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  1. Tomo

    Sugden ANV-50

    has anyone had the opportunity to listen to the new amp yet ? can't find any initial impressions or reviews and interested in what people thought about it.
  2. Tomo

    ATC Owners Club

    hi, just wondering if anyone has had the chance to listen to the ATC P2 and what their impressions were of it, how it compares to the p2. I'm in the process of auditioning new amps and the p1 is on the shortlist but I can't find anyone near me that has the p2.
  3. this has also caught my eye, made by sugden, with a bit more oomph just need to audition now
  4. ive heard good things of the proac/sugden pairing, I'm just wary of the low power and whether 30w would be enough. ive read that they sound more than they are.
  5. Yep still using the e & s. do you think there's going to be much of a difference using an intergrated compared to just a power amp ? The hegel power amps are out of my price range. The h160 is available for less than £1k, worth maybe taking a punt. Yep seen those p1's , also great price
  6. hi again, thanks for the welcome. thanks for your help. looks like I may be going down the hegel route. ive heard good things about them and i'll be able to audition one.
  7. yep, just think I'm not getting the most from the proacs with the k2, can sometimes loose grip. the k2 will go into a 2nd system if I choose to upgrade. looks like I could potentially acquire a hegel h160 for cheap, so it might be that rather than the atc
  8. Just wondering if anyone here has had experience of using at atc amplifier with their proac's ? Particularly the atc p1, I've got some d2's and thinking of upgrading to the atc, just need to try and find somewhere to audition. Currently I've got a roksan k2
  9. Has anyone tried/ got an act p1 / sia 150 on their proacs. Currently got a roksan k2 on my d2's but think the logical step up would be to one of these. The k2 struggling tbh.
  10. Thinking of upgrading the tone arms technics. Which ones are recommended for DJ'ing (Not a turntabalist) ? don't really want to spend more than £400 on each one cheers
  11. Cheers, have thought about the power amp route. I'll make sure to check it out. The roksan definitely loses grip if I've been listening for long periods of time. I don't listen at loud volumes. I've been reading about sonneteer & sudgen amps & that they go particularly well with proac speakers. Also Hegel amps have been mentioned. should hopefully be able to audition them as I live in London.
  12. 2 technics 1210 turntables via a e&s djr400 rotary mixer, i dj as well. ive thought about upgrading the 1210's, and when I've got more space, a dedicated deck just for listening to, just thought amp might need upgrading first.
  13. openness , clarity . sometimes it sounds a bit closed in, not sure if that makes sense.
  14. hi sensitivity is 88.5db. room is pretty small, approx. 4m x 3m, distance is 2-3m.
  15. hi, new to the forum, recently acquired a pair of D2's after auditioning so many speakers(dynaudio, kef, B&W, PMC, monitor audio etc), these just sounded right and what I was looking for, nice open sound, does bass well, vocals sound amazing. They're an upgrade from some 20 year old b&w 602's so the difference was huge. my amplifier is currently a roksan K2 and whilst I'm happy with the sound for the time being, I have a feeling that I'm not getting the most out of the d2's. I was just wondering what's the minimum I should be looking to spend on an amp to get a step up from the roksan. Any recommendations which amps I should be auditioning is also welcomed. I mainly listen to rock and electronic music, but also a bit of jazz & folk. cheers