift, bring them to my BO and we can run them through my ultrasonic cleaner, followed by the Pro-Ject VCS.
  11. What is broken exactly as its surprising what you can achieve with Araldite and a small piece of bedsheet (think plaster cast using plaster of Paris & bandage), or hot glue. Another trick from the motorcycle world for repairing cracked/broken plastic is a soldering iron and cable ties. Just 'V' the crack and use the cable tie like a welding rod to melt into the crack/break or replace a broken stud pin. It may also be possible to repair using Polymorph. These are small plastic beads that melt in a cup of boiling water, which can then be shaped/molded as required. Polymorph is also ideal for repairing speaker grill pins when moulded round a small screw inserted into the grill frame.
  12. BlueSound uses BluOS, (free app store download) Node2/2i has TuneIn & RP app as native elements + the various streaming sites, and is also a Roon endpoint.
  13. Whatever your reason for attending, just get yer arse here in November, been to long since we caught up. Pm ya PP details and I will sort payment.
  14. I will take this Pete. No need to post, you can bring it with when you come to the Nov bake off. Just give Ian a shout to scrounge a lift, it's about time you got out and about.