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  1. Get those dreaded words off my other half.Well if you want to buy a new bit of kit,why not sell that one first.Thats not the point ,well you know ha ha .
  2. Flash .Think if this speaker addiction does not get any better.You will have to change your profile name to Mr surround sound, ie ,speakers all over the place .
  3. Hi mate.Hope to get another one of these soon.How far off,or what would a nos measure compared to this one.Thanks,mat.

  4. Joe armon jones.Turn to clear view album.
  5. Jesse Malin .Sunset kids album .Very good.
  6. True Phil .Think the Croft sounds amazing.My mate had a home demo with the anv 50.Said his Parasound a21 ,with a Parasound pre knocked it,s socks off all round.Eack to there own i guess.Some times those little p3esr are not realy the best sounding with just any amplifier.Tried a few on mine,and did hear a big differance to what i prefered.
  7. Got the deluxe cd edition today.Loving this album.Think it will only get better aswell with more listens.There is a part where the soundstage stretches so wide out from where my speakers are placed,had a bit of a hairs standing up on the back neck moment.
  8. But for the rest of us that dont work from home.Pretty useless.Got a amplifier that has mute.No remote.So when my phone goes.Just walk over and always turn my volume down .Never have touched the mute.
  9. Mute button on amplifiers.Can one simply not turn it right down.This does not take very long.
  10. Sonic Youth ,goo.Thurston moore is amazing.
  11. That picture of darlene used to give trouser power when that album came out .