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  1. Playing this album .So good .Low , The great destroyer.
  2. For my set up, it worked for me with the change.Not sure what other system,or ears will find ,and not realy bothered .
  3. So did i ,and five others.But there was a certain change ,and for the better.
  4. Old was Tellurium q black mk 2.New is Vandamme blue 6mm.
  5. Changing speakers cables for ones that were less than half the price,and not getting added scrapping high notes and gremlin noises.Mint condition Sony ta f670es to have a play with.
  6. Checked your profile info after my post doh
  7. If your near Plymouth anytime,your welcome to come and listen.
  8. Got a Croft integrated with Telefunmen ecc83 tube with my Harbeth p3esr.The top end sparkles ,and any more would be too much.Lacks a little bottom end.So i swap over amps to a Sony ta f670es and then there is plenty of bottom end.
  9. Seen what i can only say is a old lady sat on my toliet 6 times.First time i was at home on my own .Just walking past in the passage.Stopped me in my tracks.Not realy sure ,but she was wearing a long white dress ,that reminded me of victorian era.Dont recall eye contact,and i could see through the person.Five times since ive seen the same thing.Dont think about it much,but it,s clear as day what ive seen .Felt my t shirt tugged twice when in my living room.Like a child would pull on a adults top .Only once this happened.
  10. Use p3esr in a room about the same size ,perfect.But you could go for any Harbeth.Have read some have gone up to 30.1 .hl5 etc then gone back to p3.See if you can get a home demo would be the way to go.
  11. Think you are right,and some of my last input on this thread were shite.Swapped out my Croft for a Sony ta f670 es.Wanted the extra power,and got a good deal for a spare amp just incase.All i found is that yes my Harbeth like power,i dont like tone controls driving me mad pissing around with them.Croft seperation,and pin point detail was so missed for a day.So it,s back doing it,s duty now.Think once you have a system that shows the perfections in a recording ,makes it alot easier to live with it showing some recordings imperfections ,instead of masking it with tone control and a all round duller sounding amplifier.So still happy to have a downgrading of a sony es amplifer.But my own findings were wrong early on in this thread.
  12. Blue fronted Kef cantor 2 .Working perfect,and pretty good condition.wife wants them out of the way.Will need a dust off.If you want these,but because they are free you feel a little guilty ,i could do with a cd copy of Nick cave Ghosteen ha ha .Grab em now.
  13. Get your point.My point was ,only when you have kit in it,s place ,in your space ,can you realy tell if it works for you .Not 100 people saying it will be perfect,and you make a choice on reading all the good points.Did not mean it,s never fun,just you get your hopes up on so many people cant be wrong about certain kit.Then when you get it ,you cant hear what all the fuss was about.Do believe some times in this hobby ,you get more intrested in the name tags of kit.Just say you spoke to someone ,oh ,your into hifi,what kit do you have,10 grands of kit that on paper should be amazing ,but there is a miss match link letting the sound down .But to me if someone said they have my set up and i did not,sure i would have a listen.But unlike certain money busting makes and kit,would already be telling my self .it,s only going to sound just ok ,when i have proved to my own ears ,middle of the road kit can be amazing.