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  1. Primare a34.2 power amp i had was class d.Clean crystal power.Real good.But with atc scm 11 mk 2 speakers ,too much of an edgy sound.But i would love to hear one of the wam guys on here,sorry forgot name who looks to be using 2 maybe 3 primare a34.2 power amps in his set up, with some very nice b&w floorstanders.That must sound amazing.
  2. mattykyuss

    What are you listening to right now?

    stp .purple.
  3. mattykyuss

    Harbeth Owners Club

    Tone controls ,naughty .My sansui have these,and i play with them
  4. mattykyuss

    Roger LS3a, Harbeth P3ESR and other BBC monitors

    Pleny of bass for the size of speaker.Why buy small bookshelf speakers,then add six subwoofers,or complain they dont have the same bass as say atc scm 50.The mind does bogle sometimes.We have p3esr .They are amazing little speakers.For the simple fact ,we are not trying,or hoping to get a giant floorstander sound from them
  5. mattykyuss

    Rega Owners Club

    With better matching speakers the elex r is very good, TRUE.
  6. mattykyuss

    Rega Apollo r

    Would there be any intrest in buying the cd player for £320 ?
  7. mattykyuss

    Recommend crazy nerdy audiophile "effect" tracks

    This album has some pops and crackles that will make your tweeters wish they could hide.
  8. mattykyuss

    Heating payment

    Thanks Phil.and others for reply.Cant get pip.He is 77.Just wanted to give mum a awnser,and save my ear.Like Parcelmonkey said.Not a big deal realy ,and i agree on the guilt option ,and charity.Thanks.
  9. mattykyuss

    Heating payment

    Think he gets pip .But dont realy know.Looking at other forums on this .It seems you could get three differant awnsers from two people when speaking to them .She is going to phone them again tommorw.Thanks for reply.
  10. mattykyuss

    Heating payment

    My Dad is in a care home.My mum still lives in their house on her own.She gets £100 in her name.My dad gets £100 in his name for heating,bill.She phoned the gov and told them ,dad is in a home.They said he is still entlied to it.Mum asked if the home if they wanted the cash .They said no,just get his cigs,shower gel etc .My mome said the guy from the gov who she spoke to twice is wrong,because someone at the care home looked on the gov site ,and said he is not entlitled to it ?.Mum is driving me bonkers on the phone telling me about it.Said you spoke twice to the gov about it,leave it alone and dont stress.Any thoughts ?
  11. mattykyuss

    Rega Owners Club

    For me .if your realy going to go with the atc.Then i would look at a amplifier with more wattage,voltage.Thing that let the atc down was the low volume listen.For me not that good .But with power ,and higher volume ,realy good.
  12. mattykyuss

    Rega Apollo r

    Would like to trade my perfect condition Rega Apollo r cd player for a Rega dac r . cheers