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  1. mattykyuss

    What's the point?

    But for the rest of us that dont work from home.Pretty useless.Got a amplifier that has mute.No remote.So when my phone goes.Just walk over and always turn my volume down .Never have touched the mute.
  2. mattykyuss

    What's the point?

    Mute button on amplifiers.Can one simply not turn it right down.This does not take very long.
  3. mattykyuss

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sonic Youth ,goo.Thurston moore is amazing.
  4. mattykyuss

    What are you listening to right now?

    That picture of darlene used to give trouser power when that album came out .
  5. mattykyuss

    Amp advice for Ditton 44's

    Dont think you would be loosing out going newer.Can only go with what ive listened to.Feel a little power in a warmer way does match well with the 44,s.
  6. mattykyuss

    Amp advice for Ditton 44's

    Good amp for these would be a Sansui au 717 .or another sansui with 80 wpc upwards .Mate uses the 717 and it sounds great.
  7. mattykyuss

    What are you listening to right now?

    Got this album .Sad about the times compilation.Great mellow laurel canyon vibes .
  8. mattykyuss

    Oh, how a once-mighty pair of speakers have fallen... made me feel ill.Why not just buy a football to kick about.
  9. mattykyuss

    Is it just me?

    Being sneaky ,and doing stuff behind a partners back is a trust thing.Never trust myself ever .But no,get your point ,and it,s a great point.Whats next .Sneaking in two russian super models ,just because you can ,never trust myself ever ha ha. When you dont have loads of cash ,it,s hard to just sneaky buy.But i ask and most of the time ,it,s no ,the sneaky b-i-t-h.
  10. mattykyuss

    The ‘end game’?

    Think it has alot to do with where you live.My little system is my end game for where im living right now.Got it to sound pretty much perfect for for all the music i like,for the size of my room ,and not disturbing others.But if i could move to a barn conversion,away from others,then i would have b&W 800 D3 ,Harbeth 40.2 in my main room .Would have to have both rto swap over sometimes.No chance these speakers could get proper use where i live.Conservatory ,i would have Harbeth 30.2 and mcintosh 252 amp,could maybe use this system where i live,but not realy to it,s max.So for me ,i dought i will ever have a true end game system ,unless i win the lotto and move.But i feel for where i live now ,and maybe in the future in all reality ,my end game system is with me already ,and sounding great.
  11. No brainer.That what i told my other half.She said nothing ,but i heard the knife and fork draw .Thought it,s a nice day for a walk, a quick one ha ha .Like the other comment on here .Wetting myself for this baby.Ive got the cash ,but not the balls .
  12. mattykyuss

    What are you listening to right now?

    New Mark Ronson album.Late night feelings.Cracking album.If it dont get you searching for your crocodile skin disco shoes.or bringing a temptation to wear your other halfs shiney silver hot pants for a boogie ,then better get pulse checkin.
  13. mattykyuss

    What are you listening to right now?

    Got this one today .Cracking album.
  14. Not sure if these are what your after.