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  1. Lurch

    Floor stander Virgin

    Several pairs in the classifieds. Here's just 2 examples A bit over budget but we'll worth considering.
  2. Plenty of old mattresses littering bathrooms and corridors that could be used on the floor as acoustic wadding. 😁😁
  3. Maybe the top floor could be the classical and plinky plonky music floor?
  4. Lurch

    Arcam 2 speakers

    I'm not technical so may be way off track, but is it possible that the ferro fluid in the tweeters could do with a refresh? (that is of course if they actually have any in them).
  5. Why not, them EU kettle leads can be forced into a shaver socket so atleast there's a power source 😱😱
  6. How about the double 5 challenge. System must weigh less than 5kg and be able to be stripped down, passed through a fixed sized aperture (size to be determined) then reassembled and working inside 5 minutes.
  7. Lurch

    Charity Sale - £415.25

    Yeah the OL did go to cheap but hey ho, I'd been trying to shift it on and off for 6 months and was fed up tripping over it so thought sod it let it go. So in the end I shifted 3 TTs, (PL12D, Rock & OL) an amp (SA-500A) and the atacama stands. Will be putting the Ditton 15, Maxim2s, Pioneer 400X & Sony CDP-791 in the classifieds somewhen in the coming Week's.
  8. Lurch

    Looking for advice on bookshelf speakers that can be wall mounted

    I have a pair of Goodmans Maxim2 here you can have for £50 delivered (assuming your in the UK) they are surprisingly good, and the pair used by Bencat at Keggy this weekend got great feedback from punters.
  9. Lurch

    Arcam 2 speakers

    Okay just read through the 2+ review (I had the 2+ until 2003) and the drivers are Cobex units. 2+ upgrades: Bi-wire Xover had some component changes but not stated, also better layout + thinner tracks. Internal wiring was changed from stranded to 1mm² solid core. Bungs not supplied. Internal wadding reduced Original Arcam 2 review was Hifi Answers 1985 & the 2+ from which I got the above info was May 1988.
  10. Lurch

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Done! 🤗
  11. Lurch

    Arcam 2 speakers

    Just checked the 1988 sales brochure I have and it says for the Ar am 1,2, & 3 use Arcam own proprietary polymer coned bass/mid units and also a proprietary dome tweeters. I will have a quick skim of the 1988 Arcam reviews brochure I have to see if there's more info.
  12. Lurch

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    It's not people in general I want to ignore, it's tedious threads that go round in circles or drone on with overly technical content, that I want to clear from the next unread link, so they don't keep coming up.
  13. Lurch

    Guide to price for a second hand Michell orbe

    If you ring planet hifi who have an ex dem Orbe SE with SME V AND Koetsu black on eBay for £6.5k, they will let you have that Orbe with around 100hrs on it for £2.5k as a bare deck (I asked about this option a couple of weeks back) you could pick up an arm (Rega/OL) & a cart for £400 ish.
  14. Lurch

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Where's that bloody ignore thread button when you need it?? This got tedious at page 4