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  1. Maybe give Henry .TOPREPAIRMAN on pink fish media .Think he does Sony es amps,if not ,might know who can .
  2. Got Becks new album today.From a little listen on you tube ,was not even sure if to buy it.Had a play right through when i got home on my system .Realy like it ,and it sounds so very good.
  3. lovely unit.Enjoy.So nice i could give it a cuddle
  4. Just for your film ,tv ,or your all in one
  5. Once used my Rega elex r as a pre with a Primare a 34.2 power amp.The Elex r sounded better on it,s own.
  6. So right Flash.Something i learned the hard way.Thought more wpc would give the speakers the grip.But learned after i waisted my you said ,current power was what i needed.Was going to ask you ,is there a list,or a forum chat about good current giving integrated amplifiers ?cheers.
  7. When i had Atc scm 11 v2,Found that even putting 150 wpc Primare through them was not kicking them into life.Thought it was all about the power .But they sounded better with half the wpc from a Rega Elex r amp ,than the Primare 150 wpc.Feel looking back, i could of put a million wpc through the Atc speakers,but their sound was not for me.
  8. Long shot ,but has anyone got a mint copy cd of Failure, fantastic planet album on cd they would sell.
  9. Not sure it would work ,or in price range .But could you try one of the big Hegel amps.Maybe 360 upwards.Think that could give you your Arcam fix ,and a little more.
  10. Personal Jesus. Violator album.
  11. Get those dreaded words off my other half.Well if you want to buy a new bit of kit,why not sell that one first.Thats not the point ,well you know ha ha .