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  1. Lurch

    insurance ?

    I have mine listed separately on my contents,what with replacement (nearest equivalent) cost being £40k. This was following a chat with my broker after she said hifi and tvs were covered and I said my cartridge alone cost twice as much as most peoples 50" telly and pc world hifi combined. The outcome was I was advised to add contents and hifi together then multiply by 3 to reach an insured figure and ensure I could claim back what I needed should owt happen. Adding £120k to the insured value only increased my premium by £9.87 so I was more than happy at the low cost but added peace of mind.
  2. Lurch

    Quad ESL 2912

    Hi & welcome Don. Twas my kennel wizmax visited today, where his old 989s now reside, being driven by a pair of Icon Audio MB845SEs. Be good to come and have a listen to your 2912s and maybe also see what thay sound like on the end of my 845s. As Robin says above, try and get yourself to the Kegworth show there will be several pairs of ESLs being fired up in anger, along with many other disparate systems.
  3. Damn!! They is seriously FUGLY Steve.
  4. Jack, thinking about the day and kit that's coming I think it's best we run the balanced system first, followed by the single ended. There is more SE kit coming so more time would be needed to listen the various SE options. So balanced first please.
  5. My 30 Yr old daughter in law would be all over those like a rash and insist my son went out and bought a matching pink system. Every room in the house is one shade of bloody pink or another, she also buys him pink jumpers and shirts.
  6. Whilst I'm not a DIYer, I still have my own problem to resolve. One of my 989s has developed an intermitant fault in that the right channel briefly cuts out. Sometime for half a second sometimes for upto 3 seconds, it may do it just the once or 5 - 6 times on the trot. I between times there is no sound degradation and the whole system sound great. Will nurse them through my next BO on 09/02 then it's yot another 320 round trip to OTA, so will leave it with them and pick up on the way to Keggy on the 14th. Hopefully not to expensive as Steve reckons it could be a dry joint making the protection circuit kick in..... Or it could be another panel, Arrgh!
  7. Yeah, don't know what it is with Indian restaurants these days, the OBs are either like burgers or golf balls and cooked all the way through, and often a bit dry. I still hanker after the ones from the 70s - 90, about 2/3 the size of a tennis ball with the centre slightly undercooked and a bit moist.
  8. And the bastards still told lies asked if they was the big ball type ones with the nice soft centre's, yes sir big and soft n juicy in the middle. Bullshit!! Round and flat like a beefburger and no soft (slightly under cooked middle. Still nice though. I'm just like you though Al, I'm a vegetarian............ By proxy, I eat things that eat vegatable matter.
  9. @Jules_S Can I also put you down for a stint on the record cleaning stall??
  10. Cheers mate. Will put a list of volunteers in the OP once the list gets longer.
  11. Think you should also add your name to the volunteer list for record cleaning duties. Well we don't want you enjoying yourself to much, do we 🤔
  12. There's also usually some Van Dame ones on Fleabay, with vendors also willing to make them to required lengths.
  13. Also if you feel you'd like to contribute to the weekend beyond lifting & shifting, then an hour or 2 of volunteering on the Sunday is always appreciated. Either as a room sitter (so exhibitors can escape the sense of cabin fever) or possibly a stint on the charity Record cleaning stall (as those setting it up can't do much as also e hibiting systems). Look forward to catching up with you whatever you do.
  14. £1.50 sleeved it is then. With 4 ultrasonics (your USRCM, my VV + 2 VVs from Tim) and two wet-vac (mine & Tim's) for drying then we should have a pretty swift service operating. @HiFiWigwam Price for poster set. £1.50 = Ultrasonic clean + rinse & Vacuum dry and New Antistat sleeve. Whilst myself and Tim will supply sleeves is there any chance of you blagging some freebies from spincare?